Drive Time

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We had just left our friend’s house where we spent the evening with dinner drinks and a wonderful visit. We scheduled this event to deliver them some furniture that they had ordered weeks ago from a rural Amish furniture store near our home. We live in a rural area not too far from St. Louis, MO and we had about a one-hour trip home. Fortunately, as I was about to learn, it is almost all interstate highway. We had an enjoyable evening and my wife had quite a bit to drink, but that’s OK, as we had already determined that I would be the designated driver for our return trip home. It was quite late when we decided to leave for home, and we almost took them up on their offer to spend the night. But we were looking forward to sleeping in our own bed and even if we arrived home in the middle of the night, I had plans for my wife before she got any sleep.

My wife is the absolute love of my life and I would do anything for her. She has beautiful deep black hair, a beautiful round face and deep brown eyes that have the ability to make me melt at the slightest look. She has a perfect round butt that I love to caress at every opportunity, even though she often scolds me for my actions. Her bountiful breasts begin with a deep cleavage that she will show off from time to time (I love it when she shows off her cleavage). Her breasts take up much of my attentions and she loves every minute of it. But my favorite part of her is her well balanced sense of humor, brilliant mind, quick wit and regular playfulness.

As we began to pull out of our friend’s neighborhood, my wife repeated the statement that she regularly makes;

Lynn: “Now be very careful with my truck on the drive home.”

She is very proud of her full-sized pickup truck and takes very good care of it.

We turned onto the main side street and my bride (I say bride because it has only been 22 years since we were married) removed her seatbelt then moved over to the middle seat and reapplied her seatbelt. She tucked her left hand inside and under my right thigh; just close enough to lightly touch my testicles. I always love it when she holds me like this. She then slid her hand back slightly and slid her hand inside my shorts and under my underwear. She moved her pinky finger in a circular motion on my testicles. I had to adjust myself as my member sparked to life in an awkward angle.

Lynn: “Small problem there dear.”

Chad: “Not so small anymore.”

She then moved her hand to slide under and cup my balls. I was at full attention by this time. As we approached a stoplight, I could see a devilish grin appear on her face.

Lynn: “Drop your shorts. Do it now at the light!” She commanded.

I looked over at her with only the slightest of hesitation and made quick work on removing my belt and dropping my shorts and underwear to the floor. I was still pulling my right shoe through my clothes when the light changed.

Lynn: (in a playful voice) “Light Cubby.” She would often call me Cubby as a playful name; even though she knew that it had frustrated me at times, being a St. Louis Cardinal Baseball fan. And not their central division rivals the Chicago Cubs.

I jerked my foot clear of the clothes and started through the intersection, with my shorts and underwear hanging around my left ankle. I was expecting her to go directly for my penis as I throbbed in anticipation of her touch, but instead she grabbed the bottom center of my t-shirt, pulled it up to my collar, then reached Escort bayan inside and pulled it down forming t-shirt bra that was kept in place by my seatbelt.

Lynn: “We need to tuck this out of the way.” She said referring to my t-shirt.

I did not mind as I was about to have driving sex, well, some type of it anyway. Lynn was taking charge in her inebriated state and I was enjoying it. She was very eager and wasn’t willing to wait until we got home. She bent over and positioned her mouth just over the tip of my penis and began to suck. At this time, I turned onto the entrance ramp to the interstate and accelerated above the speed limit before backing it off and turning on the cruise control at exactly 70 mph. She continued her sucking and added some tongue movement as we cruised down the highway. She grabbed the shaft of my penis and began a firm stroking action. A minute later, she sat up; with her left hand, she continued a light stroking of my penis. I was working to focus on staying between the lines on the interstate.

With her right hand, she began digging in her purse without success at removing anything. She squirmed in her seatbelt and dropped her short skirt and panties in one quick movement followed by pulling off her top and quickly discarding her bra. I had to sneak a peek at my now naked wife, clothed only in a seatbelt. She then reached into her purse and quickly pulled out her vibrator that she had left in there from the previous weekend trip out of town. She opened the glove box and inserted the vibrator into her mouth and then quickly put it to work wetting her vagina and then onto her clitoris.

But why had she opened the glove box? I continued to wonder about this action. Then it dawned on me, the light shining from there was not for her but for me as I adjust my gaze from the road to her masturbation. I was enjoying the sight, even when I was looking at the road. I would widen my gaze to see her in my peripheral view. She slouched down a bit in the seat and worked that vibrator around. She did not move her other hand on my penis much but held it loosely in her hand. I do not know if it was the extra vibrations from the road, but she orgasmed quickly as she pushed her tush back and forth in the seat. As her orgasm diminished, she pulled her hand from my penis and she reached for my right hand and plunged my fingers between her vaginal lips. I quickly moistened my finger in her vagina and continued the stroking action on her clitoris. A few miles later she orgasmed once again; I was in heaven and so was she.

I am sure that she somehow knew that I would stay rock hard without a single touch to my penis during her stimulation. But just then, she reached down with her hand and gathered up her own juices then firmly held and squeezed my penis quite hard. She began to stroke me in steady long strokes. A short time later, she relaxed her grip and reached her hand over grabbing the lever to my seat. She pushed my seat back away from the steering wheel. I looked at her with a shocked face as she followed this by removing her seatbelt.

Lynn: “It’s time for me to drive.”

