Johnny Uses Me

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I was 18 years old just out of high school, I had got a construction job with some guy who was friends with my dad. John was 55 years old, 5’9” 270 pounds. He was a stereotypical pot bellied dark Italian guy, think the Soprano’s Big Pussy. He hooked me up with the job and every Friday we would hang out with a few other guys we worked with and get a buzz and smoke a little weed.

John like myself was a night owl so we would end up just talking and getting messed up by ourselves into the wee hours of the night. We would usually catch the cheesy Skin-a-max movies and make fun of them.

One Friday John pulled out a video and said he was sick of the bullshit softcore flicks so we watched his flick, I believe it was Anal Angels 17 or something along those lines. Anyways the movie was hot and we were both squirming to hide our hard ons.

A guy was fucking a little Asian girl up the ass, he had a completely shaved package. I made a comment about how real guys don’t do that shit. “I shave mine,” Johnny said. Apparently my body language said yeah right because he decided to pull his package out and show me. My jaw dropped there was his thick 7.5 inches of hard thick cock completely shaved, not a stray hair on his balls.

“Mind if I get off since it’s out?” Johnny asked. Trying to be cool I just shrugged. He stripped off the rest of his clothes and started stroking away. I just sat there uncomfortable watching him jerk off that massive smooth rod.

Then I noticed I was staring, I looked away quick. “Like what you see homo?” Johnny asked. He caught me staring. I laughed it off and went back to the flick. He got up and came over to me jerking right in front of me. “Answer me when I ask you a question faggot,” he said.

Grabbing me by my hair he shoved my face to his dick. “Suck it bitch, open that slutty queer mouth,” he pressured. With that he laughed. “I’m just fucking with you boy,” he said sitting back and finally busting his nut. Nervously I laughed too I was horny as hell and not sure why that interchange had turned me on so much.

In the course of the week I decided to shave smooth too. Shaving my cock and balls clean. Deciding it looked weird to have shaved everything else I shaved my crack and asshole too. I was horny as hell all week from the incident with Johnny last week and couldn’t wait masaj porno to hang out Friday night.

Once everyone else took off for the night Johnny pulled out some crazy bondage flick and popped it in the DVD player. Without hesitation he stripped down and started jacking off. This time I decided to do the same.

“Oooo look who shaved!” Johnny said. Walking over he asked to see. I lifted my cock and showed him my smooth hairless balls. “Did you shave your asshole too Tony?” Johnny asked. I said yes, flipping over to show him, and explained I thought it looked weird. “Yeah right you fucking cockslut.” he said smacking my ass.

“You missed one,” Johnny remarked, reaching down and plucking a hair from my asshole. I winced from the quick sting unconsciously stroking my rock hard cock. Johnny took advantage of my daze slowly inspecting my asshole up close.

“All set,” he said happy that I was now absolutely devoid of stray hairs. He then spit on my asshole, “think you can tease an old man boy?” Grabbing me by my hair with one hand he was slowly inserting a finger into my tight virgin hole with the other. I moaned as his finger plunged the depths of my bowels.

“Last week was a test to see if you’d go for it. Now I know you want my big cock you fucking sissy.” Johnny said. I couldn’t speak I just moaned.

“Look at you you fucking dirty little slut. You have a man older than your daddy fingering your tight little bunghole and you are in heaven.” Johnny said, pulling tightly on my hair and fingering my asshole harder now, and he was right.

“Beg for my cock you little faggot. I could tell you wanted it all week.” Johnny said exuding masculinity. I begged, no I pleaded like a crackhead. I wanted his cock more than I have ever wanted anything.

“Come suck Daddy’s dick whore,” he said sitting down. I nearly dove at his crotch. I eagerly started sucking for all I was worth. Coating his big thick dick with saliva I deepthroated him and gagged a bit. He was moaning and his cock was leaking precum like a sieve into my mouth.

Jerking him I licked and sucked his sweaty balls, they smelled from a long day at the construction site. “That’s right boy lick those dirty balls and when you are done eat my asshole out bitch,” Johnny grunted.

