On the Road for the Job

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A couple of weeks ago the boss calls me in and says he’s got a special assignment for me. This parts warehouse in Wisconsin needs to reorganize and take inventory and I was elected to go for the week it was supposed to take. That would have been bad enough but he tells me I’ll be taking this kid Dave which probably makes the job tougher.

Dave is a likeable kid unless you’re counting on him to help do your job. He’s 19, a real good looking long lanky dope of a kid 6-3 tall, 160 pounds with a mop of blond hair. Dave’s the kind of kid who got through high school on his good looks and a line of bullshit that everyone fell for. Which was fine then but in the real world he’s mostly he’s good at fucking up on the job and scoring with women, neither of which usually does me any good.

So off we go the following Monday getting to the warehouse in the afternoon to get the layout, meet some of the people and set things up to start on Tuesday.

By Wednesday things were progressing and it looked like we’d finish on Friday and be able to get home Saturday. That day Dave and I had lunch with a couple of women and it was interesting to say the least.

Kelly and Stacey are a mismatched pair. Kelly is a 37 year old blonde, really pretty, 5-4 and 120 pounds with a sweet 34C chest. Stacey is a pleasant looking 34 year old brunette, and best described as a mountain, 6-5 tall and 265 pounds she’s solid and as strong as any woman I’ve encountered. That’s coming from me, 28 years old 6-1 tall and 240 pounds.

So I’m figuring Dave is just doing his best to take a run at Kelly before we leave town so I humor him and make some small talk. Later in the afternoon he tells me he invited Kelly and Stacey to come to the hotel for a swim. I might have slapped Dave upside the head but I had been giving Stacey some thought and thought I wouldn’t mind climbing that mountain. So after work we stop by the Meijer store and I was ready to buy two boxes of condoms but Dave had four himself so we went to the self checkout lane so we wouldn’t look like a pair of nuts buying six boxes of condoms.

On the way back to the hotel Dave gave me quite the shocker. “Uh Trent after spending some time with Kelly and Stacey I’m sure you thought I’d be ready to nail Kelly but I’ve really got the urge to jump on Stacey. And since Kelly was talking about what a sweet funny guy you are, I think you could score with her.”

It took me a second to digest what Dave had said but as good as it sounded to get it on with Kelly I think I wanted to catch a glimpse of him taking on Stacey almost as much so I said, “Well Dave, since you spoke up first I’m willing to follow your lead. But I’ve got to ask, have you ever enjoyed the pleasures of a woman of that size?”

He laughed excitedly and said, “Never tried a woman as big as Stacey but I’m ready for the adventure.” We met the women when they arrived at the hotel and damn, Kelly in her little bikini and Stacey in her one piece, were something to see. After horsing around in the pool for an hour or so we were all ready to get to the featured event. The four of us made our way up to our room and things got rolling when we closed the door.

Stacey gave me a big hug and as I had my arms around her thick solid body I could only hope Dave was man enough to meet this challenge. Squeezing Stacey’s big butt with one hand and rubbing the other cheek I directed her towards Dave. Kelly came in and put her arms around my neck so I lifted her up off the floor and moved towards the beds.

Kelly quickly helped me out of my swim trunks then I stripped her of her tiny bikini. Meanwhile Dave had his hands full helping Stacey wiggle out of her swimsuit but she had no problem dropping his trunks and she must have been as pleased as I was surprised to discover Dave was hung like buffalo.

Stacey half lifted and half pushed Dave onto one bed and wasted no time climbing on top to bury him in a 69 position. I scooped up Kelly and put her on the bed and we just started making out for a while.

After a while we maneuvered around so I was on my back and Kelly climbed on top of me and planted her neatly trimmed muff on my face. I dove right in licking her snatch, stroking her thighs and ümraniye escort squeezing her tight little butt.

I must have been hitting the right spots because Kelly was squealing and gyrating on top of me and it was all I could do to keep her from bucking off of me. Finally she sat back on my stomach and pivoted around towards my cock, which was already getting hard from playing with Kelly.

Kelly took my dick in one hand and my balls in the other and quickly had me hard. I was able to reach up and get my hands around to play with her tits and we were both doing well. Kelly then leaned back on top of me and I slid my hand down to her pussy and she said, “We’re both good to go, fuck me with that stiff cock.”

That was music to my ears so after she rolled a condom on me I flipped Kelly over and she got situated on her hands and knees. Oh it was a joy to line up behind her sweet little ass and incredible to poke my dick into her tight pussy. I took my time pushing in a little bit at a time working more of my nine inches into Kelly’s pussy.

When I was pushing the last couple of inches into Kelly’s snatch I glanced to my right, it was the first chance I had to take a look at the action on the other bed. Stacey was on her back with her thick legs wrapped around Dave’s body as he was pounding his dick into her pussy. Well Stacey seemed happy with her young stud and Dave looked to be up to the task, I thought.

