Familiar Stranger

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I hummed along with the song playing loudly over the speakers in the bar, twirling the straw in my glass of rum and coke and glancing around at the variety of people around me. The bar had just opened a few months ago near my place, and I’d been wanting to try it out. Seeing as how I didn’t have anything else to do tonight, I’d gotten dressed up to go out.

A short, baby pink wraparound dress molded to my breasts and hips as I moved, but flowed enough to draw the eye to the hidden curves of my plentiful, hourglass figure. It tempted and teased, and it was one of my favorite dresses. Paired with black four-inch heels that tied around my ankles and sheer black thigh-highs, my long black hair flowing in soft waves down my back and around my face, I knew I looked like innocence and sex. The look was emphasized by my dark smoky eye makeup and the light pink gloss on my lips.

I knew I looked amazing, but the vibe I was putting off must have stopped anyone from even approaching me.

I glanced at the clock over the bar and sigh softly. The bar was really cool, but I was still bored after being here for over an hour. No one had caught my attention, and though I wasn’t particularly looking to take a stranger home it still would’ve been nice to find someone to chat with. I drained the last of my drink and caught the bartender’s eye.

“You want another one?” He smiled at me kindly, and I returned it with a shake of my head.

“No thanks, Dane. I guess I’m not really in the right mood to be out tonight.”

“What, drowning your boredom in alcohol and complete strangers doesn’t do it for ya?”

I grinned and let out a laugh, handing him my card. “Am I that easy to read?”

He waved my card away, surprising me. “Not really, I’ve just been doing this long enough to tell. And the guy at that table in the corner paid for your drinks already.”

My back went straight in shock, and I swiveled around to see who he was pointing towards. There was a small table in the very corner, mostly hid away in the shadows. I couldn’t see the man’s face, but I could tell that the suit he was wearing fit him perfectly. The fabric tight but not constricting his movements, I watched the muscles play in his thighs and arm visible as she shifted. I could feel his eyes roam over me, and heat flushed through my body. I glanced quickly away and back at Dane.

He was smirking at me. “You gonna thank him or what?”

My cheeks turned an even bright shade of red. “You think I should?”

He shrugged. “Couldn’t hurt I suppose.” I bit my lip as he walked away, debating about my options. He was right, after all.

I took a deep breath and gathered my small pink clutch, smoothing my dress so that the tops of my thigh-highs weren’t peeking out beneath the hem anymore. I turned and started towards the mystery man, my heart beating hard in anticipation and mystery. I saw him shift to fully focus on me as I got closer. Another three steps and I was only a foot away from his table, his features now visible to me.

A sharp breath caught in my throat as I took him in. Dark, bottomless eyes that swept over my body with obvious desire in them. Full lips that tilted in a half smile as I froze. Stylish, cropped short black hair that was pulled back from his face only emphasizing the cut of his jaw and cheekbones.

He was fucking gorgeous.

He stood up and I swallowed hard as I looked up at him towering over me in my heels. He pulled out a chair next to him and spoke, his deep voice instantly hardening my nipples.

“Care to join me, angel?”

My legs automatically moved towards him and I sat down in the chair he’d offered, barely able to breathe at how he’d caught my attention immediately. He had some kind of spell over me, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.


The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen was finally within reach. My eyes had immediately gone to her when she stepped through the doors an hour ago, my cock hardening instantly at the way her pink dress moved around her. I wanted to rip that dress off and be the one to feel her smooth skin rubbing against me. A small growl had escaped me when she’d sat at the bar, the dress riding up to reveal the lace at the top of the sheer stockings she wore.

For the last hour I’d done nothing but watch her, the way she looked around the bar and watched the people around her, sometimes with amusement, but mostly with boredom. It was hard to tell from here whether she wanted to be approached or be alone, so I stayed where I was so I could drink her in.

Fifteen minutes after she’d gotten here, I’d approached the bar out of her eyesight and given the bartender, Dane, my card and told him to charge all her drinks to it. He’d raised an eyebrow at me but done as I asked.

