Movie Day: The Prelude

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I propped myself up on one elbow and watched my wife. The look on her face was one I always long to see. She was totally lost in pleasure. Her eyes half closed as her head moved back and forth in the throws of excitement. Her breathing came in short gasps. Her whole body was twitching, arching, almost thrashing in her excitement.

I felt her hand grasping me, stroking my erection with a touch that showed her excitement. Usually she was fun, laughing and joking as we made love, but today she was in one of her passionate moods and lost to what was happening.

I listened to the sounds. Her soft moans, her short fast breathes. Most of all I heard the slurping sounds as Horse sucked her left nipple and the sucking sounds her pussy made around my fingers. I lowered my head to kiss my wonderful wife. It was a hard passionate kiss and I knew how much I loved this woman.

Jill was everything to me. She was the love of my life but more, she was my best friend and my partner. She was the one I laughed with, the one I told everything to, the one I loved and the one I shared.

As we kissed, Horse moved his mouth lower, licking my wife’s belly button. Horse had every intention of eating her pussy but she was already withering in a continuous orgasm and she stopped him. “GOD SOMEONE FUCK ME! I NEED IT SO BAD! I NEED A COCK INSIDE ME!”

I let Horse move between Jill’s legs and line his cock up with her pussy. I watched her face as Horse slowly entered her with the huge cock she loved so much. She was cumming from the first thrust in a mind blowing orgasm. I thought about moving to let her suck my cock but thought better of it. In her state she might bite me.

I waited for the gasp from Horse that signaled that he had emptied his balls into her sweet pussy. I moved between her legs as Horse collapsed beside her, softly kissing my sweet wife as I rammed my meat into her quim. She pulled him up and licked Horse clean as I fucked her. Her orgasm never abated and by the time I blasted into her, Jill was still cumming. Her orgasm ended with mine and she laid her head back on the pillow.

I lay beside her as I tried to regain my breath. She turned her head from Horse’s huge cock and kissed me softly, lovingly. The flush still over her as she deflated. We kissed softly before she lay back and closed her eyes.

Her right hand found my soggy, softening cock and pulled. Obediently I moved to my knees and presented my cock to her mouth. She sucked my soft cock into her mouth and cleaned me. Her left hand held Horse tightly by his cock, not allowing him to move.

When the last of her taste was sucked from my magic wand, she opened her eyes and smiled with a wicked smile. A look of lust on her face as she had a cock resting on each cheek. She turned her head and licked Horse’s cock slowly. Jill’s right hand held me in place beside her face. Horse’s huge cock responded to the soft touch of her tongue and rose to it’s full impressive 11 inch length.

Jill’s mouth then moved to me. Licking and sucking she tried to reinvigorate my flagging member.

No words were spoken. Somehow, Horse knew that my wife wanted him laying on his back. Her mouth left my shaft and looked longingly at Horse’s stiff cock. She moved her body to straddle him.

I watched her face as she lowered herself onto his cock. Her eyes closed and she sighed as she slid down on him.

Her passion had been slaked and now she was her usual playful self. She pulled me to her mouth and my body responded to her desires.

“Bill, If you think you get to sit one out, you’re very wrong. I want that beautiful cock in my mouth.”

Jill was on her hands an knees, her mouth wrapped around my manhood, her pussy stretched by Horse and again she began to cum. Horse reached his head up to suck a nipple into his mouth as his hands wrapped around her waist and rocked her on his cock.

Jill was the maestro of our sexual union. She controlled each man with skill, sucking faster on me and fucking Horse slower so that we all came at the same time, flooding her with man seed at each end. It was not hard to cum at the same time as lovely Jill, her orgasm never seemed to end but was more low key this time.

When we were through, she collapsed between us, a hand on each of us. “Damn!” she exclaimed. “What an anniversary!” Then she giggled. “Well, we don’t really know which day is our anniversary do we? Guess we just have to do this again!” She giggled.

I remembered those days three years ago.

Bill “Horse” McCutcheon was 10 years older than us and had been living with us for exactly three years today.

Bill had been my first boss, at least for a full time job 19 years ago. I had just quit college to work to support my Jill and our two children. The two previous years had been a real struggle for us. Jill had vowed to work to put me through college but the first baby had come along and then the second. We began to regret getting married right out of high school.

