I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 04

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“Does he blow us together, or will he suck our cocks separately?” Kevin asks Doug.

“Whatever you want” says Doug. “I’m sitting this one out. I can get it anytime I want. He’s all yours guys.”

“Deepthroat?” asks Marcus. Doug nods. Kevin smirks and says “I doubt it”. I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

Hearing this, Matt springs up and drops his shorts, leaving a pair of shiny red bikini briefs on. “Do all you guys wear bikini briefs?” I ask. “Only when we know it turns on the guy who’s going down on our cocks.” He pauses. “Doug told me.” says Matt.

He walks to the couch where I’m sitting and stands there. His bulge is enormous, like someone stuffed a softball in his briefs. It looks like one of those cartoon bombs, the big ball with the fuse sticking out. His semi-erect cock is outlined through the stretching material and there’s no hiding what’s behind the red curtain. It’s a prize, a 6½” black snake, coiled to strike in my mouth. I know what’s to come and as I start to sit up, Matt says “C’mon, you know what to do. Do me again. Suck my cock, boy.”

I kiss and lick his bulge and feel his cock grow slightly larger with each lick. Kevin and Marcus strip to their briefs, shiny gold and blue respectively. The briefs definitely are not Hanes and it seems like they wore them just for this occasion. I can’t really see how full they are though, as they are facing away from my slobbering over Matt’s growing bulge. I lick along the outline of his growing cock, paying a little more attention to the mushroom-shaped head, flicking my tongue around it. Soon, it seems like the material will tear from Matt’s cock and balls stretching it. “Take my cock out” he commands and I do. I feverishly lick and kiss his shaft, balls, and head and we quickly return to the rhythm that we established earlier, him withdrawing nearly out of my mouth, then shoving it all the way back in. Matt appears to just want to cum, so I let him dictate the pace, letting him fuck my mouth like a pussy with a tongue. There’s no mistaking that he wants to make a deposit on my tongue quickly; there’s no “foreplay” this time and he pumps my pussy-mouth furiously, like that Chevy engine. After a few minutes of pumping, he shudders on a backstroke and the first spurt catches me on the lips, some cum dripping down my chin. He quickly sticks his cock back in and shoots 4 more full spurts, then slows down to little drops. I lick his cock clean and drain him shaft completely. He goes to get a beer and sits down, waiting for the show to begin.

Feeling brave, and not quite knowing where it came from, I say “Next.”

Marcus and Kevin look at each other and Kevin says to him “You go, save the big surprise for last.” Marcus approaches me, pulls me up off the couch so I’m standing. I stand a few inches shorter and he puts his hands on my shoulders and shoves me down to my knees. He shoves his bulge into my face and begins his commands. “You’re going to suck that big, black cock real good. Matt told me how you deepthroated him and I saw it myself. You’re going to give my cock the same treatment. Understand?” he asks. I say that I do and that I only want to please him, since he’s a friend of Doug’s.

“Good” he says and demands that I get him nice and hard with my mouth, and only my mouth. I am not to touch his cock with my hands. “If I want to jerk off, I’ll jerk off. I don’t need your help. What I want is a blowjob. Not a handjob. A blowjob means using your mouth. Got it?”

“Yes sir” I say and proceed to work on his blue bulge, which is a little smaller than Matt’s. Apparently, his balls are not as big, but from the outline in his briefs, the ‘wick’ is similar. I lick along the bulge that his hose makes, stopping a few times to lick his balls through the sheer material. Rather quickly, he is fully hard and the head peeks out. I quickly engulf it and take it in my mouth, tonguing it the whole time. I pull the briefs down below his balls, but not off, and take his cock into my mouth. The briefs sitting below his balls make them stick out and rest below his cock shaft, like the balls and cock drawn in cartoons. His cock is similar to Matt’s, slightly smaller, maybe 6″, but just as smooth and veined, and I manage to get his balls to caress my chin in no time. He leans his head back and moans to the others “Wow, that feels so good. I ain’t had a blowjob like this in a long time.”

My hands drift across his chest, caressing his muscles and I am careful to not touch his cock. Instead, I grab his ass and caress that and pull his cock into my mouth as deep as it will go. He holds the back of my head like that for a few moments and lets me pull back to catch my breath. I say to him, “Anything you want Marcus, you let me know. porno izle I’m here to service your cock however you want.”