And now. Now, her soft floral perfume filled my senses, her glossy black hair begging me to wrap my hand around it and pull her head back to expose her throat to my mouth. Her pouty pink lips were glossy, all but asking Alanya Grup Escort for me to lick the coating off and taste her. Her large green eyes blinked slowly at me, waiting for my next move.

I sat back in my chair, relishing in the way she couldn’t help but glance over my body. I knew I looked good. I stayed fit and wore clothes that showed that off. Who ever said that women and gay men were the only ones allowed to pay attention to fashion? Your outer appearance was as much armor as your attitude, something I’d learned in my many years of business.

“Would you like another drink?”

She seemed to shake herself at my words, looking back up to meet my eyes.

“No, thank you.” Her soft voice wrapped around me, and my cock puled in reaction. It was light and airy, but not the kind to where you think the person is an airhead. It was purely feminine, and I wanted to hear the voice cry my name out.

“Thank you,” she continued, “for the other drinks too, by the way. You didn’t have to pay for them.”

“I’m well aware. I wanted to.”

Confusion filled her face. “But… why?”

I looked her over slowly, loving the way her breath quickened and a blush filled her pale cheeks at my perusal. “Because I’m not the kind of man to let an angel like you pay for her own drinks.”

“A-angel?” Her cheeks reddened further, and I couldn’t stop the predatory grin from spreading across my face.

“Just as I said.” I stood from my chair again, suddenly not able to keep myself from touching her any longer. “Would you care to dance with me?”

She stared at my hand, and then met my eyes. The hesitation seemed to disappear when she saw the challenge in my eyes. She smiled at me and placed her hand in mine, sliding off the chair and letting me lead her to the dance floor.

When I got us to an open space, I raised her hand and spun her, pulling her back into me. I placed my hands on her hips to feel them move as she started to dance along with the song, the heavy bass pumping through us and the rush of blood filling my ears as her gorgeous ass grinned back against my dick. I knew she could feel it, but I wasn’t embarrassed. And she seemed to like it.

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, her smoky eyes calling to me. My hands tightened on her hips and her smiled widened. She turned back around, raising her arms above her head slightly and rolled her hips into me. I bit back a groan as I thrust forward against her plush ass.

Her hands began to drift back down, and they swept her long hair to one side, baring a shoulder and part of her neck to me. Her hands landed on mine, grabbing them and sliding them across the silky fabric covering her stomach and stopping just below her tits.

I couldn’t resist her offer.

I leaned forward and kissed her exposed shoulder, once, then twice, before moving my way up to her neck. I felt her moan with my lips on her skin, and let my tongue out to lick the light sheen of sweat from her neck.

Her hips pushed back against me in reaction, her hands coming up again to twine behind my neck. I left one hand under her breasts to hold her against me as she teased me, heat blazing through me with every movement. My other hand slid back down, past her hips and trailing to a thigh, teasing the hem of her dress before it slipped under to caress the skin above the tops of her thigh-highs.

She turned her head, and caught my lips is a fervent kiss, surprising me for a moment before I untangled the both of us and turned her around, gathering her in my arms as I deepened the kiss, trying to consume this woman who had me off balance.

If kissing an angel made me feel like I was burning from the inside out, then I’d happily dive into the fire.


I had no idea what had come over me. One minute I’d been shy and breathless at the sight of this man, and the next I was willingly grinding against the phone pole he had hidden in his pants. Now I was kissing him like my life depended on it, ready to let him fuck me up against the bar if he even hinted towards it.

His hands had barely been inappropriate, but it’d felt like he was three fingers deep in my pussy when he was just grazing against the skin on my thigh. I couldn’t resist kissing him, and when he’d started to pull away I was afraid I’d been too forward. Now I knew better. His mouth was on mine, kissing me like he was going to do it until he died. His hands were gripping my ass hard, keeping me tight against him in the middle of the floor.

He let out a groan when my tongue rubbed against his, and I felt the vibrations against my lips zing down through my body, tightening my already hard nipples and making my clit pulse. I pulled away and gasped for breath. His dark eyes blazed with heat as they stared deep into my greens ones, and I knew he saw his desire reflected back at him.

I wasn’t in the habit of taking strangers home, but maybe I could make the exception…

He leaned down Alanya İranlı Escort and nipped my ear lobe, a sharp gasp leaving my lips in reaction. His chuckle filled my ear and goosebumps crossed my skin. “You are sinfully tempting, angel.”

