Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 07

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Bound to the bed and blindfolded, instead of taking her dancing, Walter gives his wife, Linda, what she really wants, hot sex.

“Take off your clothes,” he said as soon as they were in the bedroom.

When she momentarily hesitated, he slapped her hard on the ass through her short skirt. The sting of his hand would have hurt more if she was only wearing her panties or nothing at all. Linda jumped from his slap but, being that spanking was foreplay to her, he knew he wasn’t hurting her.

She enjoyed being spanked. She enjoyed it when he made her ass red with his hand. Seemingly happy for the sexual attention he paid her, she had a sexy smile on her face. Seemingly happy that he was going to give her hot sex instead of taking her dancing, to the movies, or out to eat, no doubt, if only by the sexy way she was looking at him, he suspected that she was already wet.

“Oh, Walter,” she said swooning with her smile turning from sexy to naughty. “What’s gotten into you?”

As if he had never spanked her before, she gave him a coyly innocent look. She gave him the same virginal look she gave him when he spanked her the first time. Only, there was nothing virginal about this woman. If anything, she was a slut. If anything, she was his slut. Once a slut always a slut.

No amount of her kneeling on her knees praying to God would change the fact that she loved cock and loved a good, hard fucking. Yet, her game to play, she could be coquettish when she wanted to be. In the way she was his slut when he was first dating her, she could be quite the little whore too when she had to be.

What’s gotten into him? Odd that she’d ask him that question. Her asking him that question made him confront the truth. Tiffany’s gotten into him. In the way he once had Linda in his head, he had Tiffany in on his mind.

He wished he could order Tiffany to take off her clothes. He wished he could slap Tiffany’s black ass in the way he enjoyed slapping Linda’s white ass. In the way that he was about to tie his wife to the bed naked and blindfold her, he imagined tying Tiffany to the bed naked.

Only, he wouldn’t blindfold Tiffany. He’d rather look into her big, beautiful, brown eyes while he was touching her, feeling her, and kissing her. With her staring up at him, he’d rather stare down into her big, beautiful, brown eyes while she sucked his cock.

“Get naked and get on the bed,” he ordered in the stern voice she enjoyed while giving her another hard wallop on the ass as if his was disciplining his errant daughter.

She looked at him with sexual excitement and he looked at her with exhaustion while he watched her undress as if he was watching Tiffany undressing. Exchanging Linda’s head for Tiffany’s head and Linda’s body for Tiffany’s body, he watched her unbutton her blouse while imagining Tiffany unbuttoning her blouse. He watched her unbutton and unzip her short skirt in the way he imagined Tiffany unbuttoning and unzipping her short skirt. With her standing there in her panties and bra and smiling at him, as soon as she put her arm around his neck and kissed him, she knocked him out of his sexual fantasy of pretending that he was in his bedroom with Tiffany.

She still had a great figure for a 46-year-old woman. If judging her from her shapely body without knowing her real age, another man may think that she was 36-years-old instead of 46-years-old. Another man may want her as much as he once wanted her and as much as he now wanted Tiffany. He only wished Linda had Tiffany’s tits. He only wished Linda had Tiffany’s round, shapely, black ass. He only wished Linda was as dark in complexion as was Tiffany.

“Are you going to tie me to the bed again?”

No doubt, this was her question for are you going to have your three friends ravish my body again? She was being so coy. She was acting so sexily shy. She knew exactly what he was about to do. What he was about to do was with her was what he did with her last month. He was going tie her to their bed, blindfold her, and allow his three friends to give her hot sex.

He watched her remove her bra while wishing she had breasts as big and as shapely as Tiffany’s big, shapely tits. She had nice tits for a B cup but they were no comparisons for tiffany’s big C cup or D cup breasts. Unless he had her bra to look at the size or unless asking Tiffany point blank what size bra cup she was, it was difficult for him to determine the size of Tiffany’s breasts.

The one time he saw her naked breasts was when she lost her bikini bra at the waterpark. Even though he videotaped the event and even though he’s watched her flashing him her tits a thousand times, he’s unable to tell if she has a big C or a small D cup. Whichever size breasts Tiffany has, her breasts are nearly as big as Tyra Banks D cup breasts and are shapelier than Halle Berry’s surgically implanted and surgically enhanced C cup breasts.

“We’ll see,” he said.

