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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Well, it was coming up on Thanksgiving. My dad, Bradley, and I are out chopping wood. We didn’t need it but he liked to fire up the fireplace this time of year. I’m a helper, he’s the chopper. He’s a great dad. We’re friends and buddies. My name is Mattie. Sometimes I call him Bradley like when we we’re out somewhere. Dad likes it. Mom’s name is Katie. Sometimes I call her Katie rather than mom. Dad and I got a load of wood and took it in to the box.

Mom said, “Loretta Called. They’re bringing Stevie over tomorrow morning.”

We’re going to have a visitor for Thanksgiving. Actually he’s going to move in for a year. His name is Steve but everybody call’s him Stevie. Stevie is my dad’s sister-in-law’s sister’s son so he’s not really family, but he is to all of us. He’s 19 and going to attend three specialty industrially supported schools. He’s starting out in HVAC. Loves the work. I’m also 19. I do accounting.

I get to see Stevie once or twice a year when the family gets together. There are a lot of kids so I didn’t get to know him that much and we were more or less familiar that each other existed. My bedroom is upstairs and his is next to mine, on the other side of the wall. I have a bath on the outside of my bedroom and he does too so we won’t run into each other in the hall for that. There’s a tv room on the front of the house on the second floor and I used to study there. Now it’s my crash room.

I don’t know how it’s going to be with another man in the house. Mom’s been making some strange comments about that. I haven’t fully figured everything out yet. When dad explained about Stevie and asked me and mom what we thought about it we were both enthusiastic. Dad seemed to be particularly making sure it was ok with me. He was being careful.

Later mom said, “It’ll be fine. If there’s any problem I can help get things going.”

I had no idea what she was talking about so I said ‘ok’ and left it at that. Since he’s 19 we all decided to call him Steve instead of Stevie. Aunt Loretta and Steve’s mom brought him over, a four hour trip. Steve wasn’t a hunk. He wasn’t anywhere near a nerd and he wasn’t a woodsman type either. He was just Steve. Very smart and not lazy. He got moved in and we toured the house again although he’s been here before.

Steve immediately took up the chore of chopping wood. It only took a day or three and he was settled in and picking up our household routines. He wasn’t shy. I saw him in the hall in his briefs. Only. HVAC gave him a muscle tone that was attractive. Not strongman stuff but nice. He’s about 5ft11. I’m about 5ft8. He has slim hips. I have slim hips. He has a waist. I have a waist. He has a nice chest. I have a nice chest. He bulges in his briefs. I bulge in my panties. He doesn’t have big boobs. I got him there.

The fourth night I went in the crash room like normal. I usually wore my thin knit shorts for bed, no pants, with a loose top and sleep bra. I didn’t want to sag later in life. Steve was already there with his briefs on. Nothing else.

I sat down across from him and said, “Do you mind if I look when you have briefs on? I won’t if you’re uncomfortable. I can just glance when you’re not noticing.”

Steve got this great smile and laughed and said, “Looking is fine. As much as you want. And if you would like to see a different angle that’s ok too. Really, I don’t mind. It’s a nice complement.”

He stood up and held out his arms and did a slow twirl. I saw a lot more than when he was sitting. I almost wet my lips but stopped just in time. He ran across a little then down. The end seemed bigger but I couldn’t really tell. It seemed to turn when it met the bottom of his briefs.

His balls must be down in between his thighs. He wasn’t up. He has really good control or he’s had lots of sex or he isn’t interested. I didn’t think that was it. I could actually see a big dimple on either side of his bottom and his bottom wasn’t all that big. Just about right. His buns moved independently when he moved his feet turning. He sat back down and put his feet on the footstool, crossed at the ankle and his bulge was up for viewing. He sat looking at me and I was glancing at his bulge and his face and finally got it.

I said, “Yes, ok. You can look at me the same. I don’t mind at all.”

I got up and did his twirl but with my legs open a girl amount for a guy. I swayed a little so my boobs would swing. I did suck my stomach in a little and stick my boobs out.

“Thank you,” he said. “It’s easy to say those things but it takes a little time before it’s comfortable, I’m assuming for both of us. I’ll try not to be intrusive but it is a welcome treat.”

