We’re All Friends Here, Right? Redux Ch. 02

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This story is a re-write of one chapter in an early series of my writings. I hope you will enjoy it on its own, but I encourage you to read the whole series. See the notes on my main profile page for a chronology. Enjoy! –GG


When I awoke in the morning, the memories of last night were still so fresh that I had the sinking worry that they may have been only a wonderfully erotic dream. Yet, finding Julie next to me with the same giddy look as last night, I knew immediately that it had all been-fantastically-real. I soon discovered that the reason the pleasure felt so fresh was that Julie had been stroking my morning wood! She apparently had decided to amuse herself, having woken up horny and bored, by teasing me awake.

“Rise and shine,” she purred, wagging my hard-on in the air.

“Looks like I’m already up,” I replied.

Julie snickered and continued to play, cupping her fingers around my balls. Pensively, she gazed at the way my body responded to her hand before finally telling me what was on her mind.

“I was just sitting here thinking about last night,” she confessed.

Images of the local bar, still sweet with pleasure and excitement, flashed through my mind. Yet, as I pieced together what we had done-what we had been caught doing-my thoughts began to sour. Had Julie been lying awake with regrets? It had all seemed so playful and naughty at the time, but complete strangers-not to mention our own friend, as well-had caught Julie giving me a hand job right there in a public place! I started to feel a little nauseous with the worry that the embarrassment was about to set in.

Julie could see my distress, and I could tell that she had been working through all the same thoughts. Yet her reaction was not what I expected. She cracked a wry smile as her fingers lightheartedly tweaked the head of my cock.

“The more I think about it,” she said with a tremor, “the more it still turns me on!”


Julie took a moment to make sure that she really believed what she was saying, but her answer was an emphatic and excited series of nods.

“I don’t know why,” she said, as if thinking aloud. She continued while watching her fingers play. “I thought it was just the fear of getting caught that made it exciting, but when I realized that the other couple was watching us… I don’t know. But it turned me on even more!”

Her words were such a relief to me. While it was still unsettling to think that someone else had seen my girlfriend in the act of pleasuring me, the mere memory of it was making me really hard. This did not escape Julie’s notice, and she found the courage to look me in the eyes.

“I guess I have to admit that it really turned me on, too!” I chuckled.

Julie’s face brightened as she heard my reaction. I suddenly realized that the embarrassment she feared most was from me: what would I think of her in the morning? At once I felt so guilty for not calming her fears sooner.

“Oh my gosh, Jules,” I rushed to say, “I was so glad that you didn’t stop, even when we knew they were watching us. And the craziest thing was that they wanted us to keep going, too!”

Julie was so excited to hear all of this that she squeezed her hand tightly around my shaft while I talked. I couldn’t help but feel encouraged to be completely frank.

“And honestly,” I went on, “I thought I was going to lose it when I saw that girl decide to play along. I mean, just seeing her reach for her boyfriend’s cock…” Julie’s eyes drifted downward as I talked. “Does that bother you? I mean, to hear me say that?”

“No,” she reassured. “It’s all just still sinking in. I can’t believe she did that!”

“I’m sure she just wanted to feel as sexy as she thought you looked.”

Julie smiled, but with a certain discomfort.

“And you thought she was pretty sexy, too, huh?” she asked.

I nodded. “Does that bother you?”

“That’s the weirdest thing,” Julie replied. “It didn’t bother me, even though I knew that another woman was turning you on. In fact, I found myself wanting other women to turn you on… like it was a way for me to give you even more pleasure. Does that sound crazy?”

“If it is, then call me crazy, too! No, seriously… even though other women might have turned me on, everything last night was about you and me. I mean, didn’t it turn you on to see that other guy, too?”

Julie nodded in admission.

“It’s true,” she agreed. “As close as we let other people come, it still felt like there was a distance they couldn’t cross – a place that was just our own.”

Julie paused, and we both smiled. As strange as it was, I felt like we understood each other completely.

“We did let people come very close, didn’t we?” I added, feeling Julie’s fingers suddenly stop moving.

“Oh gosh, Lily!” she gasped, as if she had blocked her roommate’s involvement out of her memory. “Why did I bring Lily into it??”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine…” Yet I was curious. “Though, why did you?”

Julie actually illegal bahis blushed. “I guess I felt like I tease her all the time with these stories about our sex life. It seemed only fair to give her an actual glimpse of it!”

