Judge Ordered Slavery Ch. 04

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Thank you for following Ryan this far.

All Characters are over the age of 18.


I was fairly certain I had never owned these clothes. The shorts were very tight, and very short. The shirt was more or less a half shirt. I was thankful it was still warm outside. I was both humiliated and turned on by all of the long looks I received in the grocery store. Both men and women stole glances and stares. I had completely forgotten about the steel collar on my neck until the D ring jingled as we loaded the truck with the groceries.

It was Thursday evening, I had just two full days before the event was going to be held Sunday afternoon. Master rented tables, chairs, and catering dishes. A truck showed up the Friday morning, I was told to wear clothes while the driver and I unloaded it.I set up all of the tables, chairs, and canopies. I was supposed to remove the clothes after the driver of the truck left. I instead had been staring at something left over.

There was still a pile of black planks sitting on the ground. There was a small booklet under one. I opened and read that it was a stage, and how to put it all together. I quickly realized that this was going to take a while.

When I finally finished, it was dusk. I was completely exhausted. I went inside.

“I hope you have an idea for a quick dinner it was supposed to be in my hands 20 minutes ago!’ Master said from the living room when he heard me enter the kitchen.

I remembered I still had a lot left to do. Thankfully I had plenty of groceries to figure out something quick. I served his dinner and was glared at. I looked down and realized I still wearing the clothes I had put on to unload the outdoor furniture. “…oh fuck…” Was all I could think.

He had eaten quickly. He was clearly angry about the clothing. I wasn’t allowed to eat. Not dinner, nor his cum. As I shivered in the heavy gauge kennel in the basement, I realized I was not going to get any sleep. I had to cook for fifty people the next day, I would be exhausted through all of it.

I survived Saturday. I prepped all of the food. All I would have to do right before people arrived at 1pm, was to heat everything. This day too, was even more exhausting. All I wanted was to sleep. Master had other designs. He was still a bit pissed off.

“If i punish you properly, I don’t get to fuck you. So I had to get creative.” He opened his hand to show me something in his palm. It was a blue pill. He popped it in his mouth. The conflicting feelings I had as I watched him swallow it, made me feel somewhat insane. Part of me LOVED the idea of being plowed all night. Yet, my body screamed for rest. “Just 4 hours…please just four hours!” My worn mind screamed.

I thought I could at least be comfortable laying on my stomach as he used his property. I just could not catch a break. He laid on his back and held his monument like cock in his hand, straight up.

“Come sit on this boi. You are going to show your Master how bad you feel about what you did.” I was a bit worried as I climbed up on to him. The last cum I had inside me was days ago, and there was nothing to lube me. He removed the butt plug, and as it left, I knew I was going to be in some pain. I was dry. he didn’t even ask me to suck him first, so at least there would be my oral juices.

I positioned myself on top of him facing away from his face. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down. The friction was searing. He pulled harder, and even though I had relaxed and opened as best I could, he still was only very slowly making progress. The pain was worse then my first time. My teeth were clenched as I panted through the pain. I wanted to please him, but I was about to break my silence and beg for mercy.

“See what happens when you miss a day or two from Master’s attention?” He knew he was hurting me. It didn’t stop him. I finally felt his head pop in. He now forced in further, scraping my insides like sandpaper. I couldn’t help it. Tears began to well up in the corners of my eyes. It was all I could do, I wasn’t allowed to complain.

Relief came when he retreated slightly and then pushed again. My own lube had started to help things along. Finally after what seemed to be an hour of constant agony, the torture was over and bliss began to wash over me like moonlight. I felt his hands leave my hips and I was left to work his meat over.

Now things were going much more smoothly. In this position, however, he was getting deeper into me. It felt as if he was rearranging my organs, and completely missing my prostate. My cock ached for relief, it’s pathetic stance wiggled slightly as I bounced on him. My thighs began to ache as I worked him. Even in my state I could feel every vein on him, he seemed larger then ever before. I imagined his cock head coming up through my throat and out of my mouth impaling me with it’s unforgiving rigidness. It’s almost how it felt.