I melted at the words. I stood on my toes to reach his ear and say back, “Would you like to see heaven tonight, devil?”

His hands on my ass tightened, and I let out a strangled moan as he thrust against me.

“Show me the way. I’ll follow you anywhere.”

I pulled back and grabbed his hand, leading us out into the night. Thankfully, it was warm outside so my state of dress wasn’t affected by that. I turned to the stranger with a coy smile on my lips. “I’m just a couple blocks away, hopefully you’re okay with walking.”

“I’m okay with anything, as long as I get to unwrap that pretty pink dress from your body and taste you from your lips to the honey I know is between those legs, angel.”

I bit my lip to keep in whatever noise wanted to escape and led the way. He refused to let go of my hand as we hurriedly made our way to my place, and my heart warmed at the gesture.

“What brought you to the bar tonight?” Genuine curiosity filled my voice, waiting for his answer while I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.

“Been looking to try it out. One of my friends owns it, and I promised I’d stop by once I got back from being out of town.”

“Hmm. And what did you think?”

“Nice atmosphere. Good placement apparently, since it’s so close to you.” I turned my head towards him with a smile, but it dropped when I saw the amount of need written on his face. I bit my lip again and stumbled a bit in my heels. He quickly moved his arms around my waist and pulled me against him so I wouldn’t fall.

We stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, bodies pressed together again and staring into each other’s eyes as our breathing quickened.

“Aw, fuck it.” The words flew out of his mouth before it landed on mine in another claiming, bruising kiss. I moaned and opened my mouth, wrapping my arms around his neck as I let the passion take me over. He grabbed my ass and lifted me, and my legs automatically wrapped around his hips as I held on tight. I wasn’t a small, light woman by any means, so the fact that this muscled, dominant man could lift me and carry me like I was a stuffed toy turned me on to no end.

Suddenly my back was pressed against a brick wall, the roughness against my back only serving to turn me on further. I moaned into his mouth, rotating my hips against him in need. One of his hands tangled in my hair and pulled, forcing my head back.

“I’m going to fuck you until you’re throat is raw from screaming out your orgasms,” he growled while biting my neck. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against my already soaked panties, and a strangled cry filled the night air with the movement of his hips.

I opened my eyes and stared up at the sky, the stars barely visible because of the lights from the city. It didn’t matter, because the only thing I saw was the stars in my eyes from the pleasure bombarding me.

Suddenly, my feet were back on the ground and I was being pulled onto the sidewalk on shaky legs.

“What… What was…” I tried to speak, but couldn’t catch enough breath to finish my question. His long legs ate up the ground as he pulled me along. I could barely catch my breath from before, much less with the struggle to keep up with him.

“I’m not going to fuck you in an alley like a whore.”

His statement was harsh, but not directed towards me. I don’t know how I knew, but I could feel it in my bones that he was more upset with himself, that he’d almost gotten carried away enough to do so.

He paused while I was thinking, and I ended up crashing into his chest. He steadied me with his hands on my arms, and I tilted my head back to take in the fire smoldering in his dark eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you like a whore in my bed.” I positively melted at the words, my panties a mess and my body his. I stood on my tiptoes, pressing my body along his as he leaned down so i could whisper in his ear.

“Then take me home and make me your dirty slut already,” I rasped.


Her words made every single part of my body go rigid. My cock pulsed in my jeans, begging for sweet relief from this woman’s filthy mouth. Or her sopping wet cunt. Or really anything she was willing to use.

A squeal rang through the air when I bent down and lifted her into a firemen’s carry, her hands scrambling to pull her dress down and cover her ass.

She switched between giggling and cursing me out for my caveman act, and I was sure her face was red from embarrassment just as much as I was sure her pussy was pulsing, leaking the juices I could already smell as I stomped to my place.

Thank fuck I didn’t live that far.

Within minutes, I was setting her down on my front porch and scrambling to unlock the door. I was becoming Alanya Manken Escort more ravenous for her every second that passed, and my hands were shaking with the need to taste her, fill her, hear her moans and sighs in my ears.

