Competition Cups Ch. 04

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“Oh God baby,” said Brittney, cupping her huge breasts, “I think something is happening to me.”

Jeff stared at his girlfriend’s large boobs as they started to stretch the confines of her top.

“Oh, mmm,” said Brittney, cradling her expanding rack in her arms, “Oh, they’re getting so big.”

Jeff moaned as Brittney’s tits bulged more and more in her bra, pushing it to the limit.

Then, with a loud rip, Brittney’s sports bra split down the front and her huge jugs burst free.

“Oh God,” moaned Brittney trying to hold her massive mounds.

Jeff moaned louder and he started feeling tightness in his pants as his cock started to expand with each throb.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, staring at her boyfriend’s growing cock, “Look’s like someone is gonna have a big enough cock for my new bigger boobs.”

She then took his expanding cock in her mouth.

Jeff moaned loudly and awoke from his dream.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as she continued to suck on his cock.

Jeff gasped as his cock erupted into Brittney’s mouth, “Oh god.”

Brittney gave a muffled moan as she swallowed all of his cum and licked his cock clean.

“Morning sleepy,” said the busty brunette as she wiped her lips clean, “Time to get ready for the gym. Why don’t you get in the shower and I’ll make you a protein shake.”

“Sounds good babe,” said Jeff grabbing her huge boobs in her pajama top and giving each a kiss causing her to giggle.

Brittney then got up and bounced off towards the kitchen while Jeff got up and went into the shower.

As Jeff showered, the thought of his next two matches ran through his head. Brittney wanted him to propose and he was going to do everything he could to make sure that he could.

Five minutes later Jeff got out of the shower, got dressed into shorts and a tank top, and went into the kitchen where Brittney was finishing making his shake.

“Here you go babe,” said Brittney giving him the shake which he drank quickly, “Thanks babe.”

“Mmm,” said Brittney, pressing her huge tits into Jeff and kissing him, “I’m going to get dressed. Then we can go to the gym.”

“Ok babe,” said Jeff giving her huge jugs a quick squeeze making her giggle.

She then went into the bedroom to change. A few minutes later she stood in the doorway in her bra and shorts and held up two of her tight tops, each one covering one of her boobs, “Which one should I wear babe, the tight red one or the tight black one.”

“Umm, the black one,” said Jeff, “Your boobs will look really huge in it.”

Smiling seductively, Brittney slipped the black top on and adjusted the neckline until her enormous cleavage was bulging.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, “This new bra should hold my big babies.”

She then cupped and bounced her massive mounds.

Jeff grabbed his keys and their gym bags and they headed down to their car, drove out of the complex, and headed off towards the gym.

“Ooo, I love this song,” said Brittney as she danced to the music in her seat, her huge breasts bouncing uncontrollably in her top, “Mmm, and I love dancing to it.”

Her dancing was interrupted by ringing and a vibrating sensation in her large boobs.

“Oh, my phone,” said Brittney reaching into her enormous cleavage and pulling out her cell phone.

“Hey Latoya,” said Brittney answering the call, “No I’m not gonna be there today. I’m going to the gym with Jeff and Mr. Sakai let me have the day off.”

Grinning mischievously, Jeff pulled onto the bumpy back road.

“Well, oh god,” moaned Brittney as her huge tits bounced in her top, “It was the least he could do after what happened.”

“Oh god,” she moaned as her huge jugs bounced again, “Yeah I’m ok. Jeff is driving on a bumpy road and my boobs are going wild.”

She then giggled, said “bye” to Latoya, and put her phone back into her top.

“You sneak,” giggled Brittney, giving Jeff a light slap on the arm, “You know what that does to me.”

“Oh god,” she moaned pushing out her massive mounds, “Mmm, my big boobs are getting a nice workout already.”

She then gasped and moaned as she cupped and squeezed her huge breasts. She giggled as she laid across both seats and placed her huge tits on Jeff’s crotch.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she rubbed her huge rack against his bulging dick.

Jeff moaned as he turned off the back road and onto the street towards the gym.

“These boobs are one of a kind babe,” said Brittney squishing her huge jugs against his cock, “No girl at our high school had boobs as big as mine.”

She then rubbed them across his dick, “My tits were the biggest,” she rubbed them back across, “the softest,” across again, “the most perfect,” and back again, “pair in the entire school.”

Brittney then whispered, “And when you bumped into these big boobs, I knew that you were the right guy.”

Jeff started breathing heavy as they pulled into the parking lot of the gym.

Giggling, Brittney put her hand inside Jeff’s shorts and started rubbing his swollen cock, “Mmm, you canlı bahis sure you wanna go in there with your big bulging dick babe.”

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff as he tried to control himself, “Babe, we need to get inside.”

Giving a small pout, Brittney gave him a kiss, “Ok babe.”

She grabbed a cold bottle of water from her bag and gently pressed it against his dick, softening his erection.

Jeff grabbed their bags as they got out of the car and headed into the gym.

After changing into his shirt and shorts Jeff waited outside the locker room.

When Brittney came out of the locker room, Jeff couldn’t help but let his jaw drop.

Brittney was wearing a red and black sports bra and matching tight red and black shorts. Her huge breasts were bulging dangerously inside her sports bra to the point that they looked as if they were going to burst free.

“Like what you see babe,” giggled Brittney at her boyfriend’s reaction, as she put her silky brown hair in a ponytail.

“Of course he does,” laughed Chris, who had just come out of the locker room and slapped Jeff on the shