Christmas Surprise

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It had been a long Christmas eve. Theresa had been up all day helping her family prepare for the big dinner tomorrow. She wondered if it was worth it, but when she saw the look on the children’s faces on Christmas morning, she knew that it was. She had just turned 18 recently and was starting to look at everything differently than she had a couple of years back. She remembered that it hadn’t been too long ago that she had still believed in Santa Claus and now she chuckled as she thought that there could actually be a jolly old elf. “Santa Claus” she said aloud, “just a child’s fantasy.”

She couldn’t wait to get to bed because she was so tired. She went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She quickly removed her clothes and got into the shower as quick as she could. The cold winters of Kansas had put a chill in the air that the old central heating system in the old house that she lived in could not override. She turned the water up so it would warm her cold body. She normally took her time taking her shower but she was so worn out from the day’s work that she didn’t even take the time to soap herself like she used to.

Usually she ran the bar of soap all over her body because she liked the way it made her feel. Her hormones were starting to come alive and lately she had been having fantasies about the boys in her class. She often fantasized about how it would be to have a man against her naked body, how it would feel with a man’s penis in her hand and in her mouth. She knew the mechanics of sex because she had seen some of the adult movies that her brother had hid in his room. “Oh well,” she thought, “I will know when the time is right.”

Theresa turned off the shower and slid the door open to get her towel. The minute the door opened she could feel her nipples stiffen from the difference in the temperature of the room. Damn, they were perking up, she chuckled to herself. She quickly dried off and almost ran for her bed. She went into her room and shut the door and jumped under the covers naked. She loved to sleep in the nude because she loved the way the cotton felt against her body. She could always get up and put something on if she had to but she seldom did. She turned on the radio by her bed and turned it to KQIX 94 and heard the Christmas music playing. She listened there for a while and soon they started giving status reports on Santa sightings. She smiled and thought about when she was a kid and she really believed that she should sleep because she thought Santa was actually on the way. She closed her eyes and after a few minutes, she drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

Theresa was suddenly awakened by a loud “Thud.” She opened her eyes and laid real still. She moved her eyes around the room and tried to find where the noise was coming from. “Thud” she heard again. “Oh shit,” she thought to herself, “It’s a burgler or who knows what. She laid there too scared to move. She closed her eyes and just hoped that whoever or whatever it was would just take what he wanted and leave. Suddenly she felt the covers being jerked off her. Oh god, she thought, I’m here naked and my covers are gone. She closed her eyes tightly when she heard “Ho, ho, ho.”

She opened her eyes a little to see who was doing the sorry Santa routine. As her eyes adjusted, she could see a large round figure in the background. He was wearing a red suit, red hat and had a large bag with him. She wanted to scream “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, “ but she couldn’t get any words to come out. The large man looked her young body up and down and said “HO, ho, ho,” again. Oh fuck, she thought, trapped in this room, lying naked Escort bayan on the bed with a psycho who thinks he’s Santa Claus. She got ready to spring for the door but found that she couldn’t move. Something was holding her arms and legs. She looked over and saw that she had been tied to the head and foot board with red and green nylon stockings. She tried to scream again but still couldn’t get the words to come out.

“Well, look what we have here,” the man said. “Damn, and what a fine looking little cunt you are too.” With that, he pulled his white glove off and took his finger and put it in his mouth and then ran his wet finger over her left breast and then worked his way to her nipple. “So big and hard”, the man said, “just like I hoped they would be.” As Santa played with her nipples she noticed that they were getting hard. She wasn’t sure if it was the temperature of the room or the way that the feel of the hands on her nipples but they were sure perking up. Finally the man said, “Ok Theresa, you will be able to speak softly and talk to me but if you try to scream, nothing will come out of your mouth.”

“W-w-who are you”?

“Why I’m Santa little girl” he said as he smiled and looked her young body over.

“There is no Santa,” she said “That’s just a little kid’s fantasy”.

“I know you are not a believer and that is why I am here. You see, Santa is really real and of course that is me. I am here because you stopped believing and I am here to make sure that you will know that there is a Santa for the rest of your life.”

