Glenda Ch. 02

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Glenda, the previously dried up, certifiable old bitch and my wife, Gloria, hadn’t told me that they had been talking with my mother, Sharon, about what a stud I was. In the month since I had first taken my mother-in-law’s cunt and ass, I had been pronging both of them separately and together at least once a day. Both of them started hinting that Sharon might want in on some of the action.

My father had died in an automobile accident five years ago and as far as I knew, my mother hadn’t fucked anybody since. I knew she had to be getting frustrated with the lack of a love life, but I had really never seriously considered her as a sex partner. Oh, had I only known then what I know now.

Mom was still a looker at 40 having spent many hours on the treadmill every day and she was also a strong swimmer with a swimmers thin body. Mom was just the opposite of Glenda, she was, simply put, a stunning redhead with a great body. She had me when she was only 18 and despite the years had maintained her school girl figure. Her 115 pounds rested well on a 5 foot 5 inch frame and she had magnificent 38C tits with amazingly long nipples that begged to be suckled. I had fantasized over her tits since the time I was old enough to know what they were for and I had spurted a lot of cum thinking aobut her gorgeous ass which I had never even once seen naked. But, all that was about to change.

I do most of my work from home, and since I have my own business, I could pretty well set my own hours so I was generally at home whenever Glenda, who had moved into our guest room, or Gloria wanted my cock stuck in one orifice or another. The three of us often shared each other’s bodies at the same time. Both Gloria and Glenda, unbeknownst to me were bi-sexual and loved licking cunt as well as slurping cock. My cock isn’t very long by some standards, but the girth more than makes up for it’s medium length. Neither my wife nor her mother were complaining about how I used my male attributes to satisfy their lusts. So it came as a surprise when during one of our frequent threesomes there was a double knock at the front door and they both ignored it.

“Aren’t you going to answer the door?” I asked my wife after removing my mouth from her succulent tush.

“No, Josh, we know who it is and she’s going to come in when we don’t answer it.”

“She’s going to do what?”

“Your mother is going to come in when we don’t answer the door.”

“My mother is what?”

“I told you, she’s going to come in when we don’t answer the door. Now hush and get back to sucking my pussy like the good little cunt lapper you are.”

Just then my mom walked into the bedroom without a stitch of clothing on her body. I noticed that the red hair on her head was matched by the red hair surrounding the top of her pussy lips. Then I noticed her lovely breasts bouncing slightly as she walked xslot giriş over to the bed. I was shocked at seeing her naked after all these years and left totally speechless for maybe the second time in my life.

“Don’t stare at me, Josh. Surely you’ve seen a naked woman before, or have i got something out of place? Now, do as your wife tells you and suck her cunt juice right out of her. How’s he doing Gloria?”

“Just fine Mom. He eats pussy so very well.” You lifted your head from your mother’s pussy to answer my mother’s question and then asked “You want to try his tongue?”

“Hmmmm, I think I will. It looks like Glenda has got his cock under control for the moment. Glenda, don’t let him cum. I want to taste his cum when he spurts all that lovely white spunk.”

“Mmmmmmppph. ” Was all that came out of Glenda’s mouth as her tongue tickled the base of my cock.

Gloria moved away and Mom took her place spreading her cuntal lips wide and exposing the elongated button of her clit. I stared at the hole from whence I had come and was now about to suck, lick, and chew. “Now, eat mommy nicely, Josh, and I’ll let you have some of my tasty girl juice. If you do a really good job on my pussy, you get to fuck the hell out of mommy’s horny cunt and ass this afternoon.”

I couldn’t believe I had heard the words that had come from my mothr’s mouth, but my tongue went to work probing her cunt with total abandonment. From time to time I passed the tip of my tongue over Mom’s clit and I finally got bold enough to insert first one and then two fingers up her ass. When I lifted my head, I watched my dear, prudish mother lick my wife’s pussy, slurping cunt juice as if it were the water of life. Mom moaned her disappointment at the loss of my tongue and I immediately dropped my head and went back to the very pleasant task at hand. She was very quickly screaming into Gloria’s pussy as wave after wave of shuddering climaxes washed over her sexually frustrated body.

“Damn, Josh! You’re good! Are you as good with that cock of yours as you are your tongue?”

Glenda lifted her head from my cock and said sweetly “Give him a try, Sharon. He’ll rock you and sock you until you scream for more and then he’ll give you that too.”

“First I taste. Josh, cum in my mouth.”

“OK” was all I could get out as I watched her mouth descend on my purple cock head. Within seconds I moaned “Mom, I’m going to cum. Drink all of it. Suck my seed into your stomach.” Mom redoubled her efforts to draw my semen out of my balls until I let her have five or six spurts of hot creamy cum. I watched her swallow and try to keep up with the flow, but some dripped out of her mouth and Glenda licked it eagerly from her face while Gloria cleaned it off her tits.

We all lay on the bed catching our breaths. “Damn, Josh. I wish I had xslot done this sooner.”

“Me too, Mom, but I didn’t know how to come on to you.”

“You did just great just now. Can you get it up again?”