“Yeah?” he says. “Yes”, I reply. He then pulls his cock out of my mouth with a pop, pushes me back up on the couch so that I’m sitting way back, nearly lying down, and he jumps up on me, straddling my chest, his big, black cock swaying in my face. I’m eye-to-eye with the hole and I know where he wants it to be.

“I think I know what you want” I say, and I open my mouth wide, waiting to feel his big cock slide in on on top of my tongue. “I really am becoming a cock whore, I like this feeling”, I think to myself. He places the engorged head on my outstretched tongue and he begins to slide it in. I grab his ass and quickly pull him deep into my mouth. I think that surprised him, but he quickly recovered and settled into a mouth fucking rhythm that soon had his precum flowing.

“Shit” I thought, “This guy’s precum is, wow, there’s so much! If this is his precum, I’m not sure I can handle his real load.” It tasted great to me and I savored every drop.

After what seemed like forever, but was really about 5 minutes of getting my mouth fucked like a pussy, he leaned his head back, arched his back and shoved his cock even deeper into my eager mouth. I knew what was coming, I just didn’t know how much! His hard cock started spurting and there was so much. I couldn’t keep up swallowing and it began to drip out of my mouth. “Don’t worry” Marcus told me, “my girl can’t keep up either”, and he laughed. I lost count of his spurts, but it seemed like it was more than 10. My chin was coated with his cum and it dripped down onto my shirt. As ordered, I cleaned his cock with my tongue.

Thankfully, Doug saw that I was tiring, and suggested that they give me a break. They all laughed at that, but agreed and we all sat down to have a beer. Kevin, in only his gold bikini briefs, sat very close to me and placed my hand on his bulge. Bulge? This thing wasn’t a bulge!! It was a fucking hill!! Through the fabric, it looked like someone tried to hide a baseball and a large banana in there, and it wasn’t even hard yet!!. How the fuck was I going to take care of that?? I thought.

After 10 minutes of drinking and watching the game, Kevin stands up, steps in front of me and declares “Break time’s over boy.” He commands “Get to work! I have places to go and don’t have time to sit around here waiting for you to be ready. From what I’ve heard and seen, you’re a black cock slave. Your job is to be ready to service the black cock whenever IT is ready, not when you’re ready. Now get down on that cock!! Now!”

I dutifully oblige and lean forward to kiss and lick the cucumber in his briefs. It doesn’t take long, and it’s not just the head that pops out! Rather, it’s the head, followed by about 3″ of big, thick, black snake!! I shudder when I think of how much is still hidden from my view and that he’s not even fully hard! I go to work on the head and as much of the shaft as I can handle, but his cock is much thicker than Doug’s, Matt’s, and Marcus’. Hell, it seems like it’s as thick as all 3 combined!!, I think. By the time I’ve successfully worked him up to his full length, the black monster stands erect at 11″ and so thick I can’t fit my fingers around it! There’s no way that beast will fit in my mouth. He tries to shove it in and I try as best I can to accept it, but we can only get about half in my open mouth. He slides what he can in and out of my mouth and keeps trying to get more in.

“Don’t choke him!”, Matt yells, “we might want more!”

I pull back and ask if I can use my hands on what I can’t get in my mouth. He laughs and says “No fuckin way! You didn’t use your hands for Marcus, you ain’t for me. I don’t want no hand job, I want a BLOWJOB!!” They all laugh, and Kevin adds, “It’s ok if you can’t get it all in, most women can’t either. Of course, they have a pussy I can fuck, and you don’t. That just means you’re going to have to work that mouth harder to please me.”

He pulls out, lifts his cock up, and shoves his balls in my face and commands “Suck em!! Suck them balls and make a nice load!”

I lose myself in the moment and mutter to his balls as I lick and kiss them, “Mmmm, make a nice big load for me. I want you guys to make a nice big load for that big big cock to shoot in my mouth. I want your load. I want your load shot in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum.” His massive black hose rests on my face as I do this and I can feel the pulsing of his raging hardon. This talk drives him, and the others, wild and they start urging Kevin on. “Fuck that mouth bro, fuck it good” Doug says. Matt and Marcus tell him to blow his load in my face to teach me the power amatör porno of the black cock.

