Mother Dear Pt. 06

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“I know you hated that. And I’m never going to hide from the things I get a chance to do, pretty boy. Mary won’t stop me.”

She glares at me.

“All I have to do is finger fuck her, go down on her until she shakes like a volcano, she won’t stay mad at me even if she is. Your mother cums for me and I know how to make that happen. I’m very good at it. And her whip? You think I’m afraid of that? I get wet thinking about being whipped by her. I can do anything I want with you.”

I look out the window of the car, ignore her. Can’t stop thinking about being taken shopping by her, being taken out by my mother’s lover, the female one. She took me to a mall lingerie store. She embarrassed me in front several sales girls, picked out panties, stockings and a bustier for me, told them all the girly items were for me. She went into detail about me dressing like a girl.

“So how long have you been a little sissy pervert for your mommy?”

She slaps the back of my head, makes me turn to her.

“None of your fucking business, Doris.”

I look back out the window. She drives on.

“Come on. Don’t be upset. We both like the same woman, care about her. And you know and I know you’ll be back in that basement guest room soon enough. I think you should be nicer to me. We both like the sadistic side of your dear old mother, don’t we?”

She runs her hand up my leg, laughs. I close my knees together, feel her just graze my penis through my pants.

“I have a son your age. He’d never do what you do.”

She laughs loud.

“Doris, please. I just do things for my mom because…well, it just happens. I can’t say ‘no’ to her. I don’t like talking about it with you. You wouldn’t understand. Leave me alone.”

Doris pulls the car over fast, almost slams on the breaks. She pulls to the side of the road up to a curb.

“You sell me short. I understand alright. Do I ever fucking understand, little boy!”

She leans over the front of me. I feel her slap my hands away as she roughly undoes my belt, my pants.

“Pants down now! We’ll see who understands. Now! You hesitate and I’ll scream ‘rape’.”

She smiles, lowers her window, “One, Two…”

I hurry to take my pants down, so fast she laughs loudly.

“Now here’s what I ‘understand’.” aydın escort

She raises her window back up.

“That little thing is useless to a real woman, you are a faggot. You’ve probably been fucked by men more than your mother and me put together. You get hot and bothered and touch that pathetic little thing thinking of Mary. Right so far, do I understand?”

She leans over and takes my soft and scared little penis in her hand.

“You know this really is cute. In a sissy like way, it is. I haven’t seen one this small since my son was a baby. You think about this. I could have your mother put a cage on this, lock it up tight. Count on that. Now you just sit back and think about that.”

She leans down and takes it into her mouth, swallows my penis and balls entirely in her mouth. Feel myself start to twitch, feel her tongue start to move on me. She sucks me to complete erection with my balls still in her mouth. She slides her mouth slowly up and off of it, looks up at me sideways, holds her hair back to the side.

“I can take the whole thing in my mouth, balls and all. Was I right, was I, sissy boy?”

She smiles at me, strokes it slowly.

“No girlfriend? Wait, I bet you’re the ‘girlfriend’, am I right? Do I understand? Do I fucking understand?!?”


I whimper, feel trapped, feel ashamed by her accusatory tone. She toys with the edge of the panties I wear under my lowered pants.

“Good, we have the beginning of an understanding, an understanding between you and me. Now, I’m going to do something for your mother, MY lover. This will please her. You just sit and be thankful, you little bitch.”

She smiles, winks at me. She turns her face back to my lap and buries me back into her mouth.

I look frantically around, cars going by, broad daylight, feel her work feverishly. She pumps hard and fast, masturbates me with her mouth. After only three minutes I feel ‘the feeling’ I feel myself at the edge of cumming. She lets my balls fall out of her mouth, cups them in her hand as she feels me start to throb. Her mouth locked on me tight, she swallows as I start to spurt. I moan, push my back against the seat, feel her hold me tightly in place by my balls as she lets me cum her mouth. I start to go soft in her mouth.

