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Big Tits

This is the latest in an ongoing series that is the first thing I’ve considered good enough to submit here. The story has already turned out quite different to how I expected, but I’m having fun writing it. Feedback is of course welcome.

If you haven’t read the story from the beginning, I suggest you do as it’s getting a bit complicated!


I was seated at my terminal setting out some project plans when my team returned from lunch. They were laughing and joking and on the whole seemed very positive about being assigned to work with me. I spent the remainder of the afternoon going over the projects I wanted to tackle, splitting the six of them into three pairs as best suited each task. I assigned one particularly tricky problem to Max and the older guy, Trevor, knowing full well that they would require the most direction from me. Not that I cared too much about Trevor, though he was a good engineer and as much of a car bore as I was, but I definitely wanted to encourage Max’s flirtation and see what happened.

We kicked a few ideas around and then I decided to send everyone home early. I gave Julia a quick call and told her my plans, but she seemed a little distracted. “I’m sorry love, something’s come up,” she said. “I’ll probably have to stay late. I called Aless though, and she’ll take care of you until I get back. She’s at school working on some projects if you want to pick her up.” I said I would, and was about to put the phone down when Julia said quite clearly, “make sure the cameras are running.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but I trusted Julia and was happy to do as instructed. Before long I was guiding the Lambo to a halt in front of Queensgate, where Aless was waiting. She’d gathered an even larger crowd of friends and hangers-on since that morning, and she waved to them sweetly as I held the door open for her. “That’s Miss Howard, the headmistress,” she whispered to me as she subtly pointed out a sixty-ish, rather severe looking woman towards the back of the group. “She couldn’t resist seeing for herself what all the gossip was about.” I grinned, and pulled the Murcielago out into traffic.

I hadn’t quite known what to think when Julia had said she’d told Alessandra to take care of me, but it was quickly obvious she didn’t just want her to make dinner. As soon as I closed the front door behind us Aless started stripping out of her school uniform, divesting herself of the blazer, pleated skirt and blouse. She was still wearing the flesh-coloured stockings and red suspender belt I’d glimpsed that morning, as well as a matching red lace thong and balcony bra with cups cut so low, most of her areolas were visible above the lace. Kicking off her flat-soled black school shoes she replaced them with a pair of strappy red wedge-heeled sandals. She left her school tie on, she said, ‘in case I needed something to tie her up with later.’

She busied herself in the kitchen downstairs while I used a few leads purloined from the lab to hook my laptop to the widescreen TV. I soon had several different views of Julia’s office open on the screen, and was somewhat alarmed with the scene that unfolded. Julia was sitting a little way behind her desk so that her boots were still visible through the splits in her skirt, just as I’d instructed her. But it seemed that her appearance, coupled with our gymnastics at lunchtime, had landed Julia in hot water.

There was a thin, balding guy standing in front of Julia’s desk. Dressed in an ill-fitting suit and with a thin moustache drooping from his top lip, he had the air of a lifelong bureaucrat. Sure enough, the officious little prick was rebuking Julia over both her outfit and the day’s events. In one corner of the office, looking as if he’d like nothing better than to disappear into the wall, was the young temp from earlier. The skinny idiot kept gesturing to him while he ranted; every time he did the kid flinched as if he’d been slapped.

The guy’s voice was an irritating whine, and I was wondering how Julia was refraining from smacking him in the mouth. I called Aless up from the kitchen to find out if she knew who he was. “Ugh, that’s Arthur Corman, he’s Mum’s boss. She says he’s the only thing about her job she doesn’t like.”

“I can see why,” I murmured. On the screen the odious twerp was going into overdrive.

“…and furthermore, this sort of behaviour would not be tolerated from the lowliest office junior, let alone a member of management. Poor William here…” – flinch – “…was so severely distracted by your performance that he made several rudimentary errors in my bi-monthly stationery report, and I hardly need tell you what a vital document that is. Oh, I dare say your Lothario from the technical department is exhilarating company, but I doubt he appreciates the chaos that would ensue if his department were to run out of pencils…”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Corman. I guarantee it will not happen again,” replied Julia coolly.

“That’s simply not good enough I’m afraid. çanakkale escort This is not the first time you’ve dissatisfied me, Miss Brighton, and you leave me no choice but to reconsider your position with a view to terminating your employment.”