Kevin pulls back, dragging his heavy cock across my face, down to my open mouth, and he shoves his cock in my mouth and tells them it’s his blowjob and that he’ll cum when and where he wants, and right now, he’s only thinking “fucking the hell out of Bill’s mouth”. He picks up the pace a little, pumping about half of his huge member in and out of my mouth methodically. He moans a few times and tells me that I’m doing just fine and that soon enough, he will be depositing a big, hot load of black cock cum right down my throat.

He pumps in and out and I try to match his rhythm. I must be doing something right, because he starts moaning more. I concentrate on his pleasing his cock, almost like I’m making love to it, and lose track of the surroundings and how it’s quiet now. I look out of the corner of my eye towards where Marcus and Matt were and they’re not there. “Please, no video”, I think. But soon enough, I know where they went. They went around me and are now standing next to Kevin, with his giant cock humping my stretched mouth, shorts and underwear down, their cocks at the ready. “Oh. My. God.” I think. I’ve already given 5 blowjobs, now I’ll be expected to give at least 2 more??? And if Kevin wants another!?!?” I cringe at the thought, but am excited at the same time, evidenced by my own raging hardon.

Doug chimes in “C’mon Kevin, give him a fighting chance. Don’t hold back, just cum already. Blow that big load.”. He gets up saying ” I know what to do” and goes to another room and returns with some papers in his hand. I have no idea, thinking maybe it’s porn or something. I soon learn that it’s closer to home than that.

Doug hands them to Kevin and tells him, “Check this chick out. This is Bill’s wife. Them titties, they’re what I think about sometimes when he’s blowing me and I just want to cum quick and hard.”

“Holy Shit!!” Kevin says. “You tapping that pussy? Look at the size of those, them some fuckin big titties bro. Holy shit, tell me you’re tapping that! You have any of her topless?” and it almost seems that he got even bigger in my mouth. His precum flows even faster now, and it seems as if it’s the size of my whole load. I know it’s not though, and know what will soon be shooting out of that firehose and into my mouth.

I feel disbelief and feelings of betrayal from Doug. “He has pictures of Alison?!?!” I think to myself. “What the fuck? How the hell did he get pictures of her? Is she naked? Was she willing? Has he fucked her? Is he stalking her? What the fuck, what the fuck?” I start to pull away from Kevin and confront Doug, but Kevin has none of that.

“Oh no you don’t boy!” he commands and he grabs my head and shoves his big hose back in as far as it can go. “You’re not letting that cock out of your mouth when I’m so close to cumming! Keep sucking boy, and take your load.” he continues. He passes one of the pictures to Marcus and Matt, but keeps one to himself. “The two of them howl with excitement and start talking..”Holy shit!”, “Damn, those titties are huge.”, “Fuck, I wanna stick my cock between them and fuck those big ole titties.”, “Doug, you hittin that yet? That shit is niiiice”, “He letting you tap that?” they say with laughter as they both rub their cocks, waiting for their turn again.

I’m torn between anger and excitement, the thought that Doug is turned on by my wife running through my head, driving the anger out. I can’t protest though, as Kevin has my head held in place, my lips firmly locked around his throbbing cock. I can’t believe that his wanting her and fantasizing about her kinda turns me on, and I soon start picturing his big black hose being thrust in and out of her nicely trimmed pussy while I watch. I wonder if he can fit it all in her nice, little, tight pussy, and am turned on by the thought of him trying. Kevin continues to fuck my face and grabs the back of my head and pumps even more furiously now. He screams out, “Here it comes boy!! Suck deep and swallow that load!! Ohhhhhh”, and his giant black snake begins to spasm and shoot his huge load of hot cum into my mouth. I can’t keep up and it begins to leak out of my too leaks out, but I do get most of it down. “These guys sure cum a lot”, I think. Kevin grunts approval and withdraws his monster and I chase it with my mouth to clean him up. .

Matt and Marcus step in front of me, waving their cocks. “No you don’t boy. Time for you to take care of these again” Matt says. Marcus adds, “You know you want to, but even if you don’t, you HAVE to. We want blowjobs again, and Doug gave you to us for OUR use.” “Now suck my cock!” orders Matt.

