Michelle Ch. 05

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My brother had imposed 3 rules for me to follow,

1. Whenever at home, I am only allowed to wear maximum 2 pieces of clothing, including underwear,

2. During weekend and Sunday, whatever I do, wherever I go, at home or outside, I am only allowed to wear maximum 2 pieces of clothing, including underwear,

3. On top of the first and second rule, I shall wear whatever he asks; do whatever he asks, anytime, anywhere.

These rules served both of us well. The first two rules restricting me to wear only two pieces of clothing, I have plenty of chances to show off my body. My brother has plenty of chances watching my body. But nothing compare to the third rule. My brother has exercised his ‘power’ conferred by the third rule to the fullest. He would demand me to lay on all four on the dining table with my naked ass pointing at him while he is taking his meal. He would demand me to clean his body without using my hands during his shower. He would come over to my bedroom in the middle of the night and press his hard on in between my ass cheeks, and most of the time his semen ended up on my bare back. But his most favorite was when I do the laundry in the morning, he would come behind me, stripe off whatever clothing that I may be wearing, push me down against the washing machine with my chest pressing on the top of the machine, my pussy vulnerably exposed to my back, then he would eat my pussy until it’s all wet and slippery, grind his hard on against my swollen pussy until he cum all over my back. But one thing remains; he never actually fucks me though he could do it anytime he wishes.

I enjoying the new level of satisfaction that I never had before. I begin to enjoy the fun of wearing the revealing outfit that modified by my brother. And also enjoy being ‘taken’ by my brother for his gratification anytime, anywhere at home.

He also started to contact his old friends around Kuala Lumpur, expending his life circle. One weekend morning, he invited his friend to our house without my prior knowledge.

We always plan nothing on weekend morning, other than to have simple breakfast and reading (cause he like to ‘play’ with me in the weekend morning). That morning he asked me to wear tight cotton short, which was modified into something more like a hot pant. At the back, an inch of my ass cheeks were exposed from bellow. The bottom panel was trimmed to just enough to cover my pussy, but most of the time, my lips were showing from the sides. The whole lengths of my long slim legs were beautifully bare in both front and back. The worn off knit tank top had two spaghetti straps holding them in place. The loose top covering two inches above my nipples down until just an inch above my belly button.

I was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I was curious, as I am not expecting anyone. But I heard Max got up almost immediately from the sofa and walked to the door. Then I heard the main gain opened. I walked to check on our visitor. He opened the door and I stood at his back. A man and a lady were waiting outside of the door.

“Hi! Max, how are you?”

“Very well, Mike. Good to see you,”

They casually patched each other’s shoulders. Mike half turned to the lady behind him and introduced her to Max.

“Max, meet my girlfriend, Amy. Amy, this Max, my buddy in NUS,”

They shook hands then Mike looked at me and asked Max.

“I thought you were alone in KL?”

“Oh yes, let me introduce, this is Michelle,” He stepped behind me, held my arms and introduced me.

“Hi, nice to meet you two,”

“Actually, Michelle is my girl friend for many years,” My brother said while he kissed my cheek.

“You never tell me Max! Why so secretive?” Mike was surprised.

“Come inside, please,” I invited them.

Amy came in first, followed by Mike. His eyes traveled up and down my body, before turning toward the sofa.

“From now on you are my girlfriend,” My brother whispered to me.

“Yes, I’m your girlfriend from now on,” I replied softly.

Max and Mike started chitchatting and I talked casually with Amy.

Amy was a Chinese girl. Her dark curly hair stops above her shoulders, framing her angel face. She was shorter then me but with tits likely to be bigger than mine. She wore almost like me; a tight short and a lycra tank top with her small bikini bra lightly outlined.

We like each other so much that we were like old friends after short conversation. Max and Mike also having goodtime sharing their stories. Occasionally, I found Mike steal glance at my tits but almost immediately moved his eyes away. A few times I caught him, but he just looked away pretend like nothing. Max later also discovered this special interest of his old friend.

“Michelle, I remember we still have some cheese cake. Why don’t you give our friends some treat?” He asked with his mischievous smile.

“Oh yes! You two should try them,” I happily stood up and walked to the refrigerator, my tits jiggled behind the loose top caused by my sudden fast actions.

