Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 02

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As Benjamin and I walked naked down the hall to the shower in the master bedroom I was thinking that I was about to take a shower with a man for the first time in my life.

I have had so many firsts since Benjamin came into my life. I’ve lost count of them.

“I’ve never taken a shower with a man before,” I said to him as I turned on the faucets. “Sal doesn’t like taking baths with anyone.”

Benjamin didn’t answer me. He was just standing outside the shower stroking his cock and smiling seductively. I closed my eyes momentarily as a wave of passion raced through my body.

“I’ll get some towels while the water warms up,” I continued. I stepped around him and got two large towels and a washcloth out of the linen closet. I closed the toilet seat and put the towels on top of the seat and the washcloth in the soap dish in the shower. He just continued to watch me while he massaged his dick.

He grabbed my left hand and pressed my palm against his balls and the base of his cock. “I liked the way you massaged my balls while you were sucking me off a while ago. It added to the pleasure of the blow job.”

I blushed and gently kneaded his balls while he continued to stroke his penis. After a moment I pulled my hand away and reached into the shower. “I think the water is warm enough now,” I said to him; I didn’t know what else to say. Then I stepped into the shower.

“You’re going to enjoy this. I guarantee it,” Benjamin said as he followed me into the shower. I closed my eyes again and trembled at the thought of what he was going to do to me, to my pussy.

He grabbed the shower massager and started to spray my whole naked body. He twirled me around several times while spraying me, paying particular attention to my breasts and vagina.

As soon as I was wet he began to spray himself. While doing so, he put his left hand on my shoulder and ordered me to my knees. His semi-erect cock was directly before me. He was spraying it. I looked up into his eyes. He didn’t say anything. He just began to spray his feet. But he didn’t have to say anything; I knew what he wanted me to do. It was what I wanted to do.

I cupped his balls with my left hand and encircled the base of his dick with my right hand. I kissed his head and licked the opening, all the while hungrily looking up into his eyes. I kissed, licked and suckled his head a few more times. As soon as he was completely erect, I took his whole length into my mouth.

After about a minute or two he ordered me to stop and to stand up. Then he handed me the shower massager and started to wash me. He lathered up the washcloth and washed my whole body. It was the most exhilarating shower I have ever had. He repeatedly massaged and kneaded my flesh — my back, my shoulders, my buttocks, my thighs, my stomach and of course my breasts and vagina. I was getting hotter and hotter by the moment.

Other than to tell me to open my legs so that he could wash my perineum and inner thighs, neither of us spoke. Benjamin was too absorbed in washing my body to speak and I was too overcome with passion to say anything.

When he was finished washing me he took the massager from me and rinsed me off, again paying particular attention to my pussy. I think at this point my passions were at an all time high. I could hardly wait for Benjamin to make love to me again.

Then he handed me the shower massager again and quickly began to wash himself. When he was finished, he took the massager away from me and rinsed himself off. While doing so he also sprayed my tits, stomach, thighs and pussy. After he finished rinsing himself, he put the massager on pulsate and put it directly up against my cunt lips. I have done this to myself numerous times but Benjamin’s doing it to me, well it felt a hundred times better.

He let the massager titillate me for several moments before dropping it and letting it hang loose. Next he opened my labia with his left hand, pinched my clitoris with his right and pulled on it. I was not expecting it. The jolt of sweet delicious pain was exhilarating. I moaned. I was overcome with emotion. In order to hold myself up, I grabbed onto the nozzle coming out of the wall above me. Then he kissed me intensely and pushed his tongue deep into my hungry mouth. I sucked hard on his tongue.

I felt him opening my vagina lips with his right hand; his left hand was picking up on my right thigh and buttocks. He placed his cock at my entrance. I raised my right leg and put it around his waist. He entered me in one swift motion. I moaned again. He grabbed onto my left ass cheek and picked me up. He pressed me up against the shower wall. I put both legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders as he began to vigorously pummel me.

I was pinned between the shower wall and Benjamin. Every time he thrust forward my back and buttocks hit up against the wall. I felt like I was the main target in a Demolition Derby. I gripped tighter onto his shoulders and squeezed my eyes shut in rapture. He pumped me harder, deeper. He Starzbet was a battering ram and my vagina was a castle wall to be broken open.