I’m not sure what Bill had seen in me, but he hired me as the second technical writer Ataşehir Esmer Escort in the small company. I worked for him for three years and learned my craft well. After three years, however, the company changed hands and I began to feel that despite my good work, they valued degrees over quality of work.

I found a new job across town and didn’t talk to him for the next 13 years. It took me six years but I finally got my degree.

Four years ago, I was promoted to manage the tech writing department. One year later, we were hiring a new writer. We were flooded with applications but after reading them, I didn’t need any interviews. Bill’s was among them and he had the job.

Our old company had moved to Mexico and Bill had chosen not to go with them. He had been out of work for almost a year. I did the interviews and made the motions, but Bill had the job from the moment I found his resume.

We’d never been friends before, mostly because Bill didn’t believe in socializing with the people that worked under him. We had liked each other. We had talked around the water fountain.

This time was little different, but Bill was. He was much more watchful of the clock. More in a hurry to get home. We talked about the old times but his home life was a subject of no substantive information.

He was a model employee for just over a month, fitting in nicely and hitting the ground running.

That all changed one Wednesday morning. Bill came to work unshaven, tired, and irritable. I had to talk to him and I called him into my office. His private life was no concern to me, until it impacted work, and this was.

The strain of a year without work had really weighed on his relationship. The economic hardship had led to a strain that wouldn’t end until it broke. It broke the night before. It wasn’t exactly like Ruth had thrown him out, but their last fight had been too much for both of them. Bill had walked out and had no plans to walk back. His problem was that he was broke. He had spent the night in his car.

I called Jill at work just after lunch and told her what was going on. I asked her if she’d mind a house guest for a few days, or weeks, perhaps two months at the most? She agreed. She wasn’t wild about it, but she agreed.

Bill fit in beautifully although in those first couple weeks, he was really distracted. He had a great sense of humor that meshed with Jill and me. The last of our children had moved to college two months before and the three of us had the house to ourselves.

The first two weeks were a whirlwind for Bill with lawyers appointments and fights with Ruth. He slept at our house. He showered at our house. He ate at our house. He lived in a different world those two weeks though. Finally it was concluded, not legally, but the two of them had decided on divorce and their decision would not be changed. When the decision became final, Bill became himself.

For the three years before, Jill and I had talked about swinging. I knew her sexual appetite and her desires. Her biggest fantasy had always been a MFM threesome. We had talked about swinging but she had real reservations. She knew that I would love to swap. She knew that about fourth on my list of fantasies was to watch her with another man.

Her main reservation to swinging was the fear of one of us developing an emotional bond that would destroy our marriage. We knew each other well, and neither of us were jealous. We could each deal with the others sexual activity.

About the end of the second week that Bill was living with us, I brought up the subject of a threesome with Bill. By then, we had all become close friends. Instead of answering me directly she answered my query with a question of her own.

“Would you like to see me with Bill?”

I smiled at her. “Yes I would!”

She didn’t answer, she just kissed me. “Not now honey. It’s just too dangerous. Maybe later I’ll consider it and then I’ll only think about it. No promises.”

The next night as we were making love, I brought it up again. This time she just asked me if I was sure that I could deal with it and I told her the idea turned me on and I was sure I could.

Friday night I was making love to her. She said “Oh GOD BILL fuck me good.” Then she laughed. “Just cuz I called you Bill, how do you know I don’t mean the other Bill?”

I laughed in return and got turned on again. “I don’t, so do you mean the other Bill?”

“Maybe, but I’ll never tell?” She laughed and gave me the best loving I’d had in weeks. In the back of my mind I pictured her with him. After we both had mind blowing orgasms, she lay on top of me kissing softly with me still inside her.

“So tell me, Dear”, I asked her. “Would you like to fuck Bill?”

She giggled. “I always like to fuck Bill.” She ground her pussy into me again. “Are you really sure you could handle it?” She asked. “What if I liked it too much?”

I reassured her that I loved her and it would excite me, not anger me. With that, we fell asleep.

The third weekend with Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort Bill in the house was upon us and for the first weekend with him there, we had no obligations. Bill was finally relaxed and neither we nor Bill had any plans.

