Her Last Day of School Ch. 01

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“Click… clack… click… clack… click… clack,” the echo off high heels walking across a freshly polished floor filled the lobby of Claybourne High School as one its teachers made her way inside from the frigid, mid-January temps outside.

It was a cold Friday morning with a light dusting of snow covering much of suburban Ohio town Kim Dudley, and her Husband, had called home since she graduated from Ohio St and began teaching six and a half years earlier. Her entire body was freezing, especially her feet, from the walk inside from the teacher’s lot and Kim found herself wishing she would have dressed a little more substantially, even if it was just for the morning commute.

“Should have at least worn your boots,” she chided herself, trying to get the blood flowing in her stocking clad toes as she hustled up the hallway.

Knowing how the rest of the day would play out however, Kim filled with a bristling inner warmth as looked down at her black leather pumps, knowing they’d make much more of a visual impact than a pair of frumpy but cozy Winter boots.

So would the thigh high black stockings she had on under her form-fitting, knee length black skirt. It was a strange feeling having the cold air draft upwards over the bare skin of her upper thighs, but once she was inside, the warmth from the heat ducts along with the surrounding mass of people caused her crotch to quickly began to simmer.

Raising her head, Kim smiled at the sea of faces she passed along the way to her first period class. By then the steady click of her heels on the floor had been drowned out by the din of the bustling herd, but she still felt her heart beating in her chest and anxiety chewing at her gut every time she saw a familiar and friendly face, wondering if it would be the last time she would ever see them.

Ever the observant woman, Kim could also feel a plethora of eyes gazing at her in passing. Out of the corner of her eyes, Kim could see every male student she brushed by seemingly crimp their neck to get a good look at her. While she was one of the more attractive members of the faculty, rarely did she ever come to work dressed more like she was headed to a cocktail party instead of her 12th grade social studies class.

Looking down as she pressed on to her classroom, Kim could see her nipples poking out the front of her cream colored silk blouse like two concealed grapes in her bra cups, hardened by the bitter cold outside and her own inner angst. Thankfully the black blazer she had on kept anyone from seeing her obvious arousal unless they were standing of directly in front of her. Still, even with the shameless act she was preparing to do, Kim felt the need to fold her briefcase under her arms and raise it to her chest as she approached the door to room 205.

Taking a deep breath, Kim stepped inside the room and saw the usual choas that surrounded the moments before first period started. Most of the students were already in the room even though many were a blur darting back and forth between their desks, catching up on any last minute gossip or making plans for later in the day before class started. Kim had learned not to stand in front of the door for too long, to avoid getting plowed over by a rampaging student trying to hurry into the room before the late bell rang.

It wasn’t long however before all of the students’ eyes gradually settled on their teacher, looking more like she was headed to a high level board meeting instead of conducting their class. Even as the students drifted towards their assigned seats, all the male eyes, and a good many of the female ones, were glued to Mrs. Dudley, and the formalness of her attire.

Kim was sure she could feel the weight of several of the aroused male gazes in the room, but none of them outwardly said a word. In fact, there was an awkward silence hanging in the air as she dropped her briefcase on her neatly kept desk a few seconds before removing her blazer and draping it across the back of her chair. Popping open the locks of the briefcase where she kept her school supplies, Kim removed a stack of graded essays before closing it back up.

“Not the best group of papers I’ve ever seen…we still have to get some of that rust off from Christmas break I guess,” Kim chided the class as she walked towards the aisle closest to the door to start handing the grades out.

On cue, several kids rolled their eyes in disappointment when they saw their score but most of them quickly raised their gaze back towards Mrs. Dudley as she walked past, her narrow waist, rounded hips and trim athletic calves readily apparent in the tight black skirt.

Balancing herself on her 4 inch high heels as she navigated the obstacle course of book bags laying in the aisles, Kim had to fight a internal touch of irony as she scolded the class to do better. The topic of the essay had been on ethics in government, ethics being the difficult to digest word considering what she and her Husband were on the verge of doing.

After Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort all the graded papers having been returned, Kim walked back towards her desk and grabbed the metal tray she kept there for incoming assignments. Turning on the tips of her heels, Kim made her way to the first row of students once again, this time telling them each to drop their cell phones in the basket.

“I’ll give them back at the end of class,” the teacher promised despite the youthful chorus of ‘whys’ and ‘groans’ that erupted around her.

Knowing that cell phone use had been an issue several times in Mrs. Dudley’s class, all the students had heard her warnings before but none of them thought she’d take the drastic step of confiscating their tethers to the outside world. But one by one each student relented and dropped their phones with a clank into the waiting basket.

Dropping the almost half full basket back on her desk, Kim then walked towards the door of the classroom, closed it and then turned the lock, a safety precaution that had been added to every classroom after the incident at Columbine years earlier.

Suddenly the unsettled quiet that had descended upon the room developed into a full blown hush when the students saw their teacher lock the door just after taking their phones.

“…Now let’s get on with class,” Kim addressed the 22 stunned faces in the room as she leaned back against the front edge of her desk.

Each student could detect the unease in their 30 year old teacher’s voice. It was there for good reason.


Kim’s Husband, Jeff was an Asst. Branch Manager at one of the bigger banks in the Cincinnati area. He had a degree in accounting from Ohio St. where he’d met his Wife, an intricate understanding of the worldwide banking markets, and as it turned out quite a set of brass balls.

Through some creative bookkeeping and several years of earning the explicit trust of everyone he worked with, both above and below him in the corporate food chain, Jeff Dudley had gradually put into action a plan that would culminate later that same Friday morning Kim Dudley was collecting cell phones in her classroom . The hatching and eventual harvesting of that plan he hadn’t shared with his wife until the night before however.

Jeff had purposefully withheld the details of his theft from his wife in hopes that she would have some plausible deniability if the heist was to ever be uncovered. He did tell her he picked that particular Friday to execute the plan since Martin Luther King Day would be the following Monday and the long weekend would provide them ample opportunity to get out of the country and cover their tracks before any traces of his grand pilfer would even start showing up on the company’s computers. Even when they got a hint that something was amiss and Jeff was nowhere to be found, with the complex way he’d gone about muddying the waters, it would take a good forensic accountant a few days to figure everything out. By then the couple would have all but disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Having sucked their life savings gradually from the bank and cashing in all their stocks to tide them over for spending money until they got down to the Islands, Jeff had made flight reservations for that afternoon to the Caribbean where the money from his thievery was waiting in a secure, off-shore account. From there, after spending a few days enjoying a second honeymoon, Jeff would pay a contact specializing in forged documents to provide he and Kim with a new identity as Swiss citizens. After that, Jeff would wire the rest of the money to a waiting Swiss bank account and fly to Stockholm the same Monday everyone back at the bank he worked would be enjoying their much deserved Monday holiday off. By the time anyone caught wind of his treachery, Jeff and his Wife would be citizens of Europe.

Leaving no children or living parents behind, both Jeff and Kim felt as if it would be as neat a cut from their old lives as humanly possible. Kim had been stunned when Jeff had approached with the details of what he’d done, but faced with the sudden decision to follow him or stay at home, alone with the Feds eventually swooping in, she decided to go with him and start a new life.

In fact they’d fucked like bunnies in the hours after Jeff had told Kim of his plan over dinner and after they’d packed all the essentials for the hasty flight the next day, both Husband and Wife struggled to get some shuteye before the Friday that would basically be their last as the Dudley’s.

As she tried drifting off that night, still feeling her Husband’s warm and rich cum swimming through her womb, the splinter of a long time fantasy broke off from Kim’s psyche and lodged squarely in her loins. If she was going to go through the motions of going to work the following day, Kim would make it a day to remember for everyone. Rubbing her still throbbing pussy as she cooked up the details in her head, eventually Kim came to the twisted images in her mind before finally falling asleep.