I was on cloud nine and drunk with passion. I could feel Benjamin deep inside me in a way I have never felt Sal in me. I knew that my sex life with Sal was lacking, but just how much I didn’t realize until this night. Never again would I be able to have sex with Sal and not think of tonight and what sex could be like with someone who cared.

The rest of the shower was a total blur. In fact, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that the rest of the evening was almost a complete blur too.

After Benjamin fucked me in the shower he had me sit on the little shower stool that is in there. He increased the temperature of the water and ordered me to spray the hot water all over my body. Meanwhile he knelt in front of me and ate my pussy. The hot water splashing over me while he licked and sucked my clitoris added to the pleasure. I had another tremendous orgasm.

True to his word, he dried me off, put me to bed, fucked me a third time and then ate my pussy again. But before he screwed me the third time, he ordered me to kneel in the bed with my face on a pillow and my ass in the air. Next he opened my legs as wide as he could and spanked my ass, my perineum, my pussy mound and my thighs, another first.

He smacked each of my cheeks, my thighs, my pussy and my perineum numerous times with his hand until my whole groin was on fire. Then he rubbed the areas he smacked until my whole groin was filled with bliss. Several times he alternated between spanking me and massaging me before finally, ecstatically fucking me, bringing me from pain to pleasure, from agony to ecstasy and from desiccation to elation each time.

I was a puddle of euphoria when he finally left. I was totally exhausted. Never before had I experienced so much joy in sex. Never before had I had so many tremendous orgasms in one evening. I was in a sexual stupor and only vaguely heard him leave. I don’t know what time Sal finally came home from drinking with Sam; nor did I hear him leave for his fishing trip the next morning. I was sleeping in Never Never Land dreaming of sex elves fucking me and eating my pussy.

I woke up late Saturday morning; it was almost nine. The house was empty. I had no idea what time Sal would come home from fishing. I decided to eat my breakfast in the nude. I toyed with the thought of calling Benjamin up and inviting him over for something to eat with a hint that I was the main dish.

But then after further consideration, I decided that I better not; I didn’t want to give Benjamin the wrong impression about me. I didn’t want him to think that I was just some sex starved minx, always looking for someone to fuck me — even though that is exactly what I am. At least, that is what I’ve become since Benjamin has come into my life. Besides, I didn’t know his phone number.

Not only that I didn’t want Sal to come home from his fishing trip and catch me and Benjamin in bed. Even though Sal was the one who started this, I didn’t know what his reaction would be if I chose to invite Benjamin over for a romp in between the sheets on my own.

Benjamin left his house sometime Saturday afternoon; I don’t know what time. He didn’t return until late Tuesday evening. Well, his sport utility van was gone until then. Sal didn’t return from fishing until four o’clock Saturday afternoon. So I spent a quiet Saturday alone most of the time.

By the time Sal came home I had gotten dressed. He cleaned the fish he caught. I fried a couple of them for our evening meal and the rest he put in the freezer.

The whole weekend went by and Sal never once mentioned the threesome we had Friday evening with Benjamin. He didn’t ask me what I thought about it or what I thought about Benjamin. Nor did he ask me what the two of us did after he left or even what time Benjamin left. It was as though the threesome never happened or that he didn’t care that I had sex with another man. The only thing he talked about was the great fishing spot he and his friend Sam found.

Wednesday after supper I saw Sal talking to Benjamin over our fence. It’s a white picket fence and not a very high fence either, coming only to my waist. So, I guess it’s mainly there for decoration and to divide our property from our next door neighbor’s property. Anyway, I watched them through the kitchen window. When they were finished talking Benjamin got in his car and drove off.

When Sal came inside I joined him in the living room. I asked him what he and Benjamin were talking about but Sal just said “Oh nothing.”

“Sal we had sex with the man last Friday evening. Are you telling me the two of you didn’t talk about that, that the two of you just talked about nothing?”

“Yeah, well he thanked me for letting him screw you. He said that you were one of the best pieces of ass he has ever fucked.”

