Creaming Her Breasts

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As usual one summer night, I crept out of my bed and sneaked into the hallway, opened my parent’s bedroom door slightly and with one hand in my panties the other in my sleeping bra cupping my right breast, I overheard them in their regular nightly fuck session talking about me. I opened their bedroom door more and I saw my mother Kathryn on top of my father slowly guiding his hairy shaft inside her shaven brown asshole. She grunted briefly then wiggled her ass cheeks to get the shaft deep into her, her large breasts swaying along with her wiggle.

My mother, Kathy, whom I find myself in constant competition for my father’s attention, is also a large breasted, sexually open minded woman of 40 years with natural 36D breasts, pear shaped but with long, protruding brown nipples and flowing curly dark brown hair.

She then said: “Jules, you surely noticed how Nancy’s tits have grown for the past six months?”

My father, Jules, is still in good shape and to my ultimate later pleasure and surprise has a very large, sweet tasting cock that emits a very strong male scent that I adore in a man.

I glanced at my dad, his face glowing with impending coital pleasure, he replied, “Huhhh. Yes I have love, I wonder if she’s had them sucked on yet? I wonder if she’s going to turn into a little cow slut like her mother?”

My mother then reached back and gave my dad a hard slap on his testicles, she replied: ”You pervert! I’m worried about her getting some sag lines on her breasts!”

I heard my father reply with a coy smile, “God she does have a nice set, I wouldn’t mind giving her nipples a little tug, I bet she likes that. That would get rid of any sag lines!”

My mother moaned and started rubbing her clit, she opened her eyes, and I believe she saw me through the crack of their bedroom door. She said while panting and looking straight at my hand inside my panties, “Yesss, I believe the little cockteaser would enjoy a little pain, she always seemed too willing to receive a bare ass spanking when she was younger.”

Jules, my father, pushed his cock deep into her ass so all I could see were his testicles dangling and said while gently thrusting inside her rectum, “Maybe we should start her on the same treatments you are on?”

My pussy was now moistening around my finger, I gently inserted a finger inside my lubricated opening and rubbed my small g-spot gently. Glancing back into the room, I noticed that my father had removed his penis from my mother’s anus and was now rubbing it between her hanging pendulous breasts. I then noticed my dad grab his brownish stained cockhead and aimed it at my mom’s tits, he released his cock head and sprayed her chest with his cum. She gently rubbed the white liquid onto her upturned mammary until her skin had completely absorbed my dad’s cream.

She smiled at him and said, “Humm you smell so musky, maybe talking about Nancy helped you! Next time we’ll have to fill a small container so that Nancy can rub it onto her breasts.”

In shock I quietly retreated to my room, my hand pinching my engorged pussy lips, preventing me from cumming. I was shocked and very excited at the fact that they were fantasizing about me and my sexuality. I was also slightly disgusted that they wanted me to put my dad’s spunk on my tits. I untied my pink polka dot bra and stepped out of my pussy soiled panties so that I could look at myself in my closet door mirror.

I do pose a striking form of brazen sexuality, I am a 18 year old, buxom 36dd pear shaped breasts, dark red curly haired libertine woman. I recently started shaving my pussy lips, but I only lightly trim the pubes on top in a heart shape form. I looked at my breasts, they had ballooned in the recent months, I was very happy with them, they turned out to be porn star material. But after hearing my parents I was a bit worried about any sag lines and thought maybe I should try the treatments, I do want to keep my tits perky and full.

Turning around, I bent over and spread my ass cheeks with one hand, my asshole had curly dark hairs around it, and after seeing my mothers shaved anus I thought I should start shaving there too. I looked at my cheeks; they had grown considerably since my parents put me on the pill 6 months ago. I gently rubbed my puckered rosebud, enjoying the climatic tingling it brought to my nipples.

Standing back up, bringing my finger to my nose I inhaled my pungent rectum scent, I then sucked on my finger gently while saying, “Humm I think I need a wash. I smell pretty strong tonight.”

Hearing a noise behind me, startled, I turned around hiding my breasts with one arm and cupping my pussy with the other, I realized I hadn’t completely closed my bedroom door when retreating from my spying adventure, the door was now completely open with my father standing there holding my discarded panties in his hand, staring at me with his mouth opened, his penis obviously tenting the pants of his pajamas.

