Mum Thought I Reminded…Ch. 2

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Bachelorette Party

Mum Thought I Reminded Her of Dad
Ch. 2: Jenny & Tony Get Involved

Setting up the threesome between mum, Tony and myself was very easy. Mum had told Tony she knew of a young guy who she thought would be interested, when Tony asked for more details she handed him some of the photos I had taken of her at my flat. She said the guy she had in mind was the photographer who took the photos (me), she told Tony that throughout the sitting he had made sexy comments and had asked her to meet him for a drink, she declined telling him she had a steady boyfriend but had given him her phone number, she said he had called her yesterday. It was Tony’s suggestion that she should phone and invite him over. “Tell him to bring his camera,” he said.

I told Jenny that I wouldn’t be back to the next day as I had a meeting out of town and would probably stop over and made my way to mums house arriving about 8.30 pm.

Mum answered the door; she was wearing a white, very tight top that just about covered her nipples, which were sticking out like thimbles, a short skirt that revealed the lacy top to her black stockings. Her make up made her look like a page three girl, very, very sexy! Mum introduced me to Tony who came over and shook my hand, he told me I had done a great job on the Photos I had taken of Sue and offered me a drink. We spent the next half hour chatting about nothing in particular, I was on the sofa with Sue next to me and Tony was in a chair opposite. The topic eventually got around to sex, Tony asked me about the sitting with Sue, he wanted to know how I felt during the sitting and if I wanted to fuck her, what happened next came as no surprise – mum reached over and unfastened my belt, then she slid open my trousers and started to wank on my prick, she lowered her head and started to kiss and lick it. Tony came over and sat on the sofa with mum in the middle, he lowered his trousers and she took hold of his prick as well.

Abruptly she stopped, she stood up and said “Tony, there is something you should know, John and I have been having sex for the last three months, ever since he took my photos at his flat, John and I love each other very much, we have done for a long time”. She saw Tony’s look of concern but continued, “I know this might shock you Tony, try to understand, it just happened between John and me and I am glad it did. I don’t want things to change between us Tony, I still love you and always will, the love I have for John is different, you see Tony – John is my son!”

Tony didn’t say anything but got up and poured himself another drink, mum returned to sit next to me, she immediately resumed playing with my prick and kissed me deeply, my hand went to her tit and I played with her hard nipple. Tony put down his glass, he looked at Sue “I don’t mind about John being your son, to tell you the truth I thought he reminded me of his dad David the moment I saw him, if he fucks like David you should have one helluva fucking night”. He knelt down in front of mum and pulled her to the front of the sofa, her skirt was pushed up around her waist, she opened her legs wide and Tony started to lick her smooth pussy, fingering her wet cunt. Mum was sucking hard and deep on my prick taking it deep into her throat, she was now naked apart from her stockings and suspenders.

Mum positioned herself on the floor on her hands and knees, our clothes were quickly removed and Tony went to the front and mum started to suck him, I got behind her and slid my prick hard into her wet cunt, she started to moan loudly as I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, every time I pushed into her made her go down deeply on Tony’s prick. I spat on her asshole and slid a finger in as I fucked her; I wanted to get it loose enough to take my prick. I pulled out of her cunt, my prick was wet with her juices and gently and slowly started to fuck her ass. After a while we swapped around and it was my turn to receive a deep blowjob from my mum, Tony fucked her hard for a while and shot his spunk deep into her cunt which took mum over the edge making her shake with her first orgasm of the night, I felt my prick twitch and spunked into her mouth, she swallowed as Escort bayan much as she could the rest ran down her face, dripping from her chin onto the floor.

We all needed a breather and sat talking and drinking for a while. Mum and Tony related details from their swinging days when dad was alive, I told Tony about Jenny, that she had also been involved with the swinging scene before we met and that Jenny and I have met a few couples and have experienced threesomes and foursomes ourselves. I said I wanted to find a way to get Jenny involved so that the four of us could get together, mum said she had thought of a way and to leave everything to her.

Seeing mum sat there between us with her legs open with spunk oozing from her cunt had me hard again, we went into the bedroom and for the next three hours we fucked her in many different positions / combinations, one prick up her ass with the other in her cunt, then the two of us in her cunt at the same time, she sucked us together and we both spunked into her mouth, exhausted we fell asleep together.

A couple days later Jenny told me that mum had called and mum had suggested that when I am next out of town and had to stay overnight that she would spend an evening with Jenny. I said that I might have to be away on Thursday so she should call mum and make arrangements. Mum had not told me what she had planned to get Jenny involved with us, I left it to her. I phoned mum and told her what Jenny had told me, mum said to make sure I came home about 11pm Thursday evening, that when I got home I should tell Jenny that the meeting had finished early.

