Camilla Pt. 03

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“That’s good. Point your legs up and look at me. Smile a little. Nice.”


“Ok. Rollover on your belly. Let your tits fall over your hands. Nice. Push them out a bit more. Very nice.”


“Ok. Push your ass up a little, I want to see that thong of yours. Yes, that’s very, very nice. Christ. So sexy. So good. Good girl.”


Doing this photo shoot was his idea, but I have to admit, I am enjoying it. I was so nervous about buying the white thigh highs, lace French cut thong and lace push-up bra. I had put them on slowly in the mirror and had the shoot had started so shyly.

“Is my ass too big?”


“No Camillina, it is just perfect. Do you feel sexy?”

“A little.”

“You look so hot, turn your back to me and look over your shoulder. Yes. Sexy.


The session had started with a little glass of cold vodka. It was so strong it took my breath away. We had it, me standing in front of him in my lingerie with just a thin bathrobe covering me. He had on tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt that showed off a hard body. I could just make out a slight bulge between his legs. I imagined he was not wearing any underwear.


We started slowly, the bathrobe slowly came off. I was inhibited at first, but he was so encouraging.


The photo equipment was very professional. A beautiful white backdrop that fell across a raised bed, a broad rectangular floodlight, a flash stand that would let out a little whine when it recharged and then –


“Don’t be afraid.” His smile was teasing and happy. He laughed at my shyness. Coaxing me to do more. “Take your hands and set them flat on your thighs, yes, let your bathrobe fall away – just a bit! Perfect. Now lean forward. Yes. Your hair – yes, over you teasing – that is very sexy.”


Each pop I got just a bit braver. I dared myself to spread my legs open, teasing Josip. My soft bathrobe barely covering the heat between my legs.


“Wow! Oh yes!” He took another cold vodka shot, gave me one, and we continued.

I couldn’t help but notice the small bulge grew into a larger one.

“Now. Let’s get a bit more daring. Can you get on all fours?”

“Like this?”

“Wow yes. Like that. That is sexy. Wild sexy. Can you open your legs a bit broader?”

Pop. Pop.

“Taking a lot of photos?”

“We will take many but delete the ones you do not like. OK? I can’t say I will have good judgment!” he laughed. “I love them all!” He grabbed my face and kissed me hard. The shots and his smell made my head swam, and my hand fell across the hard, swelling between his legs.

I had met Josip at a nightclub. My friends and I had heard found this place through a post online in a music forum. Vesna, who was Croatian, said that a DJ from out of town would be spinning there and we must go and hear. The post talked about how beautiful the crowd would be and how cheap the drinks were – we were not disappointed.

My friends Ashley, Rickie, and Vesna, came to my apartment to get ready. For all of us, it had been too long since we had a night out and we were ready to party. We all had on our best, sexiest clothes. Rickie did our nails in outrageous patterns and colors. She wanted to accent mine with diamonds – like hers – but I stopped at long and Dracula red. We had called a cab so that we could all drink together and enjoy the evening.

The driver dropped us off at the wrong corner, he complained that it was a dangerous part of town and worried aloud why tekirdağ escort four beautiful girls wanted to be in such a desolate part of the city. We got our bearings and walked the rest of the few blocks to the address. The area was quiet. For the most part, it was industrial factories and warehouses. The streets before the club were abandoned between shifts; Trucks and cranes and other heavy lifting equipment slept behind high chain-link fences trimmed with razor wire.

For what seemed like every 30 seconds, we’d see a rat, some of them as large as cats, skitter across our paths. Rickie would let out a scream that would make the rat scramble to get away, and we’d all laugh. By the time we arrived at the dimly lit red double doors of the club, we were almost exhausted at laughing and screaming so much.

An intimidating manicured doorman waved aside our door fee. He chuckled with piercing, dangerous blue eyes and a quiet laugh through a broad beard.

Opening the door, the deep bass tones and dance rhythms washed over us. The vibrancy and life of inside the club shattering the silence of the sleepy street. I felt a surge of energy shoot through me. Ashley squeezed my hand, and the four of us strode into the place – eager to make an entrance.

