Eli’s Visit

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I awoke at night by an unfamiliar feeling against my leg. Someone was in bed with me. It took me a few seconds to realize who and where I was. And more importantly, who I was with. Eli was visiting me in college. A flutter of joy burst up in my heart and spread through my body when I remembered it was him.

He had just come this afternoon after the 48 hour train ride from Chicago, so he exhaustedly fell asleep without even so much as fingering me a little, but greedy me, we did make out for like an hour, which was actually really sweet. I just missed him so much that my body was completely magnetized to his, ever since he got here. As soon as he gets some rest, and as soon as my roommate Katie goes off camping for the weekend, this room is going to be a fuckfest, with Eli and me. Don’t expect to get any texts from us this weekend, is all I’m saying.

But as it stands, Katie is there on the other side of the room in her bed, dozing away. And so is my boyfriend, right up against me, under my smooth blankets. He was wearing an old pair of my sweats, and no shirt, and I was next to him in my littlest pair of little shorts (I thought it would be weird to sleep in my underwear with Katie still here), and my lightest of almost see-through thin old t shirts. God my body wanted him. I tried not to make any noise with the blankets, and slid up to him so that my belly pressed against his side. I rested my left boob on his abs, which were gently rising up and down as he breathed deeply in his sleep. Must have really been a long train-ride. My hands took on a life of their own and started to trace along his muscles, my little fingertips sliding all over his smooth soft skin, with the heavy firm muscles right beneath. I really did like when my fingers started to think for me. They were so much smarter than I was in these situations.

Deftly, my hand lifted up his waist strap and slid in towards his pubes. I entered his soft underwear with my hand, not making a single sound. When my hand found his cock it was still mostly soft. I liked catching it in this state. I liked holding it in my hand like a floppy fat snake, feeling it puff up and get bigger and harder in my hand. I was always a little disappointed when this part of the show was left out for me, and he just pulled out his stiff hard cock. I want his cock to go hard for me – To be in my hand as it happened. And so I was, feeling it stiffen and get bigger and bigger in my hand. Just when it got as big as I thought it was going to get, it still got bigger and bigger. I won’t Beylikdüzü Masaj Salonu lie about Eli, he has a HUGE dick. Not like I wouldn’t be dating him if it wasn’t, I’m not THAT kind of girl, I love him, but this is just… a bonus. A nice bonus. A nice big natural miracle of a bonus.

I wondered if Katie woke up right now, would she see the bulge it was making in the blankets. The moonlight from the window made it cast this big ominous shadow across the blanket, and I almost broke my cover laughing: I was waking the cock monster zombie! Out to terrorize the night! An uncontrollable smile at my own stupid sense of humor spread over my face as my eyes caught Eli’s. I don’t know when he woke up, but there he was with his eyes open. He was smiling too, and just as big. And it made me smile even more. And then he just kept smiling. Moments like this are priceless. How can you not feel like you’ve found The One when you’re just lying there smiling like this at each other, hand around his cock, roommate sleeping 8 feet away. Of course I dreamt of being a princess as a little girl, but right now, this felt like just where I wanted to be.

I kneeled down to his ear and whispered: “If Katie wasn’t here, I would strip off my shorts and rub my pussy all over your face”

He seemed pleasantly shocked.

“I’d like that” he whispered.

“Don’t worry, she’s leaving at like 6 in the morning”

“I’ll set my alarm,” he giggled.

“I bet you want her to watch you fuck me,” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh you know I do,” he acted like he was joking, but I wanted to tease him more.

“She is hot though isn’t she” I whispered. I could tell it always freaked him out a little, whenever I talked about a girl who was hot, not so much because it made him think I was a lesbian, but more that he didn’t know how to respond. Like he would make me feel jealous if he responded the wrong way. Katie really was beautiful though. Getting to know her over the last six months had been wonderful, as jealous and strangely turned on as it made me feel to watch her saunter around without a bra in our dorm room all the time. Seriously, the way that girls wanted their boobs to look by buying padded Victoria’s Secret bras, this girls boobs just looked like that no matter what. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that her face was so pretty, or that her voice was so sweet. Or that… I didn’t want to talk about how she made me feel. Or the fact that we kinda had a drunk make-out session a few months ago Beylikdüzü Masöz Escort which we never talked about. My boyfriend was here. And his cock was in my hand. And I was suddenly much hornier than I had the ability to control at the moment.

