Janie in Alaska

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This story is about a sexy, independent, intelligent – and don’t forget naughty – twenty-something from California. Her jobs, internships, and universities take her to many unique places, where she usually finds herself getting fucked silly. She enjoys men and women alike. Please read, comment, and vote!

I arrived at my Alaskan destination after four different flights, including one float plane. It was late in the evening but the sun wasn’t cooperating; the natural lighting made it seem about 5pm. I was due to start a new seasonal job the following day. My first impression of my new “home” was positive: the air was brisk and clean, the snow looked pristine, and three absolute hunks came out of the bunkhouse to help me with my luggage!

All three of the men seemed friendly and sincere. The first was only slightly taller than my five-foot seven-inches, with crinkled eyes and a light brown beard. He introduced himself as Rob, and had a genuine smile on his face. The second was Neil; he had on sunglasses so I couldn’t see into his eyes (what a shame!) but his handshake was noteworthy. The third had amazing blue-green eyes which pierced through me quickly, but he then angled his gaze downward shyly. He mumbled something but shook my hand thoroughly.

“My name is Janie, as you probably already know,” I said. All three of them stared quite blankly when I pulled off my ball cap and a mass of pink hair, the color of cotton candy, fell across my shoulders.

“You’re gonna get teased for that glowing pink head o’ yers,” Rob chuckled.

“Yeah, we ain’t used to no city gurls ’round here,” Neil grinned.

The third one stayed quiet but seemed to be thinking of some harsh nick-names for me. I knew I was in for an interesting 7-month stay.

The next few days were a transition phase. I had insomnia because the sky didn’t get dark until about 11pm. I brought warm clothes, just not warm enough; the snow drifts were still eight feet high in late April. Thank God for mail-order catalogues like Cabella’s! Of course, I was used to having sex every night with my boyfriend, Greg, back home. I ended up feeling a bit homesick but that quickly subsided as my infatuation grew for my attractive co-workers.

The job was hard work but I fell into the routine. The amenities were excellent: my own dorm room, cable TV, and a gourmet chef. The facilities were top-notch, in fact they put my University to shame. Definitely the best part about the job was my co-workers. There were 10 in all, out of which only four were women. I was the only employee from California, so of course I was teased every time I said the word “Dude”. They nick-named me Pinky in honor of my hair color.

I got along well with everyone. I found myself very attracted to Mike, they shy one I mentioned before. He was the tallest at about 6’2″ with large shoulders and curly brown hair. Mike’s handsome jaw line and gorgeous aquamarine eyes were probably his best features. He was just so darn shy; it took me about four months to get to know him! My eyes also wandered in Neil’s direction to check out his cute butt when he was oblivious to my wicked thoughts. Neil had a great sense of humor, rugged good-looks, and smooth grey eyes. Neil and I had a lot in common and often lounged in his room watching movies or playing cards. Rob was the head boss and not really my type, but he was fun to drink with.

And we did a lot of drinking; all of us. That’s one thing about Alaska – there isn’t much to do but drink! We had a party just about every weekend. Despite all the drinking, I didn’t fool around with any of the men. Although my boyfriend back in San Diego agreed to my “open relationship” suggestion, I didn’t hop into bed with anyone right away. My best explanation for this is that I couldn’t decide which boy I liked better, Neil or Mike. Since neither had put the moves on me, I figured maybe I just wasn’t their type. Perhaps a crazy, liberal, punk-rock California girl was just too much for them!

It was nearing the end of May and my sex-life still consisted of my fingers, the showerhead, and racy emails to my boyfriend back home. Finishing my shift one Friday afternoon, I headed toward the bunkhouse in need of a shower. As I climbed the stairs to the bunkhouse entrance, Neil passed me going the opposite way.

“It’s poker night, Pinky. You in?” Neil asked, flashing me his lop-sided smile.

I sighed, “So you can take all my hard-earned money? No way!”

“Not playin’ for money. It’s strip poker!” he said with a wink.

I studied the way he was eying me. “Yeah I can see that as being fun,” I said sarcastically, “me naked in a roomful of clothed men. Where do I sign up?”

Neil caught my sarcasm immediately and played along. “I bet you would like that. I know about you California girls.”

“You’ve been up here in the boonies so long, I bet you forgot how to use it anyways,” I countered nodding towards his crotch. I thought he would appreciate my humor, but his smile faded and I knew I had gone too far. Rumor had it escort bursa that Neil hadn’t gotten laid in over a year.

