Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 04

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The party proved to be a long and boring affair and Laura soon retreated to the welcoming darkness of the cocktail bar. An unusual twist in the architecture graced the bar with a welcome pool of moderated calm away from the crashing Latino beats pumping from the dance floor speakers.

Motioning to the man behind the bar she selected a cocktail at random. She had already decided that the names definitely held more appeal in Portuguese than plain old English. Supping at the highly infused alcoholic drink Laura surveyed the bar and its occupants. The place was some what empty, most of the party crowd having hit the dance floor.

A young couple sat at the middle of the bar length were obviously lost in themselves. The girls top was unfastened several buttons down and as Laura watched them giggling to themselves she caught a quick glimpse of exposed nipple at the end of a deliciously toned breast. Feeling a little like a voyeur Laura looked away feeling her own excitement build at the sight of naked flesh. It was then that she noticed the young woman sat in the dark gloom at the far end of the bar. Even from this distance the woman looked unhappy. She was sat hunched over her tall cocktail glass obvious to the world. Long strands of shoulder length dark hair fell forwards obscuring her facial features. Intrigued and just a little bit horny, Laura decided to investigate.

“Hello” she said softly in the way of an introduction. The young woman’s head snapped up at the sound of Laura’s voice.

“I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” the woman said. Her accent betrayed away her Brazilian heritage. Laura’s secret hunch had proved to be correct the woman was extremely attractive with large brown eyes, long dark eyelashes and lusciously brown tanned skin. Her lips were full, coloured with a deep red lipstick and Laura felt her hormones stirring to the woman’s sexual attraction.

“Yes I am. You looked like you needed some company so I thought I’d join you.”

“Wait a moment.” the young woman gasped. “You’re Laura Roft, aren’t you?”

“As a matter of fact I am.” Laura replied enjoying her celebrity status for a change.

“Oh wow! I’m a massive fan of yours. You’re such an inspiration to me….” the woman was about to continue when Laura butted in.

“Please don’t go on, I get enough of that when I was on the stage. For now I’m just Laura. And who may you be?”

The woman blushed and momentarily looked away at her drink in embarrassment. Laura took this opportunity to scan her gaze down the woman’s body and admire the firm tone of her slight breasts under her thin white blouse.

The woman was wearing a short black skirt with vertical white strips running along the width. Even in the darkness of the bar area Laura could make out her well toned and extremely long shapely legs. Laura’s mind was now set. She had every intention of bedding this woman and now it was just a matter of how much fun she could have in the process.

“My name is Annabel Garcia” the attractive young woman said sheepishly as she looked up again. “Forgive me my manners but it is such a shock to actually meet the guest of honour this way.”

“What way did you have planned?” Laura asked giving Annabel her warmest smile whilst at the same time making sure she had full eye contact.

“Actually I’m a reporter.” Again she looked back at her half empty glass before continuing. “I’m meant to be getting an interview from you but I’m knew to all this” she waved an open hand in the direction of the crowded merter escort dance floor.

“New to parties, I doubt that” Laura teased. “A pretty girl like you must spend most of time at one gig or another especially down in Brazil, party capital of the world.”

Annabel smiled at Laura’s comment and turned back to face her. “No. I mean this, getting an interview. There are all these big shot names and I’m just a small fry. How am I meant to get an interview with you?”

“What do you think you doing right now” Laura smiled again. She was really beginning to like this woman. The soft rise and fall of Annabel’s hidden tits were just visible in Laura’s peripheral vision and it was becoming quick an effort not to stare at them directly. She wondered if her own display of cleavage would have a similar effect but she suddenly realised that the young reporter was too star struck to be in a position to notice her amorous propositions.

“What really? You’d really let me interview you about your daring missions into the unknown and all those wondrous sights you have seen?”

Laura gave Annabel another warm smile and reached over to brush her hand against the woman’s nearest arm. The bait was set. All Laura needed to do now was reel her in.