We were all getting to be great friends even exchanging sexual innuendo and laughing constantly. Our only problem was that every time Jill said “Bill” we both jumped.

Saturday started out with a bang. I woke up with Jill kissing me and running her hand over my body. Her motor was still running from last night. We had a late start to the morning, not getting out of bed till almost 9:00. The coffee was ready and Bill was watching TV when we got up.

The day went from breakfast to lunch with us just hanging together and having fun. We were all really open and insulting each other in jest. We were having fun with the three of us.

I don’t think any of us were thinking of sex. Well, O.K. Jill was, but with me not us. Bill had no thoughts of getting into Jill’s panties. I might have admitted to an occasional thought of how much fun it could be to see her fuck the other Bill but I didn’t expect it to happen.

After lunch, Bill told us he was doing dinner and went to the store. He came back with some really good steaks and more beer, wine and liquor than we could (or at least should) consume in a month.

We started drinking early and both Bill and I were pretty buzzed by the time we fired up the grill. I don’t know why we didn’t feel the fall chill while we made dinner, but neither of us even noticed.

Bill told me how lucky I was to have Jill and I agreed, but I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. Was he suggesting that she was fun to be around or had he noticed her luscious tits? That thought sent little flaming shots of excitement through me.

Dinner was a treat. Not only were the steaks good, but so was the company. The three of us wandered into conversations both lighthearted and serious but always with a smile. The wine flowed, and flowed and flowed.

After dinner, for the first time, the conversation turned to sex. I think it was the wine talking but I couldn’t believe it when Jill told Bill that she was insatiable, she craved sex morning noon and night. That was the first of her revelations and they all had me blushing. Jill for her part was giggling non stop.

She leaned against me and whispered in my ear, “I’m drunk, but at least I didn’t tell him that you want to watch him fuck me.” She giggled again. “Or that I want to fuck him.”

I gasped at that one and then whispered in her ear. “You mean it?” I reacted. My breathing picked up quickly and I flushed with excitement.

“Nope, I just said that to see what you’d say.” She giggled some more but she looked down to see the tent in my pants. “hmmmmm… looks like you mean it though.” She giggled some more.

I got her another drink. I guess I was hoping that a couple more and she’d see things my way.

Half an hour later, as we sat watching the news, Jill suddenly looked at each of us. “I think I’m in the mood to soak up to my neck in hot water with two naked men. Bill, did we ever show you our hot tub?”

I saw a smile on Bill’s face. Later he told me that he had an idea where she was headed right then. In fact, I think he knew it before I did. From what Jill told me, at that point she had no conscious thoughts of sex, so I guess he knew before she did.

“Nope, I never even knew you had a hot tub. Good thing you said naked because I don’t think I could find my suite. I’m game if you two are though.”

I thought, “I bet, especially after telling us you haven’t had sex in 8 months” but I was good and I didn’t say anything out loud.

Jill just stood and took both of our hands. She whispered in my ear. “Don’t go thinking anything. I’m not planning on seducing him.”

She led us down the stairs to the basement and she stripped quickly. Bill’s eyes appraised my wife. She is attractive but not beautiful. She could stand to be about 15 pounds lighter but she has some wonderful attributes. Especially her full breasts which were now sporting erect nipples. She hardly blushed when she stripped. It was as if she was showing off. Bill’s eyes took in her shape and he smiled.

I wasn’t far behind her as I pealed my clothes off. Bill was the slow poke. He was much slower to take his clothes off. Mostly because his “attributes” were at full strength.

I wasn’t looking at Bill until I heard Jill say, “OH MY GOD, He’s hung like a Horse. Damn I have got to have a closer look at this thing.”

I looked at him. 11 inches of throbbing manhood. I never felt inadequate before.

We never did make it into the tub. She pulled him to her and slowly licked his cock. Then tried to take it into her mouth.

“Bill, you get your wish. I have got to fuck this Horse!”

The second time she said those words I began to laugh. “I guess our identity problems are over. From now on, he’s Horse”

Bill chuckled and looked at me. “I’ve been called Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort worse.” His eyes looked into mine, asking my permission to take my wife. I’m sure he saw the approval in them, but I said nothing, just smiled.

Jill reached for his cock and caressed it as she snuggled her naked body close to his. She kneeled before him and kissed his cock head before tentatively trying to suck him into her lips. I watched her mouth open and take half of him. I watched his face and hers.

