Date and Denial

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Saturday night, date night, and she had received her orders, the same as every week. Each week they would take it in turns to pick where they went, Italian this week, but he would always choose her outfit. For tonight he had picked black skinny jeans and a long sleeved blouse, that hugged tight around her slender waist and her generous breasts. Both chosen for the fact that they showed off her fantastic curves, whilst hiding as much of her skin as possible, since it was still marked in red and black and blue. Luckily he’d also chosen a nice warm jacket for her, since it was a chilly evening and she was stood outside of the restaurant waiting for him.

Finally she saw him, half-jogging towards her from around the corner. He was dressed for the cold too, with a jumper over his white shirt, and brown leather boots that meant he towered over her even more than usual.

“Hey, sorry I’m late” he apologised, bending down to kiss her. His lips were cold from the chilling wind, but she felt the heat within him still. He never disappointed on date night, and his kiss meant it had started.

“It’s okay,” she replied, “but I’m cold now so you owe me a drink to warm me up.”

“Okay, that’s fair” he agreed with a smile, leading them towards the entrance, wrapping an arm tight around her. She flinched as he touched the marks he had left, which were all still sensitive and sore. He knew what he was doing, and chuckled as she gave him a hard stare.

Dinner, as ever, was gorgeous. She enjoyed pasta and a few glasses on wine, while he had pizza, whilst they chatted about nothing in particular.

“Wanna get dessert?” she asked

“I’m okay, but feel free if you want to though,” he replied. “But,” he continued with a smirk, “I’ve got another treat in store for you.”

“A treat huh?” she teased back, as her mind raced considering the possibilities. Each idea that flooded her overactive imagination sent sparks down her spine, and made her wriggle a little in her chair. Subtlety she undid a button of her blouse to show off a little of her cleavage, as he replied,

“Oh yeah, something you’ll really love. Something sweet, and hot…”

“Oh,” she giggled, “is it a chocolate cake?”

“Not exactly,” he replied with a laugh.

“That’s a shame,” she pouted.

“Why don’t you let me get the bill?” He suggested “and I’ll tell you about your sweet treat on the way home.”

“Okay,” she purred.

The taxi ride home was mercifully short. The bruises on the back of her thighs made it uncomfortable to sit in a car as it bounced over speed bumps, and his hand rested on what he knew was a sore spot. Subtly she tried to move his hand from it, by shuffling or crossing her legs or holding his hand in hers, but each time his hand found another place to rest that was uncomfortable for her.

The taxi pulled to a halt near her flat, and she stepped out, leaving him to settle the fare, and immediately dashed for the building’s door, to spend as little time as possible in the cold. A lift was already at the ground floor when she pressed the call button, and she quickly darted in and chose her floor, aiming a cheeky wink at her date as the doors closed in front of him.

She was perched on the end of her bed, shoes and jacket removed, blouse unbuttoned to the bottom of her chest by the time he stepped into her flat.

“That wasn’t very nice” he joked, as he hung his leather jacket up.

“No,” she replied, “it wasn’t.”

“And you know what happens to girls who aren’t nice?”

“No, I don’t.” She lied, “you’ll have to show me.”

Swiftly he stormed over the room, and gripped her tight around the throat, pulling her to her feet.

“This,” he barked “is what happens to bad girls.”

Her heart raced at his words, and at the crushing feeling of his hand on her neck. For a long moment he held her like that, staring hard into her big brown eyes with an evil glare, watching her grow more panicked as she struggled at his hand. Finally he relented, dropping her back to the bed.

“Oh, is that all? Maybe I wanna be bad then,” she teased, wiggling her body back and forth.

Again he went for her throat, in one movement wrapping his fingers around her neck and pushing her down onto the bed, as he straddled her.

“Maybe you wanna feel my hand around your neck?” He asked. “Maybe you want me to choke the fuck out of you? Maybe you wanna hurt?” His other hand slapped her across her cheek, and she let out a surprised squeal.

“Yes” she panted back, “but you’ll need to do better than that to hurt me.”

She saw the anger flash over his eyes as he heard what she’d said. He drew a slow breath through gritted teeth, and tightened his grip. As his eyes narrowed, and focused, hers grew wide. Her vision began to blur as he stared her down.

