My Friend Melissa

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Note from author: This story isn’t my own, this story was relayed to me by a friend and I tried to put it in her perspective as she dictated it to me. She requested me to put it on this site after hearing about it. All the names have been changed for the peoples’ own protection. I have altered the story slightly however the gist of the story is completely accurate to her retelling. Both of us would enjoy any feedback you may have on this story. Any similarities of any kind to this story is purely coincidence and not intentional.

Note to the reader: there is incestuous material in this story along with erotic material. If any of this offends you or if you are not of age, I would request that you obey the law (or your own personal feeling about this type of story) and not read it.


Hi, my name is Erica, and this is my story of a fun night I spent with my friend Melissa and her older brother. Let me tell you a little about myself; I just turned 18 like, a week ago. I am 5’3″ and a virgin, because my parents are so strict. I wasn’t allowed to have any boyfriends or go to any parties and I had to be home at 9:00 every night. I have 32 C tits and I do shave my “special place” a little cuz I saw it on a porn once (it’s in the shape of a V). I have long (like shoulder length) red hair…natural! And a figure that makes most boys drool. One of the main reasons that I still have my “V-card” is because High School boys are soooo immature. This is my story of how I lost my “V-card” with my friend.

I was driving home from school. Exams actually, it was the last day of school and all there was left to do was the graduation ceremony and then summer vacation. Then college, which was something I was looking forward to.

I got home and threw my stuff on the bed when the phone rang, it was my friend Melissa.

“Hey Erica, how was your chem. final?”

“Oh it was hell…I know I totally bombed it.”

“Well why not blow off some steam and come over tonight?”


“Bring all your stuff, we’ll make it a sleepover.”

“I will.”

I hung up the phone and went to get my things together. Melissa has been my friend since the second grade. We do almost everything together, she’ 18 too, actually only ten days older than me.

I wrote my parents a note saying that I’d be spending the night at Melissa’s house and that I’d call them later. Then I was out the door. It was about 5:00 when I got to Melissa’s house and when I rang the doorbell her brother answered.

Melissa’s brother, Ulysses, is really tall with big blue eyes, and he must work out because he’s all muscley and stuff. He’s now 25 years old. I’ve kinda fantasized about him but he’s, like, my friend’s brother; so I swore I’d never do anything with him. Plus until recently he was married to some skank, but things didn’t work out between them. I didn’t know this at the time but he was living with his parents until he could get back on his feet, you know, like, after the divorce was settled.

“Hey Erica.” He said as he answered the door with his deep husky voice.

“Hey Ulysses.” I answered, “Is Melissa around?”

“Yea, I think she’s in her room,” then he added raising his eyebrows, “I hear you’re gonna have a sleepover.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yep!” Escort bayan I answered bouncing a little. I could see his eyes move slightly down towards my chest when I bounced and I figured I shouldn’t tease him like that…

Ulysses grabbed some of my things and offered to help me take my stuff to Melissa’s room. He grabbed my pack with my clothes in it and I grabbed my blankets and we walked into the house.

When we got to Melissa’s room Ulysses knocked and without waiting for a response opened the door announcing, “Erica’s here!” Then he put my stuff down on the floor before I could get in.

Melissa was wearing her school shirt and panties and nothing else and seemed kinda embarrassed by her older brother walking in on her.

“Get out!” she said throwing a pillow at him, which he caught and tossed at me.

He then winked at me saying “sleep tight you two,” and walked out.

Sleepovers at Melissa’s house were always the best. We popped some popcorn and watched scary movies and got pretend scared like we would when we were little. Melissa spent the whole time wearing the same thing though, even though it seemed like she was embarrassed being caught by her brother in it, panties and her uniform top. It took a little while but when it got dark I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. She got up saying that she was going to get us some more drinks when the light from the television shone straight through her top and I saw her nipples getting hard.

I answered, “Okay.” and she left.

After a little bit I heard the phone ring and I went to get it but when I got to the living room I noticed Melissa had the phone in her hand.

She was saying, “Yes, she’s here…Okay…I’ll tell her.” Then she hung up.

“It was your parents; they wanted to check up on you and to tell me to tell you to behave yourself.” She giggled a little then. I giggled too.

“All right I’ll behave.”

But before we could leave the room to grab our drinks the phone rang again.

“It’s probably my parent’s again…god, they are so overprotective.” I said.

Melissa picked up the phone and held it to her ear and said, “hello…hello…who’s there…I can hear you breathing.”

Then she made, like, a weird face.

I then got kinda concerned because I’d never seen her make a face like that before.

“You’d better stop pervert!” she said.

Then I got kinda interested. I leaned in to hear and head a boy’s voice talking about the things he’d do to us. He said he was going to touch our pussy’s and play with our nipples. I grabbed Melissa and pulled her into her room begging her to put down the phone but she insisted on bringing it saying, “maybe we can find out who it is.”

I closed the door and we huddled around the telephone. I heard the boy saying that he was going to do nasty things to our pussies and put his thingy in our pussies. I was kinda scared but kinda turned on at the same time. I could feel my panties getting kinda wet, which almost never happens.

Just then, an ambulance drove past Melissa’s house, and we heard it on the phone. I had an idea I whispered to Melissa, “Wait here,” and I snuck out of her room to Ulysses’ room. I leaned in to his door which was open just a crack and I saw Bayan escort him on the phone saying dirty things on it.

I crept back to Melissa’s room and whispered in her ear, “It’s your brother.”

She looked at me with a surprised look, which turned to an evil grin.

“Then why don’t you come over,” she said into the phone.

There was a pause on the phone, then Ulysses said that he was gonna fuck the both of us.