She inserted two Betist fingers in her panty, and while watching him for his reaction, as if this was the first time she slid down her panties in front of him, she wiggled her ass as she slid down her panties. He’d have to give her credit for being a willing participant in his little game of bondage and discipline. Although with her rushing to strip naked, he had to give her credit for being sexy. If she was anything, she was sexy. Only, she wasn’t nearly as sexy as Tiffany.

Now naked, as soon as she was naked, he slapped her ass again, this time her naked ass. The sound of his hand hitting her naked ass echoed in their bedroom. Walter felt pressured to undress, get naked, and to give her hot sex. Only, unfortunately, and sadly, he wasn’t as sexually excited seeing Linda naked in real life as he was as sexually excited imagining Tiffany naked in his sexual fantasies and sexually charged dreams. Where he imagined that Tiffany had a trimmed, black bush, Linda had a bushy, dark brown one.

“If you’re going to tie me to the bed again Walter, don’t tie the knots too tight,” she said. “They hurt and leave marks when I pull on them.”

She looked at him with big, blue eyes. She had pretty eyes and it was her eyes that attracted him to her from the start so very long ago. Yet, sometimes he wished she wouldn’t speak. Every time she spoke, she knocked him out of his sexual fantasy of imagining Tiffany naked. Every time she spoke, she stopped him from imagining being in his bedroom with Tiffany instead of being in his bedroom with his wife. Every time she spoke, he wanted to discipline her and punish her by slapping her ass red raw.

* * * * *

He looked at his naked wife. Any other man would be sexually aroused to have a good looking, mature, naked woman with her shapely body in his bedroom but all that he could think of was Tiffany naked. Any other man would be sexually aroused to look into her big, blue eyes and kiss her while touching her and feeling her where no man should feel another man’s wife.

Only, she’s not the woman he fell in love with twenty years ago. Now bitchy, abrupt, and impatient, no longer laughing at his corny jokes, she finds fault with everything he does. In the way his best friend, Bill, divorced his first wife to marry the woman of his dreams, he wished he could divorce Linda to marry a woman more like Tiffany, or even a younger version of Linda.

All he could think of is his best friend Bill being privy to such a sexy, sexual show of watching Tiffany strip naked. With her being an ex-stripper, if anyone knew how to tease a man while undressing, she knew how to striptease. Wishing he was a fly on their bedroom wall, he’d love to watch her undressing.

After having his sexual dream of Tiffany stripping off her bathrobe, with the dream seemingly so very real, he wondered if she really looked like that naked. He couldn’t have had a clearer image of her naked body than if she was in the room with him naked now instead of her being just another sexual fantasy in his head. With it all just a dream, his sexual fantasy her seemed so real.

“Okay, I won’t tie the knots too tight,” said Walter with Linda obviously thinking that she was the only woman in the room. Only he was more thinking about tying Tiffany to his bed than he was thinking about tying his wife to the bed.

He gave her a practiced smile and she returned his plastic smile with a sexy look of sexual anticipation while he looked away with a look of boredom. He wanted to yawn but he controlled himself from insulting her. With her already knowing that he masturbates while watching Tiffany clean her kitchen with her pink, rubber gloves, he didn’t want her suspecting that he was thinking of Tiffany now. The last thing he wanted to do was to make her feel unloved and unwanted when she was already on the bed naked while waiting for him to give her hot sex.

Nonetheless with her already on the bed naked, with this the last thing he wanted to do, to have sex with his wife, he’d much rather be sitting in his chair, flipping channels, and drinking a beer. Only if Tiffany was in his bedroom with him instead of Linda, the last thing he’d be thinking of doing is sitting in his chair, flipping channels, and drinking a beer. He could only imagine what he’d do if he was here with Tiffany instead of here with Linda.

If only Tiffany was here with him now naked instead of Linda, he’d be French kissing her while feeling her big tits and fingering her nipples. If only Tiffany was here with him now, he’d be reaching around her to feel and squeeze her round, firm ass before reaching between her legs to cup her black pussy in the palm of his hand. While kissing and kissing her, he’d rub her clit and finger her pussy. While kissing and kissing her, he’d make her as wet as she made him hard.