I told mom about it the next day at lunch. I come home for lunch sometimes.

She said, “Oh, that’s great Mattie. That’s a good gesture. And if görükle escort he’s comfortable in his underwear it gives you an opportunity to wear panties and a top. Maybe without your sleep bra. Just sitting a little won’t make you breasts sag enough to notice. It’ll give him something to see more equal to what he’s showing. You should think about getting some teddy types.”

That sounded like fun but it seemed a little out of character for mom. I never came right back to mom on things I didn’t quite understand. I thought about it and tried to figure it out. Moms can be strange. Dad and I found ourselves alone a couple of days later and I mentioned everything to him. We were driving somewhere and he waited until I was done and pulled the car off into a parking lot, near the back.

He said, “Mattie. Your 18th birthday was only about a year and a half ago so you haven’t been involved in some of our family customs. It’s my family customs. Your mom knew about all this before we were married and she accepted it without a problem. In our family the men supply companionship for the women and the women supply companionship for the men. Normally it isn’t something we need to do.

“Let’s say someone’s husband passes away. All the other men in the family supplies whatever companionship she needs until she doesn’t need us. No matter how long it takes. We share ourselves at her bidding or acceptance and if we’re available. The same with the women. It works and there’s never been any problem that I know of, in decades.”

“Have you ever done that?” I said. “Supplied companionship I mean.”

“Unfortunately no,” he said. Dad was really smiling at me. “But I would have if it was my turn, or whatever. Actually it doesn’t happen that often, even for the young folks.”

“Well,” I said, “What does all this have to do with me?”

“Mattie, when the kids get to be legal age, 18, they’re added. Their companionship is supplied, if they want to, until they choose a partner.”

“You mean I’m the logical choice for Steve,” I said.

“No. He’s not really family but that may have to be settled,” he said. “He’s the son of my brother’s wife’s sister. My brother’s wife is family but I don’t think it goes to her sister and extended family. Could be but I’ve never heard it said. Besides, your mom is available for Steve.”

“If Steve’s not really family then the first up for me would be you. My dad,” I said.

Dad just shook his head up and down slowly and said, “All this also depends on whether the recipient desires the companionship and the person supplying is acceptable. Man or woman. If you’re horny and I’m acceptable then we need to get your clothes off and get in bed.” Dad looked at the back seat and said, “Of course there’s always the back seat and it’s fairly private right here. What do you say?”

I said, “DAD!” He was almost hilariously laughing and smiling and twinkling. I knew he was kidding me and I loved him for it. We got settled down and I said, “Where am I in all this? I’m kind of getting lost.”

“Whether we consider Steve family or not family or he’s judged to be family or not family doesn’t really matter,” he said. “If he’s in need he needs to be supplied. Nobody is saying it has to be you. There are lots of women throughout the family available. Your mom is just the nearest, other than you I mean. Look, think about it. If he seems to get turned on a lot let mom know.

“If you want to play around with him that’s fine. He might not want to do anything. Maybe he has a girlfriend. I think he would really enjoy seeing you in a more erotic light. I’m always amazed at how nude a woman can dress. He would almost certainly enjoy getting some nice views. Ever wonder how much he’ll grow inside his briefs. Now there’s a task to go for. Try to give him the same level views he’s giving you. Be an animal.”

So my dad would have sex with me anytime I wanted to or needed to. The rest of my whole life. I couldn’t even think that out. As for Steve I thought I’d wear panties. I can see his bulge so I guess I could give him some camel-toes. He doesn’t wear a top so I could junk my top and sleep bra. At least it would even things up. Maybe get him up in his briefs like dad suggested. I could wear low cut panties to make up for his bulge and he could also get some hard nipples. Ought work.

From what dad said, just about the time I get him worked up mom would screw his brains out because of family duty unless I stepped in. And if dad got ED then Steve would fill in, at least for the next year, with mom for dad, if Steve is in play. It’s actually not a bad system. Helps people get through a lot of heartache.

I bought three pair of ‘crusin pussy’ panties, one size too small. They’re low cut and tight in the crotch in any position. You can stress your hips the right way and the center will pull down between your folds about an inch or two and still cover everything. The camel-toe is prominent hence the name of the panties.

