Madison’s Dream

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The transition from the dream state to full wakefulness took a hell of a lot less time than usual. Madison blinked and in that blink she was transported from the dream into the silent darkness of her dorm room. The covers were damp with her sweat and instantly uncomfortable to her conscious mind, and she threw them off of her. She was bathed in sweat, her sleeping tee wet at her chest and back and armpits. Worst of all, her skimpy panties that she wore to bed were soaked through but not from sweat.

That realization made her face the deep throbbing arousal coursing through her body. Centered between her legs, her sex was afire, desperate for touching. Just then her roommate Betty snored tremendously, forcing Madison to lie back still on her bed. She knew her roommate well enough to know that once she started snoring she would arise in ten or fifteen minutes. She checked her watch and saw that it was ten after six in the morning. Time to get up anyway.

She padded into the bathroom and did her business. As soon as she got under the hot streams of water, she first luxuriated in how the water swept away the grimy sweat covering her. But her sex did not relent, and she slid her hands down her body and touched herself. She gasped, and bit down hard on her lower lip lest she cry out loudly from the pleasure of it. Her fingers worked quickly, almost on their own, and brought her to a quick, powerful and somewhat satisfying orgasm. She exited the shower and was busy toweling off when Bets shoved her way into the bathroom. “Move, I gotta piss,” she said almost frantically.

Maddy moved aside and while her roommate used the bathroom she dried off. She was still naked, and at one point let the towel slip from her body. Betty, as she usually did, looked over showing a face mixed with envy and desire. Madison had a good body, slim where it needed to be, curvy where the men liked it. She worked hard to keep herself that way, and she had long since lost track of the reps of squats she had done in her life just to keep her rounded rump, well, rounded.

“Looking good,” Betty said somewhat in admiration. “Too bad you’re still single, eh?” she said next.

Madison turned and made a face at Betty. “Shush, you,” she said. “I’ll find the right man soon enough.”

“I bet you will. Speaking of men.”


“Mine will be here this weekend.”

“Oh?” Madison asked somewhat deflated. That meant a weekend sleeping on the couch, unfortunately. “When was that arranged?”

“Last night, after you crashed. We were Facetiming,” Betty said as her face showed tinges of blush.

“You two were doing that long-distance sex thing again weren’t you,” Madison asked unable to keep the condemnation from her tone.

“Yes, we were,” Betty replied archly. “And maybe if you actually tried to find a man, you might have one, instead of passing judgment on my sex life.”

“Sorry,” Madison said quietly, and meant it. “I’m a little out of sorts this morning.”

“No biggie,” Bets said quickly, waving her hand as if to disregard the entire conversation. “Anyway, he’ll be here like eight or something he said.”

“Okay. I’ll make up the couch,” Madison said.

Betty winked. “That would be awfully nice of you.”

“Anything so that my roomie can get laid!” Madison laughed.

“You bet your ass I’m getting laid,” Betty said fervently. “Multiple times. Multiple.”


Madison went to her evening job. Working for Target was not all that wonderful, but it did provide her with a ten percent discount, and steady money. She worked twenty five to thirty hours a week as way to keep some spending money in her account. The Friday evening shift was not one of her favorites since the store was generally quiet. She left at ten, and texted Betty that she was on her way back and then drove back to the apartment. Evan’s beat up pickup truck was parked in one of the spaces.

She unlocked her apartment door and saw that Betty and Evan were snuggled together on the couch. They both craned their heads around to mark her entrance. “Hey guys,” Madison said.

“Hey roomie, thanks for the warning,” Betty giggled.

“Hah.” Madison went into her bedroom to change out of the red shirt required for her job, and walked into the heavy musky scent of recent sex. It was both cloying and arousing. She changed into shorts and a loose teeshirt, and left the bedroom and its sexy scents behind. She got a drink and sat down on the couch. Evan was resting against Betty as the Netflix show played on the television.

“We should watch Fifty Shades,” Betty opined when the show ended.

“Why?” Evan laughed with a dark chuckle. “You looking to get kinky on me?”

“Maybe,” Betty laughed coyly. “Why? That bother you?” she teased.

“Nope,” he said. His grin seemed awfully wolfish to Madison. “Maybe it’s right up my alley!”

The way Betty’s eyes grew large and round was either a true, honest reaction or the best damn acting Madison had seen. “Really?” she purred Starzbet softly.

