Incest, Joey’s Desire

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~ The requests were just too many to ignore, and so I once again return to Incest. I admit I wasn’t totally happy about leaving off, as I did, and knew (as so many of you) there was much left to relate. Thank you all for your support and continued reading of my tales. ~



“ALMOST…anywhere momma!” Abby added in, giggling, and then eased her body across the bed. Jean motioned for me to climb on the bed and then slid on herself. The two gorgeous women sandwiched me. Abby raised her leg and pulled me against her warm, supple, body, as she rested her leg across me and Jean. Jean pulled in tight pressing her firm tits into my back and dropped her hand to slide between my legs. As her fingers closed around my ball sack, she whispered,

“Rest Joey…close your eyes and think about being the happiest man alive. Your sister and I will see to it.”


The next morning I woke, sweating and wide eyed with the words to an Eagles song – Hotel California – fresh on my mind. “…you can check in any time you like; but you can never leave…” The erotic dream I’d been having turned nightmarish, in the early morning hours. My second waking thought was of the two women – Abby and Jean.

‘Christ…am I…checking in?’ I wondered lying there on the bed, unable to move. What they offered was absolutely incredible and tantalizing. But, fear had raised its ugly head and doubt crept into my mind that morning.

Moments passed as I slowly looked around the room, finally realizing I was alone. I began to feel stupid about the dream induced paranoia.

‘Dumb ass…Oh course you can check out — any time you want!’ I thought and sat up, swinging my legs off the bed. I even managed a smile recalling Abby’s gift, the night before, and Jean’s involvement, as I walked off to the bathroom.

Standing at the toilet, I forced my semi-hard cock down and forcibly relaxed enough to pee. The streamed started slow and jerky and just when I reached full force Abby and Jean stepped in, dressed for the day. A little shocked, I turned and gave them a sheepish grin, as they closed the distance.

In movements I swore were choreographed, they eased in next to me, Jean on the right and Abby on the left and planted soft kisses on my cheeks.

“Morning!” They said simultaneously, with cheerful voices.

Each placed a hand on my bare ass, as they leaned in to watch me finish up. Jean tenderly trailed one finger down the length of my cock, stopping just shy of the piss stream, as Abby whispered in my ear.

“Mom has a real special surprise for you later.”

“Abby! You weren’t going to say anything! And besides Joey…it’s not just me! We have to leave for a bit, would you like a …” and Abby cut her off finishing the sentence,

“A morning quickie?” and grinned sliding her hand down to join Jean’s.

“No — no I’m fine…really, I just need to shower.”

Looking at one and then the other, I swallowed hard seeing how eager they were to do anything I wanted. Two small pouts formed, holding only a moment, as the smiles returned and they both gave my penis a small squeeze and laughed.

“Hell Joey can’t blame a girl for trying. Oh, by the way, you were wonderful last night!” Abby cooed in my ear and she squeezed my left cheek tightly before stepping away and adding, “Coming mom?”

I had stopped peeing and Jean gently shook my cock bringing my attention back to her.

“Actually, Joey, we’ll be gone for most of the day — oh yeah, Andrea called dear.” She commented and slowly released my penis. Jean planted one last kiss on my cheek, before answering Abby.

“Yes I’m coming…Christ you’re always in such a hurry Abby!”

I turned from the toilet and watched Abby and Jean’s departure. ‘Nymphos — they’re both fucking nymphos!’ I thought, as the Eagles song re-entered my head.


The next hour passed in a mental blur of erotic images and thoughts. I was seated outside, on the porch, having coffee before I even realized it. I knew I needed to call Andrea but, stared at my cell phone with a mixer of anger and foreboding.

I couldn’t place the anger. Perhaps, deep inside I knew my time with Andrea was coming to an end. The feeling of foreboding was easy, as the mere thought of Andrea finding out sent a chill through me.

I recall actually trying to rationalize the entire situation, that morning. Amazingly, thoughts of telling Andrea entered my head. In some convoluted way of thinking, I tried to convince my self she would accept the “ménage a trois ” between mother, daughter and son.

My thoughts faded when I saw a small dust cloud rising up, along our, long, in drive. I stared at the small swirls of dust, rising in the morning rays, turning the light into a mixer of reds and orange.

The shop til’ you drop syndrome ingrained in Abby, dismissed any thoughts of the girls return. And so, I found myself standing, peering through the thick stand of trees, catching a glimpse of the red colored vehicle approaching.