Then she slips her mouth off of me, slowly milks me with her tight lips as my semi soft penis stretches and pops out of her lips. She licks her lips, quickly checks herself in the rear view mirror. Says nothing, takes her lipstick from her purse. She does her lips, fixes her hair.

“You’re too easy. You’re like a child.”

She talks as she fixes her lips, her hair.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes, yes, thank you.”

I stammer, feel the last drop of my cum hit the seat of the car, feel it on my butt as it runs out of my soft penis hanging down against my naked thigh.

“I’m not such a bad person. I don’t hate you. I just love Mary. She may be your mother but she’s my girlfriend, MY mistress. I’ve been hers since way before you were born. I was your mother’s little slave girl before she knew your daddy.”

She laughs.

“And nobody knew that until you came along. You go down on her, lick her butt, that makes me jealous. I’ll have to take that out on you, ‘honey’, as she calls your little ass. I’m going to take that out on you in that basement room that is soon going to be your punishment room as much as it is mine.”

She turns to me.

“I’m going to see to that. I’m going to make a point of making that your special little room.”

She looks back into the mirror then back at me.

“How do I look?”

“Pretty Doris. You know you do.”

“Pull your pants up. Do we have an understanding? Do you know your place in the pecking order, faggot boy?”

She takes my hair, makes like she’s going to slap my face, her hand raised up. I wince, close my eyes tight. Hear her laugh. She releases my hair.

“I guess we do.”

As I pull my pants up she drives off of the side of the road. We drive in silence all the way back to my mother’s house.

When we enter my mother’s kitchen she’s sitting at the table. Doris sits with her, watches as I carry in shopping bags, put things on the counter. I see my mother put her hand on Doris’ back, see Doris look to her, purring almost.

“You two have an understanding, I’m told?”

My mother smiles at me. I look to Doris. She glares at me. See her hand go down to my mother’s lap, up under her dress, up between her legs.

“Yes, mother. We do.”

I look to my mother.

“I will not share any of this, will be on my best behavior around the two of you. I know my place in your house, know how to keep a secret. I will answer to Doris the way I answer to you, mother.”

My mother looks to Doris, runs her hand up her back and pulls her hair back.

“You, upstairs. I’m seeing my boyfriend later, want that mouth of yours before I shower. Move girl.”

She looks at me as Doris rushes, hurries up the stairs.

“She told me you were a very good boy, the good son. My, what an interesting family we have, honey. Don’t know if others would get any of this but we do, don’t we? Now, I love you. And as strange as this may sound, I do like the idea of a special room for you in my basement, like you crying too. We are going to be doing more of that. I feel wet right now just saying that. I liked what I saw down there when I punished you for your lazy housework, liked your little ass responding nicely to your mother’s stern hand. I think I’ll let Doris handle that for a while, your punishment and your reward, maybe just sit and watch. And this is between the three of us only. My boyfriend is to know nothing about any of this. He’d never understand, can’t be part of this. He has one good use only.”

She laughs, stands. She walks to me, kisses my cheek. She reaches down and cups my penis with her hand through my pants.

“Do I know my little boy? Do I know what he really needs? A mean mother that will spank his naughty little butt, let him do the most disgusting things to his dear old mother? Do I know you, honey?”

“Yes, mother, yes. You do.”

I start to breathe heavily as she massages me through my pants. I feel myself instantly erect in my panties.

“My little man. So proud of how you handle all of this so well.”

She squeezes me hard through my pants, pinches the head of my penis. I cry out. She turns and walks to the stairs. She says nothing, walks to Doris already in her bed.

I let myself out, locked the door behind me. I could see her in her window, pulling down her blinds as I got to my car. I pictured Doris licking her as she lay across her bed. I was hard in my pants as I drove to my house, thinking about it all. My mother, Doris her lover, the ‘special room’ that I would be used in, I played with myself as I drove. I came in my pants on the way home.

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