Deadlier than the Male

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The Female is Deadlier than the Male

Joe was just that, an average sort of Joe. No pretensions, hard working, not given much to thinking, and when he did think, it was mostly with what was in his trousers rather than what was between his ears.

He woke up that morning feeling randy. But then he usually did. Patti was unresponsive.

“Oh, come on Joe, not now! We’ve got things to do to get the day started!”

Joe is a bit miffed. But he’s getting used to it these days. She’s not as much fun as she used to be. Of course what he means is that he is not getting as much sex as he used to do. Still he is provided with a good breakfast and he gets off to work happy enough. But for some reason today Patti’s negative response is niggling him. By lunch time he has managed to work himself up into a “Well I think it’s time I showed her who’s the boss round here!” frame of mind. He wouldn’t mind, but she seemed to be flirting with the waiter in the restaurant last night. The fact that he, Joe, was ogling the waitresses, did not seem to enter into his thinking processes.

Come lunchtime, and he decides he is going to have more than just his usual sandwich. He drives home, lets himself into the kitchen and strides up behind Patti, grabbing her unceremoniously round the waist. She turns to face him, and exclaims in surprise, “Oh, it’s you, Joe! Didn’t expect to see you at this time!”

“Of course it’s me. Who did you think it was? Expecting someone else were you?”

He grasps her breasts roughly and she starts to struggle. “Joe, let go of me! What are you doing?”

“I saw you flirting with that waiter in the restaurant last night! Expecting him, were you?”

“, Joe of course not…..”

“Oh yes you were, you little bitch! What’s the matter, one cock not enough for you?”

She continues to struggle. he rips open her blouse and gropes her breasts. Through the fabric of her bra he feels her nipples hardening.

“Joe, please…”

” You little slut, I can feel those tits, nipples like rocks! You didn’t want it this morning, did you, but you want it now! You must be thinking about that waiter! Well, If it’s more cock you want, I’ll give you more cock!”

Yes, definitely thinks with what’s in his trousers.

He drags her over to the kitchen table and forces her to bend over it. He grasps her wrists in his left hand and leans on the small of her back, holding her down.

“I hope your knickers aren’t wet, after this morning, because if they are you are in serious trouble, you little slut!”

“No, Joe, please…” and the tears start to flow. He moves his right hand to the hem of her skirt and lifts it up over her waist. She is wearing white cotton knickers and a damp patch is very apparent at the crotch.

“You bitch, your knickers are wet! I’ll bet you were thinking about that waiter fucking you weren’t you?”

And he spanks her hard on the bottom.

“I’ll bet you were thinking about sucking that waiter’s dick, and them having him ravage your cunt, weren’t you, you little slut!”

The tears are really flowing now. Then she surprises him.

“Yes, Joe, I’m sorry, Joe, I was thinking about that nice looking waiter.”

He spanks her harder. She wasn’t really thinking about the waiter, but this is one way to get back at him, make him feel even more jealous.

“I was thinking what a big cock he must have — I’ll bet it’s bigger than yours!”

This has the desired result and Joe spanks her some more.

“I’ve been a very naughty girl, Joe, thinking about that waiter fucking me. Spank my bare bottom, Joe, it’s what I deserve!”

Joe pulls Patti’s knickers down round her thighs, exposing her lovely rounded buttocks, now glowing nicely from his attentions. He runs his hand over her cunt, which is soaking wet. He pushes two fingers in and frigs her vigorously, then does the same with her clittie.

“Oh, god, yes, more, more!” She exclaims. Instead he spanks her bare arse.

“You’re like a bitch on heat aren’t you! Any cock would do right now, wouldn’t it, just so long as it was going to fuck you!”

“No Joe, only you, I only want to be fucked by you!”

He smacks her arse yet more, and the tears flow again. “Please Joe, that hurts, don’t spank me any more. Fuck me, please fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me!”

He undoes his trousers and gets his erection out, placing the head against her cunt lips. Without preamble he forces his cock into her cunt, pushing her against the table, her feet coming off the ground. He releases her hands.

“Pull your buttocks apart, bitch, and show me that tight little arse!”

Patti makes no move, so Joe spanks her a few more times. “Do it!”

