Baby Blue Suspenders

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The girls all looked up as I walked through the general office area, down the corridor and to my office, across from the secretarial pool. As I rounded the corner I could hear them whispering and giggling. I slowed my pace just as I went around the corner, stood there quietly and eaves dropped in on their conversation.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” said Belinda, “Look at his golden hair, so neatly cut, and those lips and mouth! Oh boy, would I ever like to come to terms with that mouth!”

“You’re right! He is gorgeous,” agreed Babs, the bubbly brunette, “I’d slip those baby blue suspenders over his shoulders and have his pants down in seconds flat!”

“Well why don’t you then? What’s stopping you?” Ella added, in a challenging tone of voice, “I’ll bet you anything, that you can’t get Mr. Cutie-pies pants down before the day is done, no way, no how!”

“Oh yeah? How much?” Babs said, daring Ella to put her money where her mouth is. Ella was quiet for a moment, but she wasn’t your typical dumb blonde, “How about a nice expensive bottle of Champagne? I could use one for the dinner I hosting on Sunday. Unless of course you don’t feel you can do it.”

“You’re on!” Babs agreed, “But let me warn you I am an expert when it comes to this sort of thing!”

While I continued listening in on them, I heard a chair moving and the sound of footsteps. I quickly ducked into my office out of sight.

“If you girls don’t mind, I think I’ll get started right away. But I’ll need you all to keep watch and guard the door. I don’t want any interruptions, if you know what I mean?” I heard Babs saying just as I closed my office door.

“I think I must’ve left it in Mr. Austin’s office…” I heard Babs sing out extra loud from just outside the door to my office. After a short pause came a tiny knock.

“Come in,” I said with a deep, business tone of voice.

“I’m sorry to bother you Mr. Austin,” she said, “can I have a look on your bookcase, I seem to have misplaced a file?”

Pretending to be pre-occupied with my paperwork, I shifted around in my leather chair, “Certainly Barbara, go ahead.” I replied formally, without actually looking up from my desk.

As she closed the door the handle seemed to be jammed and she bent down to have a closer look. She hiked up her skirt as she bent over, revealing a fair expanse of thigh and shapely butt, which I was sure to glance up at from my desk! I knew what she was doing, but how was she trying to go about it? The sight of her wiggling ass delighted me and I found me eyes glued to her while she fumbled with the door handle.

Babs turned around and our eyes met. I did my best to look serious! “I’m so sorry,” she apologized, “but the darn knob seems to be sticking. Don’t worry though, I’ll have it loosened in a minute.”

She bent down even further and her skirt hiked up even more. Finally she was squatting in front of the knob and she had my full and undivided attention. I found myself staring face to face with the unavoidable place, the place where her thighs disappeared beneath the hem of her tight black skirt. I blinked quickly as I felt my stare was far too intense, considering I was gawking at a staff member.

I heard the knob mechanism click and Babs released it and then spun around on one foot and lost her balance. She spread open her legs and thighs and placed on knee on the floor to regain her balance. She looked up at me from her open legged squatting position and laughed.

I felt a strong urge in my loins as I gazed back at this beautiful creature sprawled out before me. I caught a small glimpse of white material between her legs. Then, in the same heart-pounding moment, I noticed she was wearing stockings which left a few inches of creamy white flesh showing. I was suddenly feeling very warm, hot in fact, and extremely excited.

“There we go! I am so sorry about that,” she said apologizing again and smiling her sweetest smile for me, “but I knew I’d get it unstuck, eventually!”

Babs got back up on her feet, standing tall and elegant once again as she smoothed her skirt, before coming around behind my desk to look through the files on the bookcase. I could feel my body temperature begin to rise quickly, my chest was heaving. I placed both my elbows on my desk and then cupped my chin with my hands. I let out a deep and concerned sigh that almost came out as a pleasurable moan. My heart beat quickly and pounded in my chest.

“Are you alright Mr. Austin?” Babs asked from behind me, “Have you got a headache. Perhaps you’re just tense or stressed out?”

I never answered her, instead I continued to sigh and breathe deeply.

“How about I massage your neck and shoulders? I’m very good at relieving tension you know.” and she moved closer to me and placed her hands on my shoulders. I let out a moan as I felt her warm hands take hold of me.