“Really, really,” he said nodding his head. “Maybe I’ll have you crawl around the floor for a while,” he said.

Now to Madison’s ears his words sounded cool and challenging, and maybe a trifle sarcastic. But Betty’s reaction to it was rather stunning. She jerked in her seat, almost like she was going to get down. “Maybe we should watch it. Maddy, do you care?”

Madison shrugged. “No, whatever, watch it, if you want,” she said.

For the duration of the movie there were no words spoken by the three of them. The sex scenes were hot, and the idea of being tied up and made to submit to a man left Madison feeling warm and sticky between her legs. Half-way through the movie Evan threw a blanket over him and Betty, and from time to time Madison glanced over and noted movement of hands. Exactly what was happening she could not be certain, although Madison did detect the heavy scent of Betty’s sex wafting in the air.

“Maybe,” she said towards the end of the movie, “you two should just go into the bedroom.”

“And maybe,” Evan said just as softly, “it pleases me to stay right here.”

Madison looked over at him. Whatever he was doing to Betty, she was clearly enjoying it. Her eyes were glassy and her mouth opened. She was doing her best to remain silent, but the expression on her face suggested that Evan’s fingers were quite busy between her legs.

“It pleases you?” Madison asked softly a moment later after his words finally sunk into her sex-addled mind.

“Yes, actually, it does,” he said without looking her way. “I’m not really worried about whether you consent, or like it, or not,” he added.

She blinked. It was true, she did not know Evan all that well, but the way that he was speaking…she wasn’t sure whether she hated it, or it made her pussy leak as openly as Betty’s. Or both. Or neither. She was confused.

The movie ended. “Let’s go,” Evan said and stood up. He did not bother hiding his body, and the fact that at the front of his loose-fitting shorts an obvious and impressive tent was there. Betty remained on the couch.


“Let’s go, Betty,” he said sternly. “This is what you wanted, right?” he said.

“Yes,” she whispered. Madison was too curious not to look and saw that Betty’s face was shining a brilliant red. She stood, and Madison understood why the blush – Betty’s was bare from her waist down.

“Move,” Evan said and made her walk right past Madison. She scampered into the bedroom. Evan took two steps, and stopped and looked down at Madison. His smile was domineering, and she could not look away. He bent over and whispered into her ear. “Feel free to play with that pussy tonight. It might be the last night you’re allowed to do so.” Then he stood and walked into the bedroom, firmly closing the door behind him.

The howls of pleasure soon erupted from the bedroom. Madison was far too busy with her fingers at her pussy to worry about the sex her roommate was getting. The way Evan said it, so cool, so confident, it made her gush juices as the heat exploded between her legs. As the cries from the bedroom reached a crescendo Madison bit hard onto her lower lip. The only sound she made was a soft squeak when she came, and then she felt the relief of the tension wash over her. She pulled a throw over her, nestled up on the couch, and slipped into sleep.

The next day Madison awoke and ran into the bathroom to use it before her roommate or her dominant boyfriend could do so. She brushed her teeth and brushed out her hair and was in the kitchen, brewing some coffee, when Evan emerged. He wore only a pair of boxer shorts, and his abdomens rippled with strength. “Oh god, coffee,” he said moving towards her. “You made enough for all of us I hope,” he said.

“Of course I did,” she smiled. “I’m not a bitch.”

“That’s good,” he said. “I didn’t think you were.”

“You two have fun last night?”

Evan chuckled. “Yep.”

Madison nodded. “Good. Good for you.”

“Did you?” he asked, his meaning clear.

She nodded shly after a pause. “Yes.”

“Hmmm,” he said sipping his coffee. He turned his head; there were no sounds coming from the bedroom. He turned to look at her. “Show me your breasts, Madison.”

“What?” she stammered almost slopping her coffee over the cup.

“I did not stutter,” he said softly, and in a tone that sounded positively dangerous to her. She felt there was no option except to comply. So she slowly lifted her shirt to show him her body.

“Nice, nice,” he said appreciating her form. “So tell me something Madison,” he said conversationally. “I never said you could move your hands, Madison,” he added when she began to lower her hands. She yanked them back up, feeling at once her breasts wobble, her face begin to flush, and her nipples stiffen. “It arouses you, standing there, baring yourself for me, under my control, doesn’t it.” He did not make it a question Starzbet Giriş because it was not one.