I yelled, “Dad do you mind!!!”

He promptly porno retreated back into the hall while mumbling, “Sorry Nancy, just wanted to check if you were sleeping, thought I heard a noise. Ok goodnight.”

Embarrassed and aroused I turned around to face the mirror only to notice my arm wasn’t fully covering my breasts. In my haste and arousal I hadn’t noticed that the whole time both my nipples were erected and pointing out, uncovered just above my arm. Upon realizing this uncontrollably I started furiously rubbing my clit and with a loud whimper came in a quick orgasm while crumbling to the floor exhausted.

I heard my dad’s voice from the hall, “Nancy is everything ok?”

Gathering my shaking voice I replied, “Yes dad! Please just go away!”

Climbing back into bed, I just then realized he still had my wet smelly panties when he left my room. Feeling another tingling deep in my loins I squeezed both my legs together and climbed into bed thinking about my dad’s pointing erection.

The next morning I got up late, wrapped a towel around my naked body, peeked into the hallway to see if the coast was clear and ran into the bathroom. I was a bit shocked to see my mother just stepping out of the shower. She didn’t seem to mind and didn’t even cover herself. She stepped aside to let me through, I closed the door behind me. I brushed her nipples with my towel when I passed her, I stared at them hardening almost immediately, she saw me staring and smiled and said:

“I saw you last night, I don’t mind you spying on us fucking, I love having an audience, but be careful that your dad doesn’t see you. He might get the wrong idea, your tits are already exciting him quite enough.”

Embarrassed I looked down, glancing at her shaven pussy, her outer lips swollen, slightly opened and hanging a bit down from her pussy. I quietly said, “I saw Dad covering your tits in sperm last night, you like that?”

”Yes dear, it keeps my skin tight, in my regular cream they have bull’s sperm as the primary active ingredient, so I thought it was just common sense that human sperm would work better. So I’ve been using your dad’s for about a year now and see how my tits have perked up” She happily said arching her back and pushing out her globes and hardened nipples at me.

I did notice though that hey have started pointing outwards and upwards more and the sagginess under her nipples had receded.

I lowered my towel exposing my breasts to her and asked, “Do you think I should be using some of it too?”

She looked at my tits, cupped them both lifting them upwards, then surprised me by pinching my nipples and pulling upwards on them hard. I felt the sensation all the way to my clitoris, dropping the towel in surprise exposing my trimmed pussy. “Ouchhh, Mom!” I yelled slapping her hands away from my nipples, giving her a wicked stare.

She took her hands and started massaging and pulling her long brown nipples while looking at my trimmed pussy and said with a grin:

“See with fresh sperm applied daily my tits are tighter and the nipples are less sensitive to pain, unlike yours. I think you should start applying some or pretty soon I’ll have a nicer pair than you. I can get your dad to cum in a small container when we fuck at night and I’ll put in the refrigerator and you can apply it in the morning after you shower, not later as I find it loses its properties after more than 12 hours. Here after we fucked this morning, I spat his cum out in the container, I’ll show you how to put it on after your shower.”

I glared at her still angry, massaging my hurting nipples, and got into the shower. After I was done, she was still waiting for me naked in the bathroom. She had finished applying her makeup and she looked quite the sex slut with some rouge added to her nipples.

My mother, grabbed my waist, dried my body roughly while saying, “Hurry up Nancy I have to get dressed and head to work!” She then slapped my tits a few times, it hurt a lot, but she said it was necessary so that the skin would then react more to the lotion.

She then opened the container and poured the clear musky liquid on my reddish bruised breasts, I could feel the cool lotion immediately affecting my tits, my nipples hardening almost immediately, she then pulled on the nipples softly, massaging my breasts kindly. I could feel my clitoris peeking out of its hood and I could start smelling my arousal coming from my opening lips. She noticed it too, smiled at me and kissed me softly on the cheek rubbing her breasts on mine, her long nipples rubbing hard against mine. She then cupped my cheeks softly with her hands and inserted a finger in my butt crack, tracing long slow circles around my hairy anus.