Finally, he took mercy on me, ordering me on all fours. It was an instant bursa eskort bayan relief. He slammed into my “happy slave” button and I released five heavy spurts of cum after only four thrusts from him. It landed on the sheets below my chest. Out of hunger I scooped up as much as I could and ate it. I had never enjoyed the flavor as much as that moment.

Master kept pounding me. It had to have been a half hour. My mind wondered a bit, how I had gone from complete pain, to insane pleasure. He adjusted, bending over me and holding my shoulders. With this grip he could get deeper, as he did I felt my arms and legs go weak. I was cumming again. I collapsed onto the wet sheet. It didn’t even slow him down.

With me flat on the bed, I must have become much tighter.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good cum whore!” Finally he began to make the sounds I knew that meant he was close. I squeezed my exhausted hole as best I could and got what I had been missing for far too long. He growled as his back bent backwards and I was refilled with his reward.

He rested his body on top of me. He kissed my neck, as I felt his limp cock begin to slip out of me. As he caught his breath, he asked a question that was difficult to decide.

“My load has two uses for you boi. I know you are hungry. Do you want the cup or the plug?” He said sleepily.

As if on cue, my stomach grumbled. I chose to ignore it. I loved being fucked, but not with his 8 inches without lube.

“Master, please allow me the plug.” I asked. I could feel a little cum dripping out of his cock, onto my thigh. I made note of it.

“Huh, surprising. That must have really hurt without lube. Yeah?” He asked as he rolled off of me to grab my plug.

“Yes Master, it was very…ugh” He pushed it in me. “…difficult and painful Sir.” I would not lie to him.

“Well you will eat good tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the show.” He was drifting. He turned me away from him and spooned me. “It’s going to be a…twinks…leather.” He was breathing deeply. I was amazed how fast he fell asleep. I was laying in the wet spot which reminded me of the small glob of his sauce on my leg. I scraped it off with onto my index finger and sucked it off. I adjusted the blankets and fell asleep.

The coleslaw was done, and chilling. The little sausages and the sauce was in one slow cooker, and I was chopping vegetables while the meat cooked for fajitas. Master was outside cooking bratwurst and hamburgers on the grill.

I would have been surprised that he was helping me, but for the way he woke up in the morning holding me tightly. He pulled my plug and quickly replaced it. He slid easily into me, and I whimpered out of bliss. He didn’t last as long as the night before, but he didn’t need too. As we lay still spooned, he topped off my slave cunt with his fresh cum. He slid the plug into me as he escaped from my vise like grip on him.

It wasn’t just his smile, or the way he had held me. It was what he said that made me understand things were changing. I thought about him in his bedroom as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I was on an emotional high. I was happy to be used, and was feeling proud of my collar.

“You are the best slave I have ever met, let alone owned.” He had said. “You didn’t cry out, you didn’t beg for mercy, you took it dry. It hurt me pretty bad too.” He smiled genuinely. It was strange to see.

I looked out the kitchen window. He was busy turning brats.

The pot on the stove was boiling pasta for the Swedish meatballs, which were in the second slow cooker. I was wondering what the slaves were going to be eating. I had not been given any instruction to make a separate meal for them.

Master came in as I was draining and shocking the pasta. I had a meatball in my mouth and was, just now trying to hide my chewing.

“How are you going to keep these brats hot while we wait for guests to arrive?” I swallowed before I turned and faced him.

“That pot on the stove has beer, onions, and butter in it, put them in that. It’s my mothers way of making sure the brats are cooked and the beer enhances the flavor of the bratwurst Sir.” A tiny bit of food flew out of my mouth as I spoke. He saw it. I must have made a face.

“I would hope you were testing this food before you serve it. I heard that is what all good chefs do! Anything else I can do to help?” He said. I nearly fainted.

“Um…Master could you take the buns and plates out to the table?” I asked sheepishly.

“Sure thing. This is going to be a great day! I can’t wait to show you off!” He grabbed a bag of heavy paper plates, a couple bags of buns and disappeared out of the kitchen.

I was in disbelief.

The guests began to arrive and Master helped me get everything out to the tables. The Sterno was placed under the chaffing dishes. I was instructed to shower, and then meet him at his lawn chair in the yard. He told me as I had not eaten in a while, I didn’t need bursa merkez escort an enema, and I would be needing his lube in me later.

I dried off, straightened my collar so the hinges were on my shoulders and the D ring was laying correctly. I checked that my plug was barely visible. My bubble butt hid it well. The base could only be seen when I bent slightly. I was presentable to Masters friends I believed. I was cold. My slave stick showed it. I knew it was still hot outside, I hoped it stayed small to be the best looking twink

I got outside and saw Master sitting front and center in front of the middle of the stage. Men in boots and leather vests were devouring the food I made. Next to most of the chairs with Masters in them, were naked slaves Bois aged 18 all the way to one that could have been in early forties. All skinny, short, and thin. I looked at their collars, many had leather ones, some had heavy banded steel ones. Only two others wore the rolled steel “Gorean” style like I had.

I knelt next to my Masters chair. His tone had changed drastically. I supposed it was to show his power over me.

“Get me Swedish meatballs with some of that pasta, and a bratwurst with onions and mustard boy.” He ordered. I wanted to be the best slave in the yard. I lowered my head to him, and said, “Yes Master”.

As I crossed the yard to get my Owners food, I began to notice that almost every conversation going on in the groups of men at the tables, was roughly the same. Where they found their prized boi, how the training went and how good they were. So I was a bit disappointed when

I returned with the food to hear my Master talking about farm properties. It seemed that he and the Master next to him planned to go in jointly on a farm in the future. I also got the distinct impression that Gregg, the boi next to my Master’s friend, and I would not be the only two slaves there. Master gave me permission to eat and so I went to get a plate for myself.

When I returned the subject had changed to the schedule for tonight. I still had no idea what the hell was going to happen. Before I finished my plate I was told to throw it out and help Gregg clear the stage. After we finished we joined Gregg’s Master, and one other at a long table facing the stage. Each Master had a stack of thick, index sized cards with bold print numbers on them. I finally understood why I wasn’t in the competition. My Owner was a judge.

Another thing that was nagging me, was if I would ever get the chance to talk to any of the other slaves. I wanted to know what their experiences were like. Did I have it good or bad? I was kneeling on the ground, watching a bug crawling up a blade of grass. These thoughts and questions paraded circles in my mind until a booming voice made me jump.

“Gentlemen! Gentlemen! If I can have your attention. We need to get started as we only have a few hours of light left, and as our host, Dan, is too cheap to rent outdoor lights we will have to be efficient.” The tall man on the stage said. This got a barrage of laughs.

“I see a few new members of our group here today, so I will explain all of the events, and the order they will be held. We have 16 fine specimens in this years competition. There will be 4 prize winners. Best Masochist, Best Cock Slut, Best Bitch, and of course, Best in Show.” The man looked around, and noticed the new members had old members whispering to them, answering questions.

“Alright I will explain what the judges are looking for. The best masochist is the boi that lasts the longest to escalating amounts of your normal, typical household torture, without expressing any sign they are suffering. Even a wince stops the bois time. The judges have very little to do with this category.” He took a breath.

“Best Cock Slut goes to the boy that can take the most, length and width. While doing so, show a want for more. The judges are looking at body language, verbal utterances, and of course, over all inserted volume of the artificial cocks. Just as a reminder, it has happened before that the winner DID NOT take the most volume. Instead showed a true wanton need for cock.” The tall man explained. This produced some grumbles from the crowd.

“Best Bitch is a highly coveted award. It is the most complicated award as well. This part of the show takes the longest and, let’s face it, is the least entertaining.” Laughs from the crowd.

“The judges are looking at…” He read a list rapid fire. “Fullness of lips, teeth condition, body hair below the nose, smallness of shoulders, slim muscle tone, back ridges, stomach tightness, shape of legs, size of feet, roundness of ass, and lastly size of boi clit.” The tall man inhaled deeply noisily for comic effect. It worked, he got a laugh and a short round of applause.

“The Master awarded Best in Show owns the twink with the highest score overall. All four of the winning Owners can then choose to auction the slaves immediately bursa sınırsız escort bayan after the awards are given. Only the winners will be eligible for auction today. Private sales and trade of your own chattel is allowed at any time.” Tall man let this sink in for effect. Behind me, I could hear deals being discussed, and wagers being placed.

