Memories of a Lost Love , a Camping Trip

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His name was Tim, and hers was Rita. They fell in love, a lustful & passionate Love.

Tim was strong, handsome and at times a little shy. He had deep, dark brown eyes and dark wavy hair. He had a very Mediterranean look that made Rita call him, her Greek Idol. He was in terrific shape right down to his cock!! When he smiled at her, she melted. She felt like putty in his arms … His strong but gentle hands loved to caress every inch of her.

Rita was a little chunky with big baby blue eyes that everyone complimented on. She had dark wavy hair that when she grew long, cascaded into long ringlets. She was shy as well but knew what she wanted when it came to Tim. Her tits were perky and her nipples harden instantly when she looked at him.

People admire & envied this very handsome couple when they were together because they radiated with love & lust. Something most people lost after they had been together for a while. Rita & Tim seem to never have lost that look.

Tim & Rita decided they spend the long weekend in the warm sun and cool waters of the Okanagan. Magna Bay was the name of the resort. A wonderland of campers and woods. They arrive late in the night after working all day and driving a couple hours to the campsite. Set up the tent trailer and promptly feel asleep in each others arms.

The smell of campfires and fresh coffee wafted thru the campsite awakening Rita & Tim.

“Morning Sunshine” He whispered to her. He kisses her softly on the cheek as she opened her sleepy eyes.

“MMMMMMMMMMmm morning Sweetie” she yawned back and cuddled into his strong arms.

Tim loved the natural smell of her and breathed in deeply as kissed her neck. With one hand, he softly caressed her smooth tits and with his touch, her nipples hardened. With the other hand, he pulled her closer to reach for her bald wet pussy. As he licked and kissed her neck, she moaned. His cock rose behind her and she opened her leg not only accommodate his cock but his hand as well, Tim continues to softly stroke her clit. His Cock found its way to the wet opening of her juicy cunt. With a simple push, Tim was in and slowly rocking back and forth. He continued to fuck her sideways but very much wanted her nipple in his mouth. He pulled out and pushed her on her back … He threw her legs open and hungrily licked and sucked on her protruding clit. He sucked on her clit until she grabbed his head and pulled him closer and squirted her cum all over his mouth.

He dragged his tongue all the way up her body until he got to her tits and sucked them as if it was his last time with them. Gwad she love that!! He was so gentle and yet so firm.. She stroked his hard cock while he nursed on her tits. He sucked her tits until he thought he was going to cum right then and there. He lay down and positioned Rita backwards on his cock so he could watch his cock pound her cunt. Rita squatted over his cock and rode it slowly at first to get her footing, then fuck Tim with all her might knowing he would not be able to hold back while he watched her cunt devour his cock!!

He pulled her back and held her telling Escort bayan her how much in love he was with her.

Rita got up and got into her bathing suit. No sense in getting dressed the were just going down to the beach anyway. They cooked breakfast of Bacon & Eggs and yummy hot coffee together. Tim was always right behind her kissing her neck and caressing her tits and her tummy. His cock was hard again, … he tried to pull back the legging of her suit to slide in, but she talked him into a hand job as the sat and ate their breakfast. Ooooooooooooo He love the way she slid her hand up and down his cock keeping him hard but not letting him cum,

She whispered in his ear as she kissed his cheek. “I want to fuck you in the bushes by the beach “

It was all she needed to say. Tim blew his load .He came all over her tummy and her legs. I’m sure the people in the next campsite say him cum cos she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. They cleaned up the camp, grabbed their floaters and went down to the beach.

They lay on the sand talking, reading books and swimming. Rita was getting anxious about their beach fuck … the more anxious she got the wetter she got.

“Lets go Tim, I wanna fuck you again,” she purred at him.

The smell of the earth intoxicates them, as they come into each others arms. Kissing deeply, they stroke each other, but they need to get out of their bathing suits.

Rita pulled back and slowly remove her bating suit top, letting the sun touch her tender white breast. Tim reached down and run a finger around her nipple and he watch as it springs to life hard and waiting for his mouth. But She is not undressed yet, so Tim watched as Rita pull her bottoms down slowly an inch at a time, She turned around so that her back was to Tim, and the material fells away from her butt. Rita wiggled it as her bottoms fell to her ankles. Rita bend over with her legs just slightly bent to give Tim a view of her hot wet cunt. He sees the little trace of moisture on her lips, and he grew a little harder knowing how wet she was for him.

Tim turned her around and lifted her hair off her neck, and when he did this Rita thrust her tits out, as if to invite him to taste. Tim took the invitation and reach for her. Taking a nipple in his mouth, he gently nip it then run the tip of his tongue over sending sparks of electricity through her. . All her senses are concentrated on the one spot. Where his mouth is touching her. He then paid homage to the twin. She felt her knees grow weak.

Rita wanted him naked so she reached up and pulled his shirt off over his head. She stopped to plant butterfly kisses all over his chest, kisses so light but with just the tip of her tongue touching him. . She wanted to start a fire in him as he had started in her. Rita circle around his nipples but never touches them. They stood up reaching for her mouth but not yet. He still had his clothes on.

She kissed her way to his waistband and she undid his belt with her teeth. Then she undid his pants with her mouth. When she grabbed his zipper with her teeth, Bayan escort she felt his cock pulse under her chin. She rubbed her chin into it and he drew in his breath. Still using her mouth she pulled his bathing shorts down to pasted his knees. He kicked them off. She looked up at him with her sweetest little girl face.

