Cuckolded by My Girlfriend

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Kirsten was sat in the front seat of the car, her short, black dress hugging her curves tightly, finishing abruptly at the top of her thighs. Her lack of underwear allowed me glimpses of her carefully sculpted landing strip when she uncrossed her legs, although I had to keep my eyes on the road. Her black-painted toes matched her black 5-inch high heels. Her dress was tight around her breasts but stopped below her shoulders. She was beautifully made-up and looked stunning. The meandering drive to Oxford was tense. The excitement combined with a heavy nervousness was almost palpable from within the car. This was not my girlfriend’s first encounter with another male during our relationship.

Neither of us had met him before, but the photos of his member stored on Kirsten’s inbox were irresistibly compelling. I had seen the glint of excitement in her eyes when she showed me his messages, like a girl at a candy store pointing to the biggest, most delicious sweet on the top shelf, desperate to have it. Except Kirsten didn’t need to ask. The instructions were clear – “we’re going to Oxford on Friday.” My heart always skips a beat at those moments. Sometimes I forget that her cute, innocent-looking face is a deceiving mask behind which her dark, erotic fantasies reside. Cuckolding toys with your mind like no other fetish. It plays with your emotions, swallows them, chews them up and ruthlessly spits them back out again. It plays with all those emotions; doubt, jealousy, humiliation, temptation, desire and fear.

But there’s a reason we left the vanilla life. It’s the concoction of all those emotions swirling around in a cauldron of sexual desire and at times, absurdity, that makes it so appealing and so addictive, both for her and for me. As the first road-signs for our destination emerged, I questioned whether it was worth the risk of losing her. All those years of building a relationship together could be thrown on its head by a single, albeit enormous, penis. Although her unwavering loyalty reassured me, I knew that cuckolding was a risk. I’d heard many a story about a happy relationship being slowly prized apart and ultimately severed by the allure of the bull and what it symbolised. But with great risk, also comes great reward. I only had to look down at the throbbing bulge in my jeans to appreciate how much I wanted to see my Kirsten with another man. It had been 6 months since her last encounter and this was no ordinary man.

Kinsey is a small village south-west of Oxford. It was 8pm and we’d arrived. I parked up and walked Kirsten down the road, her heels clicking seductively and authoritatively along the pavement. There was no doubt about who was in charge. She had been very quiet on the drive. She was understandably nervous. I wondered what was going on in her head. My bulge hadn’t settled, which wasn’t helped when I realised just how short Kirsten’s dress was. No bra. No knickers. It was rare for her not to wear her stockings for a meet like this. It was the height of summer and we were in the middle of a rare English heatwave, the mercury that day just brushing 30 degrees. It was still sweltering despite the sun being low on the Oxfordshire horizon. That may have explained the lack of stockings.

There was no doubt that whatever waited for her on the other side of that door, it was going to be a hot and sweaty evening. She ordered me to kneel on the pavement in front of her. She squatted down, almost certainly revealing the lower half of her ass to anyone behind should they happen to walk past. But the neighbourhood was eerily quiet. Her index finger tilted my chin up towards her face. She looked incredible. She whispered in her well-spoken Southern accent. “Now, you will do everything that I say tonight…everything…do you understand?” I nodded, never losing contact with her big, seductive eyes. Then whack; the sound of my slapped cheek resounded around the limestone buildings. “You should know better that nodding isn’t how you answer to me.”

“Sorry Miss, yes Miss I will do everything you say” I whimpered, desperate to please her.

“That’s better. Silly boy. You never know, it might be Mrs by the end of the night if he’s as big as he looks in the photos” she laughed, knowing exactly how to toy with me. I felt my bulge throb. We continued to walk towards the house. “And don’t even think about touching that cock of yours unless I tell you to.”

“Ok Miss” I replied obediently. Already I could tell she was behaving differently to previous meets. On the first one, she was very reluctant and shy and it was me almost dragging her down the road to the door. Now things were different. She was more authoritative, more confident, probably more sexually charged. Six months like a coiled spring and now she was ready to fly.