I moaned gently, she hugged me tightly and inserted her finger inside my rectum, I yelled out in pain burying my head in her breasts. She slowly took her finger out of my anus pushed me back smiled cupped my vulva and with her ass stained finger circling my clitoris she said:

“I anime porno see Daniel has already visited you back there. You’re very loose, that’s good, but you should try putting some cum lotion there too just so that you can still pleasure men anally in the future. Also great job shaving your pussy lips but you forgot to shave your asshole, if you want to be licked there try to keep it shaven.”

Embarrassed that my mother was obviously more sexually experienced than me I left the bathroom, and got ready for university.


The next morning, I heard my mother taking her shower. As soon as I heard the water being turned off, I took off my pajamas opened my door and ran into the bathroom with my tits bouncing.

I glanced around as I entered the bathroom and noticed she was busy peeing, I could hear the spray hitting the water and I noticed she was pinching and pulling roughly on her nipples and sighing deeply while her pee was gently dying down to a almost soundless drops. I could then smell the urine and her fishy vaginal secretions coming from her, she was obviously very aroused.

I then told her that yesterday I could feel my breasts perking up under the treatment all day and I also noticed the boys from my classes glancing at my tits more.

She looked at my erected nipples and said with a sly smile: ”Oh honey, that’s because they could smell the spunk all over your breasts and subconsciously knew you were active sexually and they wanted in on the action. ”

I wasn’t astonished the smell of dried sperm was an aphrodisiac as my pussy had been aching and leaking all day yesterday. I gave her a playful slap on her ass and as I was climbing in the shower she pinched my left nipple roughly, I yelled:

”Ouchhh! Mom stop doing that!”

She replied while pinching her own now erected brown nipples, “Just testing your sensitivity dear!”

I turned on the water and started washing myself, when I saw her hand peek through the shower curtain holding my dad’s shaving gel and razor.

”Don’t forget to shave your asshole dear, and while you’re at it your pussy needs a little trim too.”

Exasperated, I grabbed the shaving equipment and replied: ”Yes Mom!”

Prrsssht. I sprayed some shaving cream on my closed pussy and parting my outer lips carefully shaved my outer lips clear of any stray hairs. I rinsed myself off and made sure my heart shaped bikini line was well trimmed.

I heard the door opening and I thought my mother was leaving the room but instead I was surprised to hear my dad’s voice:

”Kathy, where’s my shaving stuff?”

”Oh, Nancy’s got it, she’s shaving her parts. I told her how to be sexy for her boyfriend.”

I heard him chuckle :” She has been getting a little hairy on her asshole lately, I saw her hairy crack while she was fingering it yesterday, she’s turning into quite an anal slut like her mother, she even likes the taste and smell of it. I don’t blame her, I smelled the liner of her panties and her ass secretions taste even better than her dried pussy juices.”

God I was so embarrassed I quickly bent forward and applied shaving cream on my ass crack, then shaved my anus and butt crack clear of any remaining hairs, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. I was hoping my father was still there so I could show him my new improved self, but he had stepped out of the bathroom.

My mother was all done with her makeup and was sitting on the counter holding the sperm container in her hand. I walked to her slowly, she grabbed a towel rinsed me off roughly, spanked my breasts a good half dozen times, then poured the sperm filled cup on my swollen breasts.

She frowned at me while massaging the sperm onto my globes and pulled my nipples roughly, she grinned when I yelped in pain and said:

”You Know Nancy if you want better results you should apply the sperm while it is really fresh and still hot. Would you like me to ask your father if he could start on you tomorrow? I nodded slowly, eyes downcast.

She added: ‘`Just come see us when we’re fucking and wait till I work your dad over, when he’s ready to shoot, just come next to us and you could get it fresh”.

I replied, “Wow thanks mom, yah I’d really like that!” I was actually more interested in seeing them fucking again than getting my cream treatment. I walked out of the bathroom, naked wet reddened tits bouncing and glowing with excitement.


That night, I waited till I could hear their bed squeaking rhythmically, then I quietly got out of bed, and in my pink boy shorts and sleeping bra headed into the hall. They were not at their quietest, I could hear my mother’s sucking noises; she was obviously giving him a blowjob. I opened their bedroom door and crept inside

I was really shocked at the scene in front of me, my dad on all fours facing the head of the bed, my mother also on her fours, behind him, her hands underneath him jacking him off and her face buried arap porno in between his butt cheeks licking his hairy anus. My mother saw me entering the room; she waved her hand motioning for me to get closer. I quickly unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the floor, climbed on the bed, my mother now sliding underneath my father taking his cock in her mouth.