“Well why not? There is however one small problem”. Annabel’s pretty face dropped with obvious disappointment. “I really need to visit the bathroom for a wee.” Laura continued “and who knows who might spot me on the way back. I might not even make it back to the bar.” The attractive reporter made to say something but Laura continued. “However, there might be a way forward if you don’t mind?”

“What ever Laura, it wouldn’t be a problem for you.”

“Well you mentioned ‘daring’ in your little speech earlier.” Annabel nodded in eager agreement. “I want you to think for a moment about being in a ruined tomb that has been unseen by human eyes for centuries gone by. You are all alone and you’ve been travelling for hours. You really need a wee so what would you do?”

Annabel shrugged, a truly lovely effect considering the motion it gave to her small breasts under her light blouse. “I guess I’d find a bush and go there.”

“Why use a bush. You are in a place that humans have not visited for countless hundreds of years. Just think you could do anything you want including peeing where ever you like.

A deep blush started to colour Annabel’s face visible even in the poorly lit bar area. “You mean you just pee there and then?”

“Why not?” Laura giggled, amused at Annabel’s expression of shock. “You talked of daring so if you want your interview then I’ll have to have to do something daring right now. Is this OK with you?”

Annabel nodded dumbly. It was quite obvious that she had not registered what Laura was proposing to do.

Sitting up right in her chair Laura took a quick look around to make sure nobody had approached them. The bar tender was at the far end of the bar and the young couple were still lost in themselves. Slowly Laura started to part her legs making sure that the motion caught Annabel’s eye. As the gap between her knees widened, her short black dress began to hitch its way up her legs. Suddenly Annabel gasped as she caught sight of Laura’s bare pussy nestled at the base of her creamy thighs. The dress was now high enough to be out of harms way so Laura wasted no more time and immediately began her toilet.

The first squirt of piss from Laura’s uncovered pussy squirted forth from her lower lips and narrowly istanbul escort missed Annabel’s bar stool. Her spent pee immediately landed on the floor forming a little puddle under the Reporter’s perch. Laura waited for a brief moment to savour Annabel’s shocked reaction before letting go with full force this time. Instantly a long wavering stream of hot golden urine jetted away from Laura’s muff, spraying downwards. Her pee stream then became a fast flowing fountain of hot piss which proceeded to rain down over the tiled floor in the area between the two women.

“I can’t believe you’re doing that in public” Annabel whispered her eyes never once leaving the sight of Laura having a piss over the bar floor. Laura couldn’t actually hear what Annabel had said over the noise of the disco in the background but she could lip read well enough to guess. The beating pulse of the night club atmosphere did wonders to hide the tell tale sound her hot pee was making as it splashed all over the tiles at her feet. As usual Laura was getting an immense rush from her naughty relief. More so this time as she got to do it in front of Annabel, the woman she had every intention of fucking before the night was up.

The golden stream leaving Laura’s pee hole continued to flow downwards on its way to the floor with no sign of abating. Annabel was firmly entranced by the spectacle Laura was performing just for her and the outline of her erect nipples was now clearly obvious under her blouse. The way in which the young reported was playing her tongue over her moist lips was a clear indication of her heightening arousal as was the way her own legs were now parted wide under her skirt revealing the slightest sign of white panties underneath. Laura’s own sexual desires were raising rapidly now, both in turn to her exceeding naughty and risky piss over the bar floor area and the stimulus it was giving to Annabel. Between her warm thighs, her golden pee stream was now beginning to droop as she neared the end of her pee. Already though she had a wonderful idea of what should happen next.

As Laura’s piss came to end with one last wonderful squirt of golden urine over the floor at their feet, Laura closed her legs together. She leant over and whispered in Annabel’s ear, “I really needed that!”

For her own part, Annabel was still firmly focused on the large glistening pee puddle on the floor.

“I can’t believe you just did that!” she finally gasped. “Do you really do what you said? I mean about pissing where-ever you like in tombs and such.”