“Can he get it up again? Sharon, the boy is a satyr that has no limits.”

“I wouldn’t say that, Glenda, because I do have a few limitations. But, yes Mom, with Gloria’s help I think I can get it hard again in no time.” As Gloria lowered her head to my cock and started sucking new life into it, Glenda reached into the bedside table and took out a double ended dildo. She inserted one end in her own pussy and the other into Gloria’s cunt. Then she turned it on and Gloria really attacked my cock putting new starch into it in record time.

Mom pushed Gloria’s head away and impaled herself on my rigid man flesh with a long drawn out “aaaaah.” I couldn’t believe how tight Mom’s cunt until I rememberd that she had been widowed for five years. Mom felt like the first girl I had ever made love to on the day I took her cherry. The difference was that I had learned patience in the meantime and let Mom set her own pace and decide what depth she wanted to have in her. She finally sat fully on my groin and her pussy hairs tickled my balls before she started a slow grinding mixed with an up and down movement that was so slow at first it left me to wonder if she was moving on my dick or not. As she grew accustomed to my length and girth, she picked up the speed of her motions and I started bucking up into her cunt. Without warning, I threw her off my cock and spun her around, sticking my cunt juice dripping cock back into her pussy from behind. I started pistoning my dick deeper and harder into her pussy as she screamed out my name.

“Fuck me, Josh. Fuck your mother. Plant your seed in my womb, you motherfucking son of bitch! Coat my insides with your incentuous sperm.”

Her words rang in my ears as my cum gushed from the slit at the tip of my prick buried deep inside her cunt. I could actually feel my sperm splash off her cervix as her pussy convulsed around my cock. She went rigid and then fell weakly to the bed, dragging me with her as I kept my cock planted in her gorgeous tush. I ogled the next hole I was sure I was going to use as I landed on top of her.

“My God, Gloria, you’ve kept him to yourself all this time? Now you’re letting Glenda and me have a piece of him whenever? I don’t know how you could have stood all this cock pounding into your pussy.”

“That’s just it, Mom. Josh is too much for me to handle by myself and I didn’t want him running around with total strangers. Besides, I know that you and my mom both love Josh as much as I do and I want the two of you happy, too. So fuck, yes. Fuck him or suck him anytime you want to have his cock in your body or mouth. As long as it’s you and my mom, I feel safe.”

“Sharon, Gloria’s right. We got to keep this stud for our private use and not let some whore off the streets give him some kind of disease.”

“Well, Glenda, after the fucking my son just gave to me, I think I want more of him in the future. Does he make housecalls, Gloria?”

“For you? Sure.”

“Hey don’t I get a say in any of this?”

“No. Now be quiet or I’ll send you to your room without any pussy, right moms?”

“That’s right, Hon. Josh, just shut your trap right now and let us talk.”

“Ah fuck! Well, let me just say one thing. I can take care of all three of you in one way or another without any problem, but there is a limit to how much sperm I can produce in a single day. “

“Maybe we need another stud to help this one out. What do you say Gloria, do you feel like you could handle some more cock?”

“I don’t know. Do you need help, Josh, or can you handle the task set to you?”

“Gloria, I can fuck the three of you into the bed springs if I put my mind to it, but my cock may or may not get there at the same time. Mom, you and Glenda look as if you have something up your sleeves. What is it?”

“Well, Gloria’s got a younger brother you know.”

“Hell! He’s only seventeen.”

“He’ll be eighteen next week, Josh. Sharon do you think you and Gloria and I could give him some private lessons in sex? Maybe help Josh out a little bit? Take some of the pressure off anyway.”

“Mom, I don’t know. Steve’s always been a bit funny about girly things. Do you think he’ll even be interested? I mean sometimes I wonder if he isn’t more interested in boys than in girls.”

My eyes flew open when I heard this. It was the first hint that I had ever had that Steve might be gay.

“Sharon, I think that between us and Gloria we can either confirm or deny whether he walks to the beat of a different drum.”

“OK. Let’s give him a go. When are we going to do it?”

“Well, his birthday is next Friday and I thought we could all give him a night to remember. Are you in?”

Both Gloria and Mom answered together by vigorously nodding their heads.


“What the hell? Why not? The kid’s got to learn sometime doesn’t he?”

“Do I trace a touch of jealousy creeping into my son-in-law’s voice?”

“Maybe a little bit, but I’ve been sort of happy to be fucking the hottest ladies in South Fork all by myself.”

“Josh,” Glenda breathed, “speaking of fucking, my pussy is rather empty. Why don’t you fill it with something hard, like that lovely prick of yours?”

I watched as Gloria bent over to Mom and started lapping up our combined juices before I stuck my hardened dick deep into Glenda’s cunt. She gave a grunt as I bottomed out against her cervix. I wondered what next week was going to bring once Steve was invited to join in the fun.

Then I heard Mom say “And, girls, there is also Josh’s sister Francine. Maybe….”

Oh what would the future hold for all of us? My cock hardened even more as I thought about sticking it in my nineteen year old sister’s hot body.

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