How I Cuckolded My Husband

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I remember my sweet college days. It was the best time of my life. My virgin high school days were followed by a horny alcohol driven college life. I had numerous boyfriends, one night stands and relationships. Some did call me a slut back then.

After my protected college however, I realized the world was brutal outside. It was depressing. No amount of whiskey and cocks seemed to help. I took up a job as a waitress that hardly paid the bills. An unnecessary fight with my father made sure I was broke. Life was hell until I met this man through a childhood friend of hers.

His name was Eric. He was a perfect gentleman. Dressed nice, was a good listener, had a very nice job and was a pillar that I could hold onto in the harsh world. He was always gentle, soft spoken and logical.

Things moved fast. We got engaged 6 months later when Eric I felt was the one and decided to propose with a ring so costly almost any girl would accept. We got married the next year. The wedding felt like it was out of a fairy tale.


For a person like me, I suppose things naturally would not go smoothly. Though he was a good husband, he was no good in the bedroom. He had a small penis that barely slid into my vagina. I would fake orgasms to not make him feel bad.

Time passed and I realized I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to slowly direct his sexual energy to my oral pleasuring.

Though physically he was not well endowed, he was a quick learner in oral service. He knew where to guide his tongue and how to get me to orgasm in minutes. Finally I felt satisfied.

In return I gave the best blow jobs and hand jobs his little prick deserved.

Few months after we started our new sexual approach, oral sex for my pussy and sensual hand jobs for him was the norm in the bedroom.

But clitoral pleasure had its limits. My stretched pussy craved a cock deep in me like my college days. I realized I was still unsatisfied.

I was always quite brave and straight forward so I finally decided to talk to him.

I explained to him how his cock was not big enough to please me and clitoral stimulation was nothing compared to hitting my g-spot.

I knew he wouldn’t get his ego get in the way and let his anger out. As expected he was very understanding.

He suggested we begin using toys then. It was a really good decision. We shopped together and I bought my own toys.

We started with small plastic dildos, moved to silicone, then to realistic vein ones, to vibrating ones.

But like little children, I got fed up with my toys. I needed bigger and better toys each time.

Though all gave me more pleasure, it raised my threshold and my expectations until I felt that no toy could ever feel like a warm hard dick with it’s soft sliding skin.

He had long before accepted his cock was no good and was fit for only hand jobs from his wife. For him his pleasure came second to the fact that he could actually be with a woman like me. I would sometimes overhear how his friends would always praise me or make dirty jokes. Both he and I knew I was way outside his league.

But I still didn’t know how he would react if I told him my toys were no longer sufficient. I decided to break the news one sunny Sunday when he seemed quite calm. Thankfully he was quite understanding.

He was quite clueless and asked me what I suggest instead.

I faked a little fear and it easily worked. He asked me to tell him what I had in mind no matter what it was.

I confessed I went online to share my experiences anonymously. I told him how we were not alone and millions of couples progressed to better lives. A very popular lifestyle adopted was a swinger lifestyle. I showed him a couple of swinger websites and the benefits the couples who practice it found.

To ease him into it I suggested we start with finding a good couple and exchanging ourselves.

He was reluctant at first. But his male instincts got the better of him when he saw the sheer number of beautiful ladies who were into such a lifestyle online.

I found a perfect couple. Martha, a waitress and Stewart, a fireman. I talked to them in private. His wife was very willing since her proud husband never gave her any oral pleasure. For me seeing his huge muscular figure and descriptions from his wife was more than enough.


That Saturday night we met up with them at their wonderful house. It was a spacious house with a huge lawn and garden at front and was quite secluded from the neighbouring houses. Naughty thoughts crossed my mind.

Stewart looked better than he looked online. He was really tall and well built. Martha fixed us some drinks and once our inhibitions drained away, Stewart invited me to his room. I turned around and saw my husband with his mouth half open as Martha began seductively teasing him.

I guess a normal wife would jealous. I wasn’t. But I did seem a little concerned whether his fascination or intimacy to me would be lost. What impact this date would cihangir escort have on us was for tomorrow. Today I was going to enjoy Stewart.

