Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 19

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I woke to the feel of a man’s hand on my breast, I opened my eyes to the sight of a rock-hard cock inches above my face. Glancing around that hard-on I was surprised by Junior’s face staring down at me.

This wasn’t what I’d planned, but apparently, Ken had slipped out of bed and summoned his son to come by early to fuck his whore. Junior’s hand squeezed my tit firmly and I felt my nipple begin to harden into his palm. I smiled at him letting him know I was okay with his caress and hard cock.

“Morning Angel,” Ken said from across the room. I looked around Junior and saw Ken seated in the chair, naked and holding his erect cock in one hand.

“Good morning to you both,” I said, then reached for Junior’s hard cock.

I circled the head with my delicate fingers and slowly stroked it to the base. His cock was slimmer than his father’s but appeared to be a couple of inches longer. Junior reacted to my initial touch by closing his eyes momentarily but quickly opened them to watch my hand as it slid back toward the head.

“I guess I know what I’m having for breakfast,” I said as my hand reached his flaring corona.

His free hand grasped the shaft and as my hand slipped off the tip he lowered it a couple of inches to my lips. I moved my hand down to cradle his balls while he slowly moved the head around my lips. His hand squeezed my tit firmer as he pressed his cock head between my lips.

I kept my lips closed tightly, not allowing him to enter my mouth, but when I looked up into his eyes they almost screamed suck it.

“Fuck her mouth,” Ken said from his seat across the room.

I squeezed Junior’s balls tighter, then slowly opened my lips.

“Oh yeah,” he said as his cock head slipped between my lips and against my warm tongue. I closed my lips around the shaft just behind his corona and sucked hard on his cock head.

His fingers closed on my erect nipple and he pinched it between his thumb and index finger while pulling on the hard nub. I moaned as he squeezed and stretched the sensitive flesh.

Junior pulled his cock from my mouth and playfully slapped the head against my lips. “Dad tells me you’re a deep throat specialist.”

I reached up and again circled his cock head with my fingers and proudly proclaimed. “I’m the best cock sucker on the planet.”

Junior smiled and replied, “Show me.”

“Lay down with your feet toward your dad,” I said.

I sat up and winked at Ken then slowly mounted his son in a sixty-nine with my pussy poised at his face. “I go deeper if someone is licking my cunt.” I said knowing that Junior would be more than happy to pleasure me with his mouth and tongue.

As I lowered my head toward his loins, he placed both hands on my ass and pulled me down toward his face. Ken was all smiles sitting there watching as I prepared to throat his son’s rock-hard cock.

His tongue flicked at my cunt sliding along the lips as I lifted his cock toward my moist oral cavity. I took his cock head inside closing my lips around the shaft just below his corona causing Junior to moan deeply as my warm flesh caressed his cock. His tongue probed deeper, swirling around just inside my moist cunt. I rewarded him by taking a couple more inches of his cock shaft inside my mouth pleasuring the head with my flattened tongue.

Ken and I kept eye contact while I sucked Junior; his smiles of approval letting me know he was enjoying watching me suck his son’s rock-hard cock.

Junior was also enjoying himself and showed me by sliding his fingers in to spread me wider so he could lick at my clit and press his tongue deeper into my increasingly wet cunt.

I again rewarded him by taking more of his cock inside my mouth until the head pressed against the entrance to my throat.

“Oh yeah,” Junior’s muffled voice exclaimed as he sensed that I was about to throat him for the first time. He reacted by lifting his hips a little trying to force the head through the opening, but I lifted not allowing him to throat fuck me just yet.

I let his cock slip from my mouth and slid one hand along the throbbing shaft. Ken laughed out loud and said, “You’re such a cock tease.”

“He’s got to earn it,” I replied.

Junior heard my comment and began tongue fucking my now soaking wet cunt in earnest. You could hear the slurping sounds as he lapped at the moist flesh. He also licked at my protruding clit and even pressed his lips against the soft opening of my asshole, kissing it noisily, then running his tongue around it before spearing it inside.

“Mmmmm, that feels soooooo good. Keep doing that, all of it,” I said as he pleasured my loins with his talented mouth and tongue.

Ken was no longer just holding his cock but had begun slowly stroking the length as he watched me lick around his son’s cock head. He urged me on saying, “Deep throat him.”