Thursday came and I told Jenny I would see her on Friday, she said she was looking forward to tonight and spending an evening with mum. Mum told me later what happened. She turned up with a couple bottles of wine and a blue movie, they chatted about everyday things women seem to like to talk about, drank the wine then started on the spirits I had at home until eventually, both a little tipsy mum suggested they watch the video she had brought with her.

The first part was regular guy / girl fucking, the drink had made them very relaxed and uninhibited and soon both of them were fantasising about the different guys, the size of their pricks, their techniques etc. then there came a part where two women had sex, after a while mum turned to Jenny and said “so tell me, what’s it like”? “pardon” said Jenny, mum said ” when I was here a couple of weeks ago I went into Johns darkroom and I saw some photos of you with another woman, I wasn’t being nosey but since I saw them I cannot stop thinking about them, you see Jenny I have for a long time now fantasised about having sex with another woman”. Mum told me she thought Jenny was a little embarrassed, she coaxed her a little more, “come on Jenny, tell me, is it different to having sex with a man, is it better”?

Jenny looked mum in the eyes, “yes” she said, “I think a woman knows what another woman needs, how to please her, how to satisfy her, making love with a woman is more gentle, more tender and I think sometimes more fulfilling”. Mum then made her move, she reached out and took Jenny’s hand then leaning forwards slowly she kissed Jenny, gently at first, only lips to lips, Jenny responded, she opened her mouth and they both kissed each other deeply, their tongues exploring each others mouths. It wasn’t long before they were both naked, lying on the floor in front of the fire, playing and exploring each others bodies, sucking and licking at each others tits, fingering each others cunts. That’s the way I found them when I returned home.

Jenny was startled and looked a little ashamed, she probably thought I would freak out at catching her having sex with my mum, “John, you said you wouldn’t be home till tomorrow” she said, it was mum again who made the first move, she came over to me and kissed me deeply, pressing her tits into my chest, she undid my trousers, took out my prick, knelt in front of me and sucked my prick. The look on Jenny’s face was one of bewilderment and then amazement; I don’t think she believed what she was seeing. Mum stopped sucking on my prick and returned to Jenny, Bayan escort she sat next to her, took hold of her hand and for the next 10 minutes told her everything, about the photo session, the cinema, the threesome with Tony, how she had wanted to have sex with Jenny and that she hoped Jenny would understand and not feel threatened about her involvement with me

Jenny didn’t have to say anything, she kissed mum deeply then stood up and walked over to me, she took my hand and walked me over to where mum was sitting on the floor, then started to take off my clothes. I was soon naked, I stood with mum and Jenny kneeling in front of me, both of them licking and sucking on my prick, they licked from my balls to the top and then kissed each other with my prick sandwiched between their wet lips, they played with each others tits. I didn’t expect to last long, I wanted to come over their faces, into their mouths. My prick started to throb, they must have realised I was about to come, they put their open mouths together and I spunked, first into mums mouth then the next spurt into Jennys, the rest splattered over their faces, running down their chins, dripping on to their tits. They kissed, licking at the spunk on each others faces then resumed sucking on my spunk-covered prick. Mum lay on her back and Jenny got on top of her in the 69 position, they were licking and fingering each others cunts, I slid my prick into Jenny’s cunt, it was so wet, mum licked along the length of my prick as I withdrew and then I slammed it back into her as hard as I could. Every so often I would take my prick out of her cunt and mum sucked it deep down her throat. They changed so mum was on top and I fucked her cunt the same way, this time Jenny gave me the deep throat treatment, 10 minutes later I shot my second lot of spunk, this time deep into mums cunt, Jenny sucked my prick as I withdrew, swallowing the spunk that was still dribbling out, and then lapped at mums spunky cunt, forcing her tongue in as deep as she could. I let them get on with it, I was shattered, and I needed a rest. I sat down and watched them for the next half hour; they couldn’t get enough of each other.

We were all feeling tired, we went to bed, it felt good to have Jenny on one side and my mum on the other. Next day after we had showered and dressed we arranged to visit mum and Tony on Saturday, they both seemed upset when I turned down the offer of a quick blow job – I felt knackered!

After mum had left Jenny asked me about Tony, how big was his prick?, was he good looking?, did he fuck hard and last long?, she asked me about the first time I fucked mum, did I enjoy it?, I had to explain in detail how it happened and of the times I had fucked her since. She seemed really horny and turned on and was very excited about Saturday’s meeting, a lot more than she has been when we had foursomes in the past.

