Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 01

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This four-part story is a stand-alone continuation to my multi-part story “The Hunt”. It uses the same characters and occasionally refers to the events of that story, but you do not need to read “The Hunt” to understand what is going on.

The story turned out quite different than “The Hunt”, it is much happier and brighter in tone. “The Hunt” is darker, the guests are far more abusive to the ladies than they are at the beach party. The main characters enjoyed this event much more than “The Hunt”.

Directly related is my submission “Full Moon Beach Party 2”, which chronicles the exact same beach party but then retold by one of the male guests. The two stories can be enjoyed independently, and of course certain events return in the other story as well.

The whole story has ended up quite lengthy again, just over 20,000 words, as I added quite some detail in it. I hope you will enjoy it.

01. Another event.

About three weeks had passed since the end of the Hunt, and Ashley was slowly settling back into her normal life. After returning she stayed with her new found lover Phoebe for a few days to wind down, and then she went back to her own home.

The weekends she was dancing in the Midnight Bluez as usual, her colleague Christie who had introduced to the agency recruiting for these events and participated in the Hunt herself too, was there as well. She did not discuss much about the Hunt with Christie, they were friends but also not that close and at the club she did not have the privacy needed to discuss such a subject.

Phoebe she saw regularly. They went out together, enjoying life. They did the typical lady-things, like shopping for nice clothes, or going for facial treatment and manicures, all of which they now found much more affordable. And while both realised they should not squander the money they got, they also needed some reward for themselves after the long and sometimes gruelling week. They occasionally had sex together, sweet loving sex, which both found highly enjoyable.

Ashley found herself sexually liberated. The experience of the week had changed her attitudes quite drastically. She had learned to separate sex and lust from love and affection, allowing her to enjoy sex without emotional attachment. She would call it “to have sex like a man does”, referring to how men do not care who they have sex with, as long as they can dump their load, and then just move on.

She had also found love with another woman, something she never contemplated before. Before the Hunt she had never had sex with another woman, let alone feelings beyond friendship for one. The connection she had with Phoebe was special, and she highly cherished it.

The time following the event the girls talked a few times about what happened there, and about their own relationship. Both Phoebe and Ashley had always considered themselves straight, never feeling any romantic interest in another woman. Somehow it just felt right, them being together like they were.

Their experiences during the Hunt also had a profound impact on them, of course. They had sex with dozens of different men, almost none of which they knew the name of. They were treated there as pure sex objects, treasure hidden in the woods, for the men to find and enjoy. And used they were, the men used them purely for their own enjoyment, to be discarded afterwards.

Were these men like that in real life, too? Or were they just taking full advantage of the opportunity at hand, the fantasy they bought in to? The talk between the men they overheard during the Hunt suggested both. Some at least appeared to be on the hunt always, trying to chat up any pretty girl they ran into, hoping for a hot night with her.

It continued to form Ashley’s ideas about men. She was sure there were good men, those that respected women for what they are, but of course most of the men she encountered were not of that kind, or at least not behaving that way. At the club she was also just a lust object, she knew that very well. After all that is why men go to such clubs, just to lust over the pretty bodies and the suggestive movements of the dancers. And at least the vast majority of the men knows how to separate fantasy from reality.

Being so close with a woman made her feel very good. Phoebe being in the same business as her, made it even better, as they could relate to one another so well. It was also great to be with someone she could talk with openly, to whom dancing was not something special or a taboo, as it is to so many other people.

It was now three weeks after that life-changing week, when Ashley just started to feel like she had fully returned back to normal. She had picked up her normal life, and started to get used to having a female lover and having her ideas on sex turned upside down.

One late afternoon, her phone rang. It was Angel, she recognised the number. Angel had called her once so far, a few days after the event, to have a chat and see whether she was coping with the aftermath well. Ashley bursa escort really appreciated that, it showed Angel really cared about her girls. She wondered what she was calling for now.


“Ashley? This is Angel calling.”

“Hi, Angel.”

“How are you doing? Are you doing fine?”

“Yes sure, everything is fine.”

