A Political Education Ch. 05

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As Carla and Victor walked into the corridor on the floor where the Sholeesa delegation was staying, Carla noticed a bunch of guys standing in the hallway in front of one of the hotel rooms. She recognized them as the same group she had seen on television earlier, the Sholeesa delegation. Close up, they looked even tougher than they had looked on television. A couple of them were smoking cigars even though this was a no smoking hotel. As she and Victor walked by the group, the delegation guys made some lewd comments. They looked at her up and down and snickered. After she and Victor passed the group and turned the corner of the corridor, Victor told her that Manny Omega Turner, the group’s leader, had not been among the men in front of the hotel room, so she should wait for him. He would be up in just a few minutes. Then Victor disappeared and Carla was in the corridor all alone.

She looked back into the main corridor and saw that the delegation group had gone into their room. After a few moments, the elevator door opened and Manny Turner

walked out.

Here goes, Carla said to herself and approached Turner. “Pardon me,” she said, “but aren’t you Manny Turner?”

“And who is asking?” Turner replied.

“Oh, my name is Carla Wrove,” Carla said, “and I am a student of political science at the university. I am studying politics here at the convention, and I thought that an interview with a delegation leader, someone like yourself, would be really informative.”

“This interview isn’t because of the upcoming vote on the platform, is it?” Turner said.

Carla blushed, “I don’t know why you would say that. I saw you and your delegation on television. You guys seemed to know a lot about politics.”

Turner stared at Carla for what seemed to be at least a half minute. “How did you know where our room was?”

Carla thought for a second. “Oh, I asked one of the hotel employees, a handyman, Victor was his name, and he told me. He said that probably you would be glad to be interviewed.”

“He said that, did he,” Turner said. “Well, if Victor said it, it must be true. Ok, let’s step into my room and we’ll do our interview.” He opened his door, and Carla followed him into the room. The door to the adjoining room was open and Carla noticed the other member of the delegation there. They were still smoking their cigars and were sitting around a table playing cards.

Carla sat down opposite Turner.

“You wanted an interview, but you don’t have anything to write on. You don’t even have a pen or pencil,” he said.

“Oh, I’ll remember the important things. Really, I just want to find out something about how politics works.”

“Ok, ask away.”

Carla wasn’t ready. She didn’t really have any questions prepared. She just looked at the delegation leader and smiled.

“No questions,” he said. “You sure you aren’t here to find out how we plan to vote on the platform issue tomorrow?”

Carla blushed. This wasn’t going too well. “Oh no, of course not,” she said, “I’m just a college student in the graduate program and I want to learn about politics so that someday maybe I can get involved.”

“Strand up,” Turner suddenly commanded.

Carla stood.

“Over here,” he said, pointing to a spot in front of where he was sitting.

Carla moved to the spot he had indicated.

As she stood there, Turner just looked at her. He then stood up too, standing just a few inches from her. “You really just a college girl trying to find out about eskişehir escort politics?” he asked.

Carla nodded.

“I was wondering,” Turner said, “because I saw you walking out of the governor’s suite last night.”

Carla didn’t know what to say. She was beginning to be afraid that she had blown her chance to find out about the delegation’s vote.

“When I saw you leaving the governor’s suite, you looked like you had been really busy in there, very busy.”

Carla gulped. She noticed, too, that Turner had a hard on.

“Why do I believe you are here spying for the governor?” he said.

“I don’t know why,” she replied.

“Because you look kind of suspicious. Turn around,” he suddenly told Carla.

She turned around. She felt his hands on her shoulders. They began moving down to her waist, around to her stomach and then up towards her breasts. His hands cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them. He moved a little closer and Carla felt his prick pushing through his pants and against her ass. In spite of herself, she began to feel a little horny. She was a spy, after all, and sex was part of the spying game she thought. And spying, she realized, was a real turn on.

“I’m checking to see if you are wearing a recording device,” he said. He turned Carla around so that she was facing him.