It seems like they are the only two people on the planet, even the birds have stopped singing as if they knew that this is a special moment and don’t want to interfere.

Tim’s cock sprang free, and stood proud and tall. Rita turned him around as he can kicked his shorts off to the side. As Tim did that She reach out and nip him on his right cheek, then lick the same spot. She let her hands join her mouth as she run them down his legs and back. Rita licked and kissed his gorgeous bottom. Tracing her tongue along the outer edges of his ass. Tim turns and told her “that will get her in trouble. ”

And she told you “I was made for trouble. ” When he turned, her mouth found a better target. His cock. She reached out and gave it a lick and a kiss. He drew in a breath as she took him all the way down, then came back up and just flicked the tip of her tongue over the head.

Rita seductively said, “I want you to lay back baby, I want to worship your cock with my mouth.”

Tim lay back on the blanket feeling the softness of the blanket and the grass beneath him. The sun helped her caress his skin as her tongue bathes him. She licked further down and spread his legs wide as she looked for his most tender spot. Rita flicked her tongue over it and he raised his hips to meet it. She loved the salty taste of his skin, and she began to licked and sucked all up and down his ball sack. She drew it into her mouth and using her tongue to manipulate them inside the skin. She loved to suck on his balls. But she wanted to taste all of him, so she returned to his cock. She come down on his cock, running her tongue all around it, sucking it. Rita left just enough moisture for easy movement, as her head starts to move up and down on it. Licking his cock like an ice-cream cone. But unlike an ice-cream cone, He doesn’t melt he becomes harder. Tim grows as Rita took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Tim could feel the sides of her throat constrict against the head. Rita wanted to taste his cum in her mouth but she want to feel him explode inside her too, it is hard choice… . What should she do? Rita decide that Tim can have the best of both worlds, her mouth works over his cock, bathing it, He feels it grow harder and harder. The tip is growing thicker as he come closer to exploding. Rita starts sucking harder while her fingers stroke his balls, kneading them. Rita wanted his juices. Rita could feel his balls constricting as Tim begin to shoot deep within her throat. She swallowed around the head of his cock as he coated her throat…

“ mmmm. . You taste so good.’ She groaned

As she got up, he grabbed her and pulled her to him for a kiss.

As they kissed, Tim’s hands stroke her, His fingers trailing down to find her wet hot cunt. He found Escort her soaking wet. He look up and grin at her, telling her, he wanted to taste her sweet juices. He turned her around and laid her back on to the blankets. He spread her legs as his mouth settles around one of her nipples, sucking on it, nipping. Tim moaned as he sucked harder. . He knew how she liked that. . While his mouth works on her tit, his fingers strum a soft melody over her bald pussy lips, then dip in to brush lightly against her clit. Tim stroked her softly as his mouth moved to lick the underside of her tit, nipping the soft tender skin there.

“Oh yes I love what your mouth does to me.” She moaned.

Tim moved ever slowly towards her burning desire,

“I want your mouth on my hot wet pussy. She lustfully hissed at him.

He followed his fingers in their journey to find her wet cunt. His tongue dips down and flicks across her hard clit. An electric jolt shoots through her. She spread her legs wider to give him better access. Tim sucked her clit into his mouth sucking and nibbling, just the tip of her clit between his teeth.

“ Yes.mmmmmmmm I like it.” she purred

Tim put two fingers inside her, pushing them in and out of her. Tim played “here kitty, kitty” inside her, as he sucked on her clit, rubbing the skin that separates his mouth from his fingers. “

I want you inside me” Rita whispered. “I want to feel your cock moving in me, pushing me over the edge.”

Tim enjoyed the feeling her spasms as she came. Just when Rita thought, he was done he start licking and sucking again, causing her to cum harder and harder. Rita couldn’t lay still, her body had a mind of it’s own as she felt a growl growing deep within her throat. Little lights are dancing before her eyes. Rita felt so out of control. She had lost all grips on reality, as her orgasm becomes his centre.

Rita wanted to feel him cum inside her, to ride the storm with her.

“I want to ride you. ”

Tim lay back, and Rita could see he was more than ready for her. Rita’s orgasms always turn him on. She rose above him, taking his cock in her hand to place him in her hot wet pussy. As she slid down onto him, her body spasms again, it felt so good. She start to ride Him slowly, their body’s becoming one. As she rode him a gentle rain starts to fall, bathing their sweat drenched bodies. It should cool them off but it just makes them steamier. She threw her head back and stuck out her tits. Tim’ hands find the nipples to pinch and squeeze them. They moved together getting faster and faster as they feel their mutual orgasm coming closer and closer.

“Oh baby, it feels so good, I feel it welling up inside of me, are you as close as I am. “Tim asked, as his breathing got harder

“ Are you going to cum deep within me? Please, cum with me “Rita pleads

“ Yes, I’m going to cum!” Tim hisses

As her orgasm begins, She felt his cock explode within her. It caused she to cum harder. Over and over again. Rita felt light headed, as she collapsed on his chest. As they look up, they saw a gentle face looking down at them…

“That was fucking awesome” he said, “May I join you next time?

Tim’s cock started to rise again,

He smiled back at the stranger and said

“Its up to her, and he kissed Rita’s forehead.

To be continued…….

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