I smiled at him then gathered Junior’s balls in my hand and hooked my thumb around the base of his pulsing shaft. His cock head slipped between my lips Escort bayan and slid along my tongue until I felt it wedge against the tight ring of flesh at the opening to my throat.

From behind Junior moaned again and pressed his tongue deep into my hot, wet cunt.

I relaxed my muscles and pressed down, his cock head easily slipped through the opening and into my throat. I didn’t stop until my lips touched my thumb and my nose nuzzled into his scrotum.

“That’s it,” Ken remarked as I throated his son’s beautiful rock-hard cock.

I held him deep in my throat until I needed to breathe, lifting enough to fill my lungs then plunging down again swallowing his slim, rock-hard cock in the smooth, moist flesh of my throat.

Junior pulled his tongue from me just long enough to exclaim, “Fuckin’ A.”

My mouth and throat coated his cock with thick saliva and every time I lifted my head it ran down his cock shaft coating my hand and his balls. I used my free hand to collect the spit and smeared it around my face providing Ken a visual enticement to heighten his masturbation.

“I need a cock inside me now,” I said lifting my mouth from him.

“Oh yeah,” Junior said knowing his cock would be inside first.

I slowly crawled down over his body, letting his cock slide between my tits in the soft flesh of my cleavage for a moment. But I wanted him inside me and I didn’t stop until my cunt was poised above his raging hard cock.

“Put that big, hard cock inside me,” I said.

Junior grabbed his cock and moved the head to my swollen, wet lips. I felt the head slip between my labia then began moving my hips down. As his cock sank deeper inside I said. “That’s what I want.”

Junior’s hands were now free to grab my ass and spread me wider as I began fucking him reverse cowboy style. His cock felt incredible, its longer length reaching deeper than his dad’s.

“Fill me with that big, beautiful cock,” I said as we began fucking each other in earnest.

I looked at Ken who was stroking his erection a little faster and smiled before saying, “I need a cock to suck.”

Ken wasted no time crossing the room and climbed up on the bed standing before me and between his son’s legs. He continued jerking on his cock as he said, “Will this do?”

I tilted my head back and shook my hair behind my shoulders as I replied, “Absolutely.”

I kept both hands firmly in place on Junior’s thighs and just opened my mouth wide for Ken.

His cock was rock-hard, the bulbous head and blood engorged shaft begging to be sucked. With his thumb and index finger circling it at the base, Ken lowered the head to my extended tongue. I held my head still wanting him to control how much of this hard cock I’d suck at first. He moved forward sliding the head along my tongue but with my mouth wide open my lips didn’t touch it.

“Face fuck her,” Junior said from behind as he continued guiding my loins with his strong hands.

I kept my mouth wide open until Ken reached the back of my tongue, then closed my lips around his throbbing cock shaft. As he pulled back my lips massaged the shaft and his sensitive flaring corona finally slipping completely out of my hot wet mouth.

I looked up at him as he said, “Open wide again.”

I followed his instructions and as he plunged his hard cock into my mouth he said, “Keep your mouth wide open this time.”

His cock head wedged against the back of my throat but didn’t press deeper; instead, as he withdrew this time pressed his cock down firmly against my wet tongue. My mouth filled with thick saliva which he dragged out as he withdrew. He slapped his cock against my cheek coating it with spit then moved the head to my lips rubbing it around and coated them too.

Junior’s cock was filling me completely each time I plunged down on it, and I slid one hand that was on his thigh in to start fingering my sensitive clit. While Ken held his cock outside my mouth I encouraged the younger Sacks, “Keep fucking me like that.”

Ken slid his cock inside my mouth again but this time he pressed it against my cheek stretching it before pulling back again. I kept my mouth wide open wanting him to face fuck me any way he wanted. He was clearly playing with my mouth before he impaled my throat.

Ken had something different in mind and said: “Fuck her tight ass, Junior.”

I grinned at him then replied, “Oh god yes, put that rock-hard cock in my ass.”

The young Sacks wasted no time lifting me off his cock, then moved the soaking wet head back toward my sphincter. I reached down and spread my ass cheeks apart hoping that the coating from my cunt would serve as enough lube for him to enter me anally. Junior held his rock-hard cock firmly as I began lowering my ass toward it. He moaned when the tip touched my puckered sphincter then groaned when the ring of flesh opened allowing his cock to slip inside my tight ass.