I anal porno obediently wrap my lips around Matt’s big growing cock and huge balls and taste the precum already. He won’t take long, obviously excited by the picture of Alison’s tits. I still haven’t seen the pictures, but they must be good ones, to drive these guys into a face-fucking frenzy. I take him all the way in, looking to make him cum quickly so I can see the photos and find out what Doug is doing.

Marcus grabs the side of my head and pulls me off Matt and says to me “C’mon boy, suck mine too! Don’t you forget about me waiting here. My cock needs some lovin too!” and howls with laughter. He shoves his erect cock into my mouth and starts thrusting in and out.

Matt moves closer and says to Marcus, “Bet he can fit 2 cocks in there!!” and pushes his cock onto my lips, trying to force it in with Marcus’ cock going in and out. Marcus laughs and replies, “Well, let’s find out.” and pulls his cock out enough so that two big, black, precum-oozing cockheads are at my lips. I can only fit the heads in, but do my best to please them, flicking my tongue back and forth across their heads, tasting their juices. They continue to rub their cocks and balls while looking at Alison’t big tits. This gets them ever so closer and I sense that Marcus is closer, so I inhale his cock deeply into my mouth and work my head back and forth. He soon begins cumming and I swallow his 4 shots completely.

I pull away and concentrate on Matt, knowing that he must be close too. I lick his balls and shaft and he suddenly shoots one spurt of cum up in the air. Before he can shoot another, he grabs my head and shoves it down on his cock, erupting gobs of cum into my mouth as he drives his hose deeper into my mouth. I let him finish and grow limp in my mouth and he sits down, exhausted, my mouth tired from all that work.

Kevin is already dressed and tells Marcus that they have to go. Marcus acknowledges that, gets up and pulls his underwear back on. I can’t help but stare at the big bump in them, and he sees this. “Want some more of this?”, he says as he puts his bulge on my lips and adds. “I bet you could get me hard and suck another load out.”

I think about his offer, but before I can answer, Kevin drags him away. Marcus dresses and the two of them thank Doug for my service and thank me too. “Hope to see you on your knees again, soon.” Kevin says, and Marcus smiles and nods. They leave and Matt takes the cue, sensing that it is time for him to go too. He also leaves, leaving Doug and I sitting there, silent.

Doug says, “Man, I’m really sorry about that. I’m sorry that I let our secret out, but it slipped with Matt. I consider you a friend, even outside of our arrangement, a real friend. I’m sorry.” he says.

“That’s not what bothered me”, I say. “In a weird way, that was exciting as hell and I enjoyed it! Seven blowjobs!! Holy shit Doug, I gave 7 blowjobs in only a few hours.” He laughs and says, “Want to make it 8?”

I ask him to see the pictures, how long he has fantasized about Alison, when he took the photos, and manage to ask him if he’s ever acted on his thoughts. The photos are of Alison in the yard, from a zoom lens it seems, and are pretty good quality. She is dressed in shorts and a tanktop and the size of her huge breasts is apparent. Her cleavage shows, hell, she can’t hide that in a tank top!, and there’s one of her as she started to bend over. I find myself thinking, “If he waited a second or so more, he’d have had a better shot down her shirt!” That thought both surprised me and excited me. Again, I find myself imagining Alison on her back, Doug’s big black cock sliding in and out of her eager, tight pussy.

“No way man!” Doug exclaims. “I’d never do that to you. I can’t help but notice her, especially in the summer. She is fucking sexy and you know it bro. I’m sure I’m not the only guy that fantasizes about fucking her silly and feeling those big tits of hers.” He realizes he’s getting excited again, and stops talking. “I’m sorry man. You are one lucky guy to have a woman like that. I see you two together and would never do anything to ruin that. I hope you know that.”

“Yeah, I do. And it bothered me a little, to think you were stalking her. But yes, I think of you as a friend too. I trust you, and I trust her too. It was a little uncomfortable, but I know that other guys must think that too. Hell, I think that when I see a beautiful woman sometimes too. It’s human nature I guess.”

He agrees and says that this talk is making his cock stir again and he says that I should blow him again, since he only got 1 today. “Nah, I’m all blown out for today”, I say. I should get home, but before I leave, I add, “You know, it excited the hell out of me too, thinking of your black monster in her, watching you fuck her silly.”

He smiles, a little wickedly, and we part ways for the day. As I walk out the door and cross the yard, I have a feeling I’ve opened another door…

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