“Excellent, good to hear that. You know that if you need to talk about what happened that week, you can always call me, don’t you?”

“Yes I do. But I’m fine, and I have Phoebe to discuss this with, too.”

“Of course. Glad to hear you two are doing fine together.”

“We’re still going strong, don’t worry about that.”

“I won’t. And as you probably guessed, checking up on you is not the only reason I called you.”

“I guessed so much indeed.”

“We have another event coming up, in two weeks, which I want to ask you for. Would you be interested?”

“Maybe. Can you tell me more? I’m alone now, so am free to talk.”

“It’s a beach party, one day. Leave Saturday early morning, return Sunday afternoon. We’ll have music, good food, plenty of drinks, a real party.”

“With a twist, I’m sure.”

“Of course. There will be fifteen men, and fifteen women. Basic rules of engagement are the same as with the Hunt. And you will end up naked and having a lot of sex. The party will last from noon until late night, after that the men stay in the mansion while you will stay in the cabin. Sleep away the Sunday morning, return home in the afternoon.

“Same place as the Hunt was?”

“The beach is right next to it. You probably didn’t see it last time.”

“And the pay?”

“Eight hundred.”

“Mmm…” Ashley expected a bit higher number, considering what they got for joining the Hunt.

“Pay we offer is a bit lower than for the Hunt indeed, but it’s more of a party atmosphere and the men tend to be actually really nice to the ladies. You’ll be more hostess than sex slave this time.”

“I see, that doesn’t sound too bad. I’m interested, but want to have a chat with Phoebe about it. Will you ask her to join, too?”

“She’s next on my list to call.”

“OK, let me discuss with her tonight, I’ll call you back about it latest tomorrow, OK?”

“No problem, talk to you later. Bye.”


Another event. Ashley was really interested. The pay is good, these events provided the easiest money she could think of, but she was not sure whether she was up to the task of having fifteen strangers play with her body. Yet beach party, that concept sounded good to her.

That evening she went over to Phoebe’s for dinner. They ordered pizza, Phoebe giving the delivery boy a nice tip in the form of showing up at the door wearing nothing more than a see-through black negligee that barely covered half of her breasts.

They were not very big, just a good size larger than Ashley’s firm, perfect-hand-full sized boobs. Her nipples poking through the material, her aureoles clearly visible under the cloth, and the obvious lack of any panties under it made her look very sexy. Her auburn curls, hanging just over her shoulders, and her broad smile and beaming brown eyes completed the highly seductive look.

The delivery boy had difficulty talking to her, particularly he had no idea where to look and almost dropped the pizza box while fiddling with his wallet to get her the change.

While having their pizza dinner they discussed Angel’s new proposal. Phoebe had also talked to Angel on the phone, and was also somewhat interested but the sex part she was not so sure of. She was just not as strong as Ashley when it came to accepting sex with strangers.

“So, what do you think of Angel’s proposal?” Ashley asked.

“Quick money but I’m not sure whether I can take the abuse.”

“Same for me… though Angel told me this time should be much easier on us.”

“Pay is not that spectacular too, it means we can’t dance on Friday and Saturday nights, the best nights of the week.”

“Sure, though you need a very good weekend to come even close to making eight hundred.”

“We’re supposed to be like hostesses, right?”

“Indeed. That’s what she called it.”

Phoebe paused, taking another bite from her pizza. She swallowed and said thoughtfully, “I don’t know if it’s a good idea.”

“Me neither. Yet I’m interested, and somewhat excited by the idea. And it’s called a party, which sounds like fun in itself.”

“True. It’s just… how do you deal with the idea of allowing all those men having sex with you?”

“I don’t know really, but during the last days of the Hunt I managed to distance myself from it, letting my body take over, accepting the pure pleasure it gave me.”

“No feelings?”

“Nothing romantic or so, no.”

They had a few more bites of their pizza in silence, both thinking about the events at the Hunt.

Phoebe said, “I can’t do that so easily. It was still getting to me. I was getting better, but I’m çanakkale escort not like you. I’m not that strong.”

