Family Matters Ch. 01

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My name is Gary Horachek and I am taking computer programming at the local college. I just turned 19 years old so I still live at home with my 37 year old mother, Sandy. I have one sibling, a sister, Jennie age 20, taking premed at the state university 350 miles away. My dad died 5 years ago when he was getting a blow job from some whore and he drove into the side of a speeding freight train, killing them both instantly. The coroner found dad’s dick still inside the hooker’s mouth after she bit it off in the split second before she died.

My folks had been renting the house so we didn’t luck out and have the insurance pay for it. Shit! The insurance he did have was enough to pay off all of their bills, pay for his burial, and then give my sister and I each a $45,000 college fund. Jennie had straight “A’s” so her schooling was taken care of mostly by scholarships. I seem to be a natural at playing the stock market so I control where my money is invested and I now have made it grow to just under $150,000! My schooling is pretty inexpensive so it just keeps on growing. Mom now works as a paralegal and is finally making great money.

We had gone with Jennie to help get her stuff into her dorm room for her junior year. After hugs and tears from mom, Jennie surprised me by giving me a hard and wet kiss on my lips (with just a flip of her tongue) before saying goodbye. On the way back home I was pretty silent as I mulled over that kiss; why on the lips, did I really feel her tongue trying to enter my mouth, and did she really grind both her tits and pussy against me? Why did her fingers cling to mine as we parted, our arms stretching out as though she never wanted to let me go? Boy was I one confused puppy all the way home?!

As we pulled up to the house mom was telling me that Jennie had told her how much she missed me when she was away at school! We had gotten so close after dad’s death, she really hated to go. Mom was starting to say more when I said, “Mom isn’t that Aunt Ronnie’s car parked in front of our house?”

Mom quickly looked where I was pointing as she gasped, “It is! I wonder why they took her clunker and not Jim’s Cadillac.” Jim was mom’s brother in law. Ronnie, aka Rhonda, was mom’s younger sister, age 35. Ronnie is mother to one child, 18 year old Jessica. Jess and I have the same birth date, just one year apart!

As we pulled in the driveway I noticed the back seat was full to the top, from the back window to right behind their seats. Mom and I hurried from the car to great them as Aunt Ronnie and Jessica ran to us. Four mouths blurted out rapid fire words and nobody could understand anything. As the ‘man’ of the house I yelled out “Quiet! Let’s all go in the house and talk there!” Surprising me the three women all agreed and we went inside.

“What’s going on, sis,” mom asked. “And where is Jim, you have never visited without him before!” she said as she hugged her sister and her niece. I got quick hugs from both of them, noticing my aunt’s lips were shaking wildly.

“Sandy, I am such a wreck!” Ronnie cried out as tears poured down her face. “Jim says he loves some nineteen year old slut from his office! He filed for divorce and kicked us out of his folk’s house with what we could take with us! I have never worked; he wouldn’t have HIS wife working! Now how do I get a job at my age?!”

“Don’t you worry, the two of you can stay here with us, we have plenty of room! And I can help you get a job, I know lots of people. Gary, go out and bring in all of their belongings and I’ll tell you where to put them.”

“I’ll help,” Jess said following me outside to their bucket of bolts. At the car I turned to my cousin and she just continued walking until she was in my arms holding me tightly as she too cried like mad. I let my hands rub her hair and back as she soaked the two of us. We must have stood like this for over five minutes before she apologized for getting me all wet.

“Jess, honey, you can get me wet any time you need to,” I told her as we moved apart. My eyes were drawn to her flimsy shirt which had become nearly transparent from all of her tears. The slight chill in the air worked with her tears to make her nipples poke straight out almost an inch on top of her perfect 34C tits.

As I stammered to speak her eyes followed mine before she gasped, “Oh SHIT! This is so bad! I…I’m so sorry, Gary!” Her hands grabbed at her top pulling it in vain from her tits trying to hide her condition.

Finally able to speak, I laughed saying, “No problem, cuz, I’m sure living together will result in more embarrassing moments for all of us. Besides, you have really nice tits, for a cousin I mean!”

“Thanks, I guess, Gary.” She replied with a blush. Then she looked at her hands still holding her wet shirt, looked up at me and said, “Guess I won the contest.” Then she released her shirt and used both hands to smooth it down against her chest and around her tits.