I didn’t know how to answer that. I didn’t want to give Sal the impression Starzbet Giriş that our new neighbor was better in bed than he was. He might not invite Benjamin over for another threesome.

Nor did I want to tell Sal that the frolic we had didn’t mean anything to me. Because that too might discourage him from giving Benjamin another invitation to fuck me again until I was a used up ragdoll.

I had been hoping for another fuck session with Benjamin since I woke up Saturday. But I didn’t know how I was going to approach Sal on the subject. I didn’t know how he felt about our first threesome with Benjamin or how he would feel about another threesome with him.

By the way, I was also mildly surprised upon hearing that Benjamin thought I was great in bed.

So instead of answering Sal’s comment, I asked, “Is that all the two of you talked about?”

“I asked him if he ever did any fishing or hunting. But he said that he hadn’t. He said that he didn’t have much free time to devote to a hobby other than occasionally researching his ancestry. He added that in order to do a proper research a person has to search both the library and the Internet and that’s what he doesn’t have the time to do.”

“Oh that’s nice,” I answered. I wasn’t interested in that. I was more interested in finding out if Sal had invited Benjamin back for another threesome. But I didn’t want to let Sal know that that is what I wanted.

“He said that during the eighteen hundreds one of his ancestors use to own a plantation across the river from New Orleans. I had no desire to talk about his ancestors . . .”

“So tell me, what else did the two of you talk about?” I was trying to sound as though I was non-committal.

“Well, if you wouldn’t interrupt me, I’d tell you. I asked him if he wanted to return for another threesome this Friday. He said that he would enjoy another fuck session with you.”

I hoped that my face didn’t register the joy I felt in my heart — and in my pussy — upon hearing that Sal had invited Benjamin over to fuck me again. I put my head down and looked at my feet.

“So for supper Friday I want you to fry the rest of the fish I caught. Fry some French fries too. That should make a great meal for the three of us.”

“Anything you say Sal. But right now I have to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.” I had to change the subject. I didn’t trust my ability to hide my emotions. Just the thought of another fuck session with Benjamin had the juices in my vagina heating up.

I got up, returned to the kitchen and began to wash the supper dishes. I looked again out of the window over the sink. I could see that Benjamin’s house was dark. I wondered where he had gone and when he would return. I guessed that maybe he was doing something with his work.

At supper last Friday he said that he had his own accounting and tax preparation business. He kept the books for a few small proprietorships and partnerships and prepared income taxes for several clients. He said that he worked out of his own house, which was in the process of being remodeled. That’s why he was renting the house next door to ours.

He was adding a new master bedroom and bath because he was converting the old one into an office. He wasn’t worried about having a business in a residential neighborhood because, except for the first two or three months of the year, most of his customers seldom if ever visited him — he usually visited them. They would e-mail or fax their figures to him. Then after he worked them up, he would e-mail, fax or bring the finished reports to them.

Benjamin said that after the renovations were finished he was going to try to find himself another wife instead of wasting his time watching television. I don’t know why Benjamin said that. When we were alone Friday, just before Sal left to go fishing, he told me that he seldom watches TV.

Sal asked him why he never got married again. He just answered, ‘All work and no play.’ He added that he thought about joining one of those online dating services. But he hadn’t committed himself. He said that he wasn’t sure how or where he was going to find a wife. He was just going to take one day at a time and see where that would lead him.

As I stood there looking out the kitchen window washing the dishes, my thoughts turned to this upcoming Friday. I found myself hoping that Sal would again visit his friend Sam Friday evening and leave me and Benjamin alone for a couple of hours.

I wanted Benjamin to eat me again. I wanted to shower with him again. But mostly I wanted him to spank me again. The deliciously exquisite torture was something that I had never before experienced. I wanted to feel it again and to ride another rollercoaster of emotions. I think that is the most memorable thing about last Friday evening.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved it when both Sal and Benjamin were fucking me, one in my mouth and the other in my pussy. I also loved showering with Benjamin. But when Benjamin spanked my pussy, Starzbet Güncel Giriş my ass and my perineum, that’s when I turned into a fuck doll. That’s what had been in my thoughts all weekend and the last couple of days.