I Escort bayan took the cheesecake at one hand, plates and spoons at the other hand walking towards the coffee table. I purposely stopped opposite to Mike with the coffee table separating us. I leaned forward with my knees straight to put thing in my hands onto the coffee table. Leaving the cheesecake at the center, I then distributed the plates and spoons around the cake. I saw my loose top just opened up and my two tits were showing. Dangling left and right when my arms squeezed them from time to time. Mike leaned forward as if to give me a hand. I looked up at him with a smile and caught him once again looking at my tits.

“Opps! Excuse me,” I pretended to realize my exposure. Still leaning forward, I move both hand to my back to pull my top. The top opened further before I managed to pull the top.

“Ah! I forgot the knife,” I went back to take the knife.

I knelt down in front of Mike to cut the cake. Now three pairs of eyes were looking down at my tits. The short strained to my ass. I felt the bottom panel pulled hard on the center of my pussy, squeezed my lips to their sides. Juice started to moist my short and erected nipples clearly visible although covered by the rather thick knit top.

Carefully I cut on piece of cakes and put it on the plates. I held the plate with two hands and handed it to Amy. Then I cut another for Mike. I held the plates with two hands, kept my arms pressed on my chest. My two tits were forced the center and pushed up like two melons.

“Looks nice,” He again leaned forward and accepted the cake while looking at the cake, or my tits.

I cut another for Max and handed to Max. He didn’t come forward to receive but stayed leaning on his sofa. I knew his intention. I stood up, used my left hand to support my slanting body and used my right hand to deliver the cake to Max. My tits once again threatened to fall out from my top. I look at Mike and found that he didn’t look at my tits but looking at something further behind my back. I thought he was looking at my reflection on the TV screen. He was looking at my ass!

Lastly, I cut one for myself. I remained sitting on the floor to taste my cake, so they can enjoy my tit view and the cake at the same time. I look at Max with the “how’s my show?” look, he replied with a satisfactory smile.

After finished the cake, I collected the plates and spoons to kitchen, of course flashed my tits from time to time. When I came back from kitchen, Max had taken out the Jengga from under the coffee table and suggested to play.

Amy was excited by the suggestion; she quickly reached beside the coffee table to clear a space for the game. Mike then agreed. I knelt beside Amy and helped Max to stack the woods.

“OK! What’s the punishment?” Max asked.

“No need, just play for fun,” Amy replied.

“Why not we play stripe game. The loser have to strip on piece of clothing,” I suggested boldly.

“What! Strip game!” Amy was shocked by my suggestion.

Mike eyes opened wide but wearing a smile. He was happy with my suggestion. Max said ‘Good suggestion’, seemed happy with my suggestion too.

“No Mike, I can’t do that,” Amy anxiously looked at Mike. Her face was flushed.

“Don’t worry, you are wearing the most number of clothing among us. Look at Michelle, I think she is definitely wearing lesser that you,” He pointed at my tits while persuading Amy. I wandered why he was that sure that I am not wearing panty.

“No, I can’t. I’m not playing and I don’t want you to show you ass to Michelle,” Amy was still defending. Mike was disappointed.

“OK! Why don’t we play like this? Mike doesn’t have to show his ass. I don’t have to show either,” Max gave his suggestion.

“Then how?” I asked.

“Well, let see…” Max looked up to the ceiling to think.

Few second later, he smiled and said “Yes” while looked at me with his mischievous smile.

“Let say we don’t have to do what we don’t like. We do what we like to do for punishment, for fun rather,” He continued.

“How?” I was curious about what he is going to suggest.

“Come here Michelle. Come here and stand up straight,” He raise his hand indicating me to come to the space in between him and the coffee table.

My face was immediately flushed anticipating what my brother would do. I stood up and walked to him. I stood straight with my half exposed tits facing Max.

“Turn a round and face the TV,” He turned my hip to show my back.

I followed what he ordered. My pussy was immediately wet and nipples erected knowing they might be looking at my back.

“Well, Michelle has a interesting hobby,”

“She likes to cut short her cloth, especially her short, like this one… Bend down Michelle,” He ordered and pushed my back to bend my body.

I bent down, knees straight, and supported my body with my hands leaning on the table. I automatically spread my leg and pushed up my ass. Such ass showing action had become my instinct.

“Look Bayan escort at her short. She cut them until they can’t cover her buttock properly. And look at this,” He pulled at the waistband until the bottom panel stretched on my pussy.

