Encounter on the Beach

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“I hate my life sometimes,” I thought to myself. Here I am, an independent well-educated woman with my life on track and yet, I cannot find someone to share the simplest things with. And in my more frustrated moments, the horniest things with.

Who sits on a beach, in a romantic getaway, alone for vacation? Well that would be me. I had to get away from the stress of everyday life. After a couple of years of going full throttle and burning the candle at all possible ends (and some that weren’t possible), I had to take sometime for myself.

Left the roommate at home to ponder his new relationship (translated into – getting jiggy with his lady) and I came to a romantic little beach to veg out.

The moon is out, the water is almost calm, the breeze is comfy, and night is balmy. The time to regroup and think about life is good – during the day that is. It’s the nights that always get me. Curling into that lonely big bed all by myself night after night is getting old. I am in the prime of my life…I do not think 30 is old like I did when I was 15.

I should be living it up and celebrating my accomplishments but nope, I am moping on the beach. Wonder if the Hotel has a thing against sleeping on the beach because I do not think I could handle that king size bed tonight.

I can hear the laughter and the music from the pool area (why they have a pool here, I will never know – the ocean is right there and you can see to the bottom for miles). I was one of the partygoers a couple hours ago but it seems the party has just started hopping. I hope they don’t start moving this way.

It would further depress me to have to watch couples getting all cuddly on my beach. Yeah, I have claimed this spot of heaven as mine. No trespassers allowed.

Well, hello…who is that walking alone? His shirt is flowing in the breeze, his pants are rolled up to mid-calf (wow, what big muscles you have), and he is, wait, oh how fun, he is laughing and playing dodge with the waves.

Oops, he heard me giggle. I don’t think he knew someone else was out here and is a bit embarrassed to be caught in an unguarded moment of freedom. Or, I am just thinking that cause I would be. That is not the look of a man embarrassed, that is the look of intrigue and he is heading this way. My, my, my, wonder what sharing my beach will get me tonight?

“Excuse me, is this spot taken?” says the sexiest voice I have heard. So natch, I replied, “nope, take a load off handsome…” well okay, that’s what I wanted to say. All I managed was a shake of the head.

He grinned and sat down anyway and just looked out over the ocean for a while. I am not sure how long we sat there without saying a word, lost in our own thoughts while sharing a bit of moon, ocean, and sand.

I never forgot he was there, his scent, his heat, his everything, would never allow that. I kept glancing sideways at him, taking in his profile, his lips, his neck, his chest, his legs, his arms, and even his feet. Who knew feet covered in sand could be so sexy?

Ut oh, he caught me ogling. Damn this blush, do I have to do it all the time, can’t I, for once, be calm cool collected and sexy? No, I have to blush and giggle like a Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort schoolgirl with her first crush. Grrrrr.

Oh wait, um, short circuit time, he has turned my chin back to him and is looking into my eyes. Um, um, what to do…well, hell, just look back silly and pray the insecure thoughts are not being broadcasted but that the “hey baby, lets get naked on the beach” thoughts are coming across in bright neon lights.

Wowza, clear blue eyes…who knew they could catch fire like that in the night? Damn, I turned away again in embarrassment. What does this man think of me?

Okay, take a deep breath and say something smart and sexy…” so, come here often?” Oh dipshit, not that line, please tell me you just did not utter that line to this hunk of man? Oh wait, he liked it that I made the first move to talk. There may be hope for me yet.

Open the floodgates; here comes a night of conversation. And we did, we talked until the sun came up over the water. We talked about anything and nothing, just enjoying the company and the atmosphere. We laughed at the drunks stumbling down the beach; we watched the lovers chicken out of trying to skinny dip, we heard the party end upstairs, and watched the hotel staff set up the beach for the sunbathers and water junkies.

I have never felt so alive and comfortable before. And to think, he lives in the same area of the state as me. Who knows what will come of this later down the road? If the beach spirits are with me, maybe this could be the one.

Maybe my nights alone are over…oh, hell, I need sleep if this is what I am thinking after a few hours of talking. And I must look like hell too, time to make a hasty retreat and put myself back together. Now, how do I gracefully exit with an invitation to do more later?

Oh my gosh, he beat me to it. He has offered to escort me to my room and then wants to take me to lunch to this seafood place all the locals talk about. I think I am floating – now, lets just make it to the room without tripping. Now is not the time for usual clumsy antics to happen.

Whew, inside the room with a kiss that I think I will feel forever granted it was on my forehead but hey, a kiss is a kiss. Snooze time!!

MMM, someone forgot to turn her hormones off during her nap and the alarm went off just at the good part of that dream. Wonder if you can do that move in real life?

Sure would be fun…oh shit, get up and get in the shower girly, you have 20 minutes to be ready – fantasize later. Oh, where is the ankle bracelet? There it is, ok…quick look at everything to make sure we are covered and tucked and nothing we don’t want showing is showing and everything we do want showing is very politely displayed. Show time!

Good banter, nice exchange of laughter, and he likes my occasional smartass comments. This is getting better and better. Not to mention, the ass on this man is to die for and that chest, oomph, damn. I was to busy admiring him to realize he had stopped walking and turned.

But, hey, impromptu hug and full body contact, add a little eyelash flutter and a little extra slow slide of the hand as we move apart, Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort and bingo…interest in the eyes of the hunk (and might I say to myself, there was some interest blooming elsewhere on him too and what a mighty big interest at that).