“Well she got an eye-full alright!”

The two of us snickered for minutes on end and then lay around talking for a long time after. Eventually the subject came back around to Lily and Steve.

“I really hope we can get them together,” I said. “Lily could use some excitement of her own! Why is she so nervous with guys? She’s so friendly, and well, she’s really hot. I’m surprised she doesn’t have guys hanging off of her!”

“Yeah, I know,” Julie replied. “I mean, it’s not like she’s a virgin or anything, but I think she just has a really hard time being confident about herself. That’s why I started telling her about us. I was hoping to loosen her up a little, getting her to think a little more freely about sex. I think she’s coming along… especially if the way she handled last night was a sign!”

We laughed again. Julie hesitated but continued, “Did you know she’s never given a guy a blow job?”

“No way! Are you kidding? She’s had sex with her old boyfriends, but never went down on them?”

“She says she’s afraid to do it wrong… like she’ll hurt him or something. I even tried to give her pointers using a banana once, but it’s not the same, you know.”

The thought of Julie and Lily sitting around sucking off a banana was pretty sexy, and it was starting to get me hard again. Julie noticed and grinned at me.

“I’m sure any guy would be happy to show her the ropes,” I mumbled. “If things worked out, I bet Steve would be patient with her.”

“Oh, trust me, I’ve encouraged her to do that with her boyfriends before, but I think she’s just too shy to bring up the subject.”

“Well, I’m sure she’ll get over that hurdle soon enough,” I said, thinking that I might just alert Steve to the opportunity of “tutoring'” Lily if they started to date.

“Let’s go take a shower,” Julie said. “We don’t want to keep Lily waiting for us all day.”

We wrapped ourselves in towels to head across the hall to the bathroom, but when we got into the hall we heard that Lily was already in the shower. By the time we had walked down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, Lily shortly came out of the bathroom wrapped in a white towel.

“Good morning!” she said perkily as she walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, Lily,” I said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Well, ahem, something kept me up for a couple hours! But I slept in late today, as you can see,” she said, gesturing like a model at her skimpy attire.

“Sorry about that,” Julie said. “You know us.”

“Oh yes, I know you,” replied Lily suggestively.

“We’re going to take a shower,” Julie said. “Join us for breakfast afterwards?”

“Brunch is more like it,” said Lily, “but sure, I’ll start some coffee.”

Julie and I took our time in the shower, having a bit of fun lathering each other up. But when we were done, we headed back to the kitchen to have breakfast with Lily.

“Oh, I have to go get a barrette for my hair,” Julie said as she took a quick detour for the bedroom.

I went down to the kitchen to keep Lily company. Especially after what happened last night, it was a little awkward to be wearing only a towel in front of her, but Lily seemed as casual as ever, still wearing a towel herself. When she saw me come in, she sat down on a kitchen chair, seeming eager to hear my opinion.

“So I’ve been dying to ask you,” she said, “what do you think Steve thought of me?”

I laughed. “I don’t have to guess!” I replied. “He thought you were amazing. I’m telling you, you’re just his type-and come on, what guy could resist you?”

Lily tittered, a little embarrassed and incredulous at the flattery.

“So you’re sure I didn’t come across too shy?” she asked. As she talked, Lily set her foot up on one of the adjacent chairs, leaving only the drape of her towel to cover between her outspread legs. This was so typical of Lily. With all the casualness of a jock, she could be quite unconscious of her body’s sensuality. I tried-unsuccessfully-to keep my thoughts outside her towel.

“No, of course not,” I said, collecting myself. “It looked like you and he were having a great conversation, and I’m sure he loved being the center of your attention.”

Lily seemed comforted, but continued to doubt herself. “Yeah, I know. I just never think I can get the guys I really like.”

Before I could answer, I felt a tug from behind, and my towel was sliding right off my waist!

I spun around to find Julie running across the kitchen with my towel. Instinctively I reached to cover myself and then dashed after her. She was laughing hysterically and refused to give up my towel even after I caught up with her and spun her around in the air.

Once she had squirmed free, I tried to simply hide myself behind her. Yet Julie did all she could to hold casino siteleri me in plain sight while calling out playful taunts to Lily.

“Come on, Lily! Show me one guy who doesn’t want you! Don’t you think you can get yourself a beautiful cock like this?”