The club was massive, an old converted warehouse. The walls had been painted red, and white lights washed up the side. At the far end, high above the crowd was the DJ. The left and right walls had long, blue-lit bars lined with bottles and glasses. Vapor from the dry ice keeping the bottles cold ran out onto the dance floor.

Oh, what a dance floor. Little bright lights flew in circles overhead powered by drones. They dipped and spun to the music in dizzying arcs. A movie projector at the top of the ceiling projected scenes of the ocean, then a field, then a forest, animals killing each other, people fucking, milk splashing on the ground – onto the crowd.

The dancers were literally in the movie, being painted in different images as the rhythm and bass washed through the crowd moving and crushing them to higher and higher waves of ecstasy.

We found a curved couch on the second floor that looked down on the crowd. Ricki left almost immediately to go and dance, pulling Ashley behind her protesting that she wanted another drink. They disappeared amid the writhing bodies.

Vesna and I held the down couch, protecting purses and phones. A gorgeous waitress came by and after taking an order whispered something in Vesna’s ear.

“She said – don’t get too much -,” Vesna said imitating the waitresses thick Slavic accent. “There are many men here tonight that will buy drinks for everyone.”

“Oh, OK!”

“Yeah, let’s see.”

Sure enough a half-hour later she returned with a cold, sweaty bucket of ice with an elegant white bottle.

“It’s vodka. The best in this city.” She explained. “You take leetle drinks. Shots.” She pulled out an ice cube that turned out to be a little cup – of ice. “Take sips.”

Vesna and I took shots of vodka from the ice cups until our heads began to swim. Ashley and Rickie came back from the floor, beaming, glossed with sweat, and fell in a happy tumble onto the couch. They were thrilled at the little ice shots. When we left to dance, Rickie had finished her fifth and was looking around for who bought it for us.

After that, the night had been a blur. The vodka was smooth and potent and made our heads swim.

More music.

More dancing.

More vodka.

Men were sitting with us. They were dressed well and smelled good. One was Josip. The others said their names, but I couldn’t understand. They were lean and cool. Not businessmen. Not laborers. Josip’s lean muscular hands on my leg, making me laugh about one of his friends.

Music. Dancing.

Another bottle came.

They showed us how to take little shots and put the cups back in the bucket to keep them cold. At some point in the night, after we all were drunk, one of the friends, big and bearded, stood on the table and tried to drink the contents of the bucket. It splashed out across his jacket, shirt, and pants – and over Ricki who happened to be sitting next to him. They departed after using up all of the napkins to get dry, blending with the crowd.

Even more music.

Josip moved around me. My arms laced his neck. The hypnotic bass moving through us. His hands spidering up my silver dress. His lips on my neck.

Me looking in the bathroom mirror. Moping the sweat from my face, fixing what I could of my makeup.

Hearing couple fucking in the stall behind me.

I look to see hands over the doors of the stall.

Ricki’s nails.

I imagine her pressed up against the door. Her skirt hiked up, and her panties are pulled down. She’s whimpering and moaning. He’s too big for her – I can tell by breathy protests. I look down to see her shoes, yes her shoes. Far apart. His black shoes between them. He’s pounding into her. Slamming the frame of the stall back and forth. She’s holding on for dear life.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes.” Her gasps punctuate thrusts. He’s answering her with guttural grunts and gasps.

Her pink lace panties a fall down one leg.

The room spins.

I sit in the stall next to them.

I kick the door closed.

“OH, fuck me. Yes. OH!”

I know he’s grabbing her tight small ass.

I pull off my panties, letting them fall onto the floor.

I know it’s rippling against the bear of a man I saw soaking himself a few minutes before. He’s pressed against her. A beast. Pounding into a little bird of a girl.

They grunt and groan

My legs fall apart, and I start fingering myself. I can’t stop. Small circles. In and out. Rubbing.

They get faster. The stall is quaking.

I see her shoes adjusting for balancing. He’s destroying her. Her feet lift slightly.

She cries out. He’s pulling her hair.

My legs are wide apart. My hands racing. Shocks flicker through my body. My legs begin to tremble.