But I turned to get back to my own tasty treat and with a firm grip on her narrow hips I worked my cock in and out of Kelly’s pussy. I had one arm around Kelly’s tight body and was holding her hip with the other. It was a treat to bump up against Kelly’s firm little butt and damn she has a sweet tight pussy.

Since I was reaching around to play with Kelly’s firm tits when I was ready to cum I pushed my dick to the balls in her pussy I put my left arm around her waist and lifted her up against my body. Kelly squealed and shook as she came and I shot off. I kept my cock in her and held her against me for a while then eased her down on the bed. She rolled over and said, “Fuck that was awesome, getting fucked by a big man is getting seriously fucked.”

So Kelly and I lay down in each others’ arms and are making out and looking over at the other bed. It was a warm fuzzy moment. Dave was face down with Stacey sitting on his ass which is buried under her much bigger backside, rubbing his back and shoulders. Then she slides up onto his back, and while rubbing his neck turns to reach back and with a tube of lubricant begins fingering his asshole.

After a minute or more Stacey looks over at Kelly and says, “Kell would you be a dear?”

Kelly kisses me and says, “I’ll be right back I have to give Stacey a hand with something.”

Kelly bounces over to their bags and pulls out a huge strap on dildo, this thing is a foot long and as thick as a beer can. Stacey rises up onto her knees straddling Dave still face down on the bed calm and content. Kelly then helps fit the straps onto Stacey who then slides back behind Dave and works a couple of fingers worth of lubricant in his ass.

Rubbing Dave’s butt Stacey says, “OK big boy let’s get you up on your knees and let me have a crack at your ass.” Then she pulls Dave by his hips up onto his hands and knees with honestly not much effort.

Kelly returns to my bed and lays in front of me, “She has got some secret power over young studs, once they fuck her good, she plays with them, sweet talks them and before you know it they are more than happy to have her fuck them up the ass. She does it all the time.”

I could see it but was having a tough time believing it and was just mesmerized watching as this massive woman was aiming her foot long strap on at that cocky young well hung stud’s back door. But with a sigh from Stacey and a low grunt from Dave she poked that long dong in his ass and got to fucking that young man.

As Stacey slowly worked that strap on deeper in Dave’s ass she reached around wither left arm to play with his cock which was surprisingly getting hard. It was such a backwards sight. I did just fuck Kelly from behind but here was a big woman with 120 pounds on him banging skinny pendik escort ass long dong Dave up the ass. And Stacey has a firm grip on his hips and is lifting his knees off the bed like he was a feather. And damn if Dave wasn’t getting off on it because his big stiff dick was bouncing around in front of him.

Kelly asked if she could go play with Dave’s big cock and who was I do deny her some fun. So there was Dave now being double teamed Kelly taking the head of his 11 inches between her lips with two hands on it while Stacey pumped her dildo up his ass. I didn’t think there was any sense sitting on the sidelines so I moved behind Stacey and after rubbing her shoulders reached around to get a hold of her fat jugs with both hands.

It was awesome to hold onto Stacey’s big body, matching her motion, grinding my dick against her big solid ass but to feel her strength and the power that she had banging away at Dave’s ass was just incredible. I was kissing the back of her neck and thinking, fuck what a beast.

After giving Dave’s stiff dick a workout Kelly comes around to take me back to the other bed and sits down between my legs in front of me. I’m fingering Kelly’s pussy with one hand and playing with her tits with the other while she is grinding her tight little ass against my dick. Stacey leans back and pulls her strap on out of Dave’s ass and sits down behind him before taking it off.

Dave looked worn out except for his cock which is hard as steel hanging below him as he stayed on his hands and knees. Stacey pulled Dave back and up so he was sitting on her big belly and taking his stiff dick in her hands looks over at Kelly and me. Kelly actually had her eyes closed getting off on my handiwork so she didn’t see Dave’s big dick pointing at the ceiling so I rubbed her ass lightly and said, “I think there’s a pony ready for you to ride.”

She looked over and said to me, “Oh you don’t mind do you. That is just such a monster cock. I’ve just got to take a crack at it.”

I rubbed her butt and said, “Go ahead girl you should grab the chance to play when it comes.”

Kelly jumped onto the other bed and after rolling a condom on his 11 inches swung a leg over the top of Dave’s legs. With him on top of Stacey, standing over them Kelly was just tall enough to aim the head of Dave’s cock at her pussy. But she managed and eased the head into her snatch and slowly began to fuck that pole.

I went over and kissed Stacey then moved to suck on her fat tits. She was helping Kelly stay balanced with her right hand but reached over with her left hand to keep my cock hard. I could feel the bed move as Kelly rode Dave’s big dick until she took it all into her tight pussy and just rocked on top of the pile. Stacey didn’t seem to have much trouble being on the bottom of that pile.