“Of course!” Laura replied edging back into her seat and taking a good opportunity to once again check out Annabel’s body in the process”

“You must have fantastic fun! Please tell me all about it” she quickly turned and started to scrabble furiously inside her small handbag before emerging with a small notepad and pen.

Laura lent back over and laid a warm hand on Annabel’s arm and whispered again into her ear “Don’t you think you need to prove to me first that you’re daring enough to be rewarded with an interview?”

Once again Annabel’s cheeks reddened which only served to excite Laura even more. Moving her hand down Annabel’s warm arm she gave the other woman’s hand a conspiratorial squeeze. “Please, for me?” she whispered. “I want to see you have a wee from that pretty little pussy of yours. Then I reward you with a full one on one.”

Annabel looked into space for several seconds and then suddenly nodded with a large grin forming on her pretty bayrampaşa escort face. “Why not? If you can do it I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t.” With that she suddenly stood up from her stool, her white high sandals coming into contact with Laura’s spent pee puddle. As casually as she could Annabel started the awkward task of sliding her panties down her long tanned legs without attracting undue attention. Watching from her stool it took all of Laura’s restraint not to simply grab this delectable creature there and then before heading back urgently to her room for a much needed fucking.

Finally the act was done and Annabel’s white cotton panties came into sight before quickly falling down to her ankles. Kicking them to the underside of the bar overhang, Annabel resumed her seat. With a flick from side to side of her long midnight hair she turned to directly face the fully aroused Laura.

Without a word she started to spread her legs mimicking Laura’s earlier actions. Laura’s excitement level went off at the peak as Annabel’s shaven pussy lips came into view. As Laura watched on Annabel started to pee. A quick couple of squirts of piss shot from the gap between her legs before she overcame her nerves and her pee stream began to spray out in earnest. Laura didn’t believe she had ever seen anything so beautiful until that moment when she witnessed this young Reporter’s toilet in the hotel ballroom.

As Annabel was sat with her back to the wall, the lights from the dance floor illuminated her shooting pee stream in an ever changing multitude of colours. Green, red, blue and still her flowing piss shower looked amazing as she squirted it out from her shaved pussy. Her pee stream shot forwards before beginning to droop as gravity caught her flowing shower and pulled it towards the floor. Annabel’s falling urine stream bounced upwards from its impact point on the floor tiles. This was only inches away from the initial puddle Laura had made just moments ago with her own gushing pee stream. Within seconds the two urine puddles had become one. Annabel continued to urinate, her fast flowing spray of piss showing no sign of slowing.

“This is wonderful fun!” Annabel shouted across to Laura spreading her legs even wider to ensure that Laura got to see the full spectacle. She didn’t get a reply as Laura’s attention was too firmly rapt on the display of pissing being carried out in front of her. Suddenly a stunning idea jumped into Laura’s mind. For the briefest moment she turned away from the sight of Annabel’s spraying piss fountain and grabbed her now empty glass from the bar. Reaching forwards she moved the glass downwards directly into the stream of hot piss flowing out of Annabel’s cunt.

Hot pee splashed into the container and Annabel giggled like a little girl at the sight of her wee filling up the glass. Her toilet only lasted another couple of seconds. It was with a massive disappointment to both women as Annabel’s pee came to an end. With a look of exhilaration on her face, her brown eyes sparkling in the lights from the disco Annabel closed her legs shut and stared with a look of deep anticipation in Laura’s direction. Placing the piss filled cocktail glass back on the bar, Laura was quite tempted to make Annabel drink her own pee as well as part of their bargain but now she could wait no longer. Standing up with her feet splashing in the warm piss puddle on the floor, she grabbed Annabel’s nearest arm and pulled her gently towards her. The Reporter rose from her chair completely willing in Laura’s firm grasp.

“You need to follow with me” Laura said commandingly into Annabel’s ear. Completely obliging Annabel did just that, following the famed tomb raider out of the ballroom and on their way to Laura’s bedroom.

To be continued…

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