“Well, we start drinkin’ and dealin’ at nine if you wanna come. And I was just kidding about the strippin’ part.” He stormed off with his hands clenched at his sides.

My heart sank with guilt. How did I know he would take it so personally? I figured he’d get over it and went about my shower.

At nine-thirty I entered through Neil’s doorway which was propped open. Neil had a dorm to himself separate from the bunkhouse. All the guys were around the table: Mike, Neil, Rob, Nick and his girlfriend Bailey, and Jayson and his girlfriend Andie. I had put on some make-up and a cute grey t-shirt with tight denim jeans. Bailey whistled at me when I came in. Jayson razzled me too. I glanced at Neil to see his reaction, and by his expression he seemed to have forgotten about my harsh joke from earlier. His eyes told me that he had already consumed a few beers.

They weren’t playing poker, it was a card drinking-game I was familiar with from college. I joined in on the fun, and Neil scooted over to allow me to sit next to him on the bench seat. Mike quietly got up to use the restroom and I eyed him as he left the room. Damn, both men were so incredibly hot! I wished I could have them both! I put my odds on Neil because I figured Mike was just too shy.

The game continued and I had a few gulps of booze in my belly, when Jayson and Andie got up to leave. Actually they were arguing so Neil kicked them out, telling them to go fuck it off. We all laughed. Neil glanced at me sheepishly and winked when he noticed me giggling at his joke.

The night wore on and we were all heavily buzzed. I wanted to get Neil alone but I couldn’t think of a plan to execute. Maybe I should just sit and wait until everyone else leaves? That wouldn’t work, I told myself; Neil could drink me under the table and I didn’t want to be completely sloshed incase the opportunity to fuck should arise.

Finally Bailey and Nick headed for the door, obviously eager to make love their own room. I couldn’t help but notice how all of us stared at their backs with envy as they left arm-in-arm, lips pressed together.

We played a couple more rounds before I decided to call it a night. Rob and Mike seemed like they could play the stupid game all night, and if I drank one more sip I would probably regret it in the morning.

The only thing that kept me from leaving was one real threat – bears. I am usually not afraid of bears, but a female and her cubs were spotted earlier that day. Most of the guys don’t mind walking me to my room after dark, so I decided to use that excuse to get Neil alone with me. I got so excited about my ingenious plan, a huge smile spread across my face.

“Wow, what’s that mischievous smile for, Pink?” Rob asked me.

“…uh, I was just thinking about my next move…of the card game.”

“Uh-huh. Neil, you’d better watch her, she’s plotting something evil over there,” Rob joked.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m watching her. Believe me.”

I noticed Mike shoot a look at Neil. What the look meant, I couldn’t decipher. I decided to throw my cards down so they couldn’t talk me out of leaving.

“I gotta get some sleep guys. Someone mind walking me home? You know, bears and all,” I sighed and glanced around. I put my hand on Neil’s thigh beneath the table-top and squeezed lightly. He jolted up and grabbed for his coat while Mike and Rob eyed him curiously.

“I can walk her home, Neil,” Mike quipped. “You don’t have to leave your place; I’m goin’ that way anyway.” His brows were raised in an almost pleading expression.

Neil shoved his sock-clad foot into his boot and stammered, “Well, I…I thought we could finish the game when I get back. I need to smoke a cigarette anyhow.”

I couldn’t help but grin. Were they fighting over me?

“Well, whatever…” Mike said.

I finished tucking my pants into the boot cuff and righted myself. Neil practically pushed me out the door. As we walked away from his house, I noticed he stood apart from me.

“I had a bit to drink, Neil; hold my arm.” I looped my arm around his and pulled him closer to me.

We strutted through the snow slowly; it crunched under our feet. We could see our breath just slightly. It was dark outside but the moonlight made the snow glow brightly, so we followed the snowmobile tracks behind the bunkhouse to the back entrance.

Neil hadn’t said a word to me since the card game. I reached for the door handle but couldn’t think of the words to say to get him inside. We stood next to the entrance just staring at the ground for a few seconds.

Finally, I said, “Thanks for the fun night. You wanna come to my room?”

“That’s what I was thinking about…are you sure you want me to?” We both knew what we were talking about now; where this was bound to lead us. “Janie, I’m one of your supervisors. Are you sure you’ll still respect me?” Neil asked, serious.