The scourge of female teacher/male student sex scandals has long been a shadow hanging over school systems around the country. Not a week seemingly goes by that a new case isn’t splashed across the news from somewhere around the country. Event hough the trend wasn’t outwardly discussed much between the faculty Kim encountered at Claybourne, because of the awkward nature of the subject, the fact that you often needed a knife to cut the hormones floating in the air at the high school she taught led Kim to believe the affairs that were actually outed and made public nationally were only the tip of a very nasty and unscrupulous iceberg.

While she didn’t know for certain of any such affairs at her school with either male or female teachers, she guessed that it did go on. There was also no way in the world she’d ever be tempted to go down that road, ruining her life and torpedoing her career for a meaningless tryst with a student. Thankfully, unlike what seemed like a common thread in many of the other female teacher sex cases where the teacher’s Husband maybe didn’t do everything in his power to keep his wife satisfied, at least Kim had a Husband who fulfilled her every wish, in and out of the bedroom.

Still, in the deepest recesses of her primal mind, there was a depraved fantasy that had always intrigued Kim since her first day on the job.

As for any student interest in her, Kim’s radar was pretty acute at picking up such things and there wasn’t a class that had gone by, or a walk down a hallway since she’d started teaching that didn’t bring at least one prolonged gaze by a male student or fellow faculty member. There were even plenty of stares she got from the girls at the school as well and even though she knew a percentage of those were simply out of jealousy and spite for being prettier than they were, there was no doubt in Kim’s mind that many of those hungry glances were of a sexual intent as well. All of that was just years worth of playful and unspoken flirtation until that fateful Thursday night when Jeff Dudley told his Wife that their life was about to take a radical shift, which in turn opened a very small window of potential indecency that Kim found herself game enough to crawl through.


Once all the cell phones had been gathered, the door to room 205 locked and all the shades drawn, Kim slowly strolled back to the center of the room and leaned her behind against the front of her desk, the whole time being watched closely by each of her silent but incredulous flock.

“…Alright…,” Kim finally sighed, more to herself than any of the other 22 young men or women in the room, after taking a look up at the clock on the wall. “We have about 40 minutes to the bell..we better get started.”

A visible wave of trepidation swept through the faces of the assembled students as they sat there, many with their mouths un-hinged as they hung on every one of their teacher’s measured words.

“I’ve got to take some time away from school…its nothing any of you should worry yourself with… but today’s going to be my last day for awhile,” Kim offered soberly.

“I might be back…..I might not,” she lied knowing full well this would be the last time she ever stepped inside an American classroom, but trying to make her delivery as comforting as possible.

“From day one, you guys have been my favorite class,” Kim continued, this time telling the complete truth. “And I just wanted to thank you guys for making this job a pleasure to come to every single morning.”

There was a definite mixture of emotions welling inside the nearly two dozens kids as they listened, their internal reactions ranging from concern over Mrs. Dudley’s health for some, to wondering just how easy it would be to get over on a substitute for the rest of the school year for others.

“Let’s cut to the chase before we run out of time,” Kim continued, balling her hands into nervous fists along the edge of the desk to each side of her.

Raising her head several moments later, trying to make a visual connection to every student in the room as she balanced and rolled the tip of her right high heel on the floor, Kim could feel her insides fizzing like a shaken bottle of chilled champagne, waiting to be uncorked.

“I’ve thought about doing this for awhile,” Kim’s voice rose softly, flexing her fingers out then wrapping her hands together before resting them against her lower belly. “If I was gonna do this..this is the class I wanted to do it for.”

Scanning the 44 eyes staring straight back at her, Kim could feel the weight of the hush enveloping the room. Then she saw the shock in each of those gazes and the re-coil of their seated bodies when she reached up and started to unbutton her crisp white blouse.

There was a definite sensation of jumping off a ledge for Kim, one she could never pull herself back from, as her tingling fingers undid each button. But there was an air of familiarity about it as well for her from the countless times she’d imagined this moment in her mind.

