Kay Comes Home Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

As promised, Kay’s story continues. Please vote and leave comments! I’m new at this and that’s what makes it fun.

Again to my Loki, to things that were, and to things that can never be.


By the time Tuesday rolled around, Kay was almost as nervous as she was excited. She spent the day at work nibbling on her pen, trying to keep her mind on the complicated financials spread out over her desk. It was hopeless. When the clock finally snapped into place at five-thirty, she grabbed her purse, ready to begin the long drive home. She would barely have time to change before she was due at Conner’s house.

She was standing up to go when her boss, Hirano-san strolled up with a mug of coffee in hand. Kay bit back a groan.

“Ahh, Kay-chan,” began the Japanese ex-pat, “did you get a chance to revise the June forecast?”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“No, actually, but I’ve really got to…”

“Maybe you can stay a minute? If its not too big trouble, we must recalculate the forecast for Quarterly meeting.”

Kay sighed and propped up a smile. She really did like her boss. Just not when he was throwing things at her at five-thirty-one.

“I thought it wasn’t due until Thursday?”

“You are right. But Masaki-san has to fly to Thailand so we will have Quarterly tomorrow.”

“Maybe we’ll have time in the morning to review?” she asked hopefully, trying to sound casual as she fished for the deadline. “I’ve just got to run the numbers through Oracle. “

“Perhaps,” he responded, but the look on his face was a clear ‘no.’ The plastic smile got harder to hold.

“The meeting’s very early tomorrow isn’t it?”

“Six o’clock. TV meeting with Japan.”

Sometimes you just couldn’t win. Kay struggled to make her voice sound cheery; if she had to stay late, at least she’d get herself some bonus points. “Well, I can take a look at it now then. No problem, Hirano-san.” She prepared herself to begin a one-woman race against time. “Is it saved on the H drive?”

He nodded. “Gracias.” He’d been taking Spanish lessons. “Muchos Gracias.”


It was 7:05 when Kay pulled up outside of Conner’s house after an hour of furious number crunching. She was good at her job and took pride in it, but it was hard to focus while knowing what was waiting for her when she finished. Flipping off her engine, Kay hurried out of the car, grateful that she often wore skirts to the office. And heels. One of the best parts about being twenty-five and single was dressing up for work and she knew she looked good in her gray pencil skirt and collared black blouse. Sharp, not slutty, and she liked it that way.

After all, the imagination was more powerful than cleavage.

Kay took a deep breath to steady herself as she walked up the driveway, heels clicking on the concrete. Five minutes late was nothing. He might not even notice. She ran a hand through her short brown hair and mentally tried to soothe fluttering butterflies as she stepped onto the porch. Her hand reached out for the handle of the screen door.

The heavy front door swung open, sending out a whoosh of air before she could pull open the screen. Conner was standing with his arms crossed over his broad chest. With dark hair, deep set amber eyes, and new freckles dotting his nose, he was every inch the classic Irish rogue. The stern set of his square jaw made Kay’s stomach drop.

“You’re late, cunt.”

She should have known.

“Which shouldn’t be encouraged, should it?”

Kay stood awkwardly on the raised cement porch, and Conner made no move to let her in.

She looked down at her black heels. “No.”

“No what?”

She shifted her weight from right to left, unable to say the words.

“Say it. You’re already in enough trouble.”

“No, Master,” Kay mumbled. If she whispered, he’d probably make her shout it and the shame of being overheard would be enough to make her want to hide in the bushes.

“Good girl. Because you apparently couldn’t see fit to make it here on time, you’ll lose privileges.” He cocked his head to the side, every bit the judge and executioner. “You’ve just lost the right to wear panties in my house. So if you want to come in, take them off.”

“Here?” she squeaked. Her face went bright pink.

“Now.” He grinned wickedly and it made him looking crushingly devious. Kay felt her pulse quicken.

Kay glanced around the neighborhood. No one was out, but it was still daylight outside. She took a deep breath and braced herself, the memory of being punished with the belt still too fresh in her mind to consider disobeying. As fast as she could manage, Kay shot a hand up her skirt and deftly pulled down a bright red thong. Hurriedly, she stepped out of it and scrunched it up in her palm, terrified she hadn’t been fast enough, terrified someone was watching her.

The red silk was wet in her fist.

