Fantasy Come True

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Jen and Christian had met nearly a year ago. Now living together sharing a small house. They had shared a lot of things. Jen confiding in Christian late in the relationship that yes she was curious about other women. Christian sharing a fantasy he had always had. So the time had come to find out about both.

As she waved him off to work she thought today is the day having taken off a day at her own job. After he was out of sight she called up her best friend Brooke who also had taken a day from her job. The two friends spent the day having lunch and shopping. Arriving home a few hours before Christian was due to return. They spent some time swimming in the pool and relaxing in the sun rubbing oil on one another.

Just before he was about to come home they walked into the house.

Stripping off they’re bikinis and heading for the master bedroom. Climbing into the middle of the huge bed Jen lay on her back legs slightly spread. Brooke Climbed over the top of Jen positioning her already moist pussy over Jen’s waiting mouth. Brooke slid her face between Jen’s legs kissing and licking her thighs. Jen’s body squirming as she wiggles her tongue between Brooke’s lips. Brooke sticks her tongue between Jen’s lips and licks over her hard clit.

Both women sobbing and moaning as they hear the front door open.

Christian who’s had kind of a tough day at work today. He’s a little irritated Jen wasn’t at the door to greet him with her usual kiss. So walking threw the house stopping in görükle escort the kitchen to grab himself something to eat and a drink he decides to take a quick shower. He steps from the bathroom with just a towel slung around his hips and heads for the bedroom.

As he enters the bedroom he’s just in time to see the woman he loves and her best friend climax. Standing there he hardens instantly the towel slipping to the floor. Both women look up flushed and breathing heavy as they spot Christian by the door. Eyes glued to his cock as they call him over. Christian walks over and crawls onto the bed.

Both women are immediately upon him kissing and licking all over his body. He lays back and closes his eyes as Brooke straddles his waist grabbing and sliding his cock into her dripping tight little cunt. As Jen climbs over his face grinding her sweet pussy down on him. Each woman grinding and fucking him in unison as they kiss each other. Playing with one another’s breasts. Christian starts slamming his tongue into Jen’s wet tight little pussy sensing her orgasm is near. His hands grab Brooke’s hips thrusting into her sweet cunt furiously. He feels her pussy contract and grab his throbbing cock forcing him to release his seed. Just as Jen’s pussy convulses around his tongue.

Brooke Slides off his cock and lays on her back panting. So Jen slides between Brooke’s legs and starts licking at Brooke’s and Christian’s cum moaning as she feels Brooke’s body begin to shake. Jen bursa escort bayan shoves her face into Brooke’s cunt sticking her ass high in the air for Christian. Christian climbs behind Jen ramming his hard cock deep in her tight cunt from behind. He’s out of control as he rapes her pussy with his cock. Leaving hand prints on her body as he fucks his cock into her faster and harder. Driving her into Brooke’s pussy. He sees Brooke’s body arch and hears her scream Just as Jen screams. Christian feels Jen’s cunt squeeze him tighter than ever before making him scream and explode deep within her.

All three bodies collapse in a heap on the bed sweaty and gasping for air. After a few minutes go by the girls crawl on either side of Christian. Brooke and Jen start licking and sucking at his cock. Hands jerking and stroking his hard shaft. Christian slides his fingers into the girls pussies shoving his hands in and rubbing at their walls. Feeling their bodies shake as they thrust at him. Christian moaning louder as he feels his orgasm nearing. He looks down and sees them jerking his cock hard at their bodies licking and sucking together on the head of his Dick. His body arches violently as his cum sprays all over both women. he feels their cunts convulsing and gripping his fingers as they start licking his cum off one another.

Christian more aroused than ever at seeing the girls lick his cum off each other’s bodies. He grabs Jen forces her on her hands and knees shoving her face bursa escort into the bed. Slams his cock deep into her tight ass his balls hitting her cunt. Jen starts screaming as Christian rams into her ass feeling yet another orgasm build. He screams and moans as his cock explodes out of control in her ass. His cum spraying everywhere as he feels her muscles gripping and squeezing him with her own explosion.

As Jen lays on her back exhausted and sated she looks into Christian’s eyes then over at Brooke. Christian gets up and sits in the chair near the bed motioning for Brooke to join him. Jen leans up on her elbows smiling as she watches Brooke sit on Christian’s lap her back to him. Christian lifts Brooke up a little and inserts his cock into her asshole moaning at how tight she is. He pulls her back against his chest and starts thrusting his hips driving his cock into her tight little hole. Brooke starts wiggling and squirming slamming her ass down on his cock. They both start to scream as their pumping and thrusting gets harder and faster. Brooke raises her legs bracing them on the chair as she lifts her ass higher off his cock and ramming down furiously. Christian’s hands squeezing her hips as he helps slam her onto his throbbing cock. Brooke yells as her cunt explodes her ass gripping his cock tight. Christian slams into her viciously and yells as his cock sprays the last his cum deep in her clenching ass.

Brooke slides off his lap and lays on the floor panting and sated as Christian lays back in the chair looking like a very satisfied man. Brooke gathers her clothes smiling and kissing her two friends farewell. Giggling same time next week? Jen Climbing into Christian’s lap and holding him tight blows her friend a final kiss and giggles until next time.

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