So when Sal mentioned to me that he invited Benjamin over this Friday for another threesome I was filled with delight, to say the least.

After I finished cleaning up the kitchen I went into the living room and sat on the arm of Sal’s chair. He was watching a sports network. A sports commentator was commenting about how the colleges were faring. I sensuously suggested that we go to bed earlier than usual and make love.

“Not now Deidra, I’m trying to get the scores.”

“I didn’t mean now honey,” I answered him. “I mean later . . .”

“Ok,” he interrupted me. He waved me off and turned up the volume of the television. He was more interested in getting college ball scores than he was in making love to me. I went to the master bathroom to take a shower.

Sitting on the stool, I put the massager on pulsate. I opened my cunt lips and pressed the massager directly up against my clitoris, just as Benjamin had done this past weekend. I pinched my clit as hard as I could. Then I masturbated.

After I got off I just sat there and let the warm water splash over my body. Then I went to bed. I woke up just after two in the morning. I was alone. I tiptoed into the living room. Sal was asleep in his chair with the television showing a rerun of some college soccer ballgame. I went back to bed and masturbated again before falling to back to sleep.

The next two days dragged by. I tried several things to get my mind off Friday evening but I failed each time. Besides doing the normal laundry, I washed the bedroom sheets and the bedroom curtains. I mopped the kitchen floor and washed down the cupboards. I even rented a machine and shampooed the living room shag carpet.

Each time I finished one job I ended up returning to the bedroom or the shower and masturbating. By Friday afternoon I don’t know what was cleaner, me or the house.

It was about five o’clock when I decided I would get everything ready. First, I started to prepare the fish, dipping them in water and then in the fish fry — I had taken them out of the freezer earlier in the morning. Next I cut up some potatoes, leaving the skin on. Both Sal and I like big, thick fries with the skin still on. I hoped Benjamin like his fries big and thick with the skin still on too.

When I finished I put everything in the refrigerator until about six. That’s when Sal usually got home from work. Dinner was to be at seven. I figured I would start cooking everything when Sal got home.

Actually I was just trying to keep busy. I was as nervous as a June bride in anticipation to the upcoming events. I wanted everything to be perfect. I had purchased a nice bottle of Chardonnay Thursday afternoon and had it in the refrigerator ever since. I lit some scented candles and put them in the master bedroom, the living room and the dining room. I set the dining room table.

I didn’t know whether or not Sal would have me eat in the nude again. But just in case he didn’t, I thought I would dress in something a little provocative for the occasion.

I put on a sheer black brassier with matching thong. Along with this, I wore a pink button up blouse that tied at the waist, showing my navel. I left the top two buttons unbuttoned. With the blouse opened, you could see the top of the bra and the rise of my breasts. I also put on a pair of white, hot pants — you could barely see the hue of the skin of my ass through the pants — and a pair of black low heel pumps.

Sal came home a couple of minutes before six. He looked me over and commented on how sexy I looked. Then he went to the middle bedroom where we keep the computer and played a video game.

We have a three bedroom, two bath house. The middle bedroom is sort of an office. Sal keeps his hunting and fishing trophies there — a stuffed deer head, a stuffed squirrel and one large fish — along with the computer. I use it to work on my interior design portfolio.

The other bedroom we keep as a guest room. But Sam is the only guest who has ever slept there from time to time, when the two of them go hunting or fishing together.

I returned to the living room and watched television, although I was not paying attention to what was on — I flipped channels several times. I was more interested with what I figured would happen to me later in the evening.

I started frying the potatoes and fish a few minutes later. Just as I finished the rear doorbell rang. I glanced at the door. It was Benjamin. I was surprised to see that he was wearing a long-sleeve pink dress shirt with button down collar. He also had on tight black jeans and black loafers. By coincidence, we were dressed almost as twins.

He handed me a bottle of white wine, a Sauvignon Blanc. It was already cold.

He too commented on how sexy I looked as he entered into the kitchen. I thanked him for the wine and put it in the refrigerator — I didn’t let him see that I had already bought a bottle of Chardonnay. I ushered him into the living room and then went to inform Sal that our guest had arrived. He looked up from his video game and said he would be right there.

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