The doorbell rang. We seemed to be waiting an age although it was probably only 20 seconds. Our hearts were pounding. The door opened. I noticed Kirsten’s head tilt up and down, taking in the 30-year-old figure at the doorway through her greedy eyes. At 6 foot 4 inches he towered nearly Escort bayan a foot taller than her petite frame. I noticed myself having to look up at him too, which was unusual for me at 6 foot 3. His hands were so big they looked like they could crush her in his palm. To my surprise, he was very slim and didn’t appear particularly muscular. His skin was still fair, despite the recent hot weather and he had short blonde hair. Kirsten seemed very happy on first impressions and leant in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, grinning from ear to ear. She knew that so far his height and hands matched up with his photos.

He invited us in to the living room and handed us a glass of wine. He turned to Kirsten, “wow you look gorgeous,” he said with dancing eyes that lingered over every part of her body. “I tell you if I had a girlfriend as beautiful as yours I wouldn’t be sharing her with anyone!” he said. We both laughed, mine with an edge of nervousness. After all, he was right, why was I sharing her? It was me that got her into this scene, slowly progressing things through the years. Me, not her. But now she’d grown to relish these experiences, dare I say, crave them.

Now it was her who wanted to push the boundaries of our relationship. Pushing me that little bit further every time. It was one thing imagining her with another man in the safe confines of my room at night as I stroked my cock, but another thing having them in front of you. This was real. This was my girlfriend. Their eye contact was intense. The look in her eyes was like that of the night we met; lingering, piercing, captivating…the kind of eyes that told him “I’m your slut tonight.”

I noticed Kirsten’s glass was already empty and as he went to retrieve the bottle to top her up, Kirsten sat me down on the sofa, dipped into her handbag and hung the ball-gag seductively from her fingers. She fastened it in place around my mouth. Kirsten sipped from her second glass. I knew she was nervous. But she remained so calm. Now they were both on the same sofa across the room from me. There was more agonising eye contact, I could almost touch the sexual tension, then both their heads moved closer and their lips eventually touched. Slow at first, then their mouths began to work. I watched closely. Captivated. I saw Kirsten’s tongue enter his mouth, and now they were properly kissing. Passion surged through their veins as their kissing became messier and more animalistic. Then it happened. His big hand crept down her dress and it wasn’t long before it was caressing her bare thigh. Up and down, up and down. Kirsten uncrossed her legs and he needed no second invitation. His hand slipped up her very short dress and brushed over her pussy. It was at that moment that it all felt very real. I questioned what I was doing letting my girlfriend do this. She must be laughing at me. I felt pathetic. He seemed slightly surprised by the lack of underwear. Kirsten moaned. I could see a small wet patch on her dress. Their kissing became even more frantic as he teased her pussy, stroking all around her clitoris without giving her the satisfaction. It felt like an age that their lips converged. He dipped a finger inside my girlfriend. She moaned again and kissed him even more fervently, gently gyrating her hips, grabbing his face with both hands.

Then he inserted a second finger. At last the kiss was interrupted as his fingers, glazed in juice, were lifted to her lips and sunk between them. She sucked his long finger. I could just imagine what she tasted like and my cock stirred even more. He took her hand and directed her fingers to her pussy. She instinctively inserted 2 fingers and then he withdrew her hand and sucked her pretty, ringed fingers. It seemed so sensual, the room so electrically charged, like a heavy, suffocating humidity before the storm clouds roll in and the lightning strikes. It didn’t take long for the storm to hit. He frantically fingered her pussy, now her gentle moans had risen to louder, more guttural yells. Her breathing suddenly fastened. I could hear the sloppy sound of her wet pussy on his fingers. I couldn’t try and deny it anymore. She was horny and longing for him – I could hear it! It was as though I wasn’t in the room, she gave him her undivided attention, fully devoted to her man. I felt betrayed. But I also couldn’t deny that I was thrilled watching it. My cock was rock hard in my trousers.

They kissed some more and without me noticing he had lowered her dress below her breasts. Now he was using his other hand to pinch her nipples which I knew was a particular favourite of hers. As I expected, her breathing became even quicker and deeper. She told him to pinch harder and he did, elevating her to a higher level of pleasure. All I wanted to do was unzip my trousers and take out my bulging cock but I couldn’t.

As soon as that crossed my mind, Kirsten’s hand began hovering over the unmissable mound in his trousers. Now was the moment of truth. My heart was beating faster again. What was it going to be like? Surely it couldn’t be as big as it looked Bayan escort in the picture? Surely that wasn’t his cock. If it was as big, the one thing that wasn’t in doubt was how Kirsten would react to it.

