Missy’s Surprise Pt. 03

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There is something so sublime to wake up with a beautiful redhead draped over your body. We fit so well together that we were in the exact position that we fell asleep. Missy was laying on her side with her head on my chest, arm around me and her leg over mine. I could feel the heat from her pussy against my leg. I woke her with a kiss and told her I was going for a run. Missy rolled over and sighed. I found a pair of shorts, got a drink and headed towards the door to put on my shoes. Then I saw Amy sleeping on the couch, curled up under a light blanket. My cock twitched, so I decided to delay my run. Being a guy, I gently lifted the cover to see Amy’s naked ass sticking out at me. I was instantly hard, and since I still haven’t fucked Amy yet, now was as good as any. I pulled down my shorts, stroked my cock a few times, knelt on the cushions behind her and put the head of my cock to her pussy lips. I slowly moved up and down her lips until I heard her moan, then slowly entered. With just the head inside, she started to wake up and her pussy began to moisten and accept my cock.

“Good morning”, Amy purred.

I replied, “It certainly is!”

We slowly developed a nice steady rhythm. I then decided to reposition the brunette, so that we could both really enjoy the “situation”. I had Amy kneel on the couch facing the wall, with her arms on the back so I could stand and get leverage. Her pussy was so warm and inviting, I slowly slid my entire shaft the whole way in and withdrew to the head, and repeated again and again. We started getting into a nice rhythm as we slowly increased the pace, once she was moaning and telling me to go faster while rubbing her clit, I knew I was in control. That’s when I stopped, withdrew and stated that I would be in charge today, pulled up my shorts (which wasn’t an easy task) and slapped her on the ass so hard it left my handprint on her ass cheek. She squealed and called me a bastard and started rubbing her ass.

Referring to last night’s waitress, I inquired, “Where is your girlfriend?”

Amy responded, “She had a table come in late and didn’t get out of there until almost midnight.” “She said she would come by to swim today after church and brunch with her family.”

“I see you showered and cleaned yourself up,” I stated.

“When Dana texted me and told me she couldn’t make it, I showered, found a blanket and fell asleep on the couch.”

I gave Amy a kiss and told her, “I’m going for a run, be back in 40 minutes.”

My run was very uneventful, unless you call keeping a hard on from flopping around in a pair of running shorts uneventful.

When I returned, the girls were in the kitchen eating breakfast. They were only wearing t-shirts and nothing else. Missy asked me how my run was, then asked if I was properly antalya escort warmed up, I guess Amy told her. I had a glass of apple juice, kissed my redhead, then went to shower.

I returned in a towel as the girls were cleaning up the table. I then announced that I was in charge today. They were instructed to go into the living room and take “my” t-shirts off. Missy and Amy wasted no time in following my instructions and soon were naked, exploring each other, not only with their tongues, but also their hands. They started toying with each other’s nipples and slowly proceeded to fingers rubbing clits and entering pussies. My towel was off and I starting stroking myself as this erotic scene developed in front of me. I just stood there watching those two beauties as they got carried away and were now on the floor in a 69 with Missy on her elbows and knees above Amy. After about five minutes, I walked over, dropped to my knees behind Missy’s gorgeous ass, grabbed her hips, spread her ass cheeks and then stuck my tongue right on her ass hole. My redhead tensed for a second before realizing the pleasure she was feeling. I have always enjoyed gratifying Missy with my tongue, but this time it was taken to a whole new level as Amy was right next to me, attacking her from the front and they were both moaning like climax was close. I joined Amy by also inserting a finger into Missy’s pussy which definitely sent her into orgasmic bliss. Her whole body tensed up as she spasmed as wave after wave overtook her, almost smothering poor Amy under her.

Once Missy calmed down, it was time to concentrate on me. I had them kneel as I stood in front of them. No instructions were needed, they knew what was expected. The only command I gave them was that they were to look up at me the entire time. Missy grabbed my cock and fed it to Amy while my redhead ran her tongue all over my balls. My girlfriend couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Amy off of my stiff cock, and in one motion swallowed me down her throat all the while maintaining eye contact. Amy just knelt there in awe, watching Missy deep throat me. I took command of the situation by putting one hand behind her head and the other under her chin so I could control the speed of her “work”.