“How’s this?” He growled. She tried to reply, her mind full of insults and witty retorts, but the words wouldn’t form. “How’s this?” He grunted, slapping her hard across the face, making Kurtköy Grup Escort her whimper. “Answer me when you’re spoken to!”

The grip around her neck released, and she drew a long wheezing breath, filling her burning lungs with fresh air.

“Do better” she spat, doing her best not to show how much his slap was stinging.

“Oh” he said with a grin, “someone’s a needy little brat tonight, aren’t they?”

“Oh yeah” she nodded back.

“Maybe what you need, is a good fucking. To feel yourself filled up, to feel my cock pounding your pussy. Do you think that’s what you need?” Every word increased her heart rate further, each one making her feel hotter, sending sparks through her body.

“Y-yes please” she whimpered, struggling to contain her excitement.

“Oh it’s such a shame that you don’t get to cum then” he teased with a smile. “That I’ll get to use this perfect body for my own pleasure, and you’ll get nothing.” He ran his hands down from her neck, over her breasts and around to her waist. His hands, although cold from the autumn air, made her feel hot through the fabric of her clothes. Slowly they moved to her buttons, following the tight fabric and popping each one open. One at a time they came undone, revealing more of her soft white skin, each one increasing her excitement.

“Please sir, are you really gonna make me go all month?” She asked, even though she already knew the answer. When he said he’d do something, he did it.

“Of course” he replied, leaning down to kiss her stomach. Each of his kisses sent sparks through her, and she began to open her legs for him, as his lips moved down her tummy. A whole month! She hadn’t gone that long without cumming since… she couldn’t even remember. He’d put her on no orgasm before, for a day, or a week, but never this long. The more time she spent with him the more she realised how much control he had. Nobody else would have gotten away with telling her she couldn’t cum for a month, she wasn’t even sure why she was letting him do it. They’d only been together a month, and already she was wrapped around his finger. Her occasional dominant side all but smothered out, her needy horniness hanging on his every word and commend. Was it respect, fear, love? Or was he just that damn good at what he did? She didn’t know, all she knew right now was that his lips were driving her crazy, as they worked their way back up her stomach, towards her chest, as his hands undid her bra.

She moaned softly as his tongue flicked at her nipples. Ran her fingers through his hair as he sucked on them, and tugged gently. Soon the need in her body was growing, and she was whimpering with his every movement.

“Please” she begged, pushing his head down towards her hips “more.”

Not one to disappoint, he moved down her body, sliding his torso between her open legs. Her heart rate climbed as the her jeans came undone, revealing her underwear. Slowly he slid them down her long slim legs, dragging his nails over the skin as he did, leaving red lines in their trail and making her tense. The tight denim removed, his lips worked their way, ever so slowly, up her legs. He kissed her calves, inching upwards, and she whimpered when they reached her thighs. Slowly they crept forwards, his hands going ahead and gripping her by the bum, lifting her hips into the air. Every second of it was driving her crazy, and he knew. He knew she was horny, and that being told she couldn’t cum only made her want it more. But he was a tease. The more she whimpered and begged for him to fuck her, the slower his lips moved.

“Please, c’mon, this isn’t fair,” she pleaded. He didn’t reply, only bit the skin on the inside of her thigh and listened to her shriek as his teeth left their marks. Finally he reached the line of her underwear, and then he stopped, and stood up, looking down at her. He couldn’t help but admire her body. Long, slim legs, a flat, defined stomach at the centre of a slim waist. And the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen. Yes she had scars, she had marks of her past struggles, she had imperfections, but every centimeter of her was amazing, every mark and spot and mole only adding to her perfection, like the paint on the canvas of a contemporary masterpiece. And every little bit of her belonged to him.

“What are you doing?” She pleaded, slowly rocking her hips back and forth, “you can’t stop now!”

“I’m not stopping” he explained, “but I don’t think you’ve earned anything yet. I wanna hear you Beg.”

“Please baby!” She begged, staring at him, her face full of lust. “Please baby, please sir, fuck me. Fuck your little slut, I want it so bad.”

“Oh do you?” He asked,pulling the jumper over his head, and throwing it aside.

“Yes!” Her eyes were locked on him, watching him undo every button on his shirt agonisingly slowly.

“You think you deserve my cock?” He teased, sliding his shirt off his shoulders, revealing his slim, toned physique.

“Please, yes sir I do,” she Kurtköy Manken Escort panted. She couldn’t take her eyes off his body. Instinctively she began to play with her own nipples, teasing them between her fingers as she watched him bend down to remove his shoes.