I groaned when bitlis escort I realized it was Andrea, pulling up in her, bright, red Mustang. I wasn’t ready for her by any means but, I was curious as to why she had come. I greeted her with a wave, as she stepped from the car and yelled out,

“Joey…hi! Why didn’t you call me – didn’t your mother tell you I called?” as she walked towards the front porch.

“Hey Andie…sorry. She told me but, I was just relaxing and forgot I guess…forgive me?”

“No.” She answered, tossing her long blonde hair off to the side. With long graceful strides Andrea reached the porch quickly, accentuating each step with gentle side to side hip thrusts.

She was gorgeous, as always, and a bit under dressed. She approached wearing a halter top tied just below her breasts, barely containing the pair, and shorts that appeared painted on — at least from a distance. My smile faded when she stopped just short of the porch steps, with hands on her hips.

“You don’t look hurt.” She said with pouting lips.

“What? Oh…my back.”

“Well yeah! I called your work and they said you got hurt.”

“Just a back sprain Andie, nothing to worry over.”

“Worry? And just why would I worry about you – you insensitive shit?”

“Aw come on now Andrea…I said I was sorry!” I pleaded.

“Yeah but, you haven’t invited me up…I mean, I swear I think you want me leave or something.” She replied, forcing her pouting look to extremes.

I took a step towards Andie, offering my hand and winced at a sudden back spasm.

“Oh shit! You are hurt!” She cried out and rushed up the steps.

“God Joey I was just teasing…I really was!” She said grabbing me around the waist.

Gently Andie maneuvered me back into the porch chair and hovered over me. Her perfume was intoxicating. The close proximity of her scantily covered breasts created an instant reaction, causing me to groan out.

“Oh God — Oh God…what? What can I do Joey?” She cried out, feeling helpless.

“Back spasm!” I groaned again, bending slightly trying to hide my growing erection.

Andrea stood fidgeting above me, unsure of what to do, wringing her hands.

“Should I rub it Joey? You want me to rub it…tell me!” She cried out.

“Yeess…God yes, rub it please.”

With a slight hesitant move, Andrea bent over and started to lightly rub my back, much too light and far too high. I wasn’t actually faking it, it did hurt some but, nothing near the way I acted.

“Harder Andie…please, and lower!”

My urgent plea galvanized Andrea into action. Bending more, she dropped her hands to rub my lower back, in hard circular motions. Her actions placed one breast on my shoulder and it felt wonderful, as it rotated and rubbed on me. Her other breast wiggled against my bare back, providing alternate sensations of cloth and bare skin caresses. I grew harder and started to smile.

“Oh yeah, that’s it…a little lower.” I moaned.

Again, I felt a hesitation in Andrea’s massage. She turned her head to peer into my eyes, suspicion growing on her face.

“Lower?” She mumbled.

“Umm…yeah lower please Andie.”

Slowly, Andrea’s hand and fingers started in again. Her hand pressure increased just as I felt her hands slip inside the waist band of my shorts. I turned my head watching her taunt belly muscles working hard, as she massaged me. Her full breasts wiggled against my upper back, as she used both hands, massaging my upper buttocks and lower back.

“Joey…I don’t think I should be this low…are you sure it hurts this far down?”

Oh yeah…I’m sure…lower even.” I moaned out.

Andrea made a final move, stepping in slightly and pushing her hands as low as she could go. She was firmly massaging just the top of my ass cheeks now. Her step towards me assured full body contact and I reached to grab the back of her leg. She let out a soft gasp.

“Joey! I — I can’t…Umm, get any…are you sure Joey?”

I eased up on my grip and slid my hand up, cupped her ass cheek and kneaded my fingers into her crack, moaning out,

“Yeah I’m sure…down low like this.”

“Joey I can’t…”

“I’ll move!” I said quickly, hoping she wouldn’t catch on.

I felt Andie raise up and released my grip on her ass. When I looked up at her blushed chest and hard nipples, I smiled and started to move. She still hadn’t seen my erection and I groaned faking the difficulty of getting up from the chair.

Andrea helped me immediately, grabbing my arm and pulling. I let her take a lot of my weight before finally standing. I eased over on top of the porch table, moving as if I was I in real pain.

I managed to free my stiffened cock from the waist band, as I dropped onto the table. Groaning louder, I waited with my ass jutting out and half exposed. I made a final plea as I struggled up on my elbows.

“Joey…my God you want me pull your…what about your mom?”