My cock felt so warm in her throat, when I couldn’t take it any longer, I pushed my redhead off my cock and saliva was everywhere. Missy’s eyes were tearing up a bit when she stood up to kiss me. I could tell how excited she was by how much passion there was in her kiss and the way she rubbed her pussy against the outside of my quad. After a minute or so, we stopped and looked into each other’s eyes as Amy knelt obediently at our feet. That is when I had our new friend stand up and spread her legs and put her hands on the couch and stood behind antalyadaspor.com her as Missy took hold of my cock and directed it into Amy’s wet pussy. It felt so warm and wet with a magnificent pressure rubbing on the underside of my cock. As with earlier in the day, except this time I was kissing my girlfriend, we developed a mutual rhythm and Amy once again started rubbing her clit. Once again, that is where I pulled out, had Missy kneel and stuck my cock, covered in Amy’s pussy juice, straight down my beautiful girlfriend’s throat. She moaned and swallowed my cock while maintaining eye contact the entire time. I had Amy kneel and join her. With a beauty on each side of my cock, I instructed them to lick and suck my cock while facing each other. They both ran their mouths up and down the length of my shaft while never breaking eye contact with me. Occasionally, they would kiss with the head of my cock in their mouths. Seeing this sight, caused my cock to swell even more, if that was even possible at this point. After a while, they took turns, one sucking my cock and one sucking my balls. I was in heaven, and could have let them worship my cock for eternity, but then the buzzer went off. Amy got up and ran over to it, knowing full well that it was Dana.

After about a minute, Amy opened the door and let Dana in. The young waitress was wearing a conservative white dress and sandals. She seemed a bit shocked when she saw the three of us totally naked and looked at my beautiful redhead on her knees in front of me. I knew that Dana had never been exposed to anything like this, so I tried my best to alleviate her discomfort by pushing Missy off of my cock and we went and sat on the couch.

Amy knew I was in charge, so she was very tentative with her words and actions. She was trying to explain what was going on to the new girl, that is when I told her to come over to me and suck my cock. She did as instructed. I told Dana to come over and sit on the couch, if she was okay with it. She slowly made her way over and took a seat to my left (but left plenty of space between us) as Missy was sitting on my right. Dana was quickly becoming comfortable with the situation, so I asked her how Amy was doing as my “cock sucker”. She was unsure about how to answer.

Missy started kissing me and I told her to play with her pussy. Her left hand was furiously rubbing her clit while still having her tongue dance with mine. I then told Amy, “Look up at Dana with my cock in your mouth!” She did as ordered and I swear, she took me a bit further down her throat when she did. Dana started squirming and fidgeting, and was unsure of what she should do, but in the process moved closer to me.

Next, I pulled my knees up towards my chest and then spread my legs and ordered Amy to tongue my ass. I swear I heard a sigh come from Dana as Amy’s tongue made contact with my ass. I instructed Missy to insert two fingers into her pussy and she did so obediently with a throaty moan. I could tell that Dana wanted to touch herself, so I told her it was okay to do so, as we are all friends here. She slowly lifted up her left leg and put her foot on the couch to gain access to her “forbidden fruit”. There was so much visual stimuli that I started to stroke my cock.

As I placed a hand on her thigh, I asked Dana, “Would you like to command Amy and Missy?” Her hand went straight to her cotton covered clit and I heard a barely audible “Uh-huh”.

That when I whispered in Missy’s ear, “This is about to get good.” She then bit my neck and told me that this was better than any of her fantasies. I was amazed to watch how deftly she rubbed her clit while still cramming two fingers into her tight pussy, lifting her ass up off the couch as if it would help her fingers go deeper.

Amy’s tongue was all over and in my ass, but she still managed to maintain eye contact with her new friend. I then asked Dana what she wanted them to do. She very meekly said that she wanted to see me “screw” Missy.

I said, “I will, as soon as you say you want me to ‘fuck’ Missy.”

She very timidly said, “Okay, fuck.”

I quipped, “What position?”

She had no answer, so I said, “How about if Missy sits on my cock facing away from me, so Amy can still suck my balls and tongue Missy’s clit?” She enthusiastically climbed up on me and sat right down on my cock, all the way to the balls in one stroke. I whispered for her to kiss Dana, she did as instructed and the tentative blonde returned the kiss. That is when I motioned Amy to put her mouth on Dana’s clit. She pulled her cotton panties to the side and attacked her pussy. I had my beautiful redhead “dismount” me and sit on the couch next to the new girl. I squatted down and really started pounding my girlfriend. Amy was lapping Dana and Missy was kissing her. After about five minutes of this, I told Missy I was getting close and that she was going to catch my come on her tongue. Seconds later, I pulled out of her inviting pussy, Missy quickly slid to the floor and took me into her mouth. She sucked me for less than a minute before I pulled out of her mouth, stroked my shaft a couple times and blasted white ropes onto her tongue and face.

I still had the presence of mind to instruct her to crawl over to Amy and drip my come into her mouth. Amy greedily accepted it and licked the rest off of Missy’s face. What happened next, I will never forget, Amy climbed up and “shared” with Dana. Missy and I sat back in awe watching my come being shared by those two while kissing each other.

Missy and I decided that we should take a nice hot bath together and relax while “our friends” got better acquainted.

We get together with Amy occasionally and once she brought Dana, but nothing ever matched the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32