Lacie’s New World

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She lay quiet and still on the bed, just as she had been instructed to do. Her arms were stretched over her head, her wrists bound tightly to the headboard. A small soft pillow was under her head and neck and the weight of her head on the pillow held the blindfold in place. The soft cotton tight but not restrictive, warm, but completely obscuring all sight. With her vision impaired in this way, all of her other senses were heightened. She could feel the rise and fall of her chest; her heavy breathing. She could even feel her pulse, quickened as it was, bounding through her veins. Her mind followed the sensation of a tiny drop of perspiration on its journey from her armpit down her side… leaving a cool trail. Warm as it was in the room, her nipples were erect… her breasts taut. It was as though they knew that some great stimulation awaited them and they rose to meet it.

None of this is to say that she was uncomfortable because she wasn’t. It was simply that she was unused to this type of exposure. The thoughts of her nakedness raced through her mind. Her freshly shaven vulva was now exposed like it had never been before. The silken bonds around her ankles pulling her legs to the corner of the bed saw to that. “What must He be thinking? Is He looking at me?” she thought.

As she lay there, her mind raced back in time as she slowly drifted to a trance-like state which may have resulted from the intensity of the preceding hours. She had just experienced an emotional and sexual intensity that far surpassed any and every other experience of her life. Her mind drifted….

It had started like so many other relationships with playful banter in a chat room. From the outset, she knew that something was different though. His nature was not demanding of respect, not arrogant. Yet she remembered how she had told Him that His presence and especially His voice were so authoritative. She remembered how her heart raced when she saw Him enter the chat room… yes… something about Him was different. Different for her at least. Even as they began talking of, and planning their first meeting, she noticed how concerned He was for her. Oh, she knew all the precautions and protocols all right, but unlike most, He had insisted that she utilize them. He had even refused to meet her in a public place until she confirmed for Him that she had made arrangements for safe calls. His concern for her safety and piece of mind touched her deeply. Never once did he ask where in Kansas City He should meet her for dinner even though He was from half a continent away. When He ever suggested that she meet Him at EBT with its palm trees, fountains and old iron elevator, she was astounded. It was obvious that He had taken time not only to search out a local restaurant, but to research all the restaurants and find the one with absolutely the best Shrimp Scampi in the mid-west. He was absorbing her… soaking in every word that she uttered. She had only mentioned in passing her love for shrimp, yet He remembered!

She did everything He had requested; arranged safe-calls, dressed comfortably and casually (no demands for pantiless attire from this Dom), and arrived precisely on time. He was already there waiting for her and she could feel His eyes land on her as soon as she walked in. His presence was everywhere, and she knew this would be a special night. He was a vision of charm and dominance throughout the evening. In His gentlemanly fashion, He ordered dinner for her and from time to time would coax one of her shrimp onto His own fork and raise it to her lips for her enjoyment. They talked about everything and it always seemed that the more they talked the more they had to talk about. He made her laugh. Still…there was something about His demeanor.. something in His eyes. He could command her with His eyes. In fact, He commanded all around Him with them. When the waiter began to approach at a delicate point in the conversation, one glance from Him told the waiter not to bother. She had fallen xslot in love with Him and those eyes and she knew right then that she would spend the rest of her life under their control All too soon, the evening was over. It didn’t end with a sophomoric grope outside the restaurant, but rather a gentle kiss on the cheek and squeeze of her hand at her car door. She wanted more.

On more than one occasion, lacie met Him. Always in her home town and always after He was sure that she had followed His precautions. She was thrilled that He was so protective of her, even from Him, but longed to be set free in His arms. He had become such an important part of her life over the last months that she found her mind, her heart, and yes her body yearning for Him. On the day the envelope arrived she was shocked… she didn’t know what to think. Was He through with her? Was this His way of dumping her, by mail? He had never made mention of writing her a letter, yet there it was. Her palms were clammy as she opened it. Nervously fumbling fingers dropped an airline ticket on the floor as she began to read His words.

