It’s the Weekend

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It’s the weekend and you had just finished work and were going back to your work donga when you heard a familiar voice. “Giday stranger”, you turn around and say “Hi” to Hayley. It’s been two weeks since you have seen her. She came out with you when you got busted by that trucker. You remember, the one who saw Harley eating you out. Then he found you at the truck stop and, well you never did say what happened but I know you did enjoy yourselves as you keep telling me. (Read the story, Long Drive To Work)

Anyways, Hayley is at your donga now and waiting for you to finish work. As soon as you enter, Hayley is all over you. She kisses you deeply and gently works her fingers into your hair until she is holding you tight. You sneak one hand down to her snatch and just press really hard. You wriggle around and grab her arse just as she tells you, “Better get ready, Honey. I have a surprise for you”.

You know better than to ask her what the surprise is as from past experience she will not be telling you anything. You tell her that you have to have a quick shower and you can be ready in a flash. She smiles at you knowing that she will follow you into the shower and give you a proper wash.

You close the door, enter the small bathroom porno and strip. Stepping into the shower you quickly wash the days dust away. Hayley steps in and again holds you tight. She lathers you up and gently washes the suds away. You are on the verge of an orgasm when she announces that’s it, all finished. Dry yourself, get dressed and let’s go.

You are puzzled by this, she doesn’t usually let you hang like that. You again realize that she always likes to be in control, and this is just that. Anyways you do become more hornier the more you are teased.

She is ready in a flash. You notice that you both are wearing the same clothes you wore when that trucker fucked you both. Short skirts, a loose tank top with no underwear. She grabs the keys for the ute and says, “Ok, you ready for this, girl. Are we going to have some fun or what?” With that you close the door to your donga and jump into the ute.

The drive back to your unit is pretty uneventful, except for the fact that Hayley instructs you to play with your pussy but NOT to make yourself come. You are wet and your fingers easily slip into your snatch, your long fingers reaching those places that tend to drive you nuts. Your pure white fingernails disappear into japon porno your pussy and reappear. As the big trucks pass you by, Hayley ensures they pass on the left so that they can see what you are doing, you hear them as they blast their air horns letting you know that they appreciate the show you are putting on. You nearly cum three times, just stopping yourself before that point of no return. Even when you shove a finger into your arse, you control yourself and don’t go too far.

As you approach your unit in the city, you grab your own pussy and just squeeze. You wonder to yourself what she has planned. You just lay back and enjoy your own wetness knowing that soon you will be gushing pussy juice, one way or another.

You arrive at your unit; it is of course in darkness. You both walk to the door and enter. You turn on the lights and then you notice me. Yes, Hayley and I have organised me to visit for a whole weekend. I leave late Sunday night but until then, its SEX, SEX and more SEX.

You immediately jump into my arms, hugging and kissing me frantically. It’s been months since we had real sex, sexting doesn’t count here. Hayley just sits back and watches. She knows that this week-end will lezbiyen porno be wild.

You untangle yourself from me and then rip my clothes off. You drag me into the bedroom. No need for foreplay, you are wet from the trip and now after seeing me, all you want is my cock in your cunt.

Your mood changes and you command me to lay back and just get my cock into you. You straddle me, facing me. You push down hard and in one sweet motion, I am in balls deep. You grind your pussy back and forth. Within only a short time you are cumming all over me. Fluids are running out of you and down my balls. Hayley see this and in a flash she is naked, and straddling my face while pushing you backwards so that you are laying on my legs. My cock slips out of your cunt but she pushes it back in and then starts to lick your snatch. I enjoy Hayley sitting on my face, my tongue finding her slit and then her clit. I work my tongue from one to the other as she does the same for you. You however also have my cock in your snatch. You are cumming again and when I push my finger into Hayley’s arse, so does she. I blast squirt after squirt into you pussy. It’s been a long time and I have a big load for you. Hayley however has other ideas, as she licks my cum from you.

We all hold each other for a while before you get up and say, I’m hungry. Who is for pizza and beer?”

We laugh as say “I am”. All three of us know that that will give me time to regain my strength so that a night of fucking can continue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32