If only Tiffany was here with him now instead of Linda, he’d fall between her legs and finger her while licking her. If only Tiffany Betist Giriş was here with him now instead of Linda, he’d make slow, passionate, sweet love to her before pounding her pussy hard. He’d make her cum in the way that he imagined her making him cum when she stroked his cock before sucking his cock and before fucking his cock. For him to get off while having sex with Linda, from the first time he met Tiffany, he’s had to imagine having sex with Tiffany while having sex with his wife.

“Oh, my,” she said flopping on the mattress and wiggling her shapely, naked ass all over the bed.

* * * * *

As if he had just depressed the sexual on button when he slapped her ass and ordered her to get naked, not wasting a minute, she unbuttoned and removed her blouse before unbuttoning and unzipping her short skirt. For him to enjoy his wife stripping herself naked, having missed it while imagining Tiffany stripping naked, he had to replay Linda undressing in his mind. Not an easy thing for him to do, for him to get in the role as her sexually aroused husband, he needed to try and think of her undressing without thinking of Tiffany undressing. He needed to focus on his wife’s middle-aged body and not on Tiffany’s young body.

Then, reaching behind herself, he recalled that she unhooked her bra and removed her bra to flash him her tits before tucking her fingers in her panties, she slid them down and off. In less than a minute, she was naked. Not the striptease show that he imagined Tiffany gave Bill, maybe he could have Tiffany give Linda some pointers in how to sexily strip while he watched.

On the pretense of helping his wife be more seductive, maybe he could invite Tiffany over to strip for them. Giving him even more to masturbate over, he wouldn’t mind Tiffany giving him a sexy, impromptu show of her beautiful, black body while slowly, sexily, sensually, and erotically stripping herself naked. Maybe making it a family event, he could ask Linda to invite her sister and mother over. He heard Jerry Spring say once, “The family that strips together, stays together.” Much wiser than Joel Osteen, with him having his finger on the sexual pulse of men, Jerry Springer was such a wise man.

“For Linda to really understand how to striptease Tiffany, with a picture worth a thousand words, you’re going to have to strip yourself naked while Linda watches,” he imagined saying to Tiffany to persuade her to strip naked.

Still Tiffany with her big tits and shapely body not only took control of his mind but also took control of his sexual lust. For sure, if Tiffany was in the room with him, he’d much rather she gave him a slow striptease than having to suffer through watching Linda strip herself naked again. As if she was stripping on stage and enticing him to stick money in her G-string, he’d rather watch Tiffany remove each article of clothes very slowly, very sexily, and very erotically.

Linda, his wife of too many years to sometimes remember, was on the bed with her knees up and her legs spread. She was naked and ready for sex. He looked at the pink of her pussy already wet and glistening from the overhead bedroom light. Turning away from her to turn off the overhead light for the preferred ambience of the nightstand light, if she was Tiffany instead of Linda, he’d light her up with a spotlight.

Only, no longer sexually interested in his wife, Tiffany was who he wanted. Tiffany was who he thought of night and day. Tiffany was who he lusted over. Tiffany was who he watched clean her kitchen with her pink, rubber gloves while he masturbated over imagining her naked and having sex with her. Realizing that his sexual lust for Tiffany was a dead end street and nothing more than a sexual fantasy he enjoyed having, he needed to wrap his mind around his wife instead of the woman next door. He needed to enjoy what he had in hand instead of lusting over someone he’d never have.

With her naked, sexually aroused, and in the mood for sex, she was ready for him to lick her and finger her before mounting her. With her awaiting his next sexual instruction, she was ready to do what every good wife should do, give her husband hot sex. Only, some things weren’t as they seemed. If he couldn’t have Tiffany, strangely enough, he was more interested in wearing Linda’s clothes than he was in giving her hot sex.

Sometimes wishing he was born a woman, he envied Linda’s well-formed body, her modest breasts, her small waist, her curvy hips, and her shapely thighs. He stared at her bra and panties strewn on the floor as if they were beckoning him to wear them. Tempted to put on her bra and panties on as a joke, only he didn’t want to rub his cross dressing secret life in her face, especially if she didn’t think it funny. If he that made it obvious that he was a cross dresser, she may take that as a clue that he wanted to discuss not only his cross dressing but also that he arranged for three of his friends to give her hot sex. Not wanting to ruin the secret, sexual relationship they mutually enjoyed separately, he decided not to touch her bra and panty.