“Yes for Christ sake – they’re bolu escort gone…they’re both gone! The doctor said I sprained my ass muscles…massage ’em!” I cried out, faking the pain.

“Joey…I — I don’t think we should be doing this out on the front porch.” Andrea said in almost a whisper, even as her fingers tugged at the waist band of my shorts.

I felt Andrea’s hot breath on my lower back, just as she stopped pushing on my shorts, leaving them around my knees. It seemed like I waited forever before her fingers, trembling slightly, were placed on my ass cheeks.

I almost yelled over Andrea’s delaying but, instead I said something even worse.

“Andrea please…what’s the big deal? Abby helped me the other day when she came home! You’re my girl friend and you won’t…

I immediately knew I’d fucked up. I jerked my head around to catch Andie’s look of shock. Her hands were still resting on my ass, her mouth wide open.

“Abby…Abby did this for you?” She whispered and turned her head to stare at my backside in disbelief. Before I could say another word Andrea gasped out,

“My God you’ve got a hard on! You’re hard Joey…were you hard when Abby…” and she fell silent. Andrea’s hands trailed off my ass, as she sat back on her haunches wide eyed.

I slid off the table and back into the chair, my erection quivering in front of Andrea.

Frantically, I searched for words to rectify what I’d said. I found nothing and in a weak voice I finally said,


“She…she saw you hard…like that?” Andie managed to mumble, as she pointed a single finger at my penis. I nodded my head and kept silent. The nod did it. It happened so fast I couldn’t catch her.

With a brief eye flutter, Andrea listed to the side and, like a rag doll thrown on the floor, fainted away on the porch.

‘Whoa…that was fucked up’ I thought and stared at Andrea’s limp form, wondering what to do next.

Several minutes later, after my erection had died away, I stood and pulled my shorts up. I couldn’t leave Andrea where she was and I bent to pick her up. I quickly found out that her diminutive 110lb frame was much heavier than it looked. After a little maneuvering, I finally got my arms under hers, cupping her tits, and pulled her inside the house.

She showed no signs of coming to, even after I wrestled her onto the couch. I took the time to prop up her head with a pillow and without realizing why, untied her top and flipped the ends to the side, exposing her chest.

Somewhere in my mind, I recalled hearing that people in her condition should have their clothing loosened so they could breathe easier.

Standing over Andrea, staring at her large areolas and nipples I was certain that who ever thought of the idea was absolutely right — that beautiful pair needed breathing room. I left to get a cold wash cloth and a glass of water.

Settling in next to Andrea, I gently placed the cool wash cloth on her forehead. She seemed comfortable and didn’t stir. It was like she was asleep, napping hard. I bent down and kissed the nipples Andrea had offered up so many times in the past, wishing we were making wild passionate love.

Andrea stirred momentarily, rolling to the side. Her nipples were hard from my brief attention and she mumbled words in a dream, I couldn’t make out. I still had no idea of what to say to her, when she finally woke up. With slow, cat like movements she stretched out and yawned.

“Hey you okay?” I asked.

“Huh? Why…did I sleep long?” She responded rolling back over, looking up at me.

“Not long…half hour or so.”

“Oh man did I have the wildest dream. You were in a hospital. I went to see you and a nurse was giving you a massage…” She started out and yawned again.

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah…and when I walked in I saw you were naked. Your butt was in the air for some reason…she was rubbing your back and then I saw she was rubbing your…”

“My what?” I asked quickly when Andie hesitated in retelling her dream.

“Your…penis Joey, she was rubbing your penis…you had a hard on!”

“Holy shit Andrea…you were dreaming all that!!” I said just a she realized her breasts were bare.

“Joey…what the hell! I’m naked!” She cried out and tried to cover her breasts.

I lied and told her when I came back in I’d found her that way.

“I untied my top?” She asked, giving me disbelieving look.

“I guess…so what happened in the dream?” I asked, quickly changing the subject back to the dream.

“Huh…what…the dream? The nurse was your sister! When I look away from what she was doing I saw it was Abby!” Andrea mumbled looking down at her exposed breasts – breasts that her small hands could in no way cover adequately.

“Jesus Andie…that’s one wild dream!” “Yeah you’re telling me…shit! She spoke to me. She told me I had to rub your back and if you got hard I had to make sure you came too…something about back pressure — Joey why are my nipples burdur escort hard?” Andrea replied ending her dream story.