Again, she followed His directions precisely, flying the very next day to Boston Logan Airport. As He promised, a car was waiting for her, but where was He? The driver was silent as they drove through the bitter cold New England night. Silent except for that one phone call. A scant ten minutes after the call, the car pulled into a driveway to a dimly lit home. The driver helped her with her bags and guided her to the door. Finally… there was Phillip waiting for her. Once inside she began to speak, but He raised one forefinger to her lips, :Shhhhhhh, My dear….no words yet”

The room was adorned with candles. Big candles and small, scented and unscented, colored and white… candles everywhere and all of them lit. The only other light came from the roaring fire in the vast four foot fireplace. The smell of the burning logs mixed with the aroma of the candles created a warmth that burned through the chill of the winter winds. All of her senses were treated. There was also simple beauty of the room with its deep carpet and red leather furniture; the elegant white drapes framing the picture window in which the snowflakes danced like tiny puppets. The crackling of the fire teased her ears against the muted backdrop of rushing water. Her mind had not yet let her question where the water sounds came from. She was too busy watching Him as He handed her a small snifter of brandy.

As she sipped, He stepped close again. this time the backs of His fingers grazed her cheek. She turned to devour them, but He stopped her by lowering His lips slowly to hers. As He kissed her that first passionate kiss, He slipped her winter coat from her shoulders. Whispering, “Wait here, : He disappeared with both the coat and her bags. When He returned, He wore only a royal blue terricloth robe and in His hand He carried a man’s white dress shirt. When He extended His hand to lead her to the bathroom, she still did not know the source of the water sounds. It wasn’t until her eyes adjusted to the candlelit room that she realized that the sounds were coming from the whirlpool tub, already filled with water and overflowing with bubbles. Apparently the whirlpool action caused the bubblebath to make so many bubbles that they spilled onto the floor, making a warm fresh cloud through which they both now glided. The surface of the bubbles in the tub was covered with rose petals adding yet another distinctively sweet smell to the room. She stood before Him, still silent as He had instructed, while He unbuttoned her blouse, His gaze fixed on her eyes. Slowly, He let it fall from her shoulders into the mass of bubbles on the floor. Deft hands unclasped her bra and lovingly cradled each breast as it too fell to the floor. Before she realized what was happening to her, she stood before Him completely naked. In keeping with His nature, He did not grope or paw at her, but easily guided her into the xslot Giriş swirling mass of warm water, bubbles, and rose petals.

As she relaxed back allowing the warmth of the water to envelop her and melt away the remaining January chill, He disappeared into the soft darkness. It was some time before He returned and knelt beside the tub. She hadn’t even noticed His reappearance until she felt the delicate touch of the bath puff against her cheek. He began stroking her body with it… touching lightly, examining; much like a trainer would do with His new championship thoroughbred. She winced as His hands touched her… touched her in her most private places, but places in which she had so desired to feel His touch. As He finished bathing her, He came to her feet. Each one was lifted inches above the bubbles and brushed with the puff. After rinsing them with a handful of warm water, He brought each toe to His lips.. sucking each one gently. She got the impression that He was coating her with Himself… claiming what was His…. forever marking it. The sensations were incredible and He took His time carefully addressing each toe. Still, not a word was spoken but her connection to Him was more intense than ever. She had known all along that she would give all of herself to Him, but His wondrous caring for her made her need to give herself to Him all the more apparent.

Even then, she thought back to the relationships that she had been in, the men that she thought she had loved. They all paled by comparison. The caring that she was experiencing was far greater than even she could have imagined. So, when He took her from the tub and slowly patted her dry and attached the broad leather collar to her neck she was ready to submit. She was not even shocked when He attached the fifty-foot long webbed leash to her collar and wound the other end around His waist. She knew that she was now always physically, emotionally and spiritually connected to Him even without that reminder. He slipped the white dress shirt over her arms and buttoned the bottom two buttons and led her, barefoot, from the bath.

The kitchen table was adorned with two graceful candelabras each with four candles. Beside each candelabra was a leather cuff. A platter of steak and bowls of carrots and mashed potatoes sat between the candelabras, yet the table was set with only one place setting. There were two chairs, one directly in front of the plate, the other immediately beside the first. She was guided to the second of them and sat peacefully. As she relaxed, He attached the cuffs to her wrists and used the short silver chains to secure each wrist to the side of her chair. He sat beside her and filled the plate with generous helpings of the dishes, poured a large goblet of wine, and began cutting the steak.

