Mommy Plays Ch. 03

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*Author’s Note: This is the third chapter, please read chapters 1 and 2 to know what’s going on. I hope you enjoy it. Remember all persons in the story are over 18 years old.*


Hunter started walking over to the bed, stripping his clothes off. I knew he had a muscled chest and big arms and legs, but what surprised me was the size of the tent his cock was creating in his boxers. It was huge, in fact it was beyond huge, there was no word for it! He got to the bed and began kissing me passionately, fondling my large breasts, pinching my already rock hard nipples. I reached out to feel his cock, and I knew I was going to get the fucking of a life time. I have had my fair share of cocks and dildo’s, some were pretty big, but none matched the size of my son. ” My god son, your cock is so hard and big, lets get those boxers off, your cock must be sore being bent and confined like that.” I said.

“You have no idea how big it is mom!” Alexis claimed while rubbing her sister Paige’s pussy.

“It is sore, so lets get it out! Will you help pull my boxers down mom?” Hunter asked me.

“I sure will son!” I happily said. I leaned forward and started pulling them down. Suddenly, I was whacked in the face by something hard, that left a wet sticky spot on my face where it hit. I suddenly realized it was Hunter’s cock that hit me in the face. I continued pulling down his boxers and helped him get out of them.

I sat up and looked at his cock. “My god, that thing is huge!” I said.

Paige added “Holy shit, I have never seen one that big, real or fake!”

“See I told ya you had no idea just how big it is” Alexis said, “Just try sucking that thing, or taking it up your ass” she added.

“How big is it son?” I asked Hunter.

“It is 12 and a half inches!” He said proudly. “Alexis measured it the first time I fucked her. I guess she wanted to be able to brag that she took my 12 inch cock in her cunt!” Hunter added.

I began stroking his cock, which was leaking precum like a leaky sink. My hand and his cock were covered in the sticky stuff. I then slowly leaned in and began kissing and licking the head of his enormous cock. Which was about the same size as my wrist. Slowly I started sliding my mouth down his cock. Taking more and more in to mouth. Soon I had about 4 inches in my mouth and began gagging on it. “Take it easy mom, you will get the hang of it!” Hunter told me. I began to slowly bob my head up and down on the first 4 inches. I was licking the underside of his cock, causing him to moan in pleasure.

Just then, I heard a moan coming from one of my daughters. I looked over to see my 3rd daughter Jessica naked with a large cock sticking out in front of her. It was fake, and no where near as big as my son’s, but it was a good 9 inches at least. She was behind Alexis, who was ramming a toy in and out of Paige’s pussy. Jessica was moving toward her sister and I thought she was going to stick it in her pussy, but at the last minute she moved her aim up and pushed it in Alexis’ ass. Alexis let out a squeal and begged Jess to fuck her ass hard and fast. She has obviously done this before.

“Look at Jess butt fuck Alexis mom!” Hunter said. “She is a horny slut, and the only one who can swallow my monster cock.” he added. “Ain’t that right sis? You are a dirty cock whore who is the only one who can swallow my cock?” He asked Jessica.

“That’s right!” She exclaimed, very proud of that fact. “I just love getting fucked and bedava bahis sucking cock! It don’t matter how big or small, as long as it is hard and a cock, I love it!” she added.

Just then I felt Hunter pushing me down. I laid down on my back and he got down between my legs and began licking my dripping wet pussy. I was so horny I climaxed quickly. Hunter then kissed his way up my body, stopping to lick my naval and to pay attention to my nipples, which he licked, kissed, sucked and bit. He continued up and began kissing me passionately, It felt good, I have never been kissed this way in my life. He pulled back and asked “Are you ready for my cock to stretch your cunt?”.

“Oh god yes baby! Fuck your mommy good!” I moaned, as he rubbed his cock up and down my lips. “Just go slow at first and let me get use to it” I told him.

“Anything you want mom” he said winking at me. With that he slowly began pushing his enormous cock into my tight wet pussy. Once he got the head into my cunt, he stopped and kept kissing me. As he waited he reached down and began tweaking my nipples, causing me to moan out loud. I then started pushing up at him, indicating I was ready. He took the sign and continued pushing into me. He stroked in and out a couple times but he eventually got the whole thing into my pussy. He held his cock in me balls deep for a minute. He played with my clit while he bent his head down and sucked on my nipples.