“That BASTRD!” yelled Aless at the screen. “I’ll rip that skinny little dickhead’s balls off!”

“Hang on,” I cautioned. “Look at your Mum. I think she’s got this idiot right where she wants him.”

On the screen, Julia had stood and was slowly walking around the desk. “Mr. Corman, I thought we’d put that previous… unpleasantness behind us. But I suppose I have little choice but to resign.” Julia sighed overdramatically. “Unless of course we can come to some arrangement, like last time?”

Corman harrumphed and muttered, “perhaps under the circumstances that might be acceptable.”

Julia smiled sweetly, and I knew the guy was fucked – I just wasn’t quite sure what she was planning yet. Aless and I watched as Julia slowly slipped off her jacket, bringing into view her sublime breasts and shapely figure still squeezed into the red snakeskin corset. Reaching down she undid the clasp on her skirt, letting it fall to reveal her bare pussy and those incredible boots. William the temp, apparently forgotten in the corner, gasped.

Meanwhile Julia was dropping to her knees in front of Corman, who had undone his ugly brown polyester slacks and freed his cock. At least I think he had, it was hard to tell. “Gosh, is that it?” asked Aless. Even so I could tell she was tuned on by what we were seeing; she had snuggled up to me on the sofa and one hand was rubbing my leg restlessly while she pressed her thighs together. I started to strip off my work clothes as Julia got to work on Corman’s tiny cock with her mouth.

Once I was naked I cuddled up to Aless again on the sofa. She traced one hand down my stomach to fondle my hardening prick, her other hand pulling the red thong to one side so that I could slip a finger into her saturated pussy. She moaned and pressed against my hand, never taking her eyes from the screen.

Across town, Julia let Corman’s dick slip from her mouth. She looked into his eyes with a longing that was utterly false. “Would you like me to go on top, like before?” she asked.

“That will be acceptable,” Corman replied. He had removed his trousers and underwear, but left his shirt and grey socks. I asked Aless if I should get some like that and she giggled, squeezing my cock at the base. I gasped, hardly believing that such a beautiful 18-year old girl was caressing me this way while we prepared to watch her mother being fucked by another man.

Corman had lain on the floor and allowed Julia to straddle him on her knees. She slipped him into her pussy, and began to make a great show of riding his cock as if she’d never been fucked in her life. To us it was patently obvious she was faking, but Corman seemed to believe that he was hung like a stallion. Back on the sofa Aless mimicked her mother’s actions by sliding into my lap. I moved my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her, allowing my cock to slip into her pussy. She bit her lip as I entered, clearly having the opposite problem to her mother as my generous tool invaded her tight young hole. Facing away from me she slowly began to ride my cock, all the time keeping her attention fixed on the screen.

We watched as Corman reached up to paw at Julia’s perfect breasts. I gritted my teeth and decided that no matter what Julia had planned for him, I was going to make him pay for putting his sweaty palms on my flawless lover. Meanwhile Aless leaned back against my chest and reached one arm around my head, running her fingers through my hair. “Do you like this, Daddy?” she whispered into my ear. “Do you like feeling your cock inside me while we watch Mummy getting fucked?”

I kissed her neck and nibbled at her earlobe. “I love it, darling,” I whispered back. “You’re my wonderful girls.”

Onscreen we saw Julia look around and spot William the temp hiding in the corner. He was still trying to look as inconspicuous as possible despite having liberated his cock and started wanking a reasonably-sized 7 inch erection. “Will! Come over here and stick that thing in my mouth, won’t you?” Corman apparently didn’t like this idea and began to protest, but Julia drowned him out with another scream of faux-ecstasy. Will stripped off the rest of his clothes as he walked around to Julia’s head. He was actually a pretty fit young guy; Aless clearly approved, involuntarily squeezing me with her inner muscles.

Julia took Will in her mouth and sucked furiously, all the time continuing the pretence of riding Corman’s tiny dick. The young temp seemed to have found a little confidence from somewhere, even being brave enough to place his hands either side of Julia’s head to pull her mouth further onto his erection. Corman seemed less happy, actively trying to avert his gaze from the male genitalia hanging a couple of feet from his face. When a little of Julia’s saliva dripped from Will’s cock onto his cheek I thought Corman might actually throw up. Suddenly I realised what she had in mind.