Conner stepped back from the doorway, his requirement satisfied, and finally nodded permission for her to enter.

Unable to resist, Kay launched xslot herself at him as she swept through the doorway. The purse got tossed to the floor and she rushed into his arms. Conner grunted in surprise but wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled their bodies close. Just the nearness of him made the rest of the word fade away, pushed into some dim corner of her consciousness. All the neighbors, the office – everything else she was – became nothing more blaring radio commercials. His presence alone had turned the volume down.

After a moment, Conner leaned away but left his arms around the small of her back.

“Look at you. My pet’s all grown up.”

She preened as his eyes swept over the blouse and skirt, drinking her in. He bent down and pressed his lips gently against the curve of her neck. A wordless moaned bubbled up. His fingers went to the button at the top of her blouse and pinched it open. A second button followed, and then a third to reveal the flash of her red silk bra, a blazing burst of color against the drab office clothes.

Conner leaned back again to admire his handiwork. “You look just like a secretary.” The subtle emphasis on the word told Kay he was referring to the men’s magazine kind, not the pre-law kind. That spark in his eyes said he was imagining her getting spanked over the CEO’s desk for leaving typos in the cover letter. She pushed up against him, inspired by the mental picture.

A hand slipped through the half-open blouse to explore the revealed flesh and deftly slid behind the cup of her bra. Fingertips brushed against her nipple and brought another soft moan to her lips. Conner grabbed her hardening nipple and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger, pinching hard enough to make Kay grunt.

“I’ll bet no one at work knows what you’re really like.”

Just the thought sent a jolt through her. “Of course not, Master.” God, she’d die if anyone knew.

“But I do, and tonight you’re going to prove it to me.” That beast in his eyes unfurled, filling the brown depths with excitement. It called to her and Kay licked her lips in anticipation. “I’ll bet all the guys in your office enjoyed looking at you today.”

Kay nodded. There weren’t many young single women, and even if most of the men were discreet, she still caught them staring at her silky legs or glancing down her shirt. She imagined them straining not to lean forward, hoping to get a glimpse of creamy white skin pushed together along the curve of her D-cup bra. She really didn’t mind. It was flattering to imagine they went home to their wives and jerked off to how she would look bent over a desk.

If they only knew.

“Well, I get to see what they don’t.” Conner extracted himself and moved away to take a seat on the sofa. He spread his arms casually, but didn’t indicate she should sit down. Kay waited uncomfortably, feeling a lot like she had gotten called into the bosses office. She didn’t dare sit down next to him without permission, and stood in the doorway twisting the ring she wore around her middle finger, an old nervous habit. It amused her to remember that he had bought if for her so many years ago.

But there was more serious business afoot.

“I’m sorry for being late,” Kay mumbled, looking down at the floor.

“I’ll bet. But that doesn’t excuse you.” His stern voice meant she was still in trouble and the need for atonement warred with the fear of punishment. “Now go stand in front of the TV, pet, I want to see what’s mine.”

All Kay wanted was to be closer to her Master, but that tone brooked no argument so she obediently maneuvered around the coffee table to stand facing the sofa.

Conner twirled a finger at her like a king in his throne room, cool and controlling. “Turn around.”

She complied, turning slowly. Her heels made echoing sounds on the wooden floor.

“Now lift that skirt up to your hips.”

Kay felt her face heat up. Her hands went to her skirt and the wave of shame went straight to her pussy. She began peeling the gray wool up over the globes of her ass, exposing first the tops of her black silk thigh highs, then the pale skin of her bottom. She never wore garters but loved the naughty look of long stockings; it was like walking around the office with a dirty secret.

Conner made a sound of appreciation low in his throat.

He liked thigh-highs too.

Kay wished he was close enough to feel how wet she’d become. He hadn’t even touched her yet, but all she could think about was how his fingers would feel grazing her skin, slipping through her hot slit.

“Spread your legs shoulder length apart,” he directed. When she shifted her stance he went on, “Just like that, pet.” She could feel his eyes exploring her every curve. “Look at that ass.”

Kay stood there on display staring at the TV screen and felt her face turn scarlet. Some man was selling fertilizer, completely oblivious to the girl flashing her bare sex at at him. She could feel the cool air slide over her soft skin.

“Bend xslot Giriş over and let me see my cunt.”