Lily’s face flushed red as she watched Julie reach down and grab me by the balls! I immediately stopped struggling now that I was completely at Julie’s mercy. For all my embarrassment, I wasn’t about to move! But Lily continued to rebuff Julie’s taunts and stubbornly averted her eyes.

“There you two go again!” Lily protested.

“Nope!” Julie retorted. “This isn’t about us being horny. It’s about you.”

The comment caught Lily’s attention and tricked her into looking at us. I was still pretty flaccid, but the way Julie was touching me while she talked to Lily was changing that quickly.

“Oh come on Lily,” Julie pleaded, “look at it! It’s just a cock-one that I adore-but still, just a cock. You could have one of these every day of the week if you just looked in a guy’s direction!”

Lily checked my expression-in a struggle to keep her eyes aloft-hoping to find an ally against Julie’s indecent proposal. Of course, as embarrassed as I felt for the both of us, Lily could see I was in no mood to object.

Though clearly frustrated, Lily finally let her curiosity get the better of her, and I watched her glance drift downward. To my surprise in hers, the feel of her eyes almost instantly hoisted me to full mast! I could tell that it was making her very uncomfortable to witness me getting aroused, but as much as she squirmed, her furtive eyes always returned keenly to the spectacle.

“Don’t be bashful, Lily,” Julie continued to prod. “Can’t you see that even the sight of you with your legs apart is enough to make a guy hard?”

Lily demurred and began to close her legs. But something made her hesitate. Julie’s taunts, as embarrassing as they were, undoubtedly made Lily feel sexy. Choosing to keep her pose open, she stole another peek at my erection and seemed intrigued by the suggestion that it was she who was making it throb.

Seeing that she had snared Lily’s attention, Julie gave me an enticing stroke. Both Lily and I gulped. Our reactions gave Julie a satisfied grin, and I began to realize that showing me off to her best friend was making her as horny as it made me!

“See Lily,” Julie persisted, “every time you even glance at his cock, I can feel it twinge with excitement.”

It was awkward for me to hear my girlfriend point out my attraction to her friend, but Julie cast me a subtle wink. It was precisely the sexual tension between Lily and me that she was eager to exploit-not just to make a point, but because it turned her on.

Lily was less sure of Julie’s intentions. It was clearly not the first time that she had listened to Julie trying convince her to have more self-confidence, but Julie’s aggressive new tactics were bewildering! Although it made her cringe with discomfort, Lily seemed willing to put up with the taunting for a moment, if only out of pent-up curiosity.

“Do you want to look closer?” Julie asked her, this time in a sweeter voice.

Lily balked. Now Julie had offended her (as much as she had excited me!).

“It’s not like I’ve never seen a cock!” she huffed.

“I know, sweetie,” Julie replied, trying to calm her down. “But have you ever really taken time to just look? Don’t be embarrassed…”

In silence, Lily seemed to concede that Julie knew her all too well. Although she was again refusing to look at us, neither was she ready to walk away.

“Look, Lily,” Julie continued, “How often do you get this chance? I know that it’s easy to feel insecure, but we’re friends-all of us. Unless you really take the time to get to know what a man’s body looks like, how do you expect to take control of it? I’m very happy to show his cock to you-and you sure don’t see him complaining-so what’s holding you back?”

Lily didn’t have an answer to any of these questions but still seemed to be searching for an excuse.

“Look,” Julie persisted, “if you watch what I do now, I promise that you’ll be so ready that Steve won’t know what hit him!”

I was getting very intrigued by just what Julie intended to do. Lily pretended like she didn’t hear the suggestion at all.

“Oh come on,” Lily protested. “I just met Steve. I have no idea if he even likes me.”

“Bullshit!” Julie boomed, more frustrated with Lily than ever. “That’s my whole point. It’s obvious to everyone but you that Steve is sitting at home thinking about you right now. Hell, I’d even be willing to bet that he’s jerking off!”

Julie emphasized her point-delightfully-by yanking on my cock! I couldn’t help but groan at the sudden rush of her hand. And Lily couldn’t help but gape.

“Ah, now that’s the idea,” Julie remarked approvingly, continuing to slide her hand around me to hold Lily’s attention. “Now, no more arguing. I’m going to show you how to give a blow job.”

The poker siteleri room went silent. Was Julie serious? Did she really have the audacity to let Lily watch? My heart raced at the mere suggestion!

Lily burst out laughing, betting that Julie was joking. But Julie’s sly grin said otherwise.