Theresa tried to scream again. Nothing. No sound. Nothing came from her mouth.

The large round man reached into his bag. He dug down deep and finally found what he was looking for. He pulled it out and she noticed that it was a small vibrator. “Oh no, what are you going to do with that”??? With that, the jolly man put his finger to her mouth and turned on the machine. “Just sit back and relax” he said. “This will be much better if you try to enjoy it.”

The man leaned down and moved his lips to her neck. She could feel the warm breath on her as he started to kiss and nibble. He kissed her neck, her ears, her chin. He moved his way over and kissed her on the lips. “Oh god, what is happening,” she asked herself. The man put his tongue in her mouth. He took the vibrator and started rubbing it on her nipples. He circled it around and gently rolled it back and forth across her breasts. He stopped kissing her lips and started on her neck again. He moved his way down and slid his tongue down and nibbled his way down. When he reached her breasts, he wiggled his tongue and started biting lightly down until he reached her nipple. She couldn’t believe it, here was a big round man in a Santa suit doing things to her body. She was starting to get furious and then he put one of her nipples in his mouth and began to slowly bite it and suckle it.

“Oh. Oh, n-n-noooo” she said. “Nooooooo.”

The man stopped and began to work his way down her breast. The slid his tongue across the underside of her tits and moved over to the other one. Suddenly she felt it. She felt a feeling deep inside her that she had never felt before. She felt a churning deep down in her body, deep down in some remote part of her soul that was starting to like what was happening. She felt a burning between her legs, deep down in her most private of privates. He took the vibrator and rolled it down her body. He rolled it down to her stomach and then to her belly button and then on down toward her hips. When he got to her hips, he stopped and moved the machine over and started Bayan escort running it up and down her left thigh. Damn, she could feel the vibration, the sweet gentle vibration of this little toy and it was starting to do things to her. The man stopped kissing her breast and started kissing his way down her body, running his tongue down stopping at her belly button. He gently kissed her tummy and then put his tongue into her navel. “Mmmmmmm” she moaned. She didn’t want to but she couldn’t help the feeling that was going on inside her body. “Oh god yesssssss” she hissed. Santa slowly moved the vibrator down her legs and he made his way down to her pussy with his tongue. He licked her all around the pubic area, always missing her little pussy, running the vibrator up and down her legs, over her toes and back up again. “Oh god yessssss. Ppppllleeease. Please, don’t torture me,” she wimpered.

Santa ran his tongue down her left leg to the knee cap, moved over to the other one and slowly nibbled his way back up till he was face to face with her virgin pussy. Santa took his hand and placed it on her little pussy, spread her lips and placed his tongue on her clit.

“Oooohhhhhh. Gooooddddd. Yes, yes Santa.”

Santa sucked on her clit and then he stopped. He got up and undid the big black belt buckle that held the pants up on his body. He sat down and removed his black boots and then stood up and slid his pants down his legs. He turned around with his ass facing her and said “Close your eyes little girl.”

Theresa did as she was told because she didn’t want this to stop now. She heard him taking steps toward her. Suddenly she felt something hard bump her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Santa standing there with his dick in her face. “Lick it. Suck my cock”. Theresa opened her mouth and she stuck out her tongue and touched his hard prick with it. Not bad, she thought. He moved closer and she took a bigger lick this time. She was surprised at how it tasted. She liked the taste of his pre-cum that oozed out of it. She liked the way the velvety, purple head felt. She liked the feel of the heat against her virgin tongue. Again he moved closer. She opened her mouth and he placed his cock into it. Oh god, how she wished her hands weren’t tied. She wanted to touch it so bad. She started to suck on his blood engorged prick slowly at first and then harder. He started to move forward. He slowly inched it in until she started to gag. He moved it back and then pulled it out.

“Please, Santa, give me what I want for Christmas. Please don’t stop”.