Julia released Will’s cock and looked up at him. “Will darling, it’s no use. This loser’s tool is so small I can’t feel a thing. Why don’t you put that cock in my cunt as well, that way I can get fucked properly!”

Corman looked horrified. “I really must protest…” he began, trying to struggle up, but Julia was stronger than the pathetic specimen and held him down.

“Come on Will, I know you were thinking about fucking me this afternoon. It turned you on watching me licking another guy’s come off my tits, didn’t it?”

“Ohhh, yes!” moaned Will. He quickly moved behind Julia, crouched down and began to feed his cock into her soaking pussy. Corman struggled as he felt another man’s penis sliding over his, but it was hopeless. Julia could have broken him in two.

“Mmm,” moaned Aless on top of me. “Daddy, will you fuck me like Will is fucking Mummy?”

“Of course darling,” I replied. “Get down on your hands and knees.” She quickly obliged, dropping down on to the floor in front of the TV. I knelt behind her and slipped back inside, gripping her tightly around the waist so I could thrust energetically into her cunt – much as Will was doing to Julia in the office. He was clearly in seventh heaven, his eyes virtually closed as he slammed into my lover’s pussy. Julia was now gasping with genuine pleasure, and even Corman appeared to be enjoying himself.

Julia looked down at him. “There, doesn’t it feel good with another cock rubbing against yours? Making my cunt feel so much tighter?” she demanded.

“Nng… Yes! Yes, it feels wonderful!” he gasped, and Julia grinned triumphantly.

Aless’s breath was coming in shorter gasps and I knew she was moments away from an earth-shattering orgasm. I grabbed her school tie in one hand and a fistful of hair in the other and used them as anchors to fuck her even harder. “Oh… God… Daddy… AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed as she hit her pinnacle, and that was all it took to send me over the edge. I fired jet after jet of come deep into her trembling pussy, while on the TV Will and Corman simultaneously did the same to Julia.

We collapsed on the carpet, still watching events unfold at the office. “Watch this,” I murmured to Aless.

Will withdrew his softening cock from Julia’s pussy and stood up, apparently dazed by the double-penetration he’d just participated in. Julia stretched, cat-like, and stood over Corman. She made sure that the mingled semen of him and Will dripped over his shirt and face, and it was like watching a vampire being hit by holy water. He scrambled from underneath her and dragged himself up by the edge of the desk. “Miss Brighton, that was entirely uncalled for. Regrettably I’m still going to have to reconsider your employment here…”

Julia snorted with laughter. “You’ll do nothing of the sort, you ridiculous little shit. In case you missed it, my ‘Lothario’ as you called him is a surveillance genius. You coercing me into sex to keep my job has been captured by at least eight high-definition digital cameras. Incidentally, is your wife still active in the church?”

Corman had gone white. “Wh-what do you mean? Why?” he stammered.

“I’m sure she’d like to see what sort of sinful things you get up to at the office. I imagine she’ll especially like the part where you said you enjoyed having another man rubbing his cock against yours. I seem to recall there was some fuss over those anti-gay leaflets she was distributing in Soho a few months ago. She probably thinks you can ‘catch’ being gay from touching someone’s cock, or having his come running down your face. You might want to wipe that off, by the way.” Corman frantically rubbed his cheek with one sleeve.

“So unless you want me to send the whole thing to your wife,” Julia continued, “this is what you’re going to do. Tomorrow you resign your job, effective immediately. You can say you want to spend more time with that stupid homophobic bitch if you like, I really don’t care. Then you recommend me as your only possible replacement. You’d better do a good job; if I’m not in your chair by Friday then that frigid, fundamentalist cow and her whole church group will get to see you swapping semen with Will here.” The young temp had dressed and was hovering nervously by the door.

“I… But… You’re bluffing!” He snarled. The phone on Julia’s desk rang. She strutted over to it and hit the speaker button.

“No, she really isn’t,” I said conversationally. “I have the whole thing, and it’s worse than you could possibly imagine. I’d do as the lady says. Incidentally, regardless of what Julia has done to you, I’m going to make you sorry you ever laid your pathetic hands on her. Oh, and the shirt and socks look? Never good, even on a waste of skin like you. Now fuck off before I blow your house up.”

Tears were streaming down Corman’s face as he grabbed his trousers and ran. “Bye, Arthur!” Julia called after him. Then she turned to Will the temp, who cringed away in terror.