“Look at this, she even cut here until not enough material to cover her sex. Can you see her vagina lips showing from both sides,” His finger softly traced my exposed lips up and down to draw their attentions to my pussy. The sudden contact by my brother’s finger sent a thrill to my spine. I felt a stream of hot juices slowly came out from my love hole and stained my short. I believed a wet spot was visible on the short. He finger continued to caress my lip by softly tracing the exposed flesh.

“Michelle, do you aware that Mike can see your little pussy under your short when you sit or bend?” He asked but did not expect me to answer, he continued his talk.

“Look at the top, they never properly cover her breasts too,” He continued to guide their attentions.

“You see, Michelle. Wearing this kind of cloth is as good as not wearing anything at all,” He stopped playing with my exposed pussy lips, but shifted his hand up to play with my waistband.

My heart pounded faster not knowing what my brother would do to me in front of our guests.

“Her private part is already half exposed, and this material is soft, can you see the exact shape of Michelle’s pussy, Mike? What is the purpose of Michelle wearing her short? Mike, do you see any different between wearing this short and not wearing anything at all?” His fingers gripped on my waistband.

Oh! My brother is going to stripe off my short right in front of our guests. I was so turn on. My hot pussy and ass hole were anticipating his next action: pull down my short!

“Ammm..,” Mike didn’t know what to say.

“But we can’t expect Michelle to go around the house without her short. Actually I kind of like what she did to her short. I enjoy seeing her exposed body. And I think Mike like it too. True, Mike?”

I was disappointed knowing that my short would stay on.

“Hmm…” Mike didn’t know how to answer my brother.

“Mike, what if her short is cut even shorter until her whole buttocks is showing, you gonna like it! Or this centerline is cut even thinner than a string, not able to cover her pussy at all. Mike, do you like it?” My brother kept poking his finger on my wet pussy. I began to smell the scent of my juice. The sticky felling around my pussy under the drenched material made me restless.

“Michelle, I know you would be happy if we cut you cloth,” My brother asked, again didn’t expect me to answer.

“Ahh…” I moaned softly, restraining my urge under the smoldering desire.

“Well, this game is between two of us against two of you. If Michelle or myself lose, you can cut one piece of material from what Michelle is wearing now since Michelle like to cut short her cloth. But the remaining cloth must be able to stay on her body no matter how you cut them. This is what we would do if we lose. You think of what you would do, all up to you, but must be fair to Michelle. How’s that Mike?” Max asked Mike, as if Amy opinion was not important.

“Remember. Mike, Michelle is not wearing her underwear… at all,” His finger again traced into my pussy under the moist material.

The warm blood collected around my face and my ears, the heat was almost unbearable. My throat was dried. I still bending down as Max kept silent.

“Wow! That’s interesting. Deal. Let do it,” Mike was excited by Max’s suggestion.

“No Mike! What do you want to do if we lose?” Amy still tried to stop Mike. Max’s idea had frightened her.

I turned to face them, face still flushed. I was excited by Max’s suggestion, but had to pretend like I was not really willing.

“If you lose, Max, I’ll kill you,” I pretended to show my disagreement.

“Don’t worry, Michelle, I’ll take care of you,” He smiled at me.

Now, everyone was around the coffee table. I knelt to stack up the Jengga. Amy was still anxious, breathing heavily and biting her lips.

“Who start first?” I asked.

“Mike first, then Amy, follow by me, Michelle will be the last. Agree?” Max suggested.

No one objected, then Mike started enthusiastically. He pulled out one piece from third level from bottom then stacked it on top. Amy was nervous, she tried few pieces but none of them seemed to move.

”Relax Amy, it’s very simple,” Mike encouraged Amy.

She decided to kneel like me. Her tits bounced slightly. Finally, she managed to move one piece.

“Hahh…” She was relief and breathes heavily to catch more oxygen into her lung. Her chest moved up and down, manifested the two giant bosoms underneath the shirt. Her flushed cheeks started to cover with perspiration.

Max smoothly pulled out another one from where Mike had removed one earlier, leaving the whole stack supported by only one piece at the center.

“Stupid, you are killing me, Max,” I started Escort to feel nervous although I didn’t really mind if we lost.

Thought that Amy need some warm up, I decided to lose this time. I recklessly pulled and the whole stack trembled down.

“Wow…” Mike was excited and intensely scanned over my body.