Then Melissa said, “just try it Ulysses!”

We were both laughing so hard we didn’t even notice Ulysses standing in the doorway.

He reached out to grab the both of us and I got away, but Melissa didn’t.

Then he picked up and almost kinda slammed Melissa on the bed and started tickling her. She was laughing so hard her face was turning red.

She was saying, “Stop it…stop it…I’m gonna pee!”

All Ulysses said was, “yea?” and he kept on tickling her.

Then Melissa sorta relaxed and Ulysses said “yea…piss it all out.” And I noticed he had his hand down by her private part.

I thought Melissa would be mad but she wasn’t! Then Ulysses started to pull off her panties and unbutton her shirt.

I was kinda scared and said, “Stop it you guys.”

But Melissa looked over at me and said, “Its okay Erica.” Then she curled her finger telling me to come over to her, and I was mesmerized so I just did what I was told and went over to her. She then pulled on my shirt and pulled me down and kissed me. I’ve kissed boys before but Melissa was my first girl I’ve ever kissed. She slid her tongue into my mouth and sorta rubbed my tongue with it. I’d never been kissed like that before.

When she released me I noticed that Ulysses was paying a lot of attention to Melissa’s private area. He was rubbing it and his finger kept disappearing in it. Melissa started to make moaning sounds but I was still kinda scared.

Melissa asked if I would let Ulysses do it to me, she said it felt so good.

So I said, “sure.” In my smallest voice hoping that they didn’t hear me.

Melissa laughed and whispered in my ear, “I know you’re a virgin so I’ll tell him to take it easy with you.”

I looked down Melissa’s tits and down further to where Ulysses had, earlier, been putting his fingers. He now looked like he was doing push ups on Melissa, and he must have been putting his thingy inside Melissa, because it was all shiny and wet.

I then felt a hand reach up under my shirt and grab my nipple. I looked and saw Melissa’s hand reaching under my shirt.

She then whispered to me, “Take your shirt off.”

I was too stunned and mesmerized to do anything but what she told me. I took my shirt off and exposed my nipples. Melissa then grabbed my hand and put it on her little nipples.

Melissa and I have seen each other naked before, like in gym class or during sleepovers, and stuff. Her nipples are very small. You could hide them with a nickel. Not like mine; I have bigger nipples, about the size of a silver dollar, though a bit smaller. Her tits are also a bit smaller then mine, but not by much…we can still share clothes and even bras.

She then whispered into my ear, “I want you to suck on my nipples. I’ve always wanted you to do that to me…I’ve fantasized about you Escort for so long.”

I looked down at Ulysses; he was looking at me and smiling, he was sweating a little. I bend down over Melissa, and put her nipple into my lips. I sucked on it a little. It tasted kinda funny, but good. I started to nibble on it when I felt Melissa rub on my little pussy. It started to feel good too, I let a small moan escape my lips. Then she pulled my panties down and revealed my little pussy. Ulysses pulled his thingy out of Melissa and started to masturbate himself while he watched Melissa rub my pussy. I know from like sex ed classes that my pussy is supposed to be wet so a boys thingy can go inside, but Melissa was putting her finger inside me. It kinda hurt a little, at first. Then it felt really good. She started rubbing on my clitty and I started to feel all warm inside. Then I felt the warmth spread all over me and I couldn’t help but moan really loud.

Then Melissa took her finger out of my pussy and licked it. Moaning she said, “god you taste good.”

Then she grabbed me and pulled me down and started to lick and suck on my tits and nipples. Then I felt my pussy being hurt a little.

Melissa said, “Don’t worry, it’s just Ulysses finger. But can he put it inside you…it feels amazing.”

“Okay,” I said with a little moan.

Then Ulysses said, “I’ll go slow.”

Then I felt my pussy feeling played with, and I knew that he was rubbing his thingy on my pussy. He kept rubbing it and Melissa kept licking and biting my tits until I felt all wet and drippy down there. Then I felt my pussy being parted. I was so wet that it didn’t even hurt. He put his thingy slowly into my pussy and I started to grind back onto his cock. Then Melissa twisted so she was right underneath me. She started licking both my pussy and Ulysses cock at the same time.

Sandwiched between Melissa and Ulysses I started to feel the orgasms rip through my body one right after another. I lost all track of everything; my entire life was consumed in getting to that next orgasm. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as my most powerful orgasm ripped through my body. I felt my pussy squeeze hard around Ulysses cock as I came and I felt something squeeze out of my pussy.

Melissa giggled and said that my pussy squirted.

Then I heard Ulysses say, “I’m gonna cum!”

Before I could say anything I felt his warmth spread all inside my pussy, and I knew he came inside me.

When he pulled out I felt Melissa grab my pussy with her mouth and suck hard. She sucked all his cum out of my pussy and moved out from under me.

Licking her lips she said, “Mmmm, that tasted so good. Your pussy and Ulysses’ cum tastes so good together.”

Then we all lay down together on Melissa’s bed. I was in between Melissa and Ulysses, Melissa still playing with my tits and my hand on Ulysses’ cock.

“That was fun.” Melissa said after a while.

“Yea, it was.” Ulysses said.

“Can we do it again.” I said, my pussy still a little sore but a good kind of sore.

“Yea, it’s summer vacation, we can have sleepovers every night.” Ulysses said not even trying to conceal his enthusiasm.

“I’d love to.” I said grabbing onto Ulysses’ cock again and giving it a little squeeze I felt it harden again.

Melissa looked at his hardening cock, looked at me with a little evil glint and a little nod.

I rolled over, still holing onto Ulysses’ cock bent over and…

Until next time…

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