I bursa merkez eskort wanted to laugh. What guy honestly cares about respect when good fuckin’ is to be had? I had to stifle my giggles for fear of upsetting him again. “Of course! I respect you now, and even more so if you come to bed with me. Will you still respect me?”

“…Yeah. It’s just that I thought you had a boyfriend back home,” Neil said looking into my eyes.

I sighed, “Well, he’s not here now, is he?”

Neil grinned and walked inside with me. We held hands as I lead him down the corridor to my room. His hand was cold so I squeezed it. My bedroom door was slightly open and a dim table lamp lit the room giving the walls a peach glow.

We fumbled with our own clothes and tried to kiss at the same time. I could smell tobacco and Olde Spice as Neil pulled his flannel shirt over his head, too impatient to undo the buttons. I was glad I wore my pink lingerie, the color of raspberry jam. My breasts spilled out of the cups as I danced on one leg, trying to remove my jeans. Neil’s arms were around my middle as he pulled me close.

We kissed a bit sloppily before falling onto my twin bed. I felt the roughness of his upper-lip; he hadn’t shaved in a few days. His tongue was quick and darted into and around my luscious mouth. The alcohol made me bold, so I went right for the fly of his Carhart’s. Neil leaned back against my pillows and tilted his pelvis towards me. His dark green boxer-briefs were stretched over an impressive bulge, and my mouth watered in anticipation.

I slowly lowered the material down so I could view his arsenal. He was packing heat, that’s for sure! It was probably the smoothest and softest skin over the hardest dick I have ever felt. He must rub a lot of lotion on it, I thought.

Neil groaned urgently, almost as if it hurt, when I placed my mouth over the tip of his perfect pink cock. He breathed deeply as I sucked him longingly, never letting the tip out of my mouth. I felt his heavy arm fall across my back and his hand tangle in my hair. My excitement continued to build as his cock grew larger with each ministration. My stomach tingled as I contemplated how he would feel inside me. We both began to groan, him as I increased my suction, me as I tasted pre-cum. We were both lost in the moment.

Until my bedroom door swung open rather abruptly and someone walked in. Neil and I broke apart instantly, the suddenness of it sobering us.

There stood Mike in the doorway, a mixture of emotion in his eyes.

“Goddammit Neil!” he roared. “Why’d you have to do that if you know I like her?!”

Neil covered his hard-on with a pillow and shot back, “Well fuck, Mike, if you like her, you should have made a move on her!”

“I was going to until you walked her home. Some friend you are!” Mike pointed a sinister finger at him.

I stared blankly as if watching a tennis match; my gaze following the dialogue as they argued back and forth.

“What, just because you tell me you have a crush on her means I can’t get laid?!”

“That’s just a fucked up thing to do, Man!”

“I gave you plenty of time to make your move, Buddy; you snooze you loose.”

“Yeah, you’re gonna be snoozing when I punch you’re fuckin’ lights out!”

That’s when I stood up. I positioned myself between the two of them and held out my arms to stop Mike from advancing. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I looked into each of their faces sternly.

Neil began tucking himself back into his pants. Mike crossed his arms and furrowed his brow at me.

“Look, I know you guys are like best friends. I think it’s silly for some pink-haired slut to come between your friendship,” I laughed at myself. Both men grinned slightly. I continued, “The truth is, neither of you can have a meaningful relationship with me because frankly, I got one of those waiting for me when I get home. And I am going home…in five months! After which you two will be here jerking off alone until new seasonals arrive next spring.

Both men were staring at the ground like two little kids getting yelled at by their mother.

“So, the only thing to do is enjoy the time we have together and quit fuckin’ fighting.” I crouched next to Neil on the bed and moved the pillow aside. “Mike, I think you are a very attractive man. If you want to join in on the fun, please stay and strip down. If not, you know where the door is, and have a good time with your hand.”

Neil burst out laughing, “I knew all girls from California are sluts!” He jiggled his dick back to life and smiled up at Mike.

I was silently praying Mike would stay and join in; I was horny enough to handle both men!

Mike grinned at us and stood still for about 30 seconds while I licked on Neil’s quickly-growing cock. I could tell he was trying to decide between the horny feelings in his loins versus the somewhat religious upbringing he had in Minnesota. Mike uncrossed his arms and let them hang at his sides.

“She bursa sınırsız escort sucks a mean cock…” Neil told him, as if trying to help make up his mind.

“Fine, but you owe me,” Mike said to Neil.

“Eh, I’ll let you fuck her first.”