Late Saturday afternoon she started to get herself ready, she said how good mums pussy had looked shaved smooth and that she was going to shave hers. She took hours getting ready; when she eventually came out of the bedroom she looked stunning. The black dress she was wearing was totally see through, she wore black stockings, suspenders, clearly visible – no panties, she had on her black quarter cup bra, her exposed tits strained against the thin material and her nipples jutted out hard.

As it was still daylight outside she put on an overcoat, it was a short distance to the car but wanted to avoid being seen by the neighbours. Tony answered the door, the look on his face when he saw Jenny said it all and that was before he helped her remove her overcoat, when she turned to face him his eyes almost popped out of his sockets, he took her hand and led us into the lounge, “Sue will be out shortly” he said, “she must be almost ready by now”, he poured us drinks, Jenny sat next to me on the sofa and Tony sat opposite, I could easily see the bulge in his trousers. We made small talk for about 15 minutes; Tony couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Mum joined us, she like Jenny looked very sexy, she had on a white dress made of an open net material, her large brown nipples poked through the mesh, Escort she did not wear panties only white stockings that had a lacy top, suspenders and white high heeled shoes. She came over to me and kissed me, then she kissed Jenny.

She had prepared the meal in advance, basically it was ready for serving so we went into the dining room, Jenny and Tony sat along one side of the table with me and mum the other. Throughout the meal the conversation was totally sexual, I noticed that Tony had moved his chair close to Jenny’s and that Jenny’s hand had disappeared from view and by the look on Tony’s face I guessed she was playing with his prick, mum must have noticed too because she soon had my prick out and was wanking me also.

The meal over we went back into the lounge, Tony put on a very hardcore video – ‘to set the mood for things to come’ he said. Tony sat close to Jenny on the sofa, he draped his right arm around her shoulder and with his hand coming to rest inside her dress cupping her right tit, began to play with her hard nipple, his other hand rubbing her stocking covered thigh, getting higher and higher till his fingers reached her smooth pussy and he fingered her wet cunt. She had his trousers down around his ankles and she wanked on his prick. She then kneeled in front of him and sucked his prick deeply. I had sat in an armchair opposite them, mum sat on the floor in between my open legs, her head nestled in my crutch, we were both content to watch them for a while, Jenny’s wet cunt looked very inviting, I leaned forward and cupped both mums tits with my hands, her nipples were rock hard and I played with each one with my fingers and thumbs, mum then turned around, pulled my trousers off and started to suck on my hard prick. After about 5 minutes I stood up, stripped off the rest of my clothes, mum had gone over and was licking at Jenny’s smooth cunt, I went over, positioned myself behind Jenny and slid my prick deep into her, as I pulled out mum would lick along the length of my shaft. I noticed Tony start to tense up, he told Jenny he was going to come, she continued to suck and he shot his load of spunk into her mouth, seconds later I filled her cunt with my load, when I pulled out mum returned to licking my spunk that had started to dribble out of Jenny’s cunt.

Till now mums cunt had not been touched, now it was her turn! She lay on the floor, Jenny was between her legs fingering and licking at her cunt and asshole, Tony and me were kneeling either side of her head, she sucked from one prick to the other, we both mauled at her tits, we were both now rock hard again, I knew I was going to last longer this time and I wanted to give mum the fuck of her life. I kneeled between mums open legs, lifted her legs on to my shoulders and with one lunge sunk my prick as hard and as deep into her smooth cunt as I could, she screamed out in pleasure, it was lucky she didn’t have Tony’s prick in her mouth at that time as she might have bitten it in two! Jenny sucked on mums hard nipples and Tony straddled her face and was deeply fucking her mouth. As I fucked her I fingered her asshole, then I slowly, and this time, gently, slid my prick into her tight ass.

As it got looser I fucked her harder. Later we changed positions, Tony lay on his back, mum lowered herself onto his prick and I fucked her ass again, it felt good, her cunt was now very wet, I pulled out of her asshole and joined Tony in her cunt, god it felt tight, mum was moaning loudly, Jenny was beneath her sucking on her tits and at the same time she was fingering herself. I wanted us to both come together, I felt Tony’s prick twitch and we both filled her cunt with our spunk, as we pulled out of her it gushed out of her cunt, Jenny came around and began to lap it up – just like a cat! Two hours and many fucks later we called it a night and went to bed – that night I slept with mum and Tony with Jenny.

Next day over breakfast we talked about what we could try next, as it was summer we settled on the idea of inviting some of the people we know to an orgy / picnic, we are looking for a suitable location, somewhere that’s secluded and private but easily reachable – anyone got any ideas? Another of my future possibilities – Jenny has a younger sister, she has just turned 18 and a couple of weeks ago she wrote to Jenny to ask if she could stay with us for a week during the summer holidays. I will keep you informed!

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