He lifted her skirt and put his hands between her legs, touching her cunt. “No recording device there either. But, what do you know,” he added, “you seem to be wet there. Pussy juice flowing?”

Carla thought that maybe she could use where this was obviously going to her advantage. Maybe she could get his mind off of the idea that she was a spy. She looked down and saw that, if anything, that his hard on had grown. She thought that she ought to let it look as if sex was his idea. Carla knew that that was the way politics worked, let the other side think that the idea you wanted to happen came from the other side. He had mentioned the platform vote twice now. She hadn’t mentioned it even once. Obviously it was on his mind. Maybe he planned to use it as a bargaining chip. He was a man, so Carla thought that he might want to use it to bargain for sex. He wasn’t too bad looking. And he was obviously well hung. She guessed it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Carla felt her pussy juice flowing, her nipples hardening, and her clit swelling. Then she looked down and saw that Manny Turner’s erection had grown even larger and was poking through his pants like a steel rod. She decided she might as well seize the moment. She sat down opposite Turner and spread her knees just enough to give him a view of her now pussy-juice-wet panties.

Turner seemed unable to avert his gaze from her crotch. His hard on had grown and was threatening to rip through his pants.

She wanted to reach out her hand, unzip his fly and grab his prick. But she had to let it all seem as if sex was his idea. She looked at Turner. “What first got you interested in politics?” she asked.

He didn’t answer. He continued to stare at the space between her knees. “Fuck what first got me interested in politics,” he said. “spread those legs of yours a bit more.”

Carla decided to act a bit shocked. “What?” she said.

“You heard me. Spread those legs. Don’t you think I could see you looking at my hard on.” He took her hand and placed it against where his prick was poking against his pants.

“Oh you, you’re so big. Oh, I don’t know.”

Turner opened the zipper gaziantep escort of his pants. Out poked his fuck stick. No wonder he was the leader of his delegation. It was very big.

“Mr. Turner,” she said.

“Come on, admit it. You came up to meet me so that you could find out how the delegation is planning to vote on the platform tomorrow.”

“Mr. Turner, you’re taking me for a spy.”

Aren’t you?”

“I’m just an innocent college girl.”

Turner didn’t say anything. Instead he took her hand and put it around his huge prick.

Carla did the best thing she could think of to do. She closed her hand and began gently to massage his tool in an up and down motion. “You mustn’t think that I am a spy.” She looked him in the eye.

“You don’t want to find out about our vote?”

“Well, I am a bit curious.” Carla continued manipulating his prick.

“Now we are beginning to make some progress,” he said. “No, don’t stop jacking me off,” he added. “I talk more when I’m feeling good.”

Carla held his prick a little tighter and continued her wanking motion of his tool. He was nice and big there. She wondered if she maybe ought to wank harder or perhaps take his tool into her mouth. Let it seem to be his choice, she thought to herself. But the purple head of his shaft sure did seem inviting.

“About the vote tomorrow,” he said.

“Yes?” Carla said.

“Keep it up,” Turner said, “don’t stop. You got the knack for this. Your hands are nice and soft. But, you know, my prick needs a some lubrication.”

“Oh,” Carla said.

“Put it in your mouth,” he ordered.

“Allright,” she said. “About the vote tomorrow,” she added just before she bent over, got on her knees in front of him and took the head of his penis into her mouth as she

continued jerking him off. “About the vote tomorrow,” she said after a few deep gulps of his pulsing prick, “that’s tomorrow, right now there’s other things need to be taken care of,” and she shoved her lips down onto his cock and swallowed it deep into the back of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the underside of his shaft. Her lips held him tight. One hand cradled his balls. Her other hand held tight to the base of his cock. Carla figured that he would come through with the information about the vote soon enough. Meanwhile, however, his big instrument was sure tasty in her mouth. Not only was being in politics and being a spy exciting, so was the actual sex of politics.