He looked at her looking at him while waiting for him to join her. She wasn’t a bad looking woman. Compared to many women her age she looked better than most. With her long legs and short, dark brown hair, she was pretty for a mature woman. She looked like Diane Venora, the woman who played Justine Hanna, Al Pacino’s third wife in the movie Heat. If he was to compare her to a Hollywood celebrity, she looked a little like Courtney Cox…from a distance of a hundred yards…when not wearing his glasses.

Thinking it may help arouse his sexual mood, he removed his glasses to look at his wife. Interestingly enough, she does look much better without his glasses. Maybe he should wear his glasses less and maybe he should start wearing his headphones more so that he doesn’t hear her talking. After a while, with her nagging at him, especially when he’s trying to watch TV, her voice is like static interference. Sometimes, he’d rather listen to an emergency broadcast wanting than to listen to her drone on and on about wanting to go somewhere and do something.

Unfortunately what sexually excited him about her before didn’t sexually excite him now. Tragically, something he never would have believed twenty years ago, it was as if seeing her naked was no big deal. He’s seen her naked a thousand times and for him to have an erection when seeing her naked, he had to imagine seeing Tiffany naked. In the way that Linda being naked didn’t sexually arouse him, she may have been fully dressed for all that he was interested. To tell the truth, if he couldn’t see Tiffany naked, he’d much rather see Linda’s sister or Linda’s mother naked than to see his wife naked. Weird. What’s that about?

Yet, if she was any of his friends’ wives, Linda’s sister, or Linda’s mother laying naked on his bed, he’d have an erection. He’d want them. Wishing that he could tie any of his friend’s wives, his sister-in-law, and/or his mother-in-law naked to his bed, he’d be ready to give all of them hot sex.

Why is that? An attractive woman, she has the same body parts as his friends’ wives, better even. She has a mouth, a pussy, an ass, and hands. Why isn’t he as sexually attracted to her in the way that he’s sexually attracted to his friends’ wives and to his sister-in-law and mother-in-law? Other than his abnormal sexual interest in Tiffany, he didn’t understand his sudden sexual disinterest in his wife.

Looking back in hindsight, before Tiffany even came on the scene, he couldn’t count the number of times he’s masturbated over the wives of his friends while imagining having sex with any one of them and all of them. He couldn’t count the number of times he’s masturbated while imagining Linda’s sister, Kathy, his sexy sister-in-law naked and while having sex with her. He couldn’t count the number of times he’s masturbated while imagining Kathy on her knees while looking up at him with her big, blue eyes while his big, hard, hairy cock was humping her mouth. “Suck it. Suck my cock Kathy,” he imagined saying to his sexy, sister-in-law while she stroked him and sucked him as he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples.

He couldn’t count the number of times he’s imagined Linda’s mother, Mary, his MILF of a mother-in-law naked and while having sex with her. He couldn’t count the number of times he’s imagined Mary on her knees while looking up at him with her big, blue eyes while his big, hard, hairy cock was buried in her mouth.

“Suck it. Suck my cock Mary,” he imagined saying to his MILF of a mother-in-law while she stroked him and sucked him as he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples.

In the way he enjoyed slapping Linda’s naked ass, he’d love to slap the naked asses of his friends’ wives, his sister-in-law’s naked ass, and his mother-in-law’s naked ass. In the way that he’d love to slap all of their naked asses before tying them all to the bed, he’d love to slap Tiffany’s beautiful black ass before tying her to the bed too. A sexual fantasy that he never grew tired of masturbating too, perhaps one day he’ll have his sexual way with all the women he imagined disciplining and punishing.

Not once, never has he masturbated over his wife in the way he’s masturbated over having sex with the wives of his friends, his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, and now Tiffany. Now that he’s been married to her for so long, never does he masturbate over having sex with Linda in the way that he masturbates over having sex with anyone else, including Hollywood celebrities. After being married to her for a twenty years, it’s shamefully inappropriate how he always wanted to have sex with anyone but with Linda.

Before he was married to her, the only woman he wanted was Linda. Before he was married to her, he masturbated over the thoughts of her naked and having sex with her. The first year they were married, they had sex every day and every night. The second year they were married, they had sex three times a week. With their days of them being sexually intimate dwindling the longer they were married, now, he’s not interested that she’s naked on his bed and ready for sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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