I was slow on the pickup as I said, “You won what cont…YES, I’d say you most definitely kayseri escort did win!” Both of us laughed at that before we finally started unloading the car. I had never understood why mom had insisted on buying a huge house once she got established in her work. Now it came in handy as both my aunt and cousin would have their own room without bothering my sister’s room.

Finally Jess and I had the car empty and the four of us finally sat down together to talk. Mostly I just listened to their tale of woe but finally I just had to interrupt. “Look, Aunt Ronnie, I never really liked my uncle! He always seemed like a domineering ass hole who thought the world owed him everything he wanted.” My aunt tried to interrupt but I stopped her with, “Look, even now he is demanding a new woman, when his wife seems perfect to me!” Ronnie blushed profusely as I went on, “Hell, it’s like he decided to marry Jessica. I mean good god, they’re almost the same age for Christ’s sake.”

“That’s enough, Gary,” my mom said.

“But it’s true! And I for one think he is out of his fucking mind pardon the French!” They all tried to speak but couldn’t make words come off their tongues as Ronnie grew very red. “There, now I’m finished. Is that okay, mom?”

“Yes, I think it is son.”

My aunt blushed again as she said “Yes, Gary, I agree he is out of his mind! And I believe I should say ‘thank you kind sir’ for the nice compliment; however strangely you said it.”

Mom called out for pizza and we had an enjoyable meal as we settled in together. Finally it was bedtime and we all slept soundly. I was amazed that mom had given my aunt the bedroom next to mine and Jess got the one at the end of the hall. Mom’s room was at the other end of the hall with Jenifer’s room next to hers.


The first month went by without any real problems. Twice I had walked into the bathroom and caught my aunt stepping out of the shower, each time I froze in place as I gazed on her great body. She is about 5’5″ tall, 110 pounds dripping wet — literally – with a beautiful 32C-24-34 body that I now knew had a hairless pussy! Once I walked in on Jessica and caught her in the same position. She has an equally stunning body that not only has those perfect 34C tits but has a tight, muscular 22″ waist that swells out to 36″ hips. She however has a landing strip of pubic hair guiding somebody right to her clit’s hiding place.

Somehow these things have a way of evening out and both my aunt and cousin walked in on me twice each. They both had difficulty taking their eyes from my cock, even if it was only about half hard. The worst thing was Aunt Ronnie walked in once just as my cock spurted out five huge ropes of cum into the toilet! When I looked at her she had drool dripping from her chin and her mouth was wide open in a silent “OH!” Now, I don’t have one of those 12 inch cocks guys brag about, but mine is a very respectable 9 inches long. The thing that scared off more than one girl is that it is as big around as my wrist! It takes two hands to properly jerk it off so out of curiosity I used mom’s sewing tape measure and found it was just under 8 ½ ” around!. Based on gym class showers, my mushroom head is normal sized, but my shaft widens out quite rapidly after that!

Anyway, they both stammered apologies’ as they backed out, their eyes locked on my shaft as they went. I at least looked at their eyes — mostly — when I backed out.

Jessica was settled into her last year of high school (her dad kept her from starting school on time just because he could) and was adjusting pretty well. Aunt Ronnie was having trouble as she had not found a job and the stress was getting to her. I came home early from school one day and thought the house was empty; mom at work, Jess at school, no idea where my aunt was. I walked upstairs to my room, but stopped in the hallway when I thought I heard something.

I stepped to my aunt’s bedroom door and heard her sobbing behind it. I knocked softly as I asked if I could enter and she softly said “Oh shit! Fuck! Yes, Gary, you can come in.”

I stepped into her room and stopped short, she was laying face down on her bed, clad in only a set of sheer lace bra and panties. Crumpled up tissues were strewn all over the place. “God I am such a mess! You must think your old Aunt is pathetic!”

After quickly surveying the scene I stepped up to her bed and sat next to her. Then I placed my hand on her arm saying, “Aunt Ronnie, I have several things to say to you. First, you are NOT pathetic! This has been a really rough time for you; I can understand feeling bad like you do. But I do think you need to snap out of it and get on with your life!” She started to speak but I put my finger on her lips as I went on, “Second, you are not OLD. My super aunt needs to understand that Jim — I refuse to call him uncle any more — showed that he is a stupid moron that doesn’t realize when he has it good! He gave up an energetic, vibrant sexy woman for a kid! How kıbrıs escort stupid is that! And third, there are men all over the place that would kill to be able to have you in bed with them every night for the rest of their life!”