Steve eskort bayan wasn’t home yet and mom wasn’t home so I got them on and took everything else off and called down to dad to come check me out. I got in my lounger in the tv room rather than my bedroom and waited. When I heard him in the hall I said, “I’m in the tv room.” I opened my legs a normal amount, not excessive, and got the panties tight.

When he came in he looked in my face, then my boobs, then my crotch, then my face again. “Wow,” he said. “He’s going to go right through his briefs just like I did.” I looked and dad was pushed way out. That was super-fast. I hadn’t noticed. I was watching his facial expressions. “The only way you two can best that is to put them down on your thighs or take them off.”

“You don’t think it’s too much?” I said.

“It used to be but not these days,” he said.

“Ok,” I said. “One more thing. Would you mind holding me and giving me one of your mom kisses? I need a little practical experience.” Dad held out his hands and I got up and got around his neck and put everything I had into the front of him. He was fully up and bore right in to the front of my panties right where he should be. I didn’t wait for a reaction. I tilted and got my lips on his and he did the mom kiss.

He opened his lips and I felt his tongue working across mine and then touching the inside of my mouth a couple of places going around my tongue then twirling it. Through that his hips and mine worked themselves together in some kind of sexual dance. Finally we broke apart.

“I think you both would have a lot of fun just going nude in the evenings up here,” he said. “Mattie you look absolutely beautiful and very sexy. It’s very nice for us male persons and thank you very much. Now go put some clothes on.” Dad cheered all the way down the stairs. Maybe he was screaming out of desperation.

I didn’t see Steve that night. He was in late and I went to bed early but the next night I was in the lounger with my new stuff on. Steve came in with a stack of study material. He really did work hard at the schools. I saw him looking out of the corner of my eye. He sat down and said, “Mattie. You almost look like me except I don’t have nipples like that.” You wouldn’t believe the nice smile.

He was staring right at my crotch. It was bright in the room and these ‘crusin pussy’ panties were very thin. “I think I should get some briefs made out of what your pants are made out of,” he said. “I’m not giving you the views you’re giving me.”

“Its ok,” I said. “I won’t get to reach the heights you do so we’ll be even when you do.”

He was about three-quarters up by now and pushing up more. Steve was bigger than I thought. That can’t be all air in there.

“Dad says we should just go nude in the evenings for all we’re wearing. Ok by me if you want to.”

“It’ll certainly be more comfortable with my reaction,” he said. “Are you sure your mom and dad wouldn’t mind?”

“I think they’re having fun with us fiddling with each other,” I said.

Now, right there I knew I shouldn’t have said that. We hadn’t so much as touched each other with any of our clothes off. I was starting to get a little crazy about this situation but I didn’t want to influence Steve. Like me sitting here practically nude wasn’t influencing him.

“Oh, and dad gave me the best hug and mom style kiss. Would you like to try it?”

“I’m not sure I can get that close but I’m willing to give it a try,” he said.

He was on his feet before I was. We didn’t hurry but met somewhere between the lounger and sofa. One time, on an occasion, I had an arm around him for a greeting but that was it. He got around my waist first, well just on my hips. I got my fingers around his neck. I think we were giving our middles time to find each other considering his condition.

I twisted to my left just a little bit and back and felt him slide right across my hip to between my thighs. He tightened a little more around my waist and he slid upward rather than down towards my knees and plowed right up against my ridges on the high side. I wrapped his neck more and our stomach’s and chests touched. He was hot on my tits. I guess I felt the same to him. The closer we got the more his dick didn’t have anywhere to go until it finally broke upwards and plowed right up through my clit and tuff.

I took in a deep but quiet breath just as our lips touched. I got my tongue in first and found his and spread my legs and tilted right into his dick as much as I could. No choice. Body function. One of his hands slid down on my buns and helped it along. With his briefs and my panties and nude everywhere else we each had about whatever the other had to offer.

I broke from kissing first and said, “Would you like to do this nude?”

He said, “You take off mine and I’ll take off yours. Ladies first.”

I slipped my arms in his and down. I pulled the front of his briefs out and slipped altıparmak escort a hand in and grabbed him, not sure where and got him back near his stomach and pushed his briefs down and worked the sides down, still holding him and got them off. I got my hand on the back of his dick and pushed into him where it was and got back around his neck. We were awkward but getting it done. He hadn’t been with nude girls that much.