I glanced over at her as my key turned in the lock, the click drowned out by our heavy breathing. I opened the door and followed her inside, slamming the door shut behind me. She was on me in the next breath, leaping into the air and wrapping her legs around my hips as our lips clashed together. I turned and slammed her back against the door, my hand cradling her head to protect it but also to grab a fistful of the silky strands and move her head where I needed it to be.

Our kisses got deeper, and soon one of her hands was trailing down between us, pushing between our bodies so she could cup my dick, feeling it’s length and hardness through my jeans and causing a wild groan to leave my mouth as I pumped my hips into her hand.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away, to tempted to coax it inside of my pants so she could touch me, skin to skin. Instead I left it to hang at her side or wrap around my neck, whichever she preferred while I cocooned her in my arms, turning to head back to my room.

I smiled when she reached behind her to push the door open, her bottom lip between her teeth and her pupils dilated so far that the blackness had swallowed the color. I stepped next to the bed and pushed her down onto it none too softly. I devoured the look on her face, the way her tits bounced under her dress, nearly popping from the confines of the pink fabric.

“If you don’t have that dress off by the time I’m naked, I’m going to rip it off.” I was already halfway there, my shirt gone and my jeans unbuttoned. She struggled in the softness of the bed to sit up, pulling the hem of the dress up her thighs. Her feet hit the floor at the same time as my jeans, and her mouth gaped open when she saw that I had gone commando.

A wide grin was on my face, stepping out of them and closer to the woman, her eyes eating up the way my thick cock stood at attention for her, bobbing in treaty as I neared.

“I thought I said,” I commented calmly, “that I would rip this dress off you if you weren’t naked by the time I was.”

She swallowed hard when my fingers curled into the top of the dress, feeling how thin the fabric really was. I waited until she met my eyes to make good on my promise.

Her moan was louder than the rip of the fabric, and I nearly came at the sound. If I had less self-control, I definitely would’ve have exploded in my pants at the sight of her in nothing but heels, thigh-highs, and minuscule panties. I ripped the panties off next, not getting much resistance from the scrap of lace.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered. I pressed her back onto the bed and stepped forward between her legs. I looked her over, from her raven strands spread out on my bed sheets to her nipples puckered and begging for attention, to her glistening pussy lips and trembling thighs.

“As much as I love these,” I said and slowly rolled down the tops of her stockings, “and trust me when I say, I fucking love them- I want to feel every inch of your smooth, warm skin sliding along mine when I’m thrusting deep into you.”

I got to my knees as I continued rolling the socks down her legs. There was something kinder, softer, more patient about this moment. It was a change from everything that had led up to it, but I went with it just the same. A woman should feel worshiped, as well as desired.

She leaned up on her elbows to watch, chest heaving with her breaths. I let the stockings stop halfway down her calves, fingers sliding down to the ties of her left shoe.

I unwrapped the ribbon, sliding the shoe off and finishing with the stocking. I repeated the same on her right side, finally leaving her completely bare from head to foot. I ran my hands up her legs, gripping her thighs once more and pushing them wider, placing them on my shoulders as I changed pace again, all but devouring her in my need to have her taste on my tongue.

Her cries filled my ears as her essence filled my mouth, and I groaned as I thrust my tongue inside her tight hole, trying to get every fucking drop possible. Her hands buried themselves in my hair, pulling me harder against her. If my lips hadn’t been wrapped around her hard clit, making her thighs shake around my ears, I would have smiled.

“Holy shit, oh god, I’m… I’m going to come!” I thrashed my tongue hard against her clit and slid two fingers inside her, rubbing the sensitive spot along the top of her pussy. Her muscles seized, her hips bucking up into my mouth as she came hard. I continued to rub her g-spot and suck on her clit while she came, propelling her into a second screaming orgasm despite her begging me to stop.

Her whole body vibrated with the force of it, and suddenly she began to gush all over my hand and mouth, her liquids drenching the both of us and my bed. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her as I stood up and met her eyes, the amazement clear on my face.

Hers was shocked, body still twitching with the aftereffects.

“Holy shit, baby…” My words were low, voice hoarse. “That was possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Who knew you were a squirter?”

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