Lifting his balls I öğretmen porno slowly rimmed his asshole as he jerked his cock. He would slap my forehead with it and streak precum across my face. “Enough slut, time for the main event,” said Johnny.

With that I was taken over to a cushioned foot rest for his chair, I forget the real name for it. “I got you some presents to go with the bondage theme,” he said producing a paddle, some rope, a butt plug, anal beads, a dildo, a blindfold, and a ball gag. Positioning me face down with my ass hang off the end of the foot rest, he tied my hands and feet to the four legs of it, blindfolded me, and inserted the ball gag. I was wide open for anything.

He walked away I could hear his cell phone being dialed. He left my dad a message saying I was sick from drinking a bit too much and was going to stay over tonight. Then there was silence until I felt the sting of the paddle as it smashed my ass.

Then he called someone else. I heard him telling his buddy Paul from work that he was right the kid is a fag and if he wanted ass he should swing by. With that business taken care of he lubed me up liberally with some vaseline.

I felt the anal beads being inserted one after another. Then I heard him walk away again, coming back moments later and making a racket behind me, then silence again. I felt his breath on my neck and ear. “You are being taped slut,” he whispered, “I’m going to tape you and post you on Kazaa you filthy whore.”

Then the anal beads were slowly pulled out. Each bead exiting was followed by a blow from the paddle. Finally I was empty and the beads were replaced by the butt plug which felt very short but very fat.

After a painful few minutes of working it in the plug was totally in. My poor virgin hole was spread to the limit. I was shaken out of my feelings of pain by a slap across the face from Johnny’s big cock. He smeared my face with precum then spit in my face calling me a slutty fag.

After several minutes of abuse the plug was removed and replaced by the dildo. The dildo was massive shaped and colored like a real cock it was 10 inches long and thick as hell. Johnny inserted the head and it felt like my hole was going to split. Then once the head was in Johnny mercilessly plunged it into my bunghole oral porno he turned the dildo on to full vibrate then I heard a roll of tape being pulled.

Johnny duct taped the vibrating monster inside me and walked away. He was gone for about 10 minutes, but in that time I had become a crying, sweating, groaning, and squirming mess. Finally the dildo was removed.

Replacing it was the head of Johnny’s cock. He slammed right in with no regard for my pain. Suddenly my ball gag was removed and my blindfold lifted as I looked up at a naked Paul. He was about the same age as Johnny, but much heavier at around 310 pounds and probably the hairest man this side of George the Animal Steele of old school WWF fame.

Paul shoved his small 4 inch dick in my mouth, his sweaty belly smacking my face. He reached beneath me pinching my nipples. I was moaning around his puny dick, in heaven from the solid ass fucking Johnny was giving me. Paul pulled his dick from my mouth and demanded a rimming.

That was enough for Johnny as he came in my tight hole. I could feel his warm sticky load coating my insides as we both moaned together. He continued to stroke my hole as he softened.

Meanwhile I was eagerly eating Paul’s hairy asshole making a meal of it. “Your turn to fuck this sweet manpussy Paul,” Johnny said dismounting me. Paul moved to my rear to fill my void.

“Clean my cock with your filthy slut mouth fag,” Johnny commanded. Willingly I opened my mouth to receive the shit and cum streaked man meat ass Paul entered me resting his belly on my back and tugging my nut sack roughly. Paul took his time fucking my ass nice and slow taking time to yank my sack and slap my asscheeks.

I felt Johnny’s cock stir in my mouth as he got hard again. He pulled out of my mouth and told me to tell him I was his slut.

“I’m yours,” I said, “any time you need release my hole is yours for the taking.” Johnny was stroking in my face. “I’m your ass slave,” I cooed, “I will do anything to please you, anything.” With that Johnny blew his second load in my face.

Paul meanwhile was abusing me and fucking my ass with his pathetic little cock until finally he came a few minutes after Johnny. Paul fingered my ass feeding me Johnny and his own cum from my used asshole. I eagerly ate it off his fat sausage fingers.

With that I was released from my bonds and allowed to jerk off into a cup from which Paul forced me to drink my own cum. I was so turned on from acting like such a slut that I came buckets and slurped it all down eagerly. After which the three of us retired to bed periodically waking to mess around.

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