“As I’m sure you’re equally skilled at causing tension in other areas!” I said as her fingers began gently kneading Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort the base of my neck and shoulders.

“I’m not sure I follow Mr. Austin.” replied, pretending to be innocent, trying her hardest to be convincing.

I spun around in my chair and grabbed her by the waist, “Oh?” Well I think you know exactly what I mean!” I said in a fierce, demanding and superior tone of voice. I stood up and towered over her by a good 5 inches. “You are one incredibly beautiful temptress! And you know it!” I told her sternly, “And I’m not sure whether you’re really after some fun and games or if you’re just a very dangerous woman!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Austin, I didn’t mean to upset or offend you. I really didn’t.” Babs responded solemnly, “it was all in good fun, really!”

I saw her lips begin to tremble and I could see signs of a tear in the corner of her eye. Her performance was very convincing indeed and with another deep sigh I reached out, wrapped my arms around her and hugged her pliant body close to mine.

“Look….how long have we known each other? I asked her, whispering in her ear as I held her close, ” It must be over a year since you first came to this department. So what started all this? Out of the blue, now, today?”

“It’s those baby blue suspenders,” she told me. She started giggling like a little girl, “They’re just so damn sexy and …..” she laughed.

I released her, and while she played with my suspenders I asked her, “Are you making fun of me or the way I dress?”

Babs moved closer to me, hooked her thumbs around my suspenders, turned her face up and looked in my eyes, “Me? Make fun of you? No, not me. I’m not making fun of you. It’s those suspenders, I swear that’s all it is!” And then she slipped them down over my shoulders in one swift motion.

I straightened my arms and allowed the baby blues to fall down my sides. I knew that one or two steps across the room would be all it would take for my pants to fall down. As I pondered the opportunity for this to happen I kissed Babs lips.

The kiss was perfect, starting off slowly, gently and then increasing in both pressure and intensity. Babs began breathing heavily, her hot breath escaping her nose, huffing , as out tongues entwined and our pulses raced. In seconds, we were both struggling for air through our kiss.

I began exploring her body as we kissed. My fingers slid slowly down her spine, over the bulge of her ass, along the outside of her thighs and bringing her skirt up on the way back. I made sure she felt the pressure of the big, hard lump inside my pants. I pressed against her tummy and held her tight.

“You did manage to lock the door after all that fumbling around didn’t you?” I laughed, “So I guess you could say we’re ready for just about anything now, wouldn’t you?”

I took command, after all she was my secretary. I slid her skirt up and over her bum, exposing her smooth supple flesh. Hooking her white panties I pulled them down and lifted her up. I sat her naked ass on the cold polished top of my desk. Leaning forward I casually removed her panties and stuffed them into my pocket. I undid the buttons of her white silk blouse. I removed it and she sat there submissively, staring at me and waiting my next move.

Although Babs is not flat chested, she is fairly small breasted. And today she wasn’t wearing a bra. I gazed with delight at her neat, fleshy mounds, each crowned with an excitingly pink nipple set inside a large dark shriveled circle. The jiggled and bounced like small bowls of Jell-O as she sat there, resting her hands under her bum, on my desk. She sat there, quietly, patiently, almost naked! I could see her demeanor begin to visibly change from control and devilment into acceptance and submission. Her initial enthusiasm seemed to have deserted her, she was no longer the temptress or the instigator. Somehow the tables had turned and Babs now found herself waiting for my demands instead of making the demands.

“You don’t want to go through with this now do you?” I asked her. I felt in control, and perhaps a little bit cruelty and nasty felt good too. Babs shivered as she looked me in the eyes. She was trying to figure me out, trying see what my game was. I never gave in though, I remained mysteriously stern with her. I refused to give her the smile she was so desperately searching for on my face.

“I’ll take off my skirt and stockings, if you take off your socks and pants.” she said trying to make a bargain with me, no doubt trying to reassert control and take the initiative back. Smiling that best smile of hers again, I watched her peel down one stocking.

“NO!” I said defiantly. I reached out and firmly pushed the stocking back up, much to Babs’ confusion. “You can take that skirt off! But the stockings stay!”