Sucking Turner’s big cock was certainly good fun, but Carla figured even more fun soon, when his big prick would slide into and begin to pound her throbbing cunt.

Finally, Turner pulled his prick from Carla’s mouth. She stepped out of her panties, pulled her skirt up to just under her tits, and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide with her heels up in the air.

Turner stood between her spread legs, his prick at attention. He smiled, “you sure you just a college girl, no spy.”

“Just a college girl,” she said, “now fuck me.”

Manny Ortega Turner was happy to comply with Carla’s request.

His prick slid easily into her juice soaked cunt and he began to pound into her deeply as she grunted loud groans of pleasure. This was goooooood, thought Carla as she wrapped her legs around Turner’s body and called out for him to, “Fuck me faster, fuck me harder.” As he slammed his prick deep into the dank-dark red- dampness of her passionate cunt, Carla noticed the cigar smoking giresun escort tough looking other members of the delegation peering into the room through the open door. But she was too caught up in the pleasure of the moment. Let ’em look, she thought and she pounded her cunt back up against Turner’s crotch in rhythm to match his hard stroking.

“Hey you guys, shut the door,” said Manny Turner to the guys looking in through the open door, “Maybe you’ll get your chance later.”

Carla wondered what he meant about chance and later. But right now, she was too busy slamming her cunt against his prick, jamming it deeper and deeper into the eager swell of her hungry sex. She continued her groaning and wild thrusting until, at last, she felt her climax grow and felt her clit throb and a huge orgasm explode just as Turner came too.

“Just a college girl? Huh?” Turner said.

“Just a college girl,” she smiled back at him.

“They must have real good courses on how to fuck at the school.”

Carla laughed. She wondered how to get him back to the subject of tomorrow’s vote. But, before she could think of a way to begin talking about the platform vote, Turner saved her the trouble.

“You’re a great lobbyist,” he said. “I guess I can tell you that I’m going to cast my vote like the governor wants. I’m going to call him in a few minutes to tell him that I’ve decided and that he’s got my vote.” Turner smiled at Carla, “And don’t you worry, I am going to tell him how it was your convincing performance and arguments that got me to make up my mind and vote his way.”

“Oh, Mr. Turner, Manny, I mean Manny Omega, Mr. Turner, thank you. That is such wonderful news,” Carla said. She reached down for his prick, ready to reward him with at least a blow job.

But Turner shook his head. “No more sex right now,” he said. “I’ve got a meeting coming up, right after I call the governor and report on my decision and on your excellent work.”

Carla reluctantly took her hand away from Turner’s cock.

“I do have to tell you,” Turner added, “that the rest of my delegation, the guys in the adjoining room, haven’t made up their minds about the vote. But, you know, they won’t be too hard to convince how to vote. They’ve been too busy drinking and playing cards to even begin thinking about the vote.” Turner noticed a bit of disappointment on Carla’s face. “Hey, don’t worry. The guys will come around. If there is no other way to get them to vote your way, you can probably get them to vote your way by winning their

votes in a card game. They’re lousy card players, and if you play your cards right with them, you will get their votes.”

Getting Turner’s vote hadn’t been too difficult, Carla thought to herself, getting the votes of the card players in the next room shouldn’t be that much harder. She reached for his cock again, pursing her lips, “just a little blow job as a reward for your being so nice and helpful?” she asked. Again he turned her down.

“I do have to call the governor,” he said. “And I do have a meeting right after that.”

“Well, it was nice,” she said. And Carla began to get dressed in preparation for meeting with the rest of the delegation about their votes.

“You should go very far in politics,” Turner told her, “You know what you are doing, you know how to do it, and, most importantly, you don’t make demands when you can get what you want by letting the people you are dealing with come to their own decisions by themselves.”

Carla blushed. He had figured out her tactics. But, apparently, there had been problem. “Power to the people,” she pumped her fist into the air. “But, I had better be off. Got to go next door and see about those other votes,” she added as she opened the door and stepped into the adjoining room.

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