CBT Files Ep. 01

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Suzie smiled brightly in anticipation. She always enjoyed donning a naughty nurse uniform and performing her version of cock and ball domination. This time the guy who was to receive her attentions was her new boyfriend, Bradley. Suzie was in the process of “taming” him, as she called it.

As soon as Bradley was in her apartment, she commanded him to strip. “Everything off! Hurry!” She looked at him with her hands on her hips, and delighted in the nervous way he stripped, the way his cock strained against its cage.

Suzi turned around and told him to follow her to the bedroom. They hugged, front to front, her bare leg touching his. After a few nuzzling kisses he was ready to do anything she wanted, in the hope that he would get relief from the sexual pressure that had built up over the past several days.

“Get on the bed now,” she whispered. He willingly spread his arms so she could bind his wrists. On her command, he spread his feet apart and she bound him ankle cuffs and binding straps.

Suzie removed the cock cage she had locked in place after their first date. She smiled when his naked cock sprang forth and danced under her gaze. Without saying a word, she lightly stroked and palpated his nuts and cock for a few moments.

Bound to her bed, Bradley panted and squirmed under the teasing of Suzie’s sweet hands. Then she reached for the oil and dripped some of it on his cock and balls.

“We’re going to play a little game,” Suzie stated, her dark penetrating eyes looking directly into his. She grasped his ball sac in one hand and positioned her fingers so that she could easily increase or release pressure on his sensitive nuts.

“I’m going to start by lightly squeezing, like this,” she said, and contracted her hand just enough to make his nuts ache a little. Then she very lightly wrapped her other hand around his shaft – so lightly that she barely touched it, and gave slow, up-and-down strokes.

“If you want me to go faster or make my hand tighter, just say ‘harder’ and I’ll do it – but I’ll also put more pressure on your balls. If that’s too much, say ‘softer’ and I’ll lighten the pressure – and the stroking.” She giggled.

Bradley realized the implications of what Suzie just told him. If he was going to ejaculate, it would be with her hand and fingers squeezing his nuts – hard. At the same time, he was intensely aroused, and desperately wanted relief.

Suzie saw desperate arousal in Bradley’s eyes. He saw the confidence of a natural domina in her eyes, along with a hint of tease and feminine arousal.

He Ataşehir Fetiş Escort groaned as her sweet hand very lightly and slowly stroked his oiled and aroused member. The ache caused by her other hand went inside him. She didn’t squeeze hard enough to make it painful, though the ache was a distraction.

Suzie got a rush of arousal from hearing Bradley’s labored breathing and seeing him twist and squirm. She knew that he really, really wanted to come to ejaculation.

“Suzie – Suzieee!” he whispered hoarsely.

She giggled sexily. “Do you want it tighter?”

“Yes – yes, Suzie!” he panted.

Her strokes became more firm at the same time that she increased the pressure on his balls.

“Aaaah!” he exclaimed when the aching shot up well inside him. After three days wearing the cock cage, he was astounded that he had not already spurted on her ceiling with the stimulation that she provided.

“Is that too hard?” she asked in a clinical voice.

“N – N – No – OH! Uhhhh! Yes! Softer – just for a minute!”

Suzie smiled sweetly and lightened her grip – and her stroking. Bradley gave a sigh of relief. His mind – and midsection – were crazed with desire, and he resolved to go through with whatever it took to ejaculate.

“Suzie – a little more… Aaaaaugh! OHH! UHHH!”

He endured the increased pressure of her squeezing hand for about a minute, and then implored, “Please – stop for a minute!”

“Okay, but if you ask me to stop once more, the cock cage goes back on, and no more play for a few days.”

While Bradley recovered, Suzie stripped completely. Then she playfully nuzzled him while rubbing her firm breasts on his chest. Then she stood over him on the bed, her legs spread so that he could see her pussy. He gazed at the dark thatch of hair surrounding her aroused pussy lips – lips that puckered like a mouth begging to be kissed. His eyes locked on to her pussy lips. He whimpered.

Suzie poked a finger inside her womanhood and said, “I’d like to have sex with you – but you have to finish our little game first. Then you can have me.” She withdrew her finger and put it in his mouth. He loved the taste of her juices and firmly sucked on her finger.

She giggled. Bradley loved Suzie’s giggle.

“Are you ready to continue?”

“Oh God, Suzie! Yes… Yes, let’s continue…”

She smiled, and poured more oil on his cock. Her other hand skillfully cradled his balls and she applied some pressure.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned.