She stood up from the sofa and I’d noticed that he’d lifted her dress up above the curve of her ass. Now it looked like a waistband, covering nothing other than her abdomen. He stared at her ass. Although it looked like her plump butt cheeks were staring at him just as much. The dress in it’s current position seemed to pronounce the curvature of her back. She arched her back and it threw her round ass out towards his eyes, seeming fuller and more voluptuous than ever. I’d seen her ass almost daily for over 2 years, yet now that it was plopped in front of another man at the mercy of his infatuation, it seemed even more desirable.

She danced her hips and her ass followed rhythmically. He stood up and now I realised the scale of the mismatch between them, the dagger to my ego had just been twisted yet another full turn. He made her look like tiny as he placed his giant hand on her ass, nearly covering her entire butt cheek. Unexpectedly, he grabbed her, lifted her up across one shoulder and placed her effortlessly on the sofa on all fours. Her ass dominated the sofa. It was irresistibly perfect. Now the jealously kicked in. He knelt down behind her and eased closer. He stopped just short, turn his head and looked at me as if to say “are you sure I can do this?” Then he dived in passionately. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them, his tongue smeared all over her pussy. They both moaned with delight. After a few moments he stopped and stared at her ass. I knew exactly what was about to happen. In my head I was pleading him not to. “No not her ass, no please not my girlfriend’s ass!!” I was thinking.

As if reading his mind, Kirsten slapped her hands on her ass cheeks and gently prized them apart to reveal her perfect asshole. Such a classy woman by day, but now she was in slut mode and all class had evaporated from the room. The furnace that was his living room seemed to rise by a degree or two. He started with a tentative sniff, then a deep inhalation through his nostrils and a sigh of satisfaction. Then, like with her pussy, he buried his face in her butt. “Yes lick my ass. Do it, do it. Ohh that’s so so good” she moaned. I could see his jaw moving frantically. I had to pinch myself as this Oxfordshire stranger continued smearing his tongue all over my girlfriend’s butthole. He was tasting her most intimate parts and clearly enjoying himself. It felt surreal.

Kirsten frantically unzipped his flies, no longer able to stand the wait. She had to have him. He wasn’t wearing any underwear either which surprised her too. She gripped around his shaft and pulled out his cock. Her jaw fell to the floor. It was indeed the same one from the picture. I vividly remember her covering her mouth to silence her gasp. This was the biggest white cock she’d had her hands on.

I was so glad that I hadn’t pulled out my cock. This guy was enormous. His claim of 9 inches certainly rung true. But it was more than that. It was attractive, thick, throbbing. It was the way it sat in her tiny hands. It was the look of amazement on my girlfriend’s face and the way she looked at me, almost laughing. “This is what I came for” she whispered to him. “This is why I make you my cuckold James” she giggled back to me. She clicked over to me in her heels, squatted in front of me on the armchair, her face just inches from mine. Her eyes were mesmerising. “How could I commit to only having your cock when there are cocks like these out there.” She knew how much I like being taunted and humiliated and she was expert at it.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me over towards him on the sofa. I knelt down in front of his cock, staring up at his erect, white shaft. His balls were tight and full. She grabbed my hair again and told me to get closer. Now I was centimetres from his cock. “Watch me” she demanded. With that, she closed her eyes, her hand gripping around the base of his shaft, she parted her lips and sunk the giant head of his penis inside her mouth.

The size of it compared to her small pretty lips looked ridiculous. She kept going until reaching the back of her throat. Her lips were only just over half way down this monster shaft. She went further and gagged. And again. It became a very sloppy blowjob and he enjoyed every second of it. She finished with long strokes of her tongue all the way from his balls to his tip before fluttering her tongue over his head. “Now kiss me” she ordered. I reluctantly leant forward. She grabbed my face and made sure she got as much of her cock-tasting tongue in my mouth. “You taste that? Can you taste that delicious cock?”

“Yes Miss” I replied. I had never tasted another man’s cock. I remember her warning me that she was going to push my limits today. I wondered what else she had up her sleeve…

“That is one very tasty cock,” said Kirsten, squeezing the giant head of his penis and Escort watching as pre-cum oozed over her fingers. She brought them to her mouth and sucked. “Mmmm” she moaned. With the lingering taste of cock in my mouth, I was again reminded of how tiny she was compared to him as he lifted her in the air again and threw her on the sofa on her back with her legs high in the air.