Jill began to test her abilities, trying to take all of him into her mouth, then she surrendered and began to just minister to what she could fit into her mouth.

I watched his face. His eyes closed, a flushed look of pleasure painted on his face. His body jerked in pleasure. It was obvious that he was enjoying the blow job.

I looked at my wife’s face. I saw a strange mix of things. She was concentrating, trying to give her best but also there was a look of excitement on her face. Her hand reached up to caress that part of his cock that she couldn’t fit in her mouth.

I don’t know what I had expected to feel, but a whole gamete of emotions flowed through me, all of them good. I felt a pride in how well my Jill seemed to be pleasing Horse. I felt an arousal that I hadn’t felt in years. I felt a love for my wife like I had never felt. I was living through her arousal. I felt absolutely no interest in Horse, but I felt her arousal and her pleasure. What surprised me was a total absence of jealousy. I had expected just a touch, but there was none.

Jill wanted Horse. She wanted to feel his horse cock inside her. Her shining eyes looked to mine for approval as she pulled her mouth from him. I often wonder what she would have done if I had not smiled at her. I think she was too far gone to stop, but I didn’t care. I wanted her to fuck him.

“Oh god! Horse. I need this thing.” She said in a throaty voice. “Lets get your beautiful cock to the bed room where I can fuck this thing good!”

She led him back up the steps, and into our bed room. She started the blow job again, but only to rekindle any lust that might have slipped away during our walk there. I watched when she laid him down on his back on the bed.

I watched her, unsure of what I wanted to watch. If I moved to the foot of the bed, I could see his cock enter her but would not be able to see her face. If I moved to the side, I could see her face, but not her pussy. I wanted to see both. I moved where I could see her face.

Jill got on top of Horse, straddling his belly. I watched her move her hand to his firm manhood and position it at the entrance to her sloppy pussy and then I moved to see her face. She impaled herself on his massive cock slowly. Adjusting to his size slowly. Her mouth slightly agape as she filled herself with him. Her eyes were glazed with desire. A moan escaped her lips and then she hit bottom. Her eyes grew wide. Her face showed her wonder, her desire, her pleasure. She stopped to adjust to him.

Horse’s eyes were closed. He gasped in pleasure and then his eyes looked into hers.

Jill began to move slowly on his cock. Each stroke grew faster, harder. Her eyes glazed. A flush began at her ears and worked to her chest as she sucked in some air and began to cum with a deep gasp. Her moans became louder as she rocked on him. Her orgasm simply would not end. It began shortly after she began to move and just got stronger and stronger as she fucked.

I watched her tits sway, her face contort and then I moved to the foot of the bed. I watched that huge cock slide easily in and out of her. The sight had my own cock rock hard as I moved back to where I could see their faces.

Horse was watching her tits sway as his arms wrapped around her waist and he rocked her onto his cock ever harder. His face contorted. His eyes closed. I heard him suck in his breath and then explode into her for the first time. He gasped for breath as he came down. Jill’s eyes were closed and she slowly opened them as he stopped rocking her. She slowed down and her orgasm came fluttering to a soft ending, gradually tailing off until she collapsed on top of him.

She rolled off of him and took a couple deep breaths then she held her arms out and spread her legs to invite me to take her missionary. I wasted no time jumping on her. She wasted no time in beginning that orgasm again. It didn’t take me long to blast my seed into her soggy already well fucked pussy after she had had two more orgasms. As my tremors subsided, she pulled me on top of her.

She kissed me softly. “Thank you, my dearest. You were both wonderful.” She was lying and I knew it. It was Horse she was really talking about. I didn’t care. At that moment I just loved my wife. She cooed in my arms. Totally satisfied.

I thought totally satisfied. But in a few minutes she felt Horse’s hard on against her naked hip and she rolled to kiss him. The second time she had Horse, it was slower, more tender. She let him take her missionary and she was aware enough to see that watching them made my member come back to life. She pulled me to her mouth while Horse fucked her. Her excitement made for a masterful blow job and before long we shot her from both ends, not at exactly the same time but within a few moments of each other. Jill, for her part, had one long rolling orgasm and collapsed like a rag doll.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32