She reaches Kurtköy Olgun Escort behind and pulls her buttocks apart.

“What a nice little rosebud you have”, says Joe, “I’ll bet you’d like my cock up your arse, wouldn’t you, slut! You’d like me to fuck your arse, wouldn’t you!”

“No, Joe, please, not that. You know I don’t like it!”


Joe starts to fuck her cunt. She is soaking wet and he picks up some of her juices on his finger and start to probe Patti’s anus.

“Get ready bitch, I am going to enjoy taking you from behind, taking your arse!” and he pushes a finger into her anus. She has had time to prepare herself and he enters easily. It is if Patti’s muscles are pulling his finger deeper inside her.

“That’s it my little fuck slut, you like that don’t you?”

Now two fingers. A bit tighter this time.

“Ouch, Joe, that stings!”

“Very well, I’ll take them out then. It’s time for my cock to go in there instead!”

He pushes his cock against her anus. “Please, Joe, no, don’t take my anus! Don’t cum in my arse!”

“You needn’t think I am falling for your mind games, slut. You want my cock in your arse, don’t you! You want to feel my semen spurt deep inside you!”

He slowly pushes his cock deeper into her arse. “Oh, god, Joe, that stings! Don’t Joe! Please don’t do that!”

Joe starts to move in and out of her, thrusting deeper each time. In spite of herself, for Patti the pleasure is starting to take over from the pain, and Joe is soon aware that she is writhing and grunting and her breath is starting to come in short gasps.

“Oh, god, yes, fuck that arse, Joe, fuck your whore’s arse!”

This encouragement has it’s effect and Joe feels his climax building. Soon He is pumping Patti’s arse, spurting semen inside her, and the feel of his cum tips Patti over the edge into a mighty orgasm.

After a time Joe’s cock shrinks back to it’s normal size and pops out of Patti’s arse. Without further ado he does up his trousers and leaves.

Patti remains bent over the table, exhausted, but also upset, because although in essence Joe had raped her, her body had betrayed her, she had still experienced a big orgasm.

Then a thought germinates and slowly starts to grow – payback….

Joe returns that evening just a bit apprehensive about what sort of reception he might get after his lunch-time episode. But he is reassured, naive innocent that he is, by the lovely smell of dinner as he comes in.

“Someone’s been busy”, he says, beaming with approval. Patti approaches him with a mug of tea, his favourite mug, the one he has the habit of holding in both hands. “Sit down, relax, dinner won’t belong”, Patti says, smiling sweetly.

Joe sits and muses on this slightly unusual greeting. Perhaps she has learned her lesson after all. As Patti knows he will, Joe relaxes and closes his eyes, thinking about how nice it feels to be boss of your own house. Such is male folly! So predictable!

This is the moment Patti has been waiting for; dinner is not the only thing she has been preparing. What Joe has not noticed was that in the pocket of her apron Patti had concealed a pair of handcuffs and a rope, one end of which is tied to the cuffs. As soon as his eyes start to close, Patti implements her plan. She takes a whip, where she had earlier concealed it, from a kitchen drawer, then quietly but quickly she advances and slip the cuffs over Joe’s wrists while he still has the mug grasped in both hands.

Joe does not realise what is happening until the cuffs snap shut, and he opens his eyes, startled.

Patti has hold of the other end of the rope in one hand, the whip in the other. She looks at Joe fiercely.

“So you think I am the little woman you can control, do you, the object you can use for your sexual gratification just when you feel like it, do you!”

She doesn’t wait for an answer, which is just as well because at this moment he is not capable of giving one, staring like an idiot, open-mouthed in disbelief. What the hell is happening here?

“Well think again buster! Now we are going to take a little walk. You’d better do as you are told or I will whip you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a month – got that, buster?”

Just to show that she means business, Patti lashes out with the whip. Joe’s sat there still holding the mug, and cannot move his arms to protect myself. The whip catches him on the shoulder and back; it stings!

“Now you had better put that mug down on the floor, because I am about to pull on this rope, and if you don’t you will get hot tea all over your precious dick.”

The image Patti creates makes Joe wince and he hastens to comply. She then Kurtköy Sarışın Escort pulls on the rope and he stands up, not wanting the lash again.