“I’m also not sure if I can do it again. It’s quite a challenge.”

“You want to go there together?”

“Yes. Together, or not. Please don’t feel obligated.”

“I wouldn’t want to go alone either. Actually knowing you’re around makes me much more confident.”

“You won’t get jealous again?”

“Of course not. Just keep to our agreement. Keep your love and kisses for me and I’m happy.”

They kissed over the now half-finished pizza, and laughed. Both had a little more to eat before they talked again.

Ashley asked, “You sure you don’t mind watching me being fucked silly by a hot guy?”

“I’ll be watching and enjoying every bit of it. Just keep your hands off of the other women.”

“Of course. You know I’m straight, I’m not interested in other women.”

“Really?” Phoebe asked mocking disbelieve, trying to put up a sad face.

“Yes. I’m just in love with you, that’s all.”

They laughed, kissed each other again and finished up the pizza.

When they finished cleaning up, Phoebe said, “Let’s go for it. I’m interested, the idea excites me in a strange way, it also scares me. But on the other hand it’s just a single day, not a whole week like the Hunt.”

That same night Ashley called Angel with a few more, mostly practical questions they had about what to expect at the event, and finally to confirm both of them wanted to sign up.

Shortly after confirming they would join, they went to bed and had some very good sex together. Both were nervous, but also very excited, and now they had made up their mind they were really looking forward to it.

The following two weeks passed quickly. A few days before the event Angel called to reconfirm everything with them. The weather forecast for the upcoming days was very good at the party location, hot and sunny, with virtually no chance for rain. Just perfect.

The girls could just dress casual, a little make-up was recommended but it had to be kept minimal. They would be picked up early in the morning to be flown in first, Angel explained, after which the plane returned to pick up the men, what Angel called their guests, who are the real party-goers.

The Friday before the event Ashley had taken off from dancing, and she stayed overnight with Phoebe. They went to bed early and had a good sleep, knowing they would need a lot of energy during the day.

As requested, Ashley dressed simple for the event. She put on a simple summer dress, low cut showing some cleavage and about knee length. A bit of lipstick and a touch of eye shadow should be enough. Beach parties and make-up do not go well together anyway, the sea water would make a mess of her face if she were to wear too much.

She was happy with her overall look. Her smallish breasts matched well with her average build, her long brown hair falling over her shoulders, her dark brown eyes. She never liked her nose, she thought it was a bit too broad, but on the other hand it went quite well with her round face and full lips.

She would often wear knee length or shorter skirts, as well as clothes bearing her shoulders and upper arms, as she was rather proud of her toned arms and legs. That was a very nice side effect of her regular pole dancing and training.

They were picked up at the appointed time, and soon enough were on the plane for an uneventful if not simply boring flight to the resort. As before their phones and watches were taken in before departure, and the blinded windows left them with no clues on where it was they were going, other than that it was to a warmer, sunnier place than the place they called home.

When they got off the plane, a bus waited for them already to take them to the nearby beach. The ride took only a few minutes, and the beach was just stunning. Some low dunes on the inland side, the beach was at the tip of a smallish bay, a couple hundred meters wide, flanked by forests.

It was clean, no flotsam or any debris could be seen. The water was clear and the waves were low, just enough to break upon reaching the beach and to produce the obligatory breaking-wave noise that just belongs to a beach. The yellowish-white sand was smooth and a pleasure to walk on.

Several party tents were set up at the beach. There were tables and chairs under the tents, it looked like they would be eating there. Another party tent covered a DJ set, one covering a round bar, and yet another a smaller table with some boxes on it and two chairs. Finally there was a high seat, as used by referees, a toilet block, and some simple showers.

Angel gathered the girls around her, and started to brief them.

“Welcome ladies, I’m happy to see you all here. Today we have our special beach party, I hope you like our private beach.”

The girls nodded in agreement.

“It is still early, so we have time to play around. The men are expected çankırı escort to arrive around noon, then the party starts. There will be music, you may dance if you like, and shortly after we will sit down for lunch.