I could barely give head due to the huge smile on my face! I watched out of the corner of my eye as Mike shed his sweatshirt and jeans. His body was as nice as I thought it would be: smooth white skin over exquisitely formed muscles, only slight chest hair, and a few tattoos on his back and forearms. He began stroking himself as he watched me attend to his friend. I moved my head so I could see his groin, I was curious to see if he had a large cock to go with his large body. I was not disappointed!

Mike reached out and pawed at my ass, almost as if he were testing me to see if I would change my mind about our little threesome. I moaned and pushed my pink panty-clad ass up at him. His fingers hooked into my panties and slid them around, watching how my plump rump responded. Mike massaged my ass cheeks in turn, and kissed them lightly.

“This is the only thing I really wanted; what a fuckin’ nice ass!” Mike said, to no one in particular.

He crouched down on the floor and pushed my panties to the side. My shaved pussy was in view so he moved his hand all over my warm mound.

“Janie, spread your legs and sit on my face,” Mike instructed. I tried to move my panties down, but Mike just moved them to the side and pulled me down on top of him. He leaned against the side of the mattress and planted his tongue right on my clit. The abrupt contact made me jolt up and giggle, but Mike’s big hands on my ass kept me from going anywhere. I found a comfortable spot and ground down onto his face.

The position was so that I couldn’t reach Neil’s cock with my mouth, so I spat onto my hand and worked his shaft. He grinned at me and moaned as I moved my small, soft hands over his dick. To his delight I milked him expertly and tugged on his balls.

The whole time, I was groaning and yelping while Mike fucked me with his tongue. His nose tickled against my clit and his fingers squeezed my ass cheeks. He pulled my cheeks apart and spread my asshole open, then dipped his tongue down further to probe it. I went wild and a series of foul words escaped my lips as I told him to tongue-fuck my ass. In response, Mike used two fingers to fuck me: one in my pussy and one in my ass. He went slowly at first since I was tight, but with enough spit, my holes accepted his digits. I was stretched wide around Mike’s thick fingers and continued to tug on Neil’s smooth shaft.

Mike removed his fingers and pinched my clit between his index and middle fingers and licked my engorged nub. It felt wonderful! My pussy really started to juice up.

“Oh, fuck me boys; I need it so badly!” I urged.

Neil pulled me up off the floor and positioned me over his erect cock. He was just about to lower me down onto it when Mike objected. Mike pulled me forward into his arms, laid me down on my back, and held my legs wheel-barrel-style while he stood next to the bed. I felt his eyes on my tits so I reached up and pinched them for him so he could see how my nipples respond. Mike was excited, I could tell by his breathing. He removed my panties, spit on my splayed cunt, and drove his large curved cock into me.

I tried to yelp, but Neil crouched next to me and fed me his cock. I turned my head to accept him, my eyes wide with the realization that two horny cocks wanted a home. Neil fondled my breasts and tweaked on my stiff nipples.

“Look at those things!” Neil said in amazement as he manipulated my flesh. “What size are they Sweetie?”

“Thirty-eight double-D,” I gasped around his cockhead.

“Fuck, she’s got a nice pussy too,” Mike commented. He increased the speed of his thrusts and watched my tits slap around on my chest. Neil watched them too, while he stroked his shaft and I sucked the tip of his dick. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked him hard.

“Oh, God!” Neil hissed as I swirled my tongue around the eye of his cock. I took over stroking him and tried to stuff his whole length into my cheek. I licked the underside of his shaft and then sucked him hard like I had done previously. I timed it so that as Mike’s body collided with mine, I bucked forward onto Neil’s lovely pink cock.

“Fuck, Janie, I’m gonna cum,” Neil announced in apprehension. He might have been worried about where to let his seed fly, but I made an executive decision by closing my mouth over his cockhead and sucking for all I was worth.

My efforts were rewarded as three spurts of warm seaman shot into the back of my throat. I swallowed it all down in one gulp, and continued to milk Neil’s member until he was squeaky clean. Neil groaned and squeezed the last drop onto my lips, which I rubbed in like lip balm.

Mike watched, hypnotized by the scene in front of him. He bent my legs over his shoulders and climbed on top of me so that his face was in my neck. I loved all of his weight on me! His cock felt huge as it hit me deeper and deeper. Neil sat back on his haunches and watched Mike cover me with his large frame. Neil coaxed his cock back to life while Mike fucked me into oblivion. Sweat started to form on both of our foreheads as we rode each other.

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