“Hands off” he barked, as he saw what she was doing. “Those belong to me. Your whole body belongs to me. YOU belong to me. Did I say you could touch my slut?”

“No, I’m sorry” she sighed, struggling to keep her hands still.

“I think all you deserve,” he carried on, slowly unbuckling his belt “is this.” He tugged at the leather and his belt shot through the remaining loops of his jeans, freeing itself with a crack. “No!” She squealed. “Please.”

“Roll over.” His words sent fear through her whole body. Instinctively making her pull away from him, as fight or flight kicked in.

“No, c’mon, not the belt, please.” She begged and begged, but he couldn’t be convinced. He simply stood grasping the leather in his hand until she obeyed. Slowly, anxiously she positioned herself on the edge of the bed, her knees on the floor and her chest resting on the soft quilt. He draped the leather over her skin, letting her feel it, watching her reaction as it touched different spots.

“Ready?” He asked.

A scared whimper in reply was taken as a yes, and he took aim. Grasping the belt tight he swung, and the leather cracked against skin. Again he swung, and again. She knew he was holding back, that he could hit so much harder, but even his half strength whippings were stinging, sending pain shooting through her skin, the effect amplified by the bruises already present. He could see her beginning to shake, and her whimpers were growing more and more pathetic, the pain was obviously getting to her.

“Had enough?” He growled.

“Y-yes” she breathed, “it hurts.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes sir!” She corrected herself quickly. Manners, she had to remember manners.

“Good. Do you think you’ve earned your reward yet?”

“I hope so, I want it so bad,” she whimpered, “Please sir.”

Satisfied that she had taken the beating well enough, he ordered her to stand. Once she was on her feel he pointed her towards her desk, and gave her a push in the back., Stalking behind her as she walked towards it, he admired the marks down her back. As she came to a stop stood by it, he again pressed on the back of her head.

“Bend over.” She lowered her face onto the wood, drawing a sharp breath as the cold surface pressed against her tits. “Straighten your legs, get your ass in the air” he ordered, and she complied, each second growing more needy. He slammed his belt down onto the desk beside her, and she gave an scared squeal, which made him laugh. Slowly he slid a finger into the waistband of her her underwear, and began to slide it down. Finally, she thought. The feeling of his hand against the skin of her bum made her breathing grow faster. Every inch her underwear moved made her more turned on. He heard the zipper of his jeans come down, and the sound of denim hitting the floor as he slid them off. It was almost too much, every single thing he did was driving her crazy. As he moved to stand behind her he slid off his boxers, and she wriggled, trying to get comfortable, growing ever more excited.

“You wanna feel me fat cock inside you?” He teased, as he gripped it in his hand. “You want me to fill you up with it?” Slowly he pressed it against her sensitive lips, and she couldn’t help but whimper. He was taking his time, he knew how bad she wanted it. She began to plead, grinding against his shaft as she begged for him to use it.

Finally he slid it inside her wet hole, and she winced as she felt his girth.

“Fuck” she panted, as he pushed further in “fuck.” His hands gripped her by the hips as he began to thrust. Slowly at first, gently, letting her body get used to having so much of him inside it. Then he began to speed up, and her moans got more intense. Every thrust was sending sparks up her spine to her brain

“Fuck,” she grunted, as he grabbed a handful of hair. Her hands grasped at the edge of the desk, supporting herself as he rammed into her harder and harder. One hand pulled her head back by her hair, the other gripping her waist, pulling her into his thrusts. The fire was building, every second her breathing got more rapid, her heart rate faster. Then she saw him grab the belt.

“Please, no, don’t hit me again” she begged, fear overtaking pleasure as the dominant emotion in her voice.

“Oh, I’m not gonna hit you” he reassured her. With each hand he grabbed one end of the belt, and held it under her chin, pressing against her windpipe. Immediately the pressure on her throat sent her brain into overdrive, and she gave a loud, excited whimper as he wrapped the leather around her neck, and fed it through the buckle.

“Fuck” she whimpered, the pressure on her throat making the feelings so much more intense. Then he pulled. The leather snapped Kurtköy Masöz Escort tight against skin, it bit into her neck, crushed her throat, squeezed her arteries, and pulled her head back. Wrapping the other end around his hand he pulled hard.