“We have provided clothes for you. Everyone will receive the same set: bra, panties, tank top, miniskirt. White colour, to keep you cool in the sun and because it looks pretty especially when wet. All these clothes have a number written on them, from one through fifteen. Please make sure you grab the correct set or you may get the wrong sizes. They’re all marked with the handle you gave us.

“After lunch, the men get to undress you. They get a bracelet with a number, then have to chase you down, and if you have a piece of clothing that matches the number they may remove it from you and you receive the bracelet in return. If not they have to let you go, and try another girl. In addition if they remove clothing from you they’re allowed to play with you for five minutes, but no other clothes are to be removed or pushed aside in the process.

“After this, there will be a dinner, after which the party continues. Same concept as before, but now when finding a match the men will get you for five minutes.

“Any questions?”

“Yes!” a girl put up her hand. “Those five minutes they can have sex with us?”

“Depends on which clothes you’re still wearing.”

“Can they chase us into the sea?” another girl asked.

“Sure. The waters are shallow, there are no rocks, so no problem to enter the water. I can actually recommend a swim off the beach, it’s very refreshing. Later we’ll have a lifeguard on duty, just in case. Any more questions?”

Phoebe asked, “How to keep track of the time?”

“You’re going to get timers. Press the button for a five-minute countdown. It beeps when time’s up.”

“How about sun cream?” she continued.

“You’ll need it. Lots of it. We have plenty available; make sure to coat your whole body, especially the bits that normally don’t get to see the sun. And if you feel the need to re-apply during the game, come back here with your hands crossed above your head to show the men you’re temporarily out of the game. Otherwise you’ll never get a chance.

“The same gesture you use if you need a break to have a drink, or if anything else is the matter. And as it is hot out there, and with all the physical activity, I do recommend you to drink plenty of water. We don’t want you to have a heatstroke.”

Another woman asked, “When do we get our normal clothes back?”

“After the party. We will put them in the cabin where you’re going to sleep.”

There were no more questions. The girls were all looking at one another, quite nervously. Ashley did not know any of them, except for Phoebe it were all new faces. It sounded like it was going to be an interesting day.

Angel announced, “There will be some snacks and drinks on the table soon. We have about two hours left before the men arrive, I suggest you to have a snack and collect your clothes, and while changing make sure you apply a good base of sun cream. You may want to have a swim, we also have some beach balls and other games to play with, and for the rest enjoy and make sure you’re ready when the men arrive.”

Angel was barely finished talking when two men carrying two large bags each arrived at the beach. Ashley recognised the cooks of the mansion. They walked to the table and started laying the table with various biscuits, cakes and drinks.

In the meantime the girls walked over to the table with the clothes, to collect the sets that belonged to each of them. Their handles were written on the bags, not their real names. They would be having more interactions with the men, possibly using names even, making it not as anonymous as the Hunt was.

The women undressed, put their normal clothes in the bags the new clothes came with, and covered themselves with sun cream.

Phoebe and Ashley helped one another. First Ashley applied a generous layer on Phoebe, making sure not to miss a spot. Then they switched, with Phoebe applying the cream to Ashley’s body. Ashley quickly realised that her girlfriend took more a little longer than strictly necessary, particularly when taking care of her sensitive parts. The experience of the past weeks showed as Phoebe did an expert job on getting her aroused quickly. Ashley felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy tingle. Her breathing fastened a bit.

“I think that’s enough,” she said to Phoebe.

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. You can stop now.”


“You’re supposed to just lather me up, not to arouse me.”

“Sorry, I got carried away. You just feel so good.”

With a final feel of her breasts, Phoebe removed her hands, and quickly finished up Ashley’s backside.

Ashley grabbed her new clothes, and started to walk to the tea table.

“You not going to get dressed?” Phoebe asked.

“Planning to go for a swim after eating a bit. We have some time off now, let’s enjoy it.”

The other girls overheard that, and three of them said immediately they would join. One wearing just her panties, the other two dressed in their underwear. They stopped dressing, and all went to have some food. Soon the rest of the girls, dressed in their new clothes, followed.

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