He is lead down the steps to the cellar, where there is a stout hook fastened into the ceiling. Patti passes the rope round the hook, then pulls on it, pulling Joe’s arms up above his head, pulling it tight so that he can just about keep his feet on the floor, at a stretch. Patti makes it secure.

She looks at him with triumphant contempt.

“I’ll get you for this, you bitch!”

Patti lashes out again with the whip. “Oh, yes, Mr. Big, how you gonna do that then?”

He softens his tone. “OK, OK, I’m sorry about this morning. It was only a bit of fun. Let me go now, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

She is again contemptuous, snarling back, “A bit of fun? A bit of fun?”

Actually Patti did in the end find it quite exciting, she is not going to let on. Anyway there is an important principle at stake here. She is her own woman, not his sex slave.

“How do you think I felt with your cock raping my arse — just a bit of fun was it!”

“Well, no, sorry, Patti, I didn’t think…”

“Think? Oh, you thought alright! You thought about what you always think about, how to get your cock inside me!”

She softens her tone. “Well, it might be a good idea to let you think some more now”, and there is a knowing smile playing round her lips, “I’m off for my dinner”.

“Patti”, he starts to plead as she walks away, “What about my dinner, I want my dinner too.”

She looks back over her shoulder. “Your dinner? Well, I did the shopping, preparation, and cooking. How can it be ‘your’ dinner?”

“Please Patti …” He’s whining now.

“Well, I’ll think about it. There might be some leftovers.”

She hasn’t just stuck the knife in, she’s twisted it round. Several times. For Patti life suddenly feels rather good. She walks upstairs, a spring in her step, thinking to herself what a clever girl she is. She slams the door shut.

Joe is desolate at the turn of events. Not only has he lost control of the situation, he is missing his dinner as well. Can it get any worse?

Well, yes it can.

Joe doesn’t know how long he is left alone to brood with his thoughts.

Eventually he hears the cellar door opening, and Patti reappears. Except it does not quite look like her. She is wearing a severe long black sleeveless dress, long black gloves, and she has put on very heavy gothic make-up.

She is carrying the whip. And a cane. And what appears to be some sort of dildo.

“Oh, god!” he murmurs to myself, “She really means business this time!”

Patti catches the last bit. “Yes, I do”, she says, simply, “Gone are the days when you rule this roost.”

“Pat, I’m sorry.” He always calls her Pat when he is trying to ingratiate himself back into her favour.

“Oh, sorry now is it? You think that saying sorry will pacify the little woman, do you?”

“Wrong again.”

“Sorry, Pat I…”

She cuts him short, “There you go again.”

She puts down the implements on the nearby cellar table.

“Now, how did it start this lunchtime. Oh, yes, I remember, you like to rip open blouses”, and Patti steps up in front of Joe and rips open his shirt. It brings home to him just how vulnerable he is at this point. The look of shock on Joe’s face does not go unnoticed.

“Sauce for the goose, eh? How does it feel, buster?” Her voice is derisive, his humiliation acute. He hangs his head in shame, and doesn’t notice Patti picking up the whip. She lashes Joe across the chest a few times, leaving painful red wheals, which bring tears to his eyes.

“Pat, please, don’t….”

“Pleading now, is it? As I recall, you didn’t stop when I pleaded with you this lunchtime”

“I… I thought you were saying it as part of the game, the role play, I thought that though you said it you didn’t mean it.”

“Oh, well you don’t mean it then, either, do you,” and she lashes him a few more times.

Patti puts down the whip, and Joe sighs audibly with relief. But his relief is short lived. Patti next undoes his trousers, and pushes them and his pants down to the floor. Joe’s mind, as much as it is capable of, stats to race. Oh god, what now?

Patti goes and picks up the dildo. It is of a not insignificant size. She holds it in front of Joe’s face.

“So anal intercourse is your bag, is it, Mr, Big? You’ll enjoy this then. You’d better lubricate it first, though, hadn’t you?”

And she pushes it into Joe’s face. His reflex action is to open his mouth. Patti pushes it down his throat until he’s starting to gag. Once again derision comes to her voice. “It’s Kurtköy Şişman Escort OK for me to gag on a cock, isn’t it, but not too fond of it ourselves, are we!”

