Danny Watches Ali , Mel

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Danny slipped quietly through the library, headed for his favorite isolated corner. Deep in the stacks of the basement was the only place he could get a little peace and quiet. Since the college had installed a Starbucks on the second floor and various “collaboration areas” throughout, this was the last safe haven for students who actually wanted to work, rather than play on their phones and chat with friends. He liked that the shelves here ran perpendicular to a wall and sat with his back pressed against it, his books and laptop spread out in front of him.

He was halfway through this week’s assigned reading when he heard footsteps and the thump of someone dropping their bag on the ground. The footsteps continued, pacing back and forth one aisle over. Glancing between the bottom shelves, he saw jeans and sandals, exposing pale bare feet with the nails painted pink. He craned his neck to get a better look. The girl was tall and slim, with blonde hair. Her blouse was on the loose side, making it impossible to tell what her tits were like, but she had a cute, tight little ass. He wondered what she was doing here. She wasn’t looking at the journals on the shelves and she didn’t have any books or study materials, so it wasn’t coursework she was worried about.

Danny was about to turn back to his reading, when another girl walked into the aisle. This one had dark hair and a delicious figure, full perky tits and a bubble butt. She grabbed the blonde by the ataşehir escort waist and whispered something in her ear. Danny carefully set his books to the side. He had a feeling he didn’t want to miss whatever was going to happen next.

The brunette, Tits McGee he decided to call her, kissed Blondie who seemed a little nervous. “No one comes back here…” he heard McGee tell her. She was right, for the most part. That’s why Danny was here. But they didn’t know about him. Blondie seemed to relax and McGee pushed her up against the shelf.

Oh god. Danny’s cock twitched in his jeans, he couldn’t believe his luck. McGee started to kiss her way down Blondie’s neck and Blondie let out a moan. McGee pushed her hands up under Blondie’s shirt, exposing a strip of creamy skin. Danny’s neck was feeling a little cramped, so he got up on his knees for a better view. His cock was getting harder by the second and begging for a little attention. “You like that?” he heard McGee ask. “So much,” Blondie responded.

Fuck, Danny thought, this is hot. He took his phone out of his pocket and propped it between the shelves to record. When told his friends what he had seen, he would have proof.

Just because he would be able to watch it later, didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself now though. Carefully, Danny unbuttoned his jeans. He lowered his zipper as quietly as he could, not wanting to alert the girls to his presence. He took his cock out ataşehir escort through the flap of his boxers, precum already oozing from the tip. He rested one arm on top of a thick book and used his free hand to stroke himself.

McGee removed one hand from Blondies shirt and licked her fingers. When she put it back, Blondie jumped. “Oh, yeah,” Danny whispered. He brought his own hand up to his mouth and gave it a lick before continuing his slow, teasing strokes. McGee had her leg between Blondie’s thighs. Blondie grabbed McGee’s hips and started to grind her crotch against her thigh. Her head tipped back, eyes closed, and she let out a soft moan.

“Uh…” Danny let out a grunt of pleasure and put too much of his weight on the book. It fell off the shelf, hitting the floor with a thump. Shit, thought Danny, please don’t hear that.

It was too late though, Blondie had noticed. “What was that?” McGee seemed to reassure her, or at least distract her with more kissing. She started to push Blondie’s shirt up and bent to kiss the exposed skin.

Oh fuck, Danny thought, I’m about to see her tits. McGee pushed Blondie’s shirt all the way up, exposing bare breasts. Fuck, Danny groaned internally, Blondie wasn’t wearing a bra. His hand sped up and he looked around for something to catch his cum. He fumbled for his backpack and grabbed the tank top he’d worn earlier to the gym.

Blondie moaned, “More…harder!” Danny closed his anadolu yakası escort eyes and imagined she was moaning for him. His hips tensed as he imagined plowing into her tight little pussy, her begging “Oh, god…do that again!”

“Baby, don’t stop,” he heard Blondie beg, and he opened his eyes. He wanted to watch her cum, to cum with her. “You’re gonna make me cum,” she moaned. Her hands were in McGee’s hair. She bit her lip, probably trying not to make too much noise.

Danny felt his balls tighten. He knew he was about to explode and held the tank over his cock. “I’m cumming Mel!” he heard Blondie moan, and it sent him over the edge. Thick spurts of cum, drenched the tank top as he felt the tension in his body release. He grabbed the metal book shelf with his free hand and took a few slow, deep breaths. He wiped himself off and balled up the tank top shoving it back into his bag. His cock was still hard as he tucked it back into his boxers and zipped himself back up.

The beginning of a plan was starting to form in his mind. Reaching for his phone, he turned off the recording, careful to make sure it was saved and uploaded to his Google Drive. He left the video up on the screen though.

“Can you believe we just did that?” he heard McGee ask Blondie. They talked a bit more before McGee turned to leave. “I’ll meet you out front,” she said.

Blondie let out a little shriek and shook her head, like she was trying to clear it. Danny grinned wickedly. He walked to the end of his aisle and waited for her to leave. As she got to the end of her aisle, he cleared his throat. He watched her look back and forth before stepping out from the aisle and revealing himself. “Well,” he said “that was entertaining.”

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