My nipples hardened and my hearts raced fast not knowing which part of my cloth would be his first target, or which part of my body his would like to uncover first.

“Hah Michelle, you blow it yourself. Good luck,” Max was happy with the outcome. He rushed to the kitchen and came back with a pair of scissors.

“Congratulations. Come, claim your prize,” Max gave the scissors to Mike.

Mike held the scissors in his shaking hand no knowing what to do. He was nervous, not quite ready to handle the situation. Perhaps this was the first time for him: to cut a piece of cloth from his friend’s girlfriend whom wore neither bra nor panty.

“Well Mike, where you want to start?” I walked toward Mike with both hands raised up to caress my hair, my tits thrust forward. I showed my body to him so that he could choose.

“Come on Mike, wherever you like, just do it,” Max encouraged him.

“You don’t mind if I spoil you cloth?” He was still undecided.

“Yes, cut wherever you like. I think not much options you got, just front, back, top and bottom” I smiled at him and half turned to show him my back.

“OK! Show me your buttocks,” He finally decided and raised his request.

Knowing Mike would attack my bottom, my pussy immediately turned hot. I turned my back to him half kneeled with my hands resting on my kneecaps. I felt the short tightened again around my moist pussy.

Mike came closer then half squatted before my ass. With his face one foot away from my ass, I thought he could smell the scent of my wet cunt. Slowly, he lifted up the end of my short that hugging my left ass cheek, and then poke his cold scissor under the stretched material. The cold metal blade continued to slide in slowly on my hot ass cheek near to the centerline of my short. The sudden cold contact sent me an instant thrill and I almost lost my balance. My breath was heavy anticipating Mike first cut.

‘sheerk…’ My tight short immediately loosen up by the cut, I felt my short slightly pulled to my right.

“Ehh… Sorry…, can I change my mind? I want to cut somewhere else,” I heard him request coming out from his dried mouth.

“What? You want to change after you cut my short?” I turned to face him.

“No problem since you have not cut out a piece of cloth yet,” Max gave him a green light.

“Now where you want to cut?” I asked him, crossed my arms above my abdomen, supporting amber tits.

“I just want to cut something very tiny,” Mike smiled with confident. He started to enjoy the game.

He reached to my right spaghetti strap and cut at where it joins the top. I turned around to let him cut the other end.

“Thank you Michelle. I will keep this as a souvenir,” He proudly held the dangling strap to show off his prize.

I uncrossed my arms to check the effect of the cut. My top fell down a bit and loosely lay on my right tits. The intact left spaghetti strap managed to held my top from dropping down.

“Let continue,” I knelt down to stack the scattered pieces. My top slid down further from my right tits, hanging dangerously on my erect nipple.

Amy was more relaxed in the next game. Everyone was concentrating in the game except myself, as I have to pull up my loose top from time to time to cover my nipple.

After many rounds, Max intentionally lost. Mike was in triumph. Amy was jumping up and down to celebrate their victory.

“Michelle, I want the other strap. May I,” Mike was very happy. He really interested to drop my tops.

I let him cut the strap joining the back of my top first. Then I turned to face him, held my hands together at my back, thrust my chest toward Mike to let him claim his prize. The top just managed to hang on my nipples. He held up the loose strap laid on my bare shoulder then slowly cut where the strap joined my tops. The tops dropped immediately followed the cut. My nipples were exposed.

“You broke the rule, my top can’t stay on my body. See..,” I swayed my body to the left and right as if to show everyone that the top really can’t stay. The firm tits swayed left and right following my body movements.

“No, I can see it still staying on your body,” Max defended Mike.

“No, my nipples are showing!” I stamped and my shaking tits continued to swayed left and right. Amy face was flushed. Mike’s eyes looked at my shaking tits.

“As long as it stay on, doesn’t matter if your body is exposed. OK?” Max clarified the rule.

“OK! You get away this time,” I pulled the top to cover my nipples.

But the top slid down a little every time I move. I had to pull it from time to time. Mike openly stared at my tits during the game. Max enjoyed my little flash game.

Amy lost in the next game.

“Oh shit!” Amy shouted.

“Yeah! It’s revenge time,” Max stood up with joy.

Amy was panic. Her pale face looked at Mike asking for help.

“You just have to let Max do what he want, Amy,” Mike was not rescuing Amy.

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