Santa got on the bed and crawled on top of her, putting his face between her legs and positioning his cock above her face. She reached up and grabbed the head with her mouth and started sucking it. Santa dove between her legs with his face and started to eat her pussy.He took his finger and slowly inserted the tip of it into her asshole. He started to move his hips up and down, pushing his prick into her waiting mouth. He sucked her clit and fingered her ass and she sucked his cock. Damn, it felt so good to have this man eating her pussy.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned. Santa could tell she was about ready to cum. He stopped what he was doing and removed his cock from her hungry mouth. He stood up and walked to the end of the bed. He got on the bed and moved on top of her. He kissed her on the lips. She could taste her cunt juice on his face as he kissed her. Damn, what a turn on.

Santa positioned his cock between her legs. He grabbed his cock and with his hand he rubbed it up and down on her cunt lips and her clit. She shivered every Escort time that he ran his warm cock over her clit. He stopped kissing her and placed the head of his cock into the opening of her pussy. Fuck she was wet. She waited for the moment that he would make her a complete woman. He inserted the head of his cock in just a little.

“This won’t do” he said as he entered her love hole. Santa snapped his fingers and suddenly the stockings that had tied her legs and arms were gone. Santa grabbed her behind the knee cap and lifted them until her knees were in the air and her feet flat on the bed. “Grab me behind the neck baby,” he said. Theresa grabbed him behind the neck and then he pushed his cock into her virgin tunnel.

“Ohhhh yesssss. Fuck me Santa, fuck me.”

Santa grabbed her hips and pushed in a little more until he reached a place that he knew was her “cherry”.

“Oh, yesssss,” she wimpered. “Fuck me Santa. FUCK ME”!!!!!!

Santa pulled his cock almost all the way out and with all his might, he pushed forward and buried his cock up into Theresa’s virgin pussy.

Theresa felt like she had been split wide open. She started to cry from the pain and the joy of getting her first feel of cock. Santa looked down and tears were running down her cheeks from the pain from having her cherry broken. Slowly he started to pull his cock out, letting her get used to the feel of a cock in her pussy. He slowly moved it in and then out. Theresa wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in hard.

“Ok baby, get ready for a good old fashioned Merry Christmas Fuck,” the jolly old man said as he laughed.

Santa pulled his cock out and rammed it home. He pulled it out and rammed it home again. He buried it all the way and ground his pelvic bone against her clit and started to grind. He stopped and turned on the vibrator again. He pulled his cock out and started rubbing it on her clit. He ran it up and down her cunt lips. He put it in her cunt and got it wet and then pulled it out. He raised her hips and placed the tip of the dildo into the opening of her anus.

“Oh god, Santa, Nooooo”!!!!

Santa put the tip of it into her ass. He put it in about an inch and just left it hanging there. He took his cock in his hand and placed it in her cunt lips and rammed it home once again. He put all his weight on her and started pumping like he had never pumped before.

Theresa pulled him tight. Oh god, between the feel of his breath on her neck, the vibrator in her ass and the pumping of his hot, hard dick, she could feel that she was indeed getting ready to cum.

She squeeled with delight and said in a voice sultry and low, “Fuck me Saint Nick. Make me cum.” Suddenly he stiffened and she felt it. She could swear that she felt his cock swell as his balls slapped her pussy and he let out a moan and shot his cum deep inside her. When the semen hit the inside of her pussy, she stiffened, grabbed him tight and bucked wildly against his hips. They continuted pumping until they were both spent. Santa laid on top of her for what seemed like a long time and then he rolled off and gave her a kiss on the lips.

He got up and dressed and left her naked on the bed. He walked over to the window and opened it up. He put his finger to the side of his nose and looked over at her and said with a wink, “Get used to the feel of that vibrator in your back side because next year my little lady, your Ass is mine.” He nodded his head and blinked his eye and then he was gone.

Theresa pulled the still vibrating dildo from her anus and ran to the window just in time to see him soar from sight. She watched for a long time, and then crawled back into bed. She pulled the covers up and laid there, basking in the glow of her knowledge that she had indeed just received the best Christmas present a girl could ever get.

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