“Come here,” Julie insisted with a smile. And she pushed me back against the wall.

After all of Lily’s resistance, I entirely expected her to march out of the room at this point. Exasperated, she stood up, looking ready to do just that… until she saw Julie hold out a welcoming hand. To my shock, Lily took hold and let Julie pull her closer!

“I cannot believe I am going along with this…” she muttered, rolling her eyes in surrender.

“You’ll be glad you did,” Julie said reassuringly. Though, when she cast me a wink, I wasn’t sure if she had been talking to Lily or to me.

There I was-naked, against the wall-with only an enticing inkling of what Julie and her best friend intended to do with me. They both looked so sexy in their towels, and the tension between Lily and me was wound ever more tightly by the deliberateness with which she spurned her glance. But Lily’s stoicism came all unraveled as soon as she saw Julie descend to her knees.

Eye-level with my hardened cock, Julie could see how anxiously it throbbed, and she grinned at me eagerly. She was still holding Lily’s hand, and it took only a slight tug to make her friend’s weak knees buckle and collapse into a kneel. Feeling fretful and awkward, Lily looked for some kind of solace in Julie’s eyes.

“Okay,” Julie smiled, “now I just want you to look at it… Don’t worry, it’s not going to bite!”

Lily gave an uncomfortable chuckle, but I was happy to see that there was a giddy school-girlishness behind all of her trepidation. For the first time, she looked up at me with a little smile. It was a cute gesture, as if to ask permission for her eyes to go prying, and I’m sure that my smile gave away just how excited I was to let her. So, with a lump in her throat, Lily lowered her eyes.

The grin on Julie’s face was almost sinister as she watched Lily’s eyes grow wide with wonder. Right from the start, there was such intensity in Lily’s curious gaze that I literally felt I shiver go up my spine. With that, my cock gave a little twitch, and Lily couldn’t help but giggle with surprise.

“Hmm, I wonder if he’s enjoying this,” Julie snarked. Lily was beginning to relax.

Smirking at her friend, Julie reached forward and placed her fingers around the base of my shaft. My breath faltered as her touch lit up my senses. Lily seemed impressed that such a little gesture could get such a big response. Julie smiled at me, bidding me to be patient a while longer, as she went on to explain the basics to Lily.

“This is the head. And under here, you’ll find it to be very very sensitive…”

She took her time giving Lily a primer in male anatomy. Although the two of them left me out of the conversation entirely, I was quite content to have them confine their interest to my cock. Julie, in any case, stole little opportunities to tickle the most pleasurable spots as she pointed them out with her fingers.

Just when I was becoming so fascinated by the little game of show-and-tell that I wondered if anything could top it, Lily broke in with a loaded question.

“So, if all these parts are so sensitive, don’t you get worried that you might hurt him? Like…” You could see she was struggling even to bring it up, “like with your teeth?”

Julie let the question hang in the air, realizing that Lily’s unwitting curiosity had brought us to an even more enticing subject. I waited breathlessly to see how Julie would respond. And then, the answer.

“Lil, giving a blow job is really easier than you think. Watch.”

Just like that, Julie took my swollen cock and touched her tongue beneath the head! In rollicking disbelief, I let out an audible gasp, and so did Lily. Yet I could see that Julie was thoroughly amused by our reactions. Her eyes were almost smug as she looked up and watched my body become tense at the soft petting of her tongue.

“You see… there’s a whole lot… you can do… without even getting your teeth close…” Julie explained. There was a certain dry wit in her matter-of-factness, considering that each phrase was punctuated with another wet lick.

Lily was aghast at the sight, not having truly believed until that very moment that Julie would have taken the lesson so far. Still, she seemed mesmerized to see her friend’s mouth, for the first time, as an instrument of pleasure. I was becoming even more attuned to my own sensations, too, as I felt Lily studying the effects that Julie’s lovely teases were having on my cock.

“There’s a lot you can do just using your tongue,” Julie went on, acting as if there were nothing shocking about her demonstration. “Think of it like a popsicle, if it helps. The key is to realize that there are a lot of different ways to taste it…”

Julie’s confident, instructional tone seemed to relieve some of Lily’s discomfort, and the popsicle analogy even got a little laugh. As Julie went on “tasting,” Lily would occasionally look up to see the pleasured contortions of my face. The two of us exchanged giddy, excited smiles.

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