Another wave of heat, this one more intense, left her quivering at his command and Kay knew if Conner were close enough to feel, he would find her pussy already eager for attention. She lowered her hands to her knees and began to lean forward.

“All the way down. And stick that ass out like a good cunt.”

With no choice but to obey, Kay closed her eyes to the guy in the commercial and all but folded herself in half, back arching to offer up her bottom invitingly. She felt the lips of her hot sex split and pull apart, giving Conner a clear view of the pink folds of her most private of places.

Conner’s voice was silk. “Now that’s how a secretary should look, bent over and ready to be fucked.”

In her mind’s eye she could see herself, gray skirt bunched up over pale hips, black thigh highs framing luscious red lips, slick with the evidence of her humiliation. Her pussy would have stood out like a red flag, soft and wet, begging for a cock. Need flared white hot in her belly.

“Do you want to be fucked, pet?”

She couldn’t make herself say it.

Conner’s voice hardened. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Keep going.”

She took a deep breath and complied. “Yes Master, your pet wants to be fucked.”

“Good girl. Then do it. Put two fingers in your pussy and fuck yourself. I’d like to be entertained.”

Kay moved her hands up to her wet snatch and sunk two fingers into the heat she found there. She was already wet enough, just from being on display, that they pushed in easily. She started moving her hand in and out, and it felt good to have something pressing inside her. Conner would have felt better, but she did her best to imagine it was his cock splitting her open. She increased the tempo and a small moan slipped out.

“That’s enough.”

She stopped on command, still bent over with her ass pushed out, compliant and vulnerable. Her fingers came away slick with her juices. God, she wanted him near her. She’d spent all week fantasizing about his hands, and face, and cock. Now he was five feet across the room and she just wanted, needed to feel him. This was the worst sort of punishment.

Pain, it seemed, wasn’t the only way to teach a pet a lesson; deprivation worked just as well.

“Stand up, turn around and open yourself for me.”

She cringed at the order, but knew better than to try to resist. Kay turn around in her heels and stood before her Master. It took every ounce of strength she could muster to make herself reach down to her shaved sex and pull her lower lips open. She could feel the blood in her face and thought it might boil in her veins, but she lifted them to revel the tender pink nub hiding in the creases of delicate skin.

“Good girl,” he cooed. “I’ll bet you want to rub that clit, don’t you?”

She swallowed. Oh god, yes.

But Kay kept her eyes down and only said, “Yes, Master.”

He chuckled. He always knew when she was hungry for him. “If you had been on time, maybe I would have let you. Now crawl and fetch me a beer. You can get one for yourself if you’d like.”

Frustration tightened up her throat as Kay knelt beside the coffee table and went down to all fours.

“Leave that skirt around your waist, though. I want to watch my pussy as you go.”

As she sauntered on her knees through the kitchen doorway, Kay couldn’t help but marvel. Her nerves were bundled tight already, her pussy was soaked, and he hadn’t even touched her. She wanted his mouth, his hands, his cock. She wanted him all over every inch of her body. She wanted him in her mouth and in her pussy, and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. No other man had ever gotten her so hot before.

In less than five minutes. Jesus.

Still on her knees, she pulled open the door of the fridge. The cold air hitting her open pussy sent a chill through her. She hurriedly grabbed two cold bottles of beer and spun around to make the trip back.

Uh-oh. With two bottles in her hands, how was she supposed to crawl? After last time there was no way she was going to walk back. She transferred both bottles to one hand and thought about shuffling forward. That was definitely not going to work. Finally she palmed both and went down to her elbows, ass sticking up lewdly.

Kay scooted forward awkwardly with the wet velvet of her slit upraised and exposed. Foot by foot, she slid one elbow at a time across the tile floor of the kitchen, careful to keep a tight grip on the bottom of the bottle. When she made it around the corner on her elbows, Conner chuckled.

“Clever pet. I wondered if I’d have to get the belt out.” Kay kept her eyes glued to floor, too embarrassed to look up. “But it appears you can be taught after all.”

She kept going, excruciatingly aware of the sight she presented from behind, until she was beside Conner’s position on the sofa. Gratefully, she returned to a kneeling position xslot Güncel Giriş and put both bottles on the coffee table.

Kay paused, waiting for direction.

“Well? They’re not going to open themselves.”