“Ohhh god son, I can’t believe your whole cock is in me! Its huge and its stuffing your mommies pussy full!” I cried out in pleasure.

“Well wait till he gets pounding your pussy!” Jess told me.

“Oh god, it will feel like your going to pass out from pleasure” Alexis added. Paige was moaning and to wrapped up in her orgasm’s to know what was going on.

“Fuck me son! Fuck your mommas pussy good and hard. Make me cum on your cock and fill my pussy with your white hot sticky cum!” I groaned in pleasure.

“Oh god mom, your pussy is so tight!” Hunter said. He began pumping in and out of my pussy. Picking up speed as he went. Soon he was fucking me hard and fast. In and out he went. I began playing with my nipples while I got fucked by my sons huge cock.

I couldn’t stand it any more. “Oh god yes son, I am so close! I am gonna cum, ohhhh I am almost there. Do it son, make momma cum” I was screaming out in pleasure.

“Oh mom your pussy is so tight I am going to cum too!” Hunter was moaning.

Just then, I could see stars and I screamed out “I AM CUMMING! Oh god yes I am cumming all over my sons giant cock!”

“Oh mom, here it comes” Hunter groaned. He rammed his cock in and out of me a couple times really hard. I thought he was going to ram it in me so hard it was going to come out my throat. Then Hunter grunted a couple times and howled “I am cumming mommy! I am filling your tight cunt full of my cum!”.

As we lay there coming down from our climaxes, we looked over just as Paige started shaking. She let out a loud shriek, grabbed her sisters head by her hair and held her mouth tight to her cunt. In the midst of licking Paige’s cunt, Alexis started moaning on her sisters pussy. She was cumming from having that strap-on dildo rammed up her ass.

“Well you guys have all had your fun, now its my turn!” Jessica said. She was pulling the strap-on off and handing it to Alexis. “I want 2 cocks in me, and seeing as we only have one guy, Alexis, your going to have to fuck me with that casino siteleri dildo.” she added.

“With pleasure sis! Do you want me to fuck your cunt or your ass?” Alexis asked.

“I want you in my pussy, so get that thing on and lay down.” Jess told her sister, while giving her a playful slap on the ass. “And you stud, are going to fuck my ass! I want you to rip me a new one!” She added telling Hunter.

“What about me?” a very wore out Paige asked.

“Well you like cum right?” Hunter asked her.

“Duh dummy, I am a horny slut!” Paige told him.

“Well you can get your cute ass over here and clean up mom’s pussy!” he told Paige.

“Hehe, I always wondered what your cum tasted like, and mom’s pussy! Now I will get to find out what both taste like at the same time.” Paige said smiling broadly at me.

“See mom, Paige really is a slut!” Alexis said laying down next to me.

“I know, now I see what you mean sweetheart.” I told my very sexy glowing daughter.

“Now I get to have my fun!” Jessica said grinning. She climbed up on top of Alexis, and sucked on her nipples. Jess reached down and rubbed the fake dick on her very wet pussy. She then lined the strap on dildo up with her cunt, and lowered her pussy down on it. She reached back and grabbed Hunters cock and started stroking it back to life.

I was now getting my pussy licked by Paige and kissing Alexis. I then felt a hand on my breasts and when I opened my eyes I seen Jessica was now grinning as she was ramming a dildo in Paige’s ass and pinching my nipple. “God this feels good” I thought to myself.

“OK stud, get your cock up my ass!” Jessica told Hunter as she stopped moving on the dildo in her cunt.

“Mmmm you know how to make a guy feel good!” Hunter told Jessica. He pushed on her shoulder and leaned her forward. He pulled out a small tube of lube, Greased up her ass, sliding two fingers in and out of her ass. He slowly added a third and 4th. Jessica was now moaning loudly while sucking on Alexis’ nipples. Hunter straightened up, lined his massive cock up with Jessica’s lubed up asshole, and began pushing slowly. Jessica began grunting as Hunter pushed his cock head pass the ring of her asshole.

Suddenly, Jessica took a deep breath, reached behind her tapping Hunter on the thigh and said “Hold up, hold up! Give me a second to get use to your cock.”