My aunt stared at me in disbelief for several seconds, then she grabbed another tissue and blew her nose before wiping more tears away. A flip of her wrist sent the latest paper missile flying as she looked into my eyes. Softly she asked, “Did you really mean any of that or are you just feeding me a line in hopes I’ll stop crying?”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her from the bed with a jerk. Stepping behind her I pushed her in front of the full length mirror and said, “Look! Don’t look at the tears, look at the woman! Look at how sexy she is, my god she is an angel! A perfect ten! No, make that a perfect twelve on a scale of ten! This woman has had a kid, but looks like she is a virgin of maybe twenty! I swear Jim was an idiot of the greatest degree to have left you. I NEVER would have if I was him.”

My aunt looked at my reflection as she asked, “Do you really feel that way?” I nodded that I did and she leaned back against me and I saw her nipples go rock hard in seconds. “That is the nicest thing any one has ever said to me!” Her hands moved up and grabbed mine where they rested on her shoulders. Then she pulled them around her and held them on her waist, her hands on top of mine. “Jim hadn’t said I looked good for, hell, probably over ten years. I thought I was over the hill.”

“Oh my god, at least half the guys at school would kill to have one date with you!” I said as I rubbed my hands on her stomach. “Just feel this,” I said as I patted her belly, “not an ounce of fat on you, and you are so beautiful when you smile! Like I said, you’re an angel here on earth!” We were both looking at our hands piggy-backed on her stomach so it was impossible to miss it when a wet spot spread on her panties and a huge camel toe rose in the front. Ronnie held my hands tighter and suddenly her body shook lightly in front of me as her eyes closed.

“Oh my god, you amazing man!” my aunt gushed. She had never called me a man before. “Nobody has ever done to me what you just did!” With that said she spun in my arms and kissed my lips hard, her tongue shooting into my mouth searching for my own tongue! Her legs straddled one of mine and she was rubbing her pussy frantically against it as we kissed.

Suddenly my aunt dropped to her knees, her hands rapidly undoing my pants and freeing my rapidly growing cock. “I need your cock! I need your beautiful fucking cock!” By then she could no longer speak as her lips wrapped around my mushroom head and sucked on it with more power than an industrial Hoover. I was amazed at the turn of events as I never expected this to happen. Ronnie had both hands on my shaft and she pulled off of me briefly to say, “Oh Gary, your cock is so strong, so powerful! Ohhh!” Then she was silenced by her taking my cock back into her wet and hot mouth.

My hands were resting on her head when suddenly she pressed her head forward and took most of my shaft into her mouth. “Oh shit, Aunt Ronnie, oh shit that feels so good!” I shouted as my hips started moving on their own. My aunt was bobbing deep onto my shaft as my hips started pumping my cock further and further into her incredible mouth. “OoooOooOoh fuuuuuuuuckkkkk!” I cried as she suddenly pushed hard and my cock slid completely into her mouth and throat! Not one of my many girlfriends had ever been able to do that; few of them would even try!

When I pulled my head back down and looked at my aunt she was staring right up at me. After she knew I was looking at her she winked before beginning to incredibly pound her face onto my cock faster than I thought humanly possible. We maintained eye contact as she worked my shaft with her mouth, throat and tongue. I swear her eyes smiled when I groaned, “Oh fuck, Aunt Ronnie, you’re making me cum! Oh my god you feel so good on my cock! Oh shit!” My white lava shot from my cock harder and with more force than ever before! Aunt Ronnie was a woman possessed as she grabbed my ass with her hands so she had more leverage so she could fuck her mouth onto me even harder than before.

I had never had a blowjob where the girl could handle my load; I cum like a river! My aunt on the other hand, apparently has an appetite for cum beyond compare. I looked on in utter amazement as she slurped up every last spurt, drop, molecule of my seed and searched in vain for more! Finally she decided there was none so she sucked hard as she pulled her lips off of me, making her lips smack loud in her room. Once she pulled off of me, I groaned loudly as I stumbled backwards and sprawled on my back on her bed, my cock pointing at the ceiling.

As my aunt rose to her feet she exclaimed, “My goodness, Gary, your cum tastes better than any I have ever had!” By then she was between my legs at the edge of the bed, where she stroked my legs before taking my konya escort cock in her left hand. “Oh my god, your cock is hard as a rock! I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am so horny, I am going out of my mind! Forgive me, Gary!” She then quickly climbed onto her bed, pulled her panties to the side and straddled me before sticking my cock in her opening. “Oh sweet Jesus, it’s so BIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG!” she screamed as her hips dropped and about four inches of my cock forced its way into her hot and steamy cunt.