“That feels so fuckin’ good!” I exclaimed as his long, slim cock impaled Bayan escort me from behind. Once I’d taken all he had to offer, I paused with his cock buried inside my ass.

“Your asshole is so fucking tight, Angel,” Junior said as he flexed his muscles causing his cock to lurch inside me.

I moved my hands to his thighs and leaned forward a bit to give him a better view of my stretched asshole surrounding his cock.

I fully expected Ken to offer me his hard, thick cock, but instead of moving forward to fuck my mouth he knelt down between his son’s spread legs. He placed one hand on each of my shoulders and pushed me back saying, “I wanna fuck that wet cunt.”

The thought of having this father and son tag team fucking me at the same time excited me and I quickly leaned back placing my hands on the bed above Junior’s head exposing my soaking wet cunt to Ken’s awesome hard cock.

“Give it to me!” I nearly demanded as Ken moved forward, his erection held firmly in one hand.

In an instant he entered me, his cock head spreading my wet lips then sliding deeper inside. It’s an incredible feeling having two cocks inside, one pressing against the other with only a tiny thin layer of flesh separating them. I love the sensation of being filled completely.

As Ken began fucking my hot, wet cunt in earnest, Junior was only able to lay there and enjoy the feeling of my anal cavity tightly surrounding his hard cock.

“Fuck her.” Junior encouraged his dad.

“Yes, fuck me harder,” I added.

Ken’s hips began moving faster as he pummeled my cunt with his raging hard-on using long strokes, withdrawing completely then slamming back until our loins met.

Junior reached up and grasped my tits, moving his fingers to the twin erect nubs of pleasure, pinching them hard. I let him know that I loved that saying, “Pinch them harder!”

“You’re so fuckin’ hot!” Ken exclaimed as he pounded my wet cunt with his raging cock.

I’m not sure if it was the position or the sensation of his cock sliding along the length of his son’s cock buried in my ass, but I could tell that the elder Sacks was quickly approaching orgasm.

I encouraged him by saying, “Fuck me ’til you explode, I want your thick creamy cum load deep inside me.”

He was sweating profusely, giving his face and chest a shimmering appearance, his eyes glued to mine as he continued climbing a climatic ladder.

“I know you’re about to cum, I can feel your cock swelling inside my cunt,” I said.

With one final thrust inside me, Ken’s cock exploded, thick shots of cum filling me completely. His balls pumped wads of sweet cream again and again until it started seeping out around his thick cock shaft.

His orgasm waned quickly and he withdrew, leaning back to survey the sloppy mess he’d made.

Ken slid back and off the bed, kneeling on the floor to watch as I squeezed my internal muscles pushing some of his thick, white load from my gaping cunt knowing it would dribble down to coat his son’s cock shaft and balls.

Sensing that his dad was finished, Junior knew it was time to pound me with his young, slim, rock-hard cock. He pushed me sideways causing me to flop down on the bed beside him, his cock slipping from my asshole as I slid off him.

Instantly he got up and knelt on the bed beside me. “On your knees slut!” He demanded.

I followed his instructions, rolling over onto my stomach then pulled my knees up raising my ass off the bed. My head, shoulders, and tits remained against the mattress as he rose up to stand over me.

“Spread your ass open whore, I’m not done yet.” He ordered.

I reached behind and pulled my ass cheeks apart, knowing that he wanted to ass fuck me properly. Junior’s feet moved beside my knees, then he slowly bent at the knees and moved his rock-hard cock toward the target I was offering.

“Fuck my ass,” I said as I felt his cock head touch my quivering flesh.

Since he’d been buried in my ass while his dad pummeled my cunt he wasted no time, his cock head speared my sphincter again then continued deeper until his balls rested against my ass.

“Oh, my fuckin’ god, I love how your long cock fills my ass,” I said as he rose up until just his cock head was inside then plunged down again to fill me completely.

Ken was watching from behind and remarked. “Fuck her good son.”

The young Sacks had every intention of doing just that his rock-hard cock sliding in and out of my ass with an increasing pace. Each time he drove his cock inside his full weight pressed my knees into the mattress and when he withdrew I couldn’t wait to feel his throbbing erection pound back into me. He fucked me like that for what seemed an eternity, but like his father when he started approaching orgasm his cock swelled some.

“Are you going to fill my ass with cum?” I asked.

Junior laughed then replied, “No I’m gonna fill your throat.”