We began with a wild passionate kiss. I held his shirt and began unbuttoning. He threw his shirt to the floor helped me take my clothes off. Finally when our undergarments were on the floor, Stewart swooped me off the floor into his arms. I yelped in surprise. He was so strong. He tossed me on the bed and approached me. I cupped his balls and then wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I stroked it as it started to rise. I licked the head of his penis and slowly took the whole semi erect member into my mouth. I sucked hard until it was hard as rock. He then held me by my hair and made me deep throat him. He was so aggressive and confident. He was nothing like my meek husband. I loved being taken like that.

Once his cock was lubed up, he turned me over, pulled me to a doggy position and pressed his cock against my pussy which was dripping wet already. It slid in with ease and went all the way in. So deep I had never had a cock this big.

He gradually quickened his pace and before long I was screaming with ecstasy with each thrust. He pulled me closer and kissed my neck from behind. I came hard.

He then turned me over and let me lie on my back. I stroked and sucked his cock until the sensitivity in my vagina subsided. He was groaning with pleasure. He told me I was quite good at giving him a blow job.

I held his boner and guided it to my pussy. I accepted it with open legs. Once he was again in me, I wrapped my legs around him as he pounded me. Within no time he had me approaching another orgasm. The feeling was so intense, I could not hold back. I screamed out and squirted.

He slowed down and kissed me. I hugged him.

He pulled out and asked me to give him my awesome blow job. I took the whole shaft in my mouth. My lips pressed hard along his shaft. He groaned again. He held my hair and made me gag. It didn’t feel good but he soon pulled out just in time to shoot a bucket load of cum onto my tits. I looked at him. His eyes were closed and he was shuddering. He collapsed to the bed beside me.


Martha messaged me the next day. She told me yesterday was heaven for her and praised how skilled my husband was.

I too conveyed how I felt as though I had gotten a part of me back. We discussed about meeting again.

When I talked to Eric he was spellbound by yesterday. Men like variety and I could feel the impact it had on him.

The following two weeks we had our dates with Stewart and Martha. They left for Seattle the next week.

We began our quest again. We both sat together and browsed different profiles.

We narrowed in on a Mexican couple.

The sex wasn’t that great compared to Stewart but at least he had a decent sized penis.

The following month we chose different couples each week. Some were good some were bad. But one thing was certain, Eric understood that he could only please women with his tongue. He might have tried otherwise but it all would have led to him realizing the worth of his cock and finally accepting that women loved how he was good with mouth.

If he didn’t have penetrative sex with me or our swinger dates, then I was sure he was secretly venting his sexual build up by some other means.

Sure enough, I caught hum red handed jacking off to a porn clip when I finished my bath a little early. He had his headphones on and was stroking his little cock. He fell from the chair when I caught him in the act.

We moved to the living room sat down and decided to talk about it.

I cleverly placed the blame to him. I had to make him feel guilty. I asked him why he was doing such a filthy thing even though I risked myself to introduce him to this lifestyle that gave him the opportunity to sleep with some really hot women. I asked him if whether even this was not enough for him.

As expected his defenses came crumbling down. Within a minute he was apologizing and pleading. I cautiously decided to add fuel to the fire by telling him I was extremely disappointed with him and how close I was to ending our relationship.

He knew he would never in his life get a woman like me or anyone of those he was sleeping with the last month.

He apologized and swore to never do it again. My pathetic grown man was on the verge of crying. I held him and told him I accepted his apology.

The next day he was very helpful with all house chores and treated me very well. I guess it was a thank you for my forgiveness.

But I knew men. I know none have the extreme self determination to stick to their genuine promise.

Three days later a white package arrived in our mail. I knew exactly what it was. I didn’t open it instead I handed it over to him that night.

He asked me what it was. I told him it was a surprise. I was hoping he would know what it was but his clueless face when he stared at the CB6000S chastity mecidiyeköy escort device told me otherwise.