“Anyway, it’s anal you like, so let’s give you some of that, see if you really like it!”

Patti pulls the dildo out of his mouth and steps behind him. Joe feels her pushing the dildo up against his anus. “See how you like this, then!” and she forces the head of the dildo into his arse. It stings! “Pat, please, that hurts! Pat, please don’t do that!”

But she is enjoying his discomfort. “What’s up, hypocrite! It’s OK for me to have a cock up my arse, but can’t take it yourself.” And she starts a fucking action with the dildo.

The trouble is, it’s having a very embarrassing effect on Joe.

Patti soon notices. “Well, look at that! Who’s a gay boy then?”

Joe feels even more powerless and humiliated. “I’m not gay!” He manages to drag the words out from somewhere.

“Well you weren’t this morning, that’s true.” Joe gains a little comfort from these words.

Patti continues, “But really, you have been behaving like a jealous, overgrown schoolboy lately, haven’t you.?”

“Yes, Pat,” he mutters, head hanging in shame, and he remembers in time not to say sorry again.

“Well I know it’s a long time since you went to school, but you might still be able to recall — what happened to naughty boys?”

And Joe remembers that Patti had also brought a cane with her.

Patti has a bright idea. “A test! That’s what they have in schools these days. I think a little test for the schoolboy is appropriate. I am going to suck your cock.”

She lets that sink in, enjoying Joe’s look of bewilderment. Even after all this he feels his cock twitching with anticipation.

“If you don’t cum in my mouth, I will know that you really are gay. Well, I can understand that, can forgive that.”

She giggles at her own cleverness, because she knows very well that this is no contest. Joe having this gorgeous gothic woman sucking on his penis and not cum? No contest!

“But if you do come in my mouth I will know that you are a selfish, overgrown schoolboy who is just thinking about his dick all the time! And I think we have already established an understanding of what happens to naughty boys!” Patti picks up the cane and brandishes it in front of his face to emphasise the point.

He’s thinking that sometimes she can be an absolute bitch! Patti is thinking the same, but the difference is that she is rather pleased about it!

She kneels in front of Joe and looks up at him lewdly. She makes an “O” with her luscious red lips and moves her head down onto his cock. Joe is almost cumming even before she makes contact. Patti starts sucking and pumping his cock as forcefully as she can. It is not long before Joe is groaning as he pumps his semen into Patti’s mouth.

What she does next completely humiliates him. She stands up and looks at Joe, then spits out his cum all over his face!

She sneers at him again, “Another thing you like, isn’t it, cumming on my face? Seems that you are not too fond of it yourself, hypocrite!” The shock to his system is profound.

Then without more ado Patti gets into position and swings the cane mightily at Joe’s backside. Even though he is rather too well padded there, it still hurts like hell.

“Pat, please…” But the pleas fall on deaf ears.

She whacks him again, the cane swishing through the air. He is snivelling now.

“What are you, a man or a mouse! You vile hypocrite — it’s OK to spank me, but can’t take it yourself!”

“Yes, Pat, I mean no Pat” he says, miserable, confused, defeated.

“Six of the best, they used to say, I think”, and she canes him hard again.

“This marks, literally I think, a new stage in our relationship! Understood?”

“Yes, Patti, I promise not to treat you badly again, Patti!”

“Good. Don’t forget!” and she completes the six strokes.

The stinging caning had made Joe forget about the dildo, but Patti gives him a sharp reminder by removing it from his arse none too gently.

She loosens the rope holding his arms above his head, and then she pulls up Joe’s trousers, telling him to hold them up himself. Patti takes hold of the rope and leads Joe upstairs. He staggers after her. He doesn’t know which is more painful, the stinging arse or the humiliation; he decides it is probably the latter.

In the kitchen, Patti points to some now cold dinner on the table and some bedding on a chair.

Patti is quietly rejoicing in her own power, a power she did not really know she possessed, a power men did not want her to know she possessed.

“You can warm up the dinner in the microwave. I assume this one piece of kitchen technology is not entirely beyond you? You sleep on the sofa. If you can demonstrate over the next days and weeks that you really care for me the person, and not me the sex object, I might, and I did say might, let you back into my bed. Understood.”

“Yes, Patti.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32