Lunch was superb, company exquisite, and I was my charming endearing self. We talked more about our lives, about our dreams, about broken hearts, and hope for the “one” to come in and save us someday.

Okay, my turn to offer up something to do and since I am still trying to show him that I am not some beach bunny, lets see, ah, there we go, video arcade time baby. Lets see how he does when I kick his but at this game.

Another few hours of laughs, casual touches that have moved to caresses, and sweet kisses that keep getting longer each time our lips meet. Man, what this man can do with a pair of lips and a set of hands. I may just have to be the aggressor for once in my life and jump him.

Hey wait a minute, there is a movie on TV tonight that we both said we have wanted to see and room service has a special meal going on…LIGHT BULB!

Alright, food is ordered, movie is queued, balcony doors are open, lotion is on, sexy lingerie is strategically placed on the body, all the girly things are put up, chairs are arranged so he doesn’t think I am looking for immediate bed bouncing, and viola, he knocks.

Calm the nerves, wait a minute – don’t want to seem anxious, ok, open the door, smile, gasp at the flowers, kiss the lips thank you and hello, invite in, bury nose in flowers to smell and regroup, set flowers down, deep breath, jump, oh he snuck up on me.

MMM, just go with the arms holding you and the lips kissing your neck and the voice whispering that you smell good. Let him lead you to the…CHAIR…ok, well, eat first…understandable, gonna need strength.

The movie is over? When did it start? Oh somewhere between room service and the feasting, I mean, feeding each other. Once I sat in his lap, everything else just faded away.

But I can tell that he is mighty happy to have me sitting here feeding him chocolate covered fruit and I am more than happy to have him suck on my fingers that way. It just goes straight to my womanly parts that are way past dewy that is for sure. Oh, giggle, he picked me up and carried me to the bed.

I can only watch as he fans out my hair, lightly caresses my face and neck, oh my, eyes close when he comes in to kiss where he has touched. My forehead, my eyes, my nose, my cheek, my jaw, my ears, my neck, oh yeah, that spot right there…ooooo, I just love it when he flicks his tongue out to taste me like that but if he does not kiss me properly soon…mmm, yeah, tongue duel…chocolate and champagne, is there anything sexier than that when combined with the taste of this man?

His hands move down my body, cupping my breasts, finding my hard nipples, caressing my hips, oh wait, that is so he can pull the dress up and rub my legs. He moves down and begins to kiss his way up my legs. Who knew the back of a knee was so erotic?

He lightly runs his fingernails down my inner thighs and back up and begins to play with Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort the lace of my panties. He groans when he catches his first smell of me and feels the dampness. He pauses a moment to regain control, I can see the struggle in the way his muscles bunch and he closes his eyes. But control is not what I want right now.

I sit up and take my dress off while rolling him over on his back. (note to self – way to go, never knew you had it in ya girly). I begin to caress and kiss my way down his body, removing his clothes has I go. I stop to play with each nipple and to taste his neck and chest. I tease him by running first my fingers and then my tongue around the waist of his pants.

Then I bury my nose and inhale his musky sensual scent making sure to breath heavily on his erection through his pants. His hips jump and he grabs me by the shoulders and hauls me up his body. We begin to hurriedly take our clothes off and the first full nude contact takes our breaths away.

We calm down enough to savor the moment before ferociously tasting each other’s mouths. Our hands are everywhere at once but it’s not enough. He moves down and buries his mouth in my pussy. He laps it up, plunders me with his tongue and then his fingers, he finds all the right spots and knows just how to touch them to make me quiver, quake and finally come apart at the seems.

He slides up to watch my climax and I pull him down to share the flavor of my juices. I slowly clean up his face and move down to take him into my mouth. The Precum is flowing and I flick my tongue to take it in. Then I suck and lick his cock and balls until he is almost there then I stop, grab the condom, roll it on, and slide up to insert his raging manhood into my pussy.

I sink slowly down, so that I may savor each inch that is penetrating me until I am fully impaled on him. I have never been this full before or felt this connected. Then he rolls me over and begins to slowly move in and out of me. Riding me slowly and carefully to get me back up to the fevered pitch of racing to the end.

We kiss and pet until we cannot hold back any longer. He pounds me hard and fast, moving like a piston within my clenching pussy and whispering naughty things in my ear.

I begin to counter his moves with moves of my own. Moving my hips in circular motions, clenching my muscles around his cock, reaching down to play with my breasts and then his nipples, then going further and rubbing my clit.

I make sure that while I am doing that, I use my fingers to further stimulate him while he moves in and out. He begins to go faster and breathing heavier, we are both so close. He pulls out, rolls me over onto my hands and knees and quickly fills me from behind.

Now he is using my hips to pull me harder into him and using circular motions to hit the g-spot each time. OOOOO, he lightly spanks my ass and then pulls my head back by my hair. Oh, oh, aaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Whew, sometime later I come too, at least I think I passed out, it sure felt like it. I am wrapped in his arms with my head on his chest and the blankets over us to ward off the balmy ocean breeze. He kisses the top of my head and settles down for a nap.

…and how we wake up is another story for another time Ms. Diary. Right now, that man of mine is done mowing the yard and I want to scrub his back, and anything else that may pop up and catch my eye, while he showers. Toodles. Oh did I forget to tell you that we ended up getting married and living happily ever after, my bad.

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