He asked me again. I explained it to him.

He again began his pleading and asked me if I didn’t trust him. I put my palm on his face. With my thumb I caressed his lips. I asked him to honestly tell him how long he has ever stayed without jacking off.

He lied that he could go for ever.

When my smile vanished and I looked into his eyes, I saw his eyes moving restlessly. He was shifting. He finally confessed that he had not gone longer than a week. I smiled again and kissed him. I told him he should always be honest with me.

Quite reluctantly he watched me assemble the pieces of plastic and fix it around his cock. The smallest ring fit his small member. I slipped on the small cage with ease and clicked the padlock shut.

I calmly explained to him he needn’t worry. I would help him get used to it by unlocking it if he felt pain and help him train to stop the disgusting habit.

He seemed to understand that it was some sort of equipment used to eliminate the habit of masturbation.

I told him I was willing to support him with it and wouldn’t sleep with anyone until he was done with it. He did seem to show an appreciation to that gesture.

I decided I had to show him more love since he had done something huge for me.

That night itself at about one in the night he woke up complaining of immense pain. I unlocked him and let him pee. I locked it up again only to be woken up at about three and five. We repeated the drill.

Next morning we were both sleep deprived but thankfully it was Sunday.

He asked me whether all this was actually necessary. I asserted it was. I pointed out that I too was up and helping him through his sufferings and he should appreciate it. He seemed to accept that argument but I could see it in his eyes that he thought I was crazy.

That night too he woke up with pain. But surprisingly he woke up only twice with a greater interval between.

Next morning I helped him get into his business formals. I suggested he wear a tight pair of underwear over the chastity device.

When he was all dressed up, I assured him no one would even notice if they stared at it. He was still a little scared and reluctant. I kissed him and asked him to do it for me.

I told him I would drop by his office at lunch to check on him. He always loved me dropping by his office because it was always followed by his jealous friends praising him of how he was the man.

He smiled and agreed.

When I dropped by I could see all eyes on me as I talked to my husband.

He told me everything was surprisingly comfortable until I came along to arouse him. I smiled. I kissed him and hugged him tight. I thanked him for doing it for me and left.

That night I could finally see him on board probably due to my sexy afternoon visit.

He woke me up twice but the interval was longer. The following week he woke up only once at about three in the night. The disturbance went on for one more week until he slept soundly through the night.

He told me how calm and happy he felt throughout the day. Thanks to my Internet research I knew his Oxytocin and Serotonin levels were balanced and no longer depleted.

He felt more intimate with me since the first week of chastity. In the third week he treated me like a princess. He showered me with gifts. He thanked me for helping him get out of the mess he was in. He told me the pain was worth it and he felt like he was so relaxed now. It still amazed me how many men did not know how much their hormones could do to them and how much chastity helps.

Three days to a full month in chastity he waked me up at night. He groaned with pain. As I touched his balls to inspect them. He groaned and squirmed. Suddenly he gasped as a clear liquid oozed out of his locked up cock. His first prostate milk. I felt quite proud of him. He fell back to the bed and told me how he felt like in heaven now. He finally realized the benefits of chastity.


In fact his feelings the previous night was so intense that he talked to me the next morning. He believed I had suffered enough and should go back on the market.

We sat together and picked up a hot couple from the UK. They were into fetish too. The wife, Linda was perfectly fine when I told her my husband’s cock was locked up but his tongue would take her to places she has never been before. It was surprising how many men ignored their wives feelings by not going down on them ever.

When we met, and her sexy husband Ron was leading me to their bed, I saw my husband shove his tongue into her mouth. They were kissing passionately.

Apparently his definition of sex had changed. His penis was no longer the centre of attention, the foreplay and the woman’s need came first. His cum was no longer the reward, instead it was the mental satisfaction of getting such women to orgasm.

Strangely I didn’t feel fear of kurtuluş escort losing him I once felt. His cock was safely locked away. I felt our bond grow stronger.