Then she resumed stroking Ataşehir Gecelik Escort his cock – lightly and slowly.

More moans escaped him. He was truly in a quandary. He realized that every time he asked her to lighten the pressure, it would be more difficult to surpass the previous highest level that he endured. He wondered if he should ask her to ignore any pleading to go lighter. At the same time, he wondered if he could stand going to the finish line.

Then he thought of her puckered pussy lips, and her saying that she wanted to have sex with him. He had to go through with it. He had to have her.

“Uhhh! Harder” he whispered.

She immediately complied, and his reaction was just as immediate.

“AAAAH! UHH! MMMMMMNUH!” he panted and twisted.

He knew that the level of stroking had to be more firm to bring him off. That meant more pressure on his balls.


She pressed her lips together and squeezed harder as her hand more firmly grasped his member.


He wanted her to stop, but knew that she meant what she said about no more play for a few days. He heard her giggle again.


She backed down to the previous level, which did not provide much relief. Bradley concluded that if he were to experience the sweet release of ejaculation, he had to go through to the end without backing down even once more.

“Please,” he whimpered. Suzie read him correctly.

“Do you want me to go all the way to the end, no matter what? Do you want to enter me tonight?”

“Yes!” he squeaked. “All the way.”

“No matter what you say?” she sternly asked.

“No matter what, Suzie! Take me all the way! Uuunh!”

Suzie had done this game countless times under the expert guidance of a dominatrix friend. She knew that the intense ache Bradley felt throughout his midsection was almost overpowering; She knew exactly the balance between the cock stroking and the ball squeezing to give, and exactly when to give him enough stimulation to go across the line. She also appreciated that he wanted her to go to the finish line in spite of the certainty of still more pressure on his nuts.

Her insides tingled as she increased the pressure on his balls. She knew she was lubricating so profusely that her pussy was dripping.

He yelled. He bucked. He twisted. He also begged her to back down, to go easier, and she steadfastly increased the pressure along with the stimulation.

He Ataşehir Genç Escort endured what felt like hours of ball torture. Suzie began to count to herself: One… Two… Three… Here it comes.

The scream that she heard was one of pleasure and release. Bradley felt his cock erupt with an intensity he would never be able to describe. Suzie reveled in the virile spurts and streaks that shot from the cock in her hand. Only then did she release the pressure on his balls.

She allowed him a few moments to come out of his absorption with his ejaculation, and released his restraints. He felt relief, at the same time that his midsection still ached from the ball squeezing.

Suzie smiled at him, and lay on the bed with her legs apart. She pointed to her pussy and commanded, “First, your mouth!”

Bradley took the classic cunnilingus position between Suzie’s spread legs, and gazed for a moment at her beautiful womanhood. Clear viscous liquid oozed from her puckered pussy lips. He kissed her sensuous labia and lapped up her leakage. Then he fervently applied his mouth to the task, and brought her to climax quickly.

“More,” she commanded, and he renewed his efforts. His cock had regained its hardness. After her second climax, she panted, “Enter me.”

Since Bradley had experienced an intense release, he was in no danger of ejaculating quickly inside Suzie. Furthermore, as his arousal increased, so did the ache in his nuts from her previous ball squeezing, and that served to considerably delay ejaculation.

To Suzie’s delight, intercourse continued for some time before Bradley’s arousal became stronger than the ache in his groin. After a lengthy buildup, he finally exclaimed, then bucked and thrashed as he spurted into Suzie’s sweet pussy.

Each spurt wracked his body with a combination of intense pleasure and an aching, pulling sensation inside him. Suzie, of course, enjoyed the fervor of Bradley’s attention, and held him close until he fell asleep in her arms (and inside her).

She woke him up twice during the night and drained his balls with lengthy intercourse. Each time was an ordeal of combined pain and pleasure for Bradley, since the intensity of his ejaculations increased the residual ache inside him.

A few days hence, Suzie invited him over, and told him that he could have her as much as he wanted that night. The next morning she put the cock cage on him and said that she has been training a girlfriend of hers to administer ball squeezing and whipping.

“I’ve been training her for some time and I want her to work on you.”

Bradley agreed. The idea of one of Suzie’s friends handling his cock and balls in the presence of his new girlfriend made his insides flutter. He knew it would be grueling. However grueling it would be, he was irresistibly drawn to the eventual pleasure and rewards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32