Babs smiled once again, and then twisted her skirt around and undid the waist band. I grimaced while I watched her pull the skirt down and off. She kicked her shoes off and then sat there once again on my desk, the very picture of sex nymph. Naked except for a pair of sheer stockings and an excited smile. It was hard to carry on my annoyed facade, my mind was overwhelmed by her beauty. I placed my arm around her and I returned her smile. I looked deep into her eyes and saw my own reflection as we leaned into a kiss. I picked her up and carried her over to my chair where I sat down with her in my lap.

“You must be cold.” I said softly, pulling her close and holding her tight against me. Her body was relaxing as I felt her settle into my embrace. My right hand cradled her stocking knee while my left hand rested under and gently cupped the soft naked curve of her bum.

“You are beautiful Babs!” I told her, “And although a few minutes ago I thought you were extremely sexy….right now? Well I just don’t know anymore! You confuse me.” My remarks stung Babs and she looked sharply into my eyes and tried hard to gauge my intentions, and in less then a second, she once again found me grinning at her wickedly, challenging her again!

I knew that this game was something Babs understood and without giving it another thought, she responded by passing her tongue over her full, glossy lips and then slipped two fingers under my tie and between my shirt buttons, caressing my chest. I stared at the tip of her tongue as it moved back and forth over her lips and I brought my hands up to her lovely face and guided her mouth until our lips touched.

As we kissed I pushed my tongue between her teeth, chasing and tangling with hers. Gently I placed my hand on her breast causing her moan while she wiggled in my lap. Her legs opened slightly and then closed tightly again while we finished our kiss. As our lips parted I held her away from me and stared at her beautiful nakedness.

I glanced down and spotted the tuft of dark brown curly hairs at the base of her tummy disappearing between the creamy whiteness of her thighs. I had to explore further, to discover what treasures lie buried there.

Babs was aware of my intentions and was just as excited as I was. She took my hand from her breast, “Keep doing that and you’ll have a wet spot on your pants…..don’t you think it’s time you took them off?” she jested.

“Oh I don’t know? Shall we?” I grinned, answering her while she swiveled her legs around and stood up in front of me. Taking hold of my hand she pulled me up out of my chair, wrapped her arms around me she kissed me. She slid the palms of her hands down my back until her fingers came to the waistband of my pants. Slowly she eased them down over my hips, letting gravity do the rest.

I knew we were both on exactly the same page and we were probably thinking the same thing; that was one expensive bottle of Champagne Babs had just won; as my pants and baby blue suspenders fell to the floor with a loud thud.

“What the heck do you keep in your pockets?” she laughed as she loosened my tie and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt.

Babs skillfully unbuttoned my shirt and slid it over my shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor behind us, “Sit down, please,” she said, giving me a small shove in the same direction, “sit down so I can take your shoes and socks off.”

I watched her in amazement, this lovely nymphet, kneeling before me taking off my shoes and socks, then slipping my pants off. I sat still while she administered to me, closing my eyes and enjoying the servitude. I felt her hands gliding slowly, softly over my calves, along the outside of my thighs and then hooking under my boxer shorts. With a gentle tug she pulled them down a few inches.

“Well well, what have we here?” she said with a pleased giggle, “I’ll never be able to get these off over top of that!” Her curious fingers darted up under the edge of my boxers seeking out my manhood. Lying thick and hot against my stomach, it throbbed and twitched, anticipating her touch. Looking up at me her eyes widened with excited and exaggerated astonishment while she gently eased me out of my boxers. Once she lifted my shorts over top of my erection they floated to a pile around my ankles.

I reached out for her and pulled her up off the floor and back into my lap again. I kissed her but not on the lips, I gently ran my tongue across her breasts and over her hard and prominent nipples. My cock poked up hard, straight and tall between us and Babs found it with ease while I sucked on her nipples. Here eyes were closed and she moaned quietly, contently playing with my cock.

I ran my hand along the length of her inner thigh, Babs, shifted around and opened her legs slightly, giving me better access to the seat of her passion.

“Oooooh my!” Babs sighed, as my fingers crossed over top of her sweet soft mound. She parted her legs a little more and I placed my hand between them and parted her warm, moist pussy lips. She was pretty wet already and my finger was sloshing in and out with ease.

“Wow! Are you ever wet down there!” I exclaimed as I took my finger out and traced a wet path towards her clit. Babs was well on her way towards peaking by the way in which she was wiggling and squirming around in my lap. She kept glancing down with delight and anticipation at my hard cock, making sure it was still there.

