My Little Girl Ch. 02

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When we last read, Sophie moaned as she felt my cock inside her young pussy. Suddenly, we heard a voice. “What the fuck is going on here?” The voice was my wife Elina. I suddenly thought I’m in so much trouble. I just was caught having sex with my own daughter. Suddenly both my wife and daughter began to laugh.

“See sweetie,” Elina said. “I told you’d he’d be a piece of cake, now make room for mommy to join in before your sisters beat me to it” Sophie smiled as she hopped off my lap and knelt down beside her mother.

“Mommy,” she asked, pausing slightly to run her own hands up and down her own body. “Could you please teach me how to deepthroat?” Elina smiled.

“Of course sweetie,” she said. “I would love to teach you how to deepthroat. Just follow my instructions and you will be great. I think we should probably head to your bedroom and continue this conversation.” Both Sophie and I agreed and followed Elina to Sophie’s bedroom.

Once we were all in the room, Elina closed the door behind us. She then turned to face me, with a little bit of a grin.

“You there naughty little man,” she shouted. “Sit your smug little ass on that bed.” I quickly did what she said, all the while watching both of them. I gasped as my wife began to rub our daughter’s body, sexually.

“Ohhhhhhhh god Mom,” Sophie moaned. “Your hands feel soooooo gooooood.” I couldn’t believe this was happening in front of me. My wife locked eyes with me and grinned.

“I see that look in your eyes,” she said as Sophie moaned and whimpered. “This is why you don’t want to leave the house. You’re too busy either watching TV or fucking your own daughters. I know that you have been fucking each of them.”

I gulped. My wife knew the whole time. I was speechless. I didn’t mean to betray her love and fuck our daughters. It just happened.

“Honey,” Beylikdüzü Grup Escort I stammered.”I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to…I tried to…” Elina smiled at me.

“It’s okay baby,” she said as she slipped her finger into Sophie’s pussy, causing her to moan louder. “I actually was getting wet thinking about you and our girls fucking. Do you want to have a nice show? Shall we put on a show for you?” I could only nod.

Elina smiled and began to undress Sophie slowly. She removed her shirt first, revealing her cute pink bra. The bra was barely covering her 36B breasts. My wife then walked over to me and began to stroke my cock slowly.

“Don’t you stop looking at our daughter,” she said as she rubbed my cock. “I want you to think about all the things you want to do to her body.” I leaned back and moaned as my wife began to suck on my cock slowly, tasting Sophie’s juices on it.

Sophie moaned as she rubbed her own body, while I watched. She was getting more and more wet between her legs as she rubbed her hands up and down her body.

I felt like I was frozen in a dream. I allowed my mind to wander into fantasies I’d been having lately which I was determined to make a reality.

Fantasies involving me waking up to Sophie anally riding me like the greedy, little slut I wanted to turn her into. Then I would bend her over the kitchen table, and maybe in the shower too, so we could have three solid cunt fucks before I leave for work. Then, after a couple of breaks filled with vaginal sex, they would come home, have dinner, maybe curl up and watch a movie or a TV show before finally having a couple of hours of deep pussy love-making in which I got to take Sophie in every position and gently give her pussy the attention it deserves.

Of course such fantasies Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort were impractical, but if I could talk Sophie into even weekly fucking, he would call it a win.

It definitely seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem, as by the time I ran out of steam, I had lost count of how many times cum had squirted out of Sophie’s cunt. Although when he did run out of steam, Elina collapsed down onto me, while in turn, I collapsed onto the bed sheets, both of us just lying there in a sweaty heap for a few long minutes.

Then I groaned softly, and as Sophie climbed into bed with us, I began gently kissing first Sophie’s shoulder blades, neck and cheek before beginning to whisper loving words into her ear.

“That was so amazing.” I practically purred with delight, “Mmmmm, you were so good for me. Mmmmm, such a good girl. Such a good little slut. Oh yeah sweetie, you were such a good little slut for me.” I gestured to my cock. “Come over here and ride on my cock.”

Sophie climbed on top of her dad’s cock and moaned as my cock entered her pussy. I fucked her deep until she screamed as she came.

“What a dirty little girl,” I said. “Cumming nice and hard with my big dick in your pussy. Mmmmm, please sweetie, please tell me we can do this again. I want to make you cum that hard all the time.”

“Whenever you want.” Sophie groaned softly, almost without Elina’s permission.

“Really?” I grinned wickedly, “You promise?”

“Uh-huh.” Sophie blushed, briefly hesitating before tilting her head back slightly so she could look at her parents and tell them, “My body is yours. Whenever you want it.”

“Oh God, you really are the perfect little slut.” I chuckled.

“Your perfect little slut.” Sophie confirmed dreamily.

“And my carpet muncher.” Elina Beylikdüzü Manken Escort pushed gently.

Again Sophie blushed, but confirmed with a nod, “And your carpet muncher.”

Suddenly the door behind them opened to reveal the other two daughters.

“Well isn’t this a beautiful sight?” Annie said as she led her sister Paula over to the bed.

“Daddy,” Sophie moaned. “Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Show mommy and my sisters that I am your little girl. Fuck me daddy. Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme.”

Annie and Paula smiled as they knelt down on either side of their sister. They placed their hands on their sister’s hips. “You heard her daddy,” Annie said. “Fuck her harder. Make her squeal.” I tightened my grip on Sophie’s shoulders and pounded her harder, causing both me and her to moan.

A small little whimper caused me to look up. The moan came from my own wife, who was currently having her own pussy eaten out by our daughter Paula. Annie, smiling at her sister, slowly laid down behind her and began to lick her pussy. Sophie was laying down on top of her sister Annie.

I looked up at my wife and smiled. “We have raised three little sluts,” I said. Elina smiled back at me as she stroked Paula’s head.

“Yes we did,” she said as she got closer to her own climax. “They are cocksucking, pussy munching sluts. Oh god baby, keep on eating mommy’s pussy. You are doing so good. Ohhhhhhhh god baby, keep going. Keep using that little tongue of yours on Mommy’s pussy. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk.” Elina screamed as she came hard, spraying her cum into Paula’s mouth. The five of them were now completely satisfied with their time together.

“You know honey,” I said. “This all started when Paula caught us having sex. Do you think we should talk to her about it?”

Elina smiled and nodded. “Annie… Sophie,” she said. “Why don’t you both head back to your bedrooms. Your father and I need to talk to your sister alone.” They left, closing the door behind them.

Oh fuck. Paula thought. What is mom and dad going to do to me. I leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“Is my little girl ready for her lesson?”

To be continued…

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