Freya’s First Taking Ch. 02

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NOTE – This is the second entry into the first of Freya’s series’. Updates may be slow due to personal commitments, but they should come at some point!


I stood up and looked at her with a smug grin filled with satisfaction. I could still feel my erection growing harder with each passing minute – I definitely needed to do something about that. I rolled her over so that she was lying face down on the bed, ignoring her muffled moans. With well-practised hands I began to undo the rope that was firmly securing her legs behind her back, ensuring that I kept a good grip on her feet in order to prevent her lashing out. I quickly rolled her back over, spread her legs out as far as her tight miniskirt would allow and attached them securely to the posts at the bottom of the bed before repeating the process for her arms. The sight was one to behold – Freya was struggling, trying to maintain any modesty bomonti escort that she still had, but unable to escape the ropes which held her spread-eagled against the bed.

I gently stroked my hand across her bare torso, pausing slightly as I reached her tiny breasts before continuing on to tickle her gently under her exposed armpit. She squealed with nervous laughter and tried to pull away, only to find herself unable to move. I kept going until she could barely breath – leaving her struggling desperately for every gasp of air between bouts of laughter.

I moved away from the top of her body and turned my attention to the bottom of it. I slowly began to run my hand up the inside of her leg – loving the way that her black tights rubbed against my skin. The closer to I got to running my hand underneath her miniskirt the more she began to struggle and moan – unfortunately cihangir escort for her it would not be of much use. I eventually reached the point at which her deliciously long legs met and found (much to my satisfaction) that she had already created a little damp spot on her tights – she was clearly very aroused at her rough treatment. I rubbed her pussy slowly, loving the way that I could feel her folds through both her panties and her tights. Her breathing became fast and shallow as she began to moan.

“Oh dear Freya! If this is how much pleasure you gain from being raped, how much of a slut does that make you?”

I hated myself as soon as I said it – I hated calling my best friend a slut. But in the heat of the moment it all seemed to make sense, and judging by the way she had blushed profusely and tried to contain her moans it had obviously had the kurtuluş escort desired effect. But try as she might, she couldn’t keep her moans quiet for long. My slow stroking had brought her to the brink of orgasm and she couldn’t stop herself – she began to shudder violently, her legs trying to close fruitlessly. Her scream was impressive, even through the duct tape which sealed her mouth shut, and caused my cock to twitch.

I grabbed both her miniskirt and her tights and yanked them down her legs in a single movement before cutting them off with the scissors next to the bed. Her attempts to keep what little modesty remained intensified, and I watched with glee as attempt after attempt to close her legs failed. Now all the kept me from seeing her beautiful virgin pussy was a pair of plain black boy shorts – which I didn’t hesitate to cut off her.

She was finally fully exposed – and my god was her vagina beautiful, with perfectly formed pink lips. I ran a single finger end to end, like a doctor taking a sample, and she screamed – her head shaking wildly. I leant over her, put one hand on her breast and asked her a simple question: “are you sure that you still want to do this?”

She nodded meekly.

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