“The Masters picked numbers from a hat for each event for the order in which their bois will be shown. FIRST however…we will introduce the participants! Let us begin!”

The tall man stepped to the back of the middle of the stage as a procession of Masters, and leashed slaves climbed up the stage on the left, paused in the middle to have their names read, and then walked down at the right side.

“Master Jacob, and Ron…Master David and Timmy…” It took just a couple minutes to introduce all of the entries. Mentally I picked two boys as the highest probability to take Best in Show. One slave who looked very much like me, named Kevin, and one I thought has the biggest butt, named Josh.

Master got up with the other two judges, and walked on to the stage. The first slave up was the one called Josh. The “Best Bitch” award was first. This worked best as the alcohol was just now flowing, and many were still eating. The tall man was right. This was boring. I watched as my Master ran his hands over the twink on stage. He and the other judges ordered the slave into numerous stances, with their hands all over the slave. The whole time this is going on, the three judges are taking notes.

This part of the event took almost an hour. Finally Master returned to his chair, and began reading his notes and doing math. The other judges did the same. This took another 15 minutes. After all of this, the tall man called each Masters name, and the Judges held up the score for the twinks.

One of the “horses”, Josh, I had in the race failed miserably on the Best Bitch with a 5. Yet, my other one, Kevin came away with the second highest score, an 8. The highest was a 9 by a boi named Seth. I was rooting for Kevin quietly.

The next event was the Masochist. Whipping, caning, flogging and paddling were not allowed as, everything had to be the same for each entry. Nipple clamps, ball weights, needles, electric, ball clamping, and finally ginger root was used. Josh, the big butt redhead placed second, my Kevin third. Seth came in at 8th. He was out for Best in Show.

I had Josh’s ass, and Kevin’s features. “I’d have already won this!” I thought.

The last event was the one, everyone enjoyed. The twink had a microphone in front of them as they were fucked by machines with various sized dildos, in both mouth and ass. It ran alternately, between mouth and ass, then at the same time. After the six inch round, every slave on stage had cried for more. Some could act after the 9 inch skinny round, (or were genuine cock sluts), others reactions were very badly faked. By the 10 inch and thick round, only my horse Kevin was still reacting as if he wanted more. Ron took second.

I had wished I had been allowed to place a wager. I wished I could lay next to, and speak to Kevin late into the night.

Kevin won Best in Show. A commotion broke out as soon as the award ceremony was finished.

The auction started. The Best Masochist “Timmy” sold for $20,255.

Seth, the Best Bitch, sold for $23,750

Kevin won Best Cock Slut, and Best in Show. His owner, initially refused to sell him, till he heard some of the numbers being discussed.

Kevin was sold for $75,900.

Kevin was bought by the John the cop. I had met him on my first day in service to my Owner. He had to do something other then police work, no way he could drop 76k on a whim with a cops salary.

My Master pulled aside the “Master” whom had entered the slave with the worst overall score. He looked to be a large stocky teenager himself. Ryan thought he could have been a running back.

Dan simply told him that he was not fit to be a Master, and his boi would be put to good use. When the young “Master” asked what was going on, My master simply said.

“Anyone that tries to enter a slave that out of shape, and untrained, is not a real Master. You are banned from the group, and your boi will serve me here. Leave my property now.” The man in his late twenties nodded and walked toward his slave.

“Who mentored that kid? Who let him into the Company?” Dan was taking it personally.

“You can’t ban him, and you can’t take his property Dan. It has to be put to a vote, and a vote is what got him in.” John said quietly.

They stood on the stage away from everyone. The young man was explaining things to his boi, a tall chubby 18 year old, named Gary, and was about to leave.

“Where was I when he got voted in?” Dan asked sharply.

“We were looking at properties that day. They took the vote with out us.” John sucked his teeth trying to remove meat lodged there.

“They can’t take a vote with both Vice Presidents missing can they?” Dan was trying to remember the by-laws.

“Dan you may be right. Hey Master Gavin?!” John yelled at the tall man. “Oh, and Elliot, don’t leave just yet. Come up here.” The young Master turned and walked toward the stage along with the 6′-8″ Company president, Gavin.

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