“Can I? Can I please sit down on it now!? Please?” she pleaded.

I replied by stretching back in the chair, leaving plenty of room for her. Babs stood over me, her legs astride mine, allowing me to see her gorgeous body. She had me hypnotized, those wet tufts of pubic curls that framed her succulent pussy had total control of my mind. I reached out and placed both hands on her ass, squeezing and massaging her full cheeks. My cock twitched and quivered while I felt her up. I felt what it wanted, I wanted it too. To grow larger, to expand, was the message it sent loud and clear. To further the argument a shimmering bead of pre-cum came dribbling out of it’s throbbing purple tip.

“Come to me….! I whispered, “Come to me my sweet, sweet pussy! Seeming to have regained some confidence after my enthusiasm with regards to her beautiful body Babs was more than ready. She eagerly climbed into my chair and placed her legs on either side of mine. My hands never left her ass, so I easily helped her to lower her divine wet hole down onto my spearhead.

As soon as Babs felt the tip of my hot cock between her moist pussy lips she slowly rocked back and forth and slid down onto my throbbing shaft. Once she had my cock all the way inside she let out a loud sigh of contentment. Bearing down and pulling herself up a few times she spread her slippery juices along my long hard shaft. Once nice and wet she whooshed and sloshed herself up and down engulfing me balls deep.

Our pubic hair meshed, her inflamed and swollen clit met the hardness of my thrusting crotch. I reached down, gathered up some of her wet dribble with my fingers and traced a small circle around her tight asshole. She moaned out loud with sudden urgency, plunging herself madly down on top of me, driving my cock deep inside and rubbing herself off against me.

I kept my hand on her ass, fingering and poking in and out of her tightly puckered opening. I leaned forward and sucked on her nipples, feeling myself close to losing control. My cock was hard as rock and throbbing stiffly, my balls were tightening and I could feel my load starting to percolate.

Babs tightened and she shuddered, “I can’t stop now Mr. Auuuuuustin!” she cried out. Suddenly bearing down on me fiercely, she let out a husky croak and clung to me like a monkey as her orgasm overpowered and overwhelmed her.

Seconds later, I thrust myself up into her cunt. With a rapid series of muscular jerks I flooded her, and filled her cunt with my hot, creamy cum.

“Oh Wow….Mr. Austin!” Babs cried out softly, “I sure felt that! You filled me to the brim! But now we’ll have to stay like this forever! Cuz as soon as I stand up I’m gonna leak like a dam all over the place.”

“Hmmmmm…I see what you mean” I agreed laughing at our predicament. “This sure is one fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, but then we weren’t prepared for something like this. Next time we’ll have to make sure we’re more comfortable….” I said, “Like maybe in bed.” I added.

The suggestion that there could possibly be another time excited and amused Babs. She looked in my face with a wistful smile of anticipation.

“Come to my bed tonight Babs!?” I pleaded, “I want you more that I’ve ever wanted anyone or anything! Please say that you’ll come and be with me tonight Babs!?” I traced my fingers up and along her nylon clad legs as I spoke, wishing and hoping for her response.

“I’m not sure that I can Mr. Austin,” she said briskly, “That all depends on my previous engagement.” She said, feeling her power and control over me returning. She separated herself from me and stood up quickly, cupping a hand between her legs and darted to where my jacket hung on the door. She pulled out my white hanky and used it clean herself off.

I never moved a muscle. I sat back, stretched out in my chair, my limp dick hanging down between my legs, dribbling into a puddle on the floor. My eyes followed Babs’ every move, watching her as she slowly walked towards me. Hanky in hand she wiped me off and I smiled as my cock stiffened up again.

“I’m sorry but this is the best I can at the moment,” she said, “Unless of course you have a towel or something?”

I shook my head and stood up, “No I don’t, but I can see that I’ll have to have lot’s of towels on hand, right here under my desk from now on. Especially if all you girls are going to continue to conspire to have your wicked ways with me!”

Babs looked at me sharply. She knew now that I was on to her.

“Yes. That is what’s been going on here and I knew it all along! And by the way, I expect nothing short of the same from all the others, ” I growled menacingly, “Unless of course you decide to visit me tonight like I asked you to earlier. You know where I live and I’ll be home any time after eight.”

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