“Please Miss Brighton!” he yelped, “I didn’t say anything! He just knew somehow! Please don’t… I’m just a temp, I make £3 an hour, please…”

“As of tomorrow, expect a pay rise. That was perfect, Will, I couldn’t have done it without you. Hear that, darling?” she addressed me on the speakerphone. “No killing Will, OK?”

“Well, I suppose,” I laughed. Will looked extremely relieved, and fled the office almost as quickly as Corman had. “Who do you suppose told old Arthur?” I asked.

“I think that little bitch of a secretary, Libby, is going to learn a valuable lesson about office discretion starting tomorrow,” growled Julia. “Anyway, that’s me done for the day. Did you have something nice for dinner?”

“Mmm, a very tasty 18 year old blonde,” I replied.

Julia laughed. “not much point telling you not swear about the house now, is there darling?”

“No!” yelled Aless vehemently from over my shoulder.

Julia picked up her skirt and jacket, then looked down at her stunning body clad only in the half-corset and boots. “I think I might drive home like this,” she purred. “See you soon – put some bubbly on ice, will you? I’ve got a promotion to celebrate!” Julia swaggered out of the office as Aless and I, still lying on the carpet, burst into hysterical laughter.


Julia was as good as her word, arriving back at the flat dressed only in her boots and corset, having again walked mostly naked from the garage. Aless, still running around the house in her underwear, had prepared a large spread of cold meats and potato salad, and I had a couple of bottles of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin on ice. When Julia walked in we greeted her like a conquering hero, and blushing she gave a small curtsey as we applauded. Before dinner we all sank into a soothing bath, and though it was a little cramped with three of us nobody complained. After the excitement of the day I was shattered and so was content just to enjoy the foamy warmth of the water – though the sight of mother and daughter sensually washing each other created some localised rippling below the surface!

We wrapped ourselves in bathrobes and ate in the living room, laughing and chatting about the day’s excitement. Julia laughed wickedly as Aless described the reaction to her arrival at school, while Aless was eager to hear about my and Julia’s lunchtime episode. She avowed loudly that she would have to watch the footage later seeing as she’d missed out on the fun, making Julia and I laugh. To pacify her I demonstrated the use of the video feed and editing software, and left the two wonderful women in my life to scrutinize the most recent footage. As I climbed the stairs to work out I heard them excitedly planning an elaborate multi-angle DVD that could switch from Julia in the office to Aless and me simultaneously at home. The last I heard they were talking about audio commentaries and behind-the-scenes footage!


On Tuesday I dropped Aless off at school again, and this time an even larger crowd had gathered to see us arrive. Aless had prepared for the occasion by neglecting to wear underwear, occasionally lifting her skirt to flash me as we drove through London. At one set of traffic lights a builder in a white van looked down just in time to catch a glimpse of 18-year-old pussy, and honed his horn appreciatively. Aless giggled and rubbed herself through her pleated skirt.

As we pulled up at the school gates a group of hostile-looking rich mothers turned to watch us in unison, resembling a pack of immaculately styled Meerkats. As before I exited the car first, walking around to open Alessandra’s door and help her out of the Lamborghini’s low bucket seat. I’d dressed casually in chinos, a tight oxblood rugby shirt that hugged my pecs and six-pack in a satisfying manner, and a favourite leather jacket I’d brought from Birmingham. I nodded cheerfully to the group, sending them into a frenzy of chatter. Julia stood up on tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek, whispering in my ear about what she’d like me to do to her when I got home. I was so lost in these particularly nasty thoughts that I almost missed a lean, balding man walking towards us.

“Alessandra, darling!” he called in a curt, high-pitched tone.

“Oh bollocks,” she muttered to me, “it’s Giles.”

“How’s my favourite girl?” he oiled, grinning obsequiously.

“What are you doing here, Giles?” she said icily.

“Well, I was just passing on my way to the office and I thought I’d stop by and see my little treasure.” It was obvious he and Julia’s ex-boss were of the same type.

“Your office is nowhere near here, Giles.” Polar bears could have frozen to death from the chill in her tone.

“Guilty, darling. I can see I won’t be able to pull the wool over your eyes.” He continued to grin like a muppet. “I just wanted to see you, was that so wrong?” He turned his attention to me, and now his was the voice to become icy. “And you are?”

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