Steve dropped his hands down and hooked the side of my pants and slid them down below my buns and on down my legs. I kicked them off to the side, keeping my legs open but not real wide. He pulled his palm right around and stuck it right down between my thighs and clamped on, the other on my buns. Then I felt a finger slip in my vagina. A long way. A few movements and he pulled out and flipped on my clit a few times and back around my waist. I really needed the bathroom.

I have absolutely no idea how he could do it but he pushed his dick down and got it up under me so it stuck through my legs, the back of his dick hard up into my ridges right across the entrance to my vagina. I tilted my hips and got into him more. This was more erotic feelings and more sex than I’ve ever had at any one time. I was a goner. He could lay me down on the sofa and screw my brains out right now and I’d spend a long time just thanking him.

His dick was probably about eight inches long and a bit shy of two inches, maybe one and three-quarters or a little more. It was absolutely straight as an arrow. I didn’t get to feel the head but I felt foreskin rolled up. I didn’t get to feel his balls either. When he came out of my vagina he came right up fully down in between my ridges to my clit so he knows there’s a lot to have and he’s got my buns so he knows what’s there. The rest of me is incidentals.

We kissed and had surface sex for the longest time. All that damn skin. If he blew in my ear I’d orgasm all over him. I couldn’t talk from breathing.

Finally I got a breath and said, “Could we do this tomorrow night or the next night. The same thing. Maybe longer. We might as well stay nude if you want.” I had a reason for waiting. I think I did anyway.

Steve said, “I would love to.” He didn’t have to say the word ‘love’. “It is kind of sudden. I know you have to think about things, me too. It’s fine. Would you like to do some more before I get back to studying?”

I just kissed him again and reached down and put his dick where I wanted it. We were good to go. I certainly gave his dick head a run for its money. I hope I didn’t ruin it. He seemed to work it fine so I guess it was ok.

I had to have an orgasm when I went to bed so I had two. I was a little hyper all the next day, not too much to not function normally. When I got home Steve wasn’t there yet and mom was late golfing. I heard dad in the shower. I went upstairs and stripped and went back down to the bath. The door was cracked and dad was shaving, in the nude.

I went in and stood beside him, watching him shave. He noticed I was nude but didn’t say anything. I said, “Ok, here’s the story. Steve and I got nude last evening in the tv room and hugged and made each other crazy. I think we should go ahead. I want to give you my virginity if you would like it.” I knew dad knew I wouldn’t get pregnant. “I would like to set aside a couple of hours or so in the evenings so it’s really nice but Steve is about to melt. What do you think?”

Dad smiled, holding his shaver, and said, “It sounds like you’re about to melt too. I would love to if you would love to. If you’re ready I’m ready.” I stood there looking in one of his eyes and then the other. Finally he said, “Give me a moment or two.”

We have a stack of about six large bath towels on a rack in the downstairs bath. Dad took one and draped it over the tank and tucked it in the back of the seat under the front of the tank. He draped another, folded, over the tank front and another to sit on. He rolled one up and put it in back of the seat for my back and sat me down on the front. He folded one for his knees and put it on the floor and got down right between my legs and bent over me.

I could see he was fully up and hard as a rock. He kissed my nipples and boobs and my neck and ears and eyebrows and mouth and I felt him right in my vagina entrance. He looked right in my eyes and started thrusting. Slowly. We never stopped looking in each other’s eyes. Dad took about five or ten minutes to slow fuck me all the way in. It was the most sensuous thing. It was extraordinarily personal. I thought it would be a physical thing. Sexual but physical.

It was ever so much more than that. Once he was all the way in he started making love to me. A lot of little things and I had a lot of little things to do to him too. I didn’t know I did, they just happened. My fingertips here and there, through his hair and down the sides of his hips and his nipples and remembering his breath and freshness from his shower,

After what seemed like a long time he said, “Would you like me to orgasm and would you like an orgasm?”

No question there. I said, “Oh yes. Please. I’ve been looking forward to both of those. It feels wonderful. I don’t know how to make you orgasm. Not yet anyways. You can do it for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32