“You fucking like that you little slut?” He growled, noticing her panting and moaning getting more frantic. “You like it when you’re on a leash? Getting fucked like the bitch you are?”

“Yes sir” she squeaked back, words struggling to form in her constricted throat. “Fuck.” She was building up, every insult he hurled at her pushing her further. The choking making the already amazing feeling of his thick shaft even better.

“I… Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” she moaned, cursing each time he thrust into her

“You fucking like that slut?” He growled

“Fuck. Yes. Fuck.”

“You like getting filled with a fat cock?”

“Yes. Sir. Fuck… I… Fuck.”

“You wanna fucking cum?”

“Oh… Fuck… Yes… Fuck… I’m… Fuck…” She was close. It wouldn’t be long, her muscles were staring to tense, her brain was flooded with chemicals and hormones.

“You’re what, bitch?” He demanded. She didn’t reply straight away, her brain struggling to comprehend his words. “You’re. What?!” He demanded again, raising his voice. This got her attention, and it drove her crazy, hearing the anger in his voice.

“I’m… Fuck… I’m… Close… Fuck… shit…”

The belt pulled tighter, and all her air supply was cut off. Her already burning lungs panicked, desperately trying to draw breath. Her brain went into overdrive and suddenly she was there, at the edge, the very edge

“Your wanna fucking cum, slut”? He growled, noticing all her muscles begin to tense hard

“Shit… G… Gonna,” was all she could manage to spit out, exhausting the last scraps of air in her lungs.

Suddenly the tension on her neck released he pulled out of her. How could she forget that she wasn’t allowed?

“No, no, no!” She pleaded desperately “Please. Please sir. Don’t stop. Please. Fuck. No. C’mon. Fuck. Please. Shit.” She gasped for air, and grabbed hard at the edges of the desk, her hips humping uncontrollably such was her desperation. But her protests didn’t move him, he simply stood watching her writhe around,

“Nooo,” she whined angrily, as she realised he would stand by his word. This was going to be a long month.

“Get up” he barked, grabbing her by the and and pulling her upright. All she could do was whimper as he instructed her to kneel, pushing down hard on her shoulders, sending her to her knees. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted to please him. Maybe if she did well he’d be nice, maybe he’d let her cum. The desperation still filled her body, he’d never stopped her when she’d been so close before, she’d do anything to cum now, and he knew. Once on her knees the height difference was even greater, her head sitting near his hips, his whole body towering over her, casting a shadow on her face as she looked up at him, eyes wide, full of desire.

As soon as her knees hit the floor her mouth opened instinctively, and leaning in, she licked his shaft, running her tongue in one motion down the entire length. She could taste herself on it, mixed with his sweat; maybe it was just because she was so needy, but she thought it tasted good. Slowly her tongue ran up and down his full length as he held her hair in his hands, not roughly, just enough to remind her who was in control, as if she needed reminding. He gave soft, satisfied moans as she flicked her tongue over and around the head, grasping the shaft with her hand and jerking it slowly as she did. Why did it taste so good? She never liked giving head before, so why did she love this? Was it the adrenaline? The fear? Was it because she wanted to cum so bad that she’d do anything? Or was it just because he controlled her so totally that granting his every wish pleased, that if he liked something she liked doing it?

“Open wide,” he growled, pulling her head away from him. She looked up at him, wriggling her jaw, opening it wide for him, ready to take it. “Good girl. It seems like I can’t fuck you properly without you cumming, since you’re so fucking horny.” he continued, tightening his grip on her hair.

“But it feels so good!” She pleaded, knowing every word he said was true. “It’s so big and you fuck me so good and… And-and I just can’t help myself… Please.” Him fucking her right to the edge had driven her crazy, her body was crying out for more, her horniness increasing with every word, as she thought about how good he felt.

“You want me to fuck you again you little slut?” Just the thought of it spiked her heart rate. She was a mess. She needed it.

“Yes!” She pleaded excitedly, “Please sir, please sir, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me, please fuck your little slut, she wants your cock so bad!”

“Oh she’s going to get my cock,” he growled “but since she can’t get fucked in her pussy without cumming already, I’ll have to fuck her mouth.”

“What? No, that’s not fair!” She was scared, there was no way he could be so rough with her mouth, was there? Not even he could be that mean, surely. Just fitting him in her mouth was a struggle, she’d never managed to take it all yet.

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