“Yes,” she managed to blurt out a whisper.

“Let’s try to reply by saying ‘yes sir’, shall we?” he suggested lightly.

She gulped, licked her lips twice, and then replied in a soft tone: “Yes, Sir.”

“Much better.” Sounds came from the bedroom. “You may lower your shirt, Madison,” he said, and she pulled them down. Yet the taut flesh of her nipples continued poking out through the thin, clingy material, and he saw that and smiled. “What are your plans for today?” he asked casually.

“I have to work,” she said.

“Target, right?” he asked. Obviously Betty had told him some things.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“And Madison, do you own a butt plug?” This was asked softly, yet casually, like a throw-away question.

She felt her face return to a crimson flush. The answer was yes – and in fact she owned three. She had never managed to get the largest inserted; she had only “graduated” to the middle-sized one a few weeks back. They had been purchased on a whim one afternoon when she was particularly horny. It was on the tip of her tongue to say ‘no’ but then she thought, Betty knew about the plugs. Betty might have told him. “Yes, I do,” she whispered.

“Sir?” he prompted sternly.

She gulped. “Yes, Sir, I own a…a…butt plug.”

He nodded. “When do you leave for work?” he asked.

“My shift starts at ten.”

“For hour long?”

“It’s a long one today, until seven,” she reported.

“That is a long one. And it will be especially long for you.” His grin turned positively nasty. “Because Madison, you are going to go into your bedroom. You are going to retrieve your butt plug. You are going to bring it back out here and show it to me. And then you are going to go into the bathroom and you are going in insert it into your ass. All day long, Madison, you will feel that plug in your ass, and know that it was me who commanded you to put it in there. It will make your pussy drip with lust all day, and each time that you think about who told you to do it, it will make you even wetter with lust. And on top of that Madison…” he said softly, and leaned forward, “today when you go to work, you will not be wearing any panties. Do you understand?”

She gulped. She looked around but felt rooted to the spot. His eyes blazed with an intensity, and him standing there half-naked, his powerful body calling out to her in ways she had not known, and his commanding tone telling her to do things that she had considered doing but had been scared to do…

“Yes, Sir,” she said and went into her bedroom. Betty was nude, and still soundly sleeping. She was on her side, her body facing the wall, and Madison glanced at Betty’s round backside. It looked slightly pink, like it had gotten some attention the night before. She opened her box and took out the smallest and medium-sized one, and finally took the smallest with her. She walked back out to Evan, who watched her approach with a knowing smile on his face; he had obviously spotted the toy in her hand. She showed him the plug, a stainless steel model complete with a little pink jewel at the end.

“Now listen hard slut,” he said harshly, softly, leaning forward and commanding all of her attention. “You will go insert that into your ass. And then you will come back out here.” His smile, so broad, powerful, almost arrogant, held her captive. “Now repeat after me, right now. ‘Evan’s slut thanks Sir for making her wear the plug in her slutty ass’.”

She gulped again, her pussy positively gushing. The words came slowly, softly, but they came. “Evan’s slut thanks Sir for making her wear the plug in her slutty ass.”

“That’s a good girl. Now go put that plug in.” She ran to the bathroom, and lubed it up with some lube that was in the bathroom. She inserted it, gasping a little, biting back a moan. Then she pulled her panties and shorts back up and walked more slowly back out to Evan.

“Did the slut do as she was told?” Evan rumbled.

“Evan’s slut put the plug in her ass, Sir,” she whispered softly.

“Good girl,” he said, and the compliment washed over her like a dream come true. “Now let’s together make some breakfast for Sleeping Beauty in there,” he said. “And you will remain quiet about this.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And for god’s sake act normal when she’s around,” he added.

“I will.”

“Good.” They whipped up some bacon and eggs; Evan proved to be rather adept in the kitchen, and the breakfast was done in no time. Betty, wakened by the aromas of bacon and coffee, emerged sleepily from the bedroom. “Good morning,” she said and walked up to Evan, who had opened his arms to her. She walked into them, embraced him, and leaned her head back to accept his good morning kiss.