My eyes widened a bit at this thought, but there was no fear. I was not sure what she was going to do next, but I was expecting that I would enjoy it. With that, she sat on my lap grabbing the steering wheel from me as she smashed my penis against the back side of her butt cheeks. She followed this by reaching over and lowering the seat to recline back just Bayan escort a little. I reached around my wife’s waist and grabbed the bottom of the steering wheel with my right hand so that I could assist her in driving. She then rose up in the air slightly standing above me and paused.

Lynn: (She spoke in a questioning voice) “A little help here please?”

I grabbed my penis very quickly with my left hand and with a slight shake, penetrated her vagina in all of its glory. There were a few times that I struggled to see while she raised and lowered herself onto my penis. I pushed up into her with every down stroke. At this time a tractor trailer passed us on the left, and I was sure that he knew what was going on in our little pickup truck. She was amazing. However, we did swerve onto the rumble strip on the side of the highway a time or two, but no more than I have done on a long trip.

Lynn: (spoken a bit playful) “Only a few more miles here honey.”

I pushed up into her hard and a bit faster. That certainly worked as it did not take long for me to gush my ejaculation into her. She did not stop her movement but continued to grind her hips forward and back, I reached around her and struggled to reach her clitoris. However, when I did, I found it was very moist and it did not take long for her to join me in orgasm once again. Her orgasm had just passed as she was still grinding a bit slower when my limp penis popped out of her. It was soon after that that she hit the button to cancel the cruise control as we coasted up the exit ramp. I continued my peek at the road and gently applied the brakes to stop at the stop sign at the top of the exit.

She climbed off and briefly went on all fours as she crawled onto the seat. I watched for a peek of her glistening wet vaginal lips as she pulled away. I must say we lingered at the stop sign for a bit. We were still a few minutes from the house as she positioned her head down on the seat by the passenger door and her legs across me. I longed to reach for her breasts but they were too far away. So instead, I moistened my finger with my juices leaking from her vagina and continued to work on her clitoris. As I worked my finger, I turned down our street into our driveway. I parked the truck in the garage, working the vehicle controls with my left hand so I could continue my attentions with my right hand. Well, I did lose a little focus on my naked wife for a short time. I pushed the button to lower the garage door and reached down to release my seat belt, still trying to stay fully focused on pleasuring her. I guess I did OK during this transition. There we were in the garage with all the lights on and for the first time during the trip I was able to get the full visual that is my wife’s glorious naked body. I enjoyed the view of her naked backside and the slight spreading of her legs. I adjusted my fingers and inserted my first two fingerings inside her vagina and used my thumb to caress her clitoris. It was not long until I could feel my erection return. When we were younger it was common for us to have sex more than once per session, but then again, I last so much longer after hitting my 40’s. She rolled over so I removed my hand and I climbed on top of her and firmly inserted my penis to the base. She moaned a little as I grounded into her. We continued our dance lying across the front seat for several minutes.

Lynn: “Let’s go inside.”

This was not what I wanted to hear but she squirmed and I Escort reluctantly exited out and off of her. She gathered her clothes into her purse and walk to the door, stopping to grab the door handle. I left my clothes in the truck and pursued her naked body as she had remained on the garage door steps holding the door knob. As she was stopped there, I took advantage of the situation and worked to reinsert my penis into her vagina from behind her. She had to bend over a bit for me to make connection, so to my surprise; she was helping me in this process. I took about 10 strokes or so into her and she stepped up off of my penis, up the steps and into the house. This time, she stopped at the bench where we normally remove our shoes. I kicked off my shoes, grabbed her nakedness and pulled her tight to me kissing her passionately then bending my knees slightly to reinsert standing in front of her. This was a bit awkward at first and again, I stroked into her 10 times. I counted this time as she pulled away again after the 10th time.

She moved to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. As she finished drinking it, I lifted her left leg into the air and inserted once again into her from behind. I grabbed her breast as I thrusted into her, and yes, as you can guess, I only got 10 strokes in and off she went again. Now she pretended to trip and fall against the back of the living room chair. She was not very convincing in her drunken state, but I obliged her with another 10 strokes. This followed as she collapsed down on the couch, turned to face me and spread her legs wide open. I gave her 9 good strokes and then paused and waited, but I lost our short game and thrusted one more time.

She rolled out from under me. When I caught up to her in the hall, I took my time and gave her very slow and methodical thrusts and as I hit number 10, she lowered her weight onto my shaft a bit. This was a bit painful. I am guessing this was a penalty to violating the rules of the game, the rules that I was not aware of. But, I was not one to complain, this was a fun little game. As every husband will admit, every now and then, they would love it if their wife acted a little slutty.

She moved to the guest bathroom, but then decided no, not there, as I approached and she moved to our bedroom and stopped on the dressing bench at the foot of the bed. I totally enjoyed watching her beautiful breasts bounce as she moved about the house, as well as the swing of her curvy hips, as those hips are my second favorite part of her body. This time, as I thrusted into her, I paused a little at reaching 10 but continued on and by 15 she was orgasming. She pushed me backwards onto the bed and mounted me. I reached for her breasts as she started grinding on me and she pinned my hands down beside me. I did not resist her as I must have broken some type of rule again. She continued her movements as she bent over just enough for her nipples to lightly touch my chest, then back up in the air for more movement and then back down again for another light touch. I was straining and begging for my orgasm to come at this point, and finally it did and was it ever a powerful one! She collapsed on top of me and I enjoyed the mashing of her breasts to my chest. She rolled over next to me and nustled into her pillow. We were both spent. Needles to say, we slept in the next morning.

A Story by Jay Namelorb.

Edited by Slipperwhenwet.

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