I licked him on the corner of his mouth and whispered in his ear. “Shh. Don’t wake Katie. I want to suck your cock okay?” (he loved when I was forward like this)

He kissed me on the ear. His dick stiffened in my hand.

“There’s no way I won’t give it away.” he whispered back.

“You better. Or I’ll bite,” I gave him the sexiest little wink I could, and then slipped down under the covers. I pulled his pants down and out sprung his dick. I recognized the smell of it immediately, and it made me wet. (It had been like six months since I saw this thing last, so give me a break for being a little cock-hungry.) I licked it up and down and side, still letting it lay flat on his stomach. The tip of it reached right to his belly button, so I always loved to dart my tongue into his bellybutton and at the same time brush against the little hole in the tip of his penis.

He was squirming. I could tell he was having a hard time staying quiet with all this devilish licking going on down here. But I had to hand it to him. He wasn’t doing too bad. Just meant I had to step up the action. I opened wide and took the tip of it in my mouth. And then I just sat there drooling on it. I tortured him by staying completely fucking still, and I knew he loved it. His fat cock head was starting to twitch in my mouth, and he was already starting to buck his hips a little to fuck my mouth. I found that if I let him do the moving, my neck wouldn’t get so tired, and he would get to be a part of the action too, control his own orgasm.

I just kept producing more and more saliva and letting it run in glistening little drops down his cock. And letting him gently hump my mouth with little two centimeter thrusts. Faster and faster into my mouth.

Oh crap it was only about a minute and he was starting to come already. I guess you can’t blame the guy, It has been six months since he’d seen me. I braced myself for it. That warm salty-sweet glob started to fill my mouth. I waited for the streams to subside. And waited. And waited. And fuck he really has held it for a while. And waited. Finally his cock stopped twitching, and his breath subsided a little, and finally my mouth felt like it was as full as it was going to get.

Now look, I have a weird Beylikdüzü Öğrenci Escort thing with swallowing. It’s not that I don’t like it, or I was too prude, but something just felt a little off for me about swallowing something that’s supposed to go in your vagina. I had no idea if it would upset the balance of my hormones, digesting so much protein and testosterone. Sometimes I loved licking a few of the droplets off of my fingers, after giving him a handjob, but an entire load of his. Too big. Imagine dropping a whole raw egg into your mouth. That big. Honestly I preferred when he came on my tits or on the floor somewhere, or even on my blanket, but this time it was a little unexpected. And I was sitting there with my mouth full of come, wondering how I was going to tiptoe over to the sink without waking up my roommate.

Eli was wanting to cuddle already. Crap. I tried swallowing but felt like I couldn’t. I didn’t want to risk gagging, so I tapped Eli on the stomach to wait a second, and started to make my way across the room. I peeked back at him and gave him that cute little, “My mouth is full of your come, don’t think I’m awkward” face and as soon as I turned to the sink, she was there.

Katie was up. I almost swallowed the whole load in shock, but instead just stood there frozen, looking at her. Mouth shut tight. For a second I didn’t know what to say. Then I remembered if I tried to say anything then a bunch of come would pour out of my mouth and she would basically think I’m a freak for the rest of my life. I kind of just stood there and made a humming “Hi” noise. She just stared at me. Crossing her arms and pressing those stupid perfect boobs together.

The time stretched perceptibly. Finally she broke the silence.

“You’re not just gonna throw that out are you?” She asked me.

“Hm?” I intoned.

“You’re not just gonna spit that out?” She clarified.

“mmhmmm” I nodded my head.

“No you’re not,” she said, and before I knew what was happening, she stepped up and kissed me on the mouth. I was literally shocked still. What the hell was she doing. I was just hoping Eli wouldn’t freak out, but then I noticed that my mouth was basically empty. With her kiss, she was literally sucking the come out of my mouth. For a second I felt a little jealous, and greedy, like I wanted it back! (Which is strange because I was about to spit it out anyway), but the thought of Katie having it in her mouth was just too much. I pushed her away from me and started to say.

“Oh my god what are you doing?” When I saw her do it. She swallowed the whole load. She did what I could never do for Eli. She didn’t even flinch.

I looked back at Eli. His eyebrows were half way up his forehead. I looked back at Katie.

“Well now I’m thirsty for more,” Katie said, wiping her lips with her arm. “Think you’ve got another one in you?”

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