“Oh god yes,” I said wanting to taste his thick, creamy cum as Escort it coated every part of my mouth, I wanted his hot load fully inside my mouth so I could let him watch as I swallowed every single drop his balls could provide.

As he pulled up I dropped my hips causing his hot cock to slip from my asshole. Before he could speak I flipped over onto my back and said, “Ass to mouth.”

He smiled knowing I wanted him to finish in my mouth and quickly dropped so his hard cock was poised just above my big sweaty tits.

He slapped his cock against one tit then the other but didn’t pause to slide it between and through my soft, moist cleavage. It was clear that he wanted my mouth and as he moved up I reached behind, pulled a pillow down and under my head.

His glaring eyes had a look of wanton lust. Earlier when I had sucked him he wasn’t able to watch as my lips, tongue, and mouth pleasured his youthful hard cock. He wasn’t able to enjoy the sight of my lips pressing against the base of his cock shaft when I throated his surging erection.

I encouraged his lust by saying, “Face fuck me.”

I opened my lips enough to extend my moist tongue providing a sexy target for his cock head.

He grabbed the shaft at the bottom and lowered his cock head toward my lips. The tip touched my tongue first then slowly moved forward until my lips surrounded and slid over the flaring corona at the base of his cock head. I sucked gently on his cock head, somehow knowing he wanted to enjoy the visual images of my oral talents. I used my tongue to circle his flaring corona and teased the head gently rubbing it against my lips.

Little by little Junior gave me more of his awesome cock, the head now sliding along my moist wet tongue and my lips massaging the slim shaft. He didn’t pull back at all but kept a slow steady pace deeper into my mouth toward the opening of my throat.

Ken who was watching intently offered, “She can handle all of it.”

Unable to speak or even smile at him I mumbled “Uh ha.” Letting him know that not only could I handle it, but wanted his cock buried in my throat.

Junior continued forward until his cock head wedged against the entrance of my throat. I relaxed my muscles and waited for him to give me the last few inches of his rock-hard cock. He leaned forward and with one forceful thrust impaled me with his cock, his curly patch of pubic hair pressed against my nose and his heavy ball sack rested on my chin. His cock felt incredible inside me, other than the flare of his corona the slim shaft didn’t come close to filling my throat. I could easily swallow and draw my flesh in tight around his throbbing cock shaft. His cock surged and lurched as my muscles pleasured him, had I not needed to breath I could have continued until he exploded.

But my lungs began to burn and I finally gave in to my urge to breath placing my flat hands against his abdomen and pushing him back. His cock slipped from my mouth coated with a thick layer of my saliva. After filling my lungs with oxygen, I said, “Fuck my throat.”

Junior needed no additional encouragement, he raised up above my face as I directed his cock head to my open mouth. In an instant his loins pressed against my face, burying his cock head deep in my throat. This time he didn’t pause but rather withdrew as quickly as he’d impaled my throat. His hands pressed against the headboard above me and I tilted my head back to give him a straight path to my moist throat.

He began throat fucking me faster bending his knees to lower his cock inside me then lifting up to withdraw. Every time he did so thick strands of saliva were pulled from my mouth along with his hard erection. I used one hand to collect my spit and smear it across my lips and chin, eventually, it ran down my neck and formed a thick puddle there.

I had urged him to fuck my throat and he was doing just that, again and again, he plunged down burying his cock head deep in my throat then pulling back to dribble saliva all over my face. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and knew that my eye make-up would soon be joining the thick coating of spit around my mouth.

“That’s what she craves,” Ken remarked as his son continued his assault on my mouth and throat.

Junior face fucked me like that for what seemed like an eternity, but the effects of my mouth and throat were taking their toll. His cock swelled and he began to moan again and again as my incredible oral talent lifted him closer to climax.

“I’m gonna cum!” Junior exclaimed.

“Plaster her face with it,” Ken said.

Another couple thrusts into my throat was all he could handle, he pulled out allowing his cock to lurch up so the head was above my mouth.

“Yes!” Junior exclaimed as his cock exploded, the thick wad of cum shooting onto my nose and between my eyes. It was very thick, just as hot, and perhaps the largest wad of cum I’d ever experienced. A second shot, just as forceful as the first pretty much pasted my eyes shut. I reached up and stroked him lifting the head up so the next wad splashed on my forehead. Over and over his cock spewed forth with thick, creamy wads of cum. In no time my forehead was completely coated and his cum load began running into my hair.

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