“Erotic dream?” I asked and shrugged my shoulders, enjoying Andie’s quizzical expression and feeling relieved she had yet to make any connection with the porch conversation. That didn’t last too long.

The “light” came on almost instantly there after. Andrea’s eyes widened and she sat up quickly, forgetting about her breasts.

“It wasn’t a dream! Abby has seen your hard on…Oh MY God and she made you cum too…didn’t she Joey?” Andrea blurted out, squeezing back into the couch corner like a frightened animal.

“Andrea wait…it’s not what you think! You were dreaming!” I shouted back and immediately regretted it.

“Bull shit Joey! You wanted me to do the same thing out on the porch…you told me she saw your…” Abby started off angrily and then, quickly changed as amazement washed over her face and she added,

“She wanted to Joey…YOU WANTED HER TO…you didn’t force her — did you?”

I got up from the couch and walked off towards the kitchen. I may have looked calm but, my insides were churning. I knew a lie would only screw me and the truth would, more than likely, bury me. With a shaking hand I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a beer and continued my journey to the porch.

In silence, Andrea followed. Her open top, apparently, had become less of an issue in lieu of the conversation. When she walked through the door to the porch, her breasts moved easily in front of her and she took a seat opposite me – waiting.

“Joey…what aren’t you telling me Joey?” She finally asked, exasperated at my silence.

I gave Andrea a faint smile and took a long draw off the beer.

Following a final “well?” from Andrea I launched into the entire sorted tale. I left nothing out. Not mom, not Abby, not my father and his, purported, “problem” and most certainly not the daily insistent and urgent demands placed on me by Abby and Jean.

At the end, I felt Andie’s hand pull my beer away and watched her drain the half bottle in two large gulps. I hung my head and waited for the tirade I was sure would follow. Instead, Andrea placed her hand on my arm and whispered,

“My God Joey…your some kind of sex tool.”

Mustering only a brief, unfelt, smile I kept silent. I couldn’t look Andrea in the eyes and found myself focusing on her lovely breasts.

Seeing her, still, erect nipples told me my revelation had an effect on her — and, apparently, not all bad. Unbelievably, I felt my dick stirring, a small erection forming as I stared towards Andie’s chest.

Nothing was said for some time between us. Finally Andrea stood up and slowly pulled her top together and tied off the ends. I didn’t turn my head to watch and regretted it. Deep inside I knew it would be the last time I would ever see Andrea’s gorgeous body.

“I’ve gotta go Joey.” She mumbled and walked off towards the Mustang.

Moments later she was leaving the circular drive and I stood to watch her departure. I watched the flashes of red between the trees and then saw the dust plumes rise, as she drove away along the unpaved section of our in drive.

I felt drained physically when I turned for the house and for the first time morally. The sexual secrets seemed okay as long as they were confined to the house, between Abby, Jean and my self but, now someone else knew and that didn’t feel right at all. I dropped on the couch and, in no time, fell asleep – a deep, fitful, nightmare filled sleep.


“Your Honor…the prosecution will attempt to prove without a shadow of a doubt that this man — this vile creature — has seduced his own mother…and sister! And further your Honor… he has attempted to bring into his lustful world an innocent young lady…not being satisfied with his sick little harem!”

I turned my head from the ranting prosecutor and saw Abby, Jean and Andrea across the room, standing naked before the court and jury. Each had paper labels, with arrows, pointing at their breasts and genitals calling attention to the jury the “exhibits”. I tried to call out, to deny the allegations, and found my mouth taped shut.

Horrified, at not being to speak I looked down and found I too was naked. I was standing up but, bound, tightly, to a table. My legs had been spread wide and my penis hung down for everyone to view. I looked up wide eyed at the women and saw the wicked smiles cross their lips. The jury members talked in low tones, holding their hands over their mouths and pointed at my penis, shaking their heads.

“Does the defense attorney have an opening statement?” The judge asked when the prosecutor finally sat down.

“No your Honor.”

I was in a panic immediately and strained to see who it was defending me. It was futile. Whoever it was, he was out of eye sight but, somehow I knew the voice and it sent a chill through me.

“The prosecution may proceed.”

“Your Honor, my legal assistant — Ms. Barns — has graciously offered to show the jury and the court just how easily this man can be aroused, as initial proof of the charges against him!”

“Proceed counselor…but, I warn you in advance, I will not tolerate any grandstanding!”

“Point taken…Ms. Barns, if you would proceed please.”

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