His last push lifts her off the ground.

“Oh, FUCK!” she yells. I see her legs vibrate. He’s holding there.

I go faster and faster. My hand is a blur. Then – a spurt and an explosion in my body. I gasp.

He releases.

She crumbles to a squat. I see the cheeks of her ass are red.

His breath quivers. A white splash on Ricki’s naked ass.

She’s taking deep long breaths. Getting her bearings.

He reaches down and stands her up against the stall door. I hear soft kisses. “I wait for you outside. OK?” he says in a thick accent.

Then he opens the door, pauses to look in the mirror, and leaves.

Still, unsteady myself, I wait at the sink.

Ricki opens the stall door. She’s a hot mess. Her hair is disheveled. Her short, glittering dress is wrinkled. Her face is slack and glowing.

“Fuck me.” She says.

“Oh… I think that happened.” We laugh.

“Christ I needed that. How long were you there?”

“Most of it.” I wipe two fingers against the mirror. Letting my juice streak the glass. It’s a gesture I would not do at any time, anywhere else on earth, but here in this club, after cumming in a stall to my friend getting fucked.

“Wow. Really?” Ricki is surprised by my boldness.


“Wow. So it was good for you?” She laughs.

We went back to our couch, Ashley, and Vesna, both there. The men were gone.

The bottle and the drinks were gone soon after. We danced like were all possessed. The rest of the night, well – who cares, right?


Josip had left his number in pen on the back of my phone case, along with a promise to buy me another phone case if I had dinner with him.


At dinner, he explained that he was an entrepreneur and had several hobbies. One of which was fashion photography. He had a very professional website.


I loved the way he looked at me. He would admire me. I would forget what I was saying when I looked into his beautiful green eyes.


“OK. Now. Let’s be a bit daring. Lie on your back and let your head drop over the edge. Yes. Look how your back arches. Close your legs make a – yes. Perfect.”


He was close to me. I was lying on my back, and his cock was above my face. It was an enormous bulge now.


“Wiggle your ass a little. Yes. Good girl.”


I reached up and undid the button of his pants. Then his zipper. He was not wearing underwear. I reached in and pulled his massive member out. A drop of wetness at its tip.

“Yes, good girl.”

I swallowed it all. He moved his hips closer, so my lips could slide down the shaft without moving my head. The musky hair of his balls filled my senses, tickling the lids of my eyes.

“Oh yes, good girl.”

His strong hand reached under my bra to grab a tit and squeeze it.


He moved his hips slowly back and forth.

“Masturbate yourself.”

My hands found my triangle again. One hand played my lips while another, caressed my bean. The soft sucking noises of me giving him head aroused me.

He rolled a nipple between his fingers. Then the other.

I pressed my lips tightly around his shaft. He gasped in surprise.


Everything had been perfect. I felt sexy. Wanted. Hungered for. The encouragement.

The sexy lingerie. The vodka. His cock.

His hips moved faster. My hands, wet with my heat, trembled to finish.

He firmly grabs my neck above the collar bone with one hand and began thrusting harder. Saliva and his juices oozed down my face. His balls slapped against my forehand.

“Yes, yes, good. Good girl.”

He went faster. His hand was tighter. My hands gripped my womanhood. Rubbing and pattering the wet, hot heat between my legs. My head swam as I couldn’t breathe.

I began to struggle.

He held me.

“No. A bit more.”

I whimpered and moan with my mouth full of his cock. He was pinning me to the bed. I was excited and scared. I felt my toes curl and my back arching to move against him. One hand reached out to grab his arm.

He suddenly slid his cock out of my mouth, letting go of his hold. His cum splashed across my body as I gasped for air.

He spun me around roughly.

His tongue dove into me. Painting me with his wet mouth.

I cried out in surprise, gripping the edges of the bed. Holding on to Josip’s passionate oral sexing of me.

He probed and tickled and mashed – until my body, confused and tortured spasmed again. The warmth of my explosion wetting the sheets.

I collapsed on the bed, letting the warmth run through me.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

“What are you going to do with all those pictures?” I asked lazily.

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