The airline food had not been tasteful and lacie had not eaten all day. The sight before her was so tempting and she was about to ask if she might eat when she noticed the carrots. They had not been cut in short sections, but were full length. They also looked as though they had been par boiled but not cooked enough to be tender. She remembered thinking that odd as He raised the wine first to His own lips and then to hers. She took a small sip but caught the clear instructions from His eyes to drink more, which she did. He began devouring the steak and sampling the mashed potatoes as she watched hungrily. It was odd, she thought when He picked up one of the carrots with His fingers rather than cut it and eat it with a fork. Understanding came quickly to her as He lowered the carrot between her knees. A horrified gasp clouded her face momentarily as the warm vegetable found its way into her. She caught her breath. Its warmth relaxed her and she allowed him to slide its entire length into her. “Good girl. You will season them most perfectly!” He whispered. Her eyes rolled back as the carrot was removed, and when she reopened them, He was just finishing a bite from its end. It was then xslot Güncel Giriş offered to her and she tasted her own juices coating the pungent richness of the crisp phallus.

She realized how much she would come to depend on Him completely for her most basic needs, as He continued to eat and feed her from His plate. The steak was provided to her on a fork, but the mashed potatoes were served up on the spongy head of His symbol of desire for her. She ate from Him greedily, wanting more than just the potatoes. All through dinner He continued to raise the goblet to her lips urging her to have more and more wine. Each time the vessel was drained He would smile and refill it. When the steak and vegetables had all been finished in that fashion, He retrieved from the refrigerator two large sundae glasses. In each was a mixture of chocolate ice cream, yogurt, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and vodka all mixed together and topped with whipped cream. They sat quietly gazing at each other as He helped her to finish her after-dinner treat.

The combination of wine and spirits had an effect on her more than to make her head swirl. Her body was telling her that it was time to retire to the ladies room, but every time she began to ask permission, He silenced her with a look or a finger to her lips. Finally, thankfully, He arose and released the chains binding her to the chair. As she got up and headed to the bathroom, a slight but firm tug on the leash let her know that He had other plans. Her eyes wide and her legs clamped together to dull the shooting pressure from her bladder, she was led to the kitchen. With strong arms, He lifted her onto the edge of the sink and balanced her there. Her arms were stretched out behind her so that she leaned back on them and once again her wrist cuffs were chained to eye-bolts at the back of the counter. A chair from the corner was moved in front of her as her need to relieve herself grew. More leather cuffs attached her ankles to each side of the back of the chair. Still, she kept her thighs clamped together, hoping against hope that she would not be humiliated by being unable to control her bladder. All hopes were dashed as He climbed into the chair between her ankles and pried her knees apart with firm pressure from his hands.

She began to whimper as He leaned forward, so very close to her now spasming lips. She was so afraid that she would be able to contain herself no longer.

“Why must you humiliate Me like this!” she cried out.

“Understand this, My dear. You are Mine…. every part of you… your skin, your breasts, your mouth, your pussy, your juices. What you are about to learn is that even your bodily fluids and your cum are Mine…. and that I treasure them!”

With that, He leaned forward and began to allow His tongue to gently trace the outline of her moist lips. His arms wound under her thighs and hands up to her belly. His tongue shot out and entered her… licking at her. Her head fell back against her shoulders and her eyes rolled back as she tried to contain herself, control herself against the constant pressure from His loving tongue. Finally, as his hands pressed against her belly, His tongue probed into her, and His voice urged her to let herself go and give all of her to Him, she realized that she wasn’t being humiliated at all. rather she was being taken, consumed whole. With that thought and a smile, she let herself go and reveled in the feelings of the warm release, the gentleness of His tongue, the sounds of Him drinking of her, and the knowledge that He now knew her like no other human being ever would.

From that moment on, all was a blur. He didn’t remove His face when she was done emptying herself into Him. His tongue continued on with her for some undetermined amount of time and number or orgasms. The next that she remembered was being lifted in His arms and carried away from the counter. Away, here to this bed where she was bound once again.

And now, here lying on His bed, she could feel Him come to her; His weight pressing onto her; her smell on his lips as he whispered into her ear, “And now, My love, now you will give the rest of yourself to Me.”

With that, she felt Him enter her and at last became complete with Him.

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