For the students, even the ones that had fantasized about the very thing she was doing, there was no such calmness in their gazes. In fact, everyone in the five parallel rows of seats sat like stones at their desks, 22 blank faces looking on as the soft, golden tanned flesh of their teacher’s cleavage came into view.

In the roaring silence, the sound of several pens and pencils hitting the desk echoed through the room even though everyone now was too pre-occupied to hear it.

Scanning the room, her head held defiantly high, Kim worked the bottom of her tucked blouse free from the waistline of her very snug skirt and allowed the slightly wrinkled fabric to flair out as she undid the final few buttons. Letting the blouse hang loose, Kim snuck her hands inside the opening and edged the angelically smooth material further apart until everyone in the room could clearly see her pert bosom resting inside the lacy white cups of her high end bra.

Her adrenaline flowing, Kim was completely locked into the moment as she reached behind her back and unsnapped the rear clasp of her skirt and instant before working the small zipper down. Instantly Kim exhaled and her body relaxed from having the pressure of her tight fitting skirt relieved. For a few seconds she just stood there surveying the room, cataloging the varied reactions of her students looking on. There were quite a few pale faced and open mouthed stares combined with a couple of white-knuckled grips on the edges of desks.

Kim found herself intrigued by the differences she saw in the male and female reactions. Most of the guys in the room sat either upright or leaned forward slightly in their seats, all with a look of reverence and disbelief on their faces. The girls for the most part all seemed to either crouch or slink a little backwards at their desks, a few with their arms folded, as if unsettled to the core by what their teacher was doing. Looking hard enough into several of the female eyes however, Kim was sure she could see a gleam of fascination in a few of them as she tugged her skirt down to the floor.

The molecular energy in the room seemed to combust when the students saw Kim’s black, thigh high stocking clad legs come into view and any neutral observer would have seen more than half of the students’ throats in the room gulp when they watched their teacher step out of her dress.

Undressing herself at a brisk but controlled pace, Kim didn’t give her class long enough to allow the gravity of what they were witnessing to sink in. Her skirt laying in a pile beside her feet, with cat like ease Kim slid her blouse over her shoulders and down her twell toned arms before draping the soft, silky garment across her desk, leaving her standing there in the center of the room in nothing but her bra, hose and panties.

Still balancing herself expertly on her high heels, Kim slowly walked back and forth across the front of the room as if to give the students sitting in the front row a chance to see up close what they were watching was real. Her sweet smelling perfume rousing the senses of everyone she brushed past, Kim could feel her nipples turning into two small stones inside the cups of her bra.

Returning to her perch in front of her desk after two quick tours across the room, Kim looked up at the clock and saw there were 36 minutes left until the end of class. She then raised her hands up to the center of her chest and unsnapped the front clasp of her bra.

Letting her fingertips slide demurely across the baby soft skin of her décolletage, Kim made a point to make eye contact with every boy in the room as she peeled her bra cups away from her 34 C bosom, as if to say, “I know most of you have laid in bed at night imagining me doing this..Hell I’ve caught most of you trying to look down my blouse when your up at my desk..well here they are for all of you to see.”

Pulling the bra all the way apart, Kim took supreme feminine delight in the way all the male faces in the room lit up when they got their first look at her unsheathed breasts. Rolling the straps off her shoulders, she turned and laid the bra on her desk, on top of her already discarded blouse. When she turned back towards the class, her tits bouncing luridly now every time she moved, Kim swore she could hear the hearts of the boys closest to the front racing in their chests, or perhaps it was the volume of her own.

So aroused by her illicit striptease, Kim couldn’t help digging her right hand down between her thighs and squeezing it tight around the crotch of her moistened panties. The scent of her own pheramones filtering rapidly through the room, Kim could look out and see several of the boys raising their noses into the air, like hounds attracted to her primal scent as she massaged her sex. Each time she inhaled, Kim was sure she could also smell the tsunami of testosterone wafting up from the class.