Hunter reached around and began rubbing Jessica’s clit with his thumb, and sliding 2 fingers in her cunt. She then started to push back against Hunter’s cock. He took that as his sign and pushed his cock all the way up into her asshole. Where he paused and let Jess get use to his monster cock in her ass.

I was moaning holding Paige’s head tight to my pussy. Suddenly I felt some pressure on my asshole. When I looked down, I could see a dildo at my asshole. The pleasure I was feeling was immense. A tongue in my pussy, a dildo up my ass and my nipples being played with, all by my kids, I quickly started cumming. This didn’t stop my kids though, they just kept fucking, sucking and licking.

I looked back to Jessica who was now rocking back and forth on her brothers cock and the strap-on her sister was wearing. All 3 were moaning, and grunting like wild animals. The site of them fucking like that got me so hot and my pussy started gushing even more juice out of it. I could feel a big wet spot under my ass. “Oh god, I am going to cum! Oh mommy, I am cumming on my bahis siteleri brothers cock and my sisters strap-on!” squealed Jessica.

Just then we heard Hunter grunting like a mad man, and seen him hammering his sisters ass so hard. “Oh god, sis I am going to cum in your ass!” Hunter grunted out. With that he pulled out, climbed up in front of Jess. Together they pulled me up with so I was at eye to eye with Hunter’s cock. “Help Jess lick my cock clean mom. You will love how her ass tastes.” Hunter said.

“Mmmm yes mommy, you will. I love how my own ass tastes!” Jessica told me.

“When you guys are done, I am fucking mom’s ass with this thing” Alexis said.

“And I want Hunters cock in my cunt!” Paige piped in.

It wasn’t long before we had Hunter’s cock all clean and hard again. Thats when I got bent over the edge of the bed by Alexis and her brother. I then felt a tongue in my ass and one on my pussy. When I looked back, I couldn’t see Alexis, but I could Hunter, and his face was buried in my ass. So I assumed that Alexis was the one licking my pussy. Then I felt the tongue leave my cunt and I seen Alexis pop up. She lined her strap-on up with my ass, and pushed in. I was grunting as the head pushed in my tight asshole. It had been so long since I had a cock up my ass with someone stroking it in and out. Once the head was in my ass, Alexis didn’t stop, she kept going until it was all the way in.

I was now looking straight ahead where I could see my 2 other daughters and there brother. Paige was laying on her back, with Hunter rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips. “Oh god Hunt, stop teasing me! Just fuck me already! I need it, fuck your little sister!” Paige begged.

“OK sis!” Hunter said. “Your wish is my command. You want my cock in you, here it comes!” he added.

Just as he shoved his cock in Paige’s cunt, Jessica sat her pussy on her face. I could see Paige’s tongue licking at Jess’ pussy. Jess slid forward and said “Lick my ass Paige! Clean your brothers cum out of my ass!”.

I was watching one of my babies get hammered by a monster cock, and licking a pussy, while getting my ass pounded by another of my babies. This was to much, I began cumming and couldn’t stop. I looked up and saw the look on Jessica’s face. Her face had a contorted look of pleasure. Then she started squealing and shaking. “Oh god I am cumming! Oh shit yes, Paige, lick my cunt, drink my juices!” Jessica started screaming.

I looked back in time to see Alexis’ mouth drop open and hear her scream, “Oh god mommy, I am cumming! The nub on this thing is making me cum while I fuck your ass!”.

“Oh baby I am cumming!” I moaned back.

“I know, I can feel Your juices running down the back of your thigh!” Alexis said.

Just then, at the same time Hunter grunted buried his cock balls deep in Paige. “Oh god Paige, your tight pussy is milking my cock! I love it.” Hunter grunted out.

“Oh god, I am cumming on your cock big brother! Oh I can’t stop cumming!” Paige was moaning.

With that, all 5 of us collapsed on the bed. With our last ounces of strength, we climbed up together, with hunter in the middle and me next to him. We had Jess and Alexis on either side of us, and Paige was on top of Hunter. We all drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up until late the next morning. After that, we rarely wore clothes at home, rarely closed the doors to our bedrooms and bathroom, and fucked whenever we felt like it, wherever we wanted. Our lives had changed, but in a good way. We are all closer and will always be close. The saying “The family that plays together, stays together” is so true.

The end!

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