Despite the fact that Madison never once believed that she sounded normal that morning at breakfast, the morning passed without event. Madison finally had Starzbet Güncel Giriş to excuse herself to take a shower and get ready for work. She was careful to keep her body wrapped in a towel when she went from the bathroom to bedroom lest Betty see the plug. Evan’s instructions to not wear panties was both the most sexually exciting instruction she had ever gotten and horrifying. She ended up choosing a thicker pair of black pants to wear to work because she knew that pair would not reveal her panty lines – or lack thereof. She left the bedroom at about nine-thirty, and got some more coffee, and then left the apartment quickly.

The day at work passed with agonizing slowness. The plug in her ass reminded her constantly of her plight. She was so aroused, and knowing that she was without panties made it worse. But by noon the store was busy with fall shoppers, and she forgot all about wearing the plug and skipping panties because she was too busy at the registers to worry about it. The hours then flew by, and then when it was seven, she got into her car and tiredly began the drive home – but not before sending a warning text to Betty.

However, when she got to the apartment she found it dark. And after a quick inspection and to her dismay, empty. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, so she changed clothing (taking care not to wear panties) and then sat down to try and read a book. Something – anything – to keep her mind off how her ass was throbbing now with that plug inside of it.

Maybe twenty minutes later Madison’s phone rang. She saw it was Betty calling, and answered it with a smooth “Hello!”

“Hi Maddy,” Betty said. She sounded very subdued.

“You okay?” Madison asked instantly.

Rather than the rapid-fire conversation that Madison had been expecting there was a long pause and the sounds of the phone’s mic being covered. Finally, Betty came back on. “I’m good, sorry, Evan was telling me something.”

“Okay, what’s up?” Madison asked.

There was another delay. “Listen, uh, are you home?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Can you, um, go into the bedroom?”

“Sure.” Madison stood and walked into the bedroom, flipping the light switch on. “Okay I’m in there.”

“So look in my closet. There’s uh a black bag, like a paper bag?” Betty said. Madison moved and looked, and spotted it near the back.

“Yeah, I see it.”

“Take it out but don’t open it, okay?” Betty said.

“Sure. Where do you want it?”

Another pause. “On the kitchen table is fine.”

“Okay,” Madison said and walked the bag out and set it on the middle of their kitchenette. “Done.”

“Good. Now, uh, can you um, just take a seat and wait there? We’ll be home in like five minutes. Please, just sit there?” Betty said sounding almost frantic.

Madison figured that Evan had something up his sleeve. She felt her pussy gushing at the thought of it. “Sure, I’ll sit here.”

“Good. We’ll see you in a bit.” And abruptly, Betty killed the call. Madison stared at the dead phone for a long time before her eyes slowly moved to the bag on the table. She wondered what was in it – what delights, what pleasures. She wanted to peek but what if they had been lying, what if they had been right outside waiting for her to peek? So she sat, quietly, and just waited.

It was closer to ten minutes before there was a knock on the door. Madison looked up and put her phone on the table, face down. The door opened slowly. Betty stood there. She slowly entered the apartment. She walked right in and sat down, opposite Madison.

Madison went to say something, and Betty harshly said “shhhhhh” and shook her head firmly several times. So Madison waited. Before long, Evan appeared in the doorway and walked inside the apartment, closing the door behind him. He leaned back against the closed door.

“So. Madison, my dear.”


“Yes…what?” he said.

Madison gulped hard, her eyes shooting to Betty; rather than seeing dismay, Madison saw a dawning excitement in Betty’s eyes. “Yes, Sir,” she said more forcefully.

“That’s better.” He remained leaning casually against the wall. “Did you look in the bag?”

“No…no Sir,” she said hastily amending herself.

He launched himself from the wall and moved forward, to look into the bag. He smiled at her. “That is good, because…” he said slowly, and turned the bag upside down. Nothing came out. “It was, in fact, empty.”

“I…I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to,” he rumbled. “Now I have a question for you. A very serious question. Madison. Look at your friend Betty. Look carefully. Look hard. What is the best part of her body?”

Madison had always envied Betty’s softer, curvier body. She was perhaps a trifle heavy by “modern standards” but Madison always considered her roomie’s soft, maybe a little thick, curvy body to be very sexy. “Her entire body, all of it so soft and curvy and I’ve always thought sexy,” Madison whispered. Betty, Madison saw, blushed.

“Betty?” Evan said shifting his focus. “Tell Madison what you told me earlier.”

Betty, clearly, had more difficulty with stating it. Her mouth worked and no sound came forth, and her eyes looked terrified and wild. “Her…her backside,” Betty whispered.

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