Once Dave came and Kelly was done she kind of rolled Dave off of Stacey and wrapped her arms and legs around him and they made out. I kissed Stacey and she said, “Fuck I’m hot climb on and stick it to me.”

Well since that was actually my plan some hours ago it’s not like I needed to hear that twice so I rolled a condom on. Stacey raised her knees up and spread them wide and I moved between her long thick thighs. She was wet and the head of my dick slipped right into her pussy.

After just a few strokes I was pushing the full 9 inches deep in Stacey, smacking my belly against hers and it was good for both of us. I was in the zone, it was nothing short of awesome to have so much woman to drive hard into and have her not only get off on it but fuck me back.

My dick might have gotten harder seeing Stacey take her fat jugs in her hands and lean her head forward lick her own nipples. But I didn’t think I could pump my cock into Stacey any harder than I already was. Stacey was pinching me between her thighs as I was doing my best to pound her fat butt into the mattress.

I was holding back as long as I could to enjoy myself but when Stacey swung her legs around and squeezed me between those massive thighs it was all I could take and fell forward onto her when I came. Stacey leaned forward and kissed me saying, “Oh that was, fabulous. Getting fucked good and hard is just bostancı escort fabulous.”

I smiled and replied, “The feeling is mutual.”

Stacey and I shifted slightly and wrapped ourselves round each other and kissed and played. Next to us Dave was kind of out of it still but that didn’t keep his dick from responding to Kelly’s efforts with her talented mouth and both hands.

It was about 2AM when Kelly and Stacey said they had to get home to get ready for work in six hours. From the looks of Dave rolled up in a ball asleep and me close to exhausted I didn’t see the point in trying to get them to stay. So they got dressed and I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The alarm rang at 7 and I could have used six more hours of sleep but we had to get to it. Dave was lights out but we had to get going so I got him siting up and half awake and figured the quickest way to get him going was the shower we both needed. I got him to his feet leaning on me and we got to the shower.

When I turned on the water and got wet was when I realized we were both still naked so I decided to just get us both on the shower and get rolling. Luckily Dave came around and got to washing his hair as we bumped around into each other. I was keeping one hand on Dave, around his waist or on his shoulder to keep him from swaying too much.

Dave reinforced the idea of the strength of youth when he was getting a hard on after taking a piss, which I had already done. He was thanking me forgetting him out of bed and saving his job and going on about what an awesome time last night was. I was standing behind him as he had one hand on his head washing his hair and the other working his big dick. In the close quarters of the tub, whatever the reason I reached around and took his stiff dick in my hand, joining his. The long shaft was slick with shampoo and so easily fit into my hand.

It’s not like I’ve got a small cock myself but having seen Dave’s 11 inches in action and how quick he could get it up it was fascinating. That’s when Dave says, “Oh I just have to get off in the morning or I’m thinking about it all day long.”

So who knows why but I said, “Then let’s get you off so you can have a productive day Dave.”

And I held him tightly to my body under the spray of the warm water with my left arm, my own hard on bumping into his ass and took a firm grasp of his stiff dick in my right hand. I started slowly running my hand the length of the thick shaft and Dave responded by grinding back into me as I picked up the pace.

“Oh thank you Trent that’s what I need. If you can just get me off I’ll be good to go and work all day” moaned Dave.

Having Dave work all day would be an added benefit, I was just enjoying a wild new experience, I was really pumping Dave’s dick and he leaned back into me and groaned then shot his load. And quite the load it was splattering against the shower wall it seemed like a prodigious amount of cum before he sighed and got his balance.

I Patted Dave on the shoulder and was going to jerk off myself before finishing the shower when Dave turned to me and said, “Hey I’ve got to return the favor bud.”

I figured he would just reciprocate the hand job to be polite but Dave gave me a big smile and squatted in front of me and took the head of my dick in his mouth. In no time his head was bobbing back and forth with about six inches of cock sliding between his lips. I didn’t know if Dave had any experience giving head or this was a first but he had a talent that’s for sure.

Finally I was ready to cum so figuring Dave might as well go all the way I held the back of his head and shot my load into his mouth. I have to say Dave proved a trooper, taking it all in without any dribbling out of his mouth.

He then stood and took a big spray of water in his mouth and spit it all out. “How did I do for the first time?” He asked.

“Never done that before?” I replied, “Well you’ve got the knack that’s for sure.” Dave was pleased and said, “Well after taking that monster dildo up the ass from Stacey I figured this was the time to experiment on expanding my horizons so to speak. It was so awesome and sucking your cock was fun so who knows what’s next.” I slapped Dave on the ass and said, “Well here’s to your unlimited potential. Now let’s get out of the shower, get dressed and get to work while we still have jobs.”

Who knows what’s next for Dave, and I have no idea if I’ll be any part of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32