Kay grabbed the first bottle and twisted off the cap, lifting it up for her Master. He waited for her to wrench the top off the second bottle before leaning down to stroke her short brown hair. The touch of his fingers was lightening on her skin. His fingernails caressed her forehead and swept back a piece of stubborn brown hair. It was a small offering but it was enough. She tilted her head to the side and her eyes closed lazily. When he leaned down to kiss her forehead, she moaned under her breath.

“Hello, pet.”

Inane words, but she blossomed for him. He held such power; she wondered if he could possibly know how much.

“Hello, Master.”

He smiled down at her and clinked his glass against hers. “To forgotten treasures.”

Kay joined him in taking a cooling sip, then smirked.

“You know, that could be the slogan for Antique roadshow.”

Conner’s face softened and he laughed at that, tightening his fist in her hair and giving it a gentle tug. “Smart ass. Come up here.”

She obliged him willingly, and set her beer down to straddle his lap. With her skirt still around her waist, Kay was overwhelmingly aware of the closeness of him. He smelled good, like always, dark, masculine, and heart-achingly familiar. Her body molded to him instinctively.

When she tilted her head down, he lifted his chin for a kiss. Their lips came together slowly but as unavoidably as the ocean tide. When they finally met, it was like throwing a match on a puddle of gasoline. Reality disappeared in a flash of flame and smoke and Kay gave herself over to the fever he kindled in her. Conner lashed at her tongue with his own, and she accepted it willingly. His mouth covered hers completely, eager to drink her in, to lay a claim, to make her give everything over to him. Her body pressed against his and she could feel his arousal. His hands slipped through the hair at the back of her neck before an arm swung down to her lower back to pull her closer.

When he leaned back to break the kiss, she only went at him harder, hands in his hair, fingers holding him to her and refusing to let go. The rumble in the back of his throat said he didn’t mind at all. The kiss deepened again. Her hands grabbed at his neck and shoulders. His hands slipped down to her exposed bottom, caressing and squeezing the soft flesh.

Finally, damn it all, Kay had to breathe. She sat back, panting lightly.

“Someone happy to see me?” he teased.

“Always, Master,” she smiled. She dipped her head down to plant a kiss on the side of his neck.

“You have to ask for that.”

“You have to make me.”

She had half expected to be punished for her petulance, but his eyes were still full of play. Conner’s hand fell away from her body and one came up to rustle her short brown hair. She giggled liked a child, delighted, unconcerned. His fingers trailed down to caress the side of her cheek. When his thumb curled around her jaw to trace over her lips, Kay held still, letting her Master explore her face.

“Last time we didn’t get to talk much,” he murmured, but now he was looking at her lips hungrily. The mood transitioned seamlessly. The playfulness was gone, replaced by a teasing silkiness.

“No, Master,” Kay agreed, getting lost in the nearness of him. She bent down to kiss him again, but he pulled back.

“Why was that, pet?”

“I was…” she had to pause to make the words come out, “a disobedient cunt, Master.”

“Good girl.” He leaned in and licked her bottom lip teasingly. “And?”

“And…I could only think about having my pussy played with, Master.”

“Is that right?” Conner’s hand gently glided over her bare thigh, spread open to sit across his lap. The fingernails grazed her naked skin, bringing goosebumps out on her arms. He moved inches away from the tight bud at the top of her snatch.

“So what are you thinking about now?”

Kay closed her eyes and willed him to keep moving closer to the bundle of nerves at her core. He shifted his fingers up her thigh, flirting with her skin and sending sweet ripples of pleasure along her nerves.

“Say it, pet.”

Her mouth parted as Conner traced careful circles in the crease where her creamy legs joined her pelvis. The fingers darted in to lightly brush her clit.

“Having my pussy played with, Master,” she whispered. Her hips moved forward on their own volition, hungry for more of his touch.

Conner slapped her thigh with a ringing smack. Kay jerked back at the sting and surprise.

He moved his mouth next to her ear and whispered, “Hold still.”

His fingers began to slowly trace the outside of her lower lips, whisper soft and oh-so-close. When they passed over the top of her pussy, just skimming across her clit, Kay groaned in wordless frustration.

“And why do you like having your pussy played with?”

Because it felt amazing? Because he could make her cum hard enough to forget her own name? But she knew what she was supposed to say.

“Because I’m a slut, Master.”

“Very good. A greedy little slut.”

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