Her pussy was fully exposed. Kirsten held her legs in the air as her pussy was thoroughly licked all over. At points he buried his tongue deep within her wet hole. Kirsten grabbed his hand and held tight to it as he licked and sucked on her pussy. His hand lingered over her ass and before I could blink again, his index finger had been swallowed by Kirsten’s butthole. She released a long, drawn out groan, her head tilted and her eyes rolled. “Ohh you naughty boy” she said to him smiling to herself. I then noticed that he had another finger in her pussy. Then a second finger was trying to negotiate its way past her sphincter. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

Her ass was very tight, but his 2 fingers were firmly inside her now. Kirsten was breathing very quickly. He then withdrew his fingers and spread her ass to see a cute little gape. What was happening?! This guy had not only tasted my girlfriends ass, he’d seen her anal gape! My head was spinning, my cock almost bursting out of my trousers. He rested his cock on Kirsten’s face whilst she sucked on his big balls. His boner extended from her chin to well above her hairline, covering her entire face.

Now it was time. He tore open the condom wrapper and slipped it onto his enormous cock. It looked like it was going to rip. Kirsten was flat on her back with her legs in the air. He slapped his cock against her clit. She threw her head back against the cushion, gripping it tightly. Then, slowly but surely, he aligned his cock with her juicy, wet opening. The comparison in size was simply impossible to ignore. If she managed to take him ball deep he would end up by her belly button. She looked excited and bit her lip. The intense eye contact started again.

Gently, his big head prized her open and slipped inside. His shaft was even thicker and she had to take a moment to get used to it. Kirsten took big deep breaths, her eyes wide open in shock at how big he was. Her pursed lips was a sign he was just too big for her. Inch by inch he advanced, still his shaft was getting thicker. She gripped the cushion tighter, her neck veins bulged and she began to sweat. Finally, he bottomed out just a few centimetres from the base of his shaft.

She had pretty much taken all 9-inches. As he withdrew, despite her juices, I could see her pussy gripped tight around him. Then he plunged down again into her pelvis. With each thrust she became more accustomed and the obvious pain seemed to subside. He was pinching her nipples and had his hand on her throat. Kirsten never lost eye contact with him and nodded, as if to say she wanted to be choked. He gripped tighter around her throat. Again she nodded with puppy eyes that were in awe of her master. “You look thirsty” he said. “You should get her some more wine.” I poured her another glass. Kirsten sat up momentarily and gulped away.

He then poured what she didn’t finish over her breasts and rubbed his hands all over them. Then he threw her back onto the bed, taking full command. His hand returned to her throat and he lowered himself onto her and they began to kiss once more. She was already creaming over his cock. She was groaning very loudly. He sunk his cock into her pussy faster and faster. Her screams became louder.

He covered her mouth but the muffled screams didn’t seem to get any quieter. With each powerful thrust her body shook, They changed positions; reverse cowgirl. She took off her heels and rested her feet on his thighs. She ordered me to strip naked so she could see my cock. “Now smell my heels you dirty boy..that’s all you’re good for tonight.” Now that I was naked and despite having a rock-hard erection, it was obvious how much bigger he was than me. My 7.5 inches were dwarfed by his 9-inch shaft.

After a few sniffs which she knew I was enjoying she told me that was enough and to move much closer to the action. Now I was perched between his legs, watching as his giant cock pounded my girlfriend’s vagina. She was wailing with pleasure.

I’d never seen her like this. The thrusts became harder and faster. Now she was taking him balls deep. The pain seemed to have gone and she was benefitting from the ecstatic fullness. His balls were bouncing violently over her clitoris. His hand fumbled around her abdomen and began rubbing her pussy rapidly. Both of them were dripping with sweat, her eyes were wide, her neck veins bursting, her face red. Kirsten doesn’t often swear but now it was every other word. She was becoming hysterical, screaming, wailing. “Your cock feels so fucking good, ohhh fuck!!” She repeated the words “I love your fucking cock” five times. She asked me to hold her hand. She seemed so vulnerable, in a disorientating haze of pleasure. Her toes were curled, which I knew meant she was about to cum. She too was aggressively gyrating her hips, his cock spreading her wider than any other cock before it. Then she announced it. “Oh fuck I’m gunna cum.”

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