My dad then glanced back, saw me on my knees on the bed watching my mother sucking his penis he said:

”Oh god, Nancy you have such a great pair of tits! I’m so happy you are also starting some treatments like your mother. You can’t have those great big breasts start to sag! If you want she could always give you some sucking lessons too, she gives great blowjobs!”

I could see his puckered asshole glistening with my mother’s saliva, quivering; I knew he was close to cumming, so I lay on my back on the bed, feet at my fathers head. I slowly wiggled myself out of my boy shorts, my tits jiggling left and right, my right arm next to his right leg, I bent my knees, lifted and parted my legs and started caressing my pussy lips. I felt so naughty feeling my cunt right next to my dad’s face. I wanted him to smell my pussy and see my freshly shaved asshole from this morning. I was surprised when I felt his finger entering my anus, but the pain in my rectum soon triggered my orgasm. I heard my mom moaning, so I quickly looked at her, her mouth quickly filling she pulled his cock out of her mouth and with his gentle ensuing moaning directed the jets of ejaculating sperm onto my quivering breasts. Gently my dad removed his finger from my asshole and started to rub my clit instead, my hands now rubbing the sperm onto my waiting breasts and nipples.

I could smell the masculine musky scent of my dad’s sperm slowly drying on my chest, I saw my mother returning to her prone position behind my father gently licking his anus and caressing his balls. I guess she was trying to get him to shoot a load for her breasts too. My clit started hurting from his gentle caresses, so I pressed my legs together and slowly got off the bed, smiling at them both slyly. I then saw my dad slowly sucking on the finger he used to sodomize me, his penis quickly hardening, aroused from my pussy and asshole tastes. My mom delighted, crawled back under him and started sucking on his cock again. I quickly crawled back into my underwear, and looking at them both, I started feeling a tingle in my pussy again.

I decided that I should probably help my mom get her lotion too, I got very excited looking at his swinging full balls. I gently cupped them, then kneeling on the bed I slowly licked them and sucked them, they smelled very strong, very manly, but I found myself not disliking it at all. I heard him groan, “Ahhh The little teasing cunt is licking my balls, I’m cumming.”

I quickly looked down, past his dangling musky wet balls and noticed my mom point his quivering penis at her chest, his sperm shooting out of his piss slit onto her large mammary. Seeing my job done, I quickly got off the bed, grabbed my bra on the floor and headed back to my room.

The next morning, as per my usual routine, I got up and decided to take off my clothes and headed to the bathroom, my Dad was already there shaving, naked. My face quickly reddened and I fought the impulse of covering my pussy and tits with my arms. He glanced at me longingly spending quite a few seconds staring at my breasts and vagina. I arched my back, trying to display my hardening nipples and opened my legs slightly letting him glance at my trimmed pubes and shaven outer lips.

I looked down and noticed for the first time how flaccid and limp his penis was. I guess I couldn’t hide the disappointment on my face. He sighed softly saying:

“Nancy, I know you were looking forward to your fresh cream but I already gave your mom her dose this morning and I fear I’m all out!”

I replied with a pout, “Dad, there must be something I can do to help you cum just once more?”

He looked at his penis, lifted it gently and said: ‘`Well your mother used to lick and suck my asshole when we were trying to get pregnant, and it did work!”

I looked at his large drooping balls, they were already quivering in pleasure just by me looking at them. He then turned around so his ass was facing me, and he bent down his hands holding him up on the side of the tub. He then spread his legs, took one hand off the tub and then spread his cheek with it, opening up his butt crack to me.

He smelled fresh as he had just got out of the shower, so I gently kneeled and putting a hand between his parted legs, cupped his balls while gently inserted my tongue in between his ass cheeks. He smelled stronger there, but it wasn’t particularly unpleasant just very musky and sweet at the same time. I pursed my lips and gently gave his anus some quick kisses, then seeing it pulsing and opening under my ministrations, I avidly started licking it. It tasted very good, sweet and musky, I could feel his balls tightening and I knew he was having an erection. He released his butt cheek trapping my face inside his ass, I gently continued licking and inserting my tongue inside his rectum but at the same time I slowly inserted a finger inside my pussy from behind

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32