Her body shuddered above me before she lifted up a couple inches and then dropped back down yelling “Oh my fucking god, it’s tearing me apart! Oh fuck, don’t move, Gary!” My aunt was supporting herself by clenching her fists then leaning onto my chest with her arms locked as her knees clamped tight against my hips. After about a minute had passed she sighed out in relief saying, “Finally, finally I have opened up enough for you.” Slowly her hips started lifting up slightly before settling back onto me. Over and over she moved in this manner until she groaned, “Oh my god, your cock is so big. I can’t believe it took this long to fit you inside me.” Saying this she closed her eyes and joyously settled her pussy all the way onto my purple cock. She didn’t stop until every millimeter of my shaft was encased in her sumptuous cunt!

“OOoooooooooooeeeeeeeEEE! This feels like heaven to me! Oh fuck, my god you are so big inside me! I love how your cock fills me completely. Now fuck me, Gary. Fuck me hard and make me cum!” I didn’t need to be asked twice as my hips started thrusting up into her as she rode my cock in time with me.

Since I had been sucked dry by her minutes before, I knew I should last forever as I plunged into her with abandon. Aunt Ronnie moaned and groaned in time with our couplings for several minutes before her entire body shook as if a freight train was plowing right through her. “Oh god I’m…I’m fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg CUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG OOOOOOooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt! Yesssss, do it! Fuck me Gary! Oh my god, I’m still cumming, oh fuckfuckfuck!” Her pussy had grabbed my cock with a grip like a professional arm wrestler as she spasmed around me. The last of her spasms rumbled through her body and she dropped onto my chest, her lips kissing me all over.

She had finally gotten her breath back and lifted up saying, “Gary, honey, roll us over and fuck me senseless. I want you to fuck the shit out of me and don’t you stop until I feel you shooting your spunk into my pussy.” I’m no dummy, so I immediately rolled us over and started fucking into her at once.

My aunt began shaking and crying out in mere moments as I drove my marauding shaft hard and deep into her pulsing cunt. I had hardly ever heard my aunt cuss before, but now she spewed out a litany of curse words. In fact, till then I don’t think I had ever heard her say the phrases “Holy fucking shit!” “God damned son of a fucking bitch!” “Shit, cunt, fuck, fuck, damn oh fuck!” “Fucking hell yes!” and “Fuck me HARDER, damn it!” Aunt Ronnie said these phrases, and more, over and over again as I pounded her relentlessly with my granite pillar. Never had I been with a woman who could take my cock like she could, begging for more and harder. Instead I was used to screams for me to slow down and not so hard!

In spite of her pussy being tighter than any that I had fucked before, it took over 35 minutes of fucking her harder than I ever had before I felt my second cum of the day approaching. On the other hand, my horny aunt had shook through about 7 major climaxes and I don’t know how many minor ones. “Oh my god, Gary, I can feel you growing inside of me! Give it to me. Give me your cum! NOW! I want your cum NOW!”

My aunt was an uncontrollable cumming machine as her body began climaxing in an orgasm that went on for at least five minutes, and was probably more like seven! My cock swelled in her pussy and then I cried out as my jizm shot out of me and burned its way into her deepest recesses. I was still shooting into her when I counted ‘eight’, but my cum wouldn’t end, nor would my aunt’s. My hips pulled back until I was nearly out of her before I slammed harder than ever into her and held my cock deep inside her love hole. My cock gave up one more hard and long rope of cum before the last two spurts were more like dribbles.

I dropped onto her as my aunt’s knees flopped out wide and her arms dropped limply from my back. We both groaned in combined post orgasmic bliss and complete exhaustion! Minutes passed before I pushed myself up and began moving to roll off of her. Aunt Ronnie’s hands grabbed my back as she moaned, “No, don’t pull out! Oh please, I love how you feel in me, please don’t move!”

So we lay together for well over another 15 minutes, my cock imbedded deep in her quivering pussy as she clung tightly to me. I was totally enjoying being able to remain connected like this when she finally said, “Oh Gary, you were wonderful! I don’t think I have ever cum so good before! Oh shit I love your cock and what you can do with it! But I need to piss really badly!” I pushed myself up and pulled my cock slowly from her tight quim, both of us groaning in sadness at the loss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32