As for me, I finally felt relieved that my month long abstinence too was finally over. I was horny as fuck that I was pushing back against Ron’s cock. This got him even more excited. Our pace quickened. I dug my fingers into his back. I came quicker than usual. His cock didn’t stop. My pleasure was so high it was unbearable. I squirmed and clenched my muscles. I felt a massive orgasm build up until I could not control it. I squirted my pussy juices.

Ron seemed quite surprised. He pulled out. We both struggled to get back our breath. We stared into each other’s eyes. He was the sexiest person I have ever known. He was not very huge or extremely athletic but could easily end up on the cover of any national magazine.

He held my hand and turned me over.

He asked me if I was OK with anal. I would say I was too exhausted to anyone else but this sexy man made me weak in the knees.

Thankfully I had cleaned myself anticipating this. His thick cock pressed against my asshole. It seemed too tight to open up. I felt pain as my ass suddenly gobbled his huge cock. He let me relax until his monster could slide in. His thrusts were slow but the tightness surely pressed his pleasure points. Within almost a minute I felt his cock pulsate in me and I felt his warm cum ooze out as he pulled his cock out.


Back home we talked about our experiences. It amazed me how detailed he wanted my experiences to be. He clearly cared a lot more about me after I decided to lock his cock. I too noticed my change in behaviour from veiled condescension to respect and affection.

The next week he gave me his permission to pick out a really hot single guy listed online.

He realized I needed quite a lot of sex compared to his new found love for the state of constant arousal.

He was very helpful and even drove me to some of these single dates. He too realized that I wouldn’t leave him. Sex was what I needed that he couldn’t provide but love was something only he could provide.

Things changed for the good in two months’ time. We were more open to each other and we always browsed the Internet together. We not only looked up profiles but also read helpful articles on long term couple experiences and some naughty videos. I loved them. Almost all of them were very positive and helped solve certain obstacles any such couple would face.

One particular article however caught his attention. He believed it was quite sexy.

The article talked about how a woman can subtly advertise herself to the world.

He found that aspect to be exciting.

A hot wife as the article denoted could use provocative dressing and jewellery to convey her desires to those people who could read the signs. Frankly it did feel quite naughty and exciting.

I was never a fan of dresses or jewellery. I like my tee shirts, shorts and skirts. He was persistent and decided to give it to him considering all that he had done for me.

The next day we went to a pretty posh fashion store. We started with the pretty common dresses. He guided me to the mini dress section. He helped me pick out a really small black dress that was smaller than my regular size. I was quite reluctant but he insisted. Next we picked out a matching pair of open toed stilettos that went with the dress. I was glad we bought the pair since I hardly had a good one.

Next Eric took me to the jewellers. Jewellery bored me but he did manage to get me excited when he gently whispered in my ear that he wanted me to get a neck chain to hold my key. That thought itself aroused me.

We also picked out an anklet for my right ankle and two toe rings for the second toe of each foot. All subtle signs to tell the world what we were really into.

I guess he left the store a few thousand dollars poorer, but the happiness that glowed from within him was something money couldn’t buy.

That Friday night he told me he wanted to take me out to dinner. He came home early. He was super excited to get me into my attire.

Once I had put on the dress I felt like an absolute slut. Weirdly enough that did make me wet.

The skimpy dress hugged my body tightly. If I had to bend down, I was sure the world would see my wet panties.

I slid the thin neck chain through the key and let it dangle around my neck. It was quite subtle since I had seen a lot of necklaces with keys.

My husband crouched down and helped me with my anklet and toe rings.

When I was done and we were ready to go, I was quite scared. He gave me a quick peck on my cheek, held my palm in his and led me to the full sized mirror of the closet.

I did look quite stunning though a little overexposed.

My fears vanished when we walked into the restaurant. I could see guys who were there with their wives or girlfriends steal multiple glances at me. It felt weird at first, but the effect I had on these men loyal to their partners who were now checking me out made me feel quite empowered. Through the corner of my eye I even saw a handsome young man eating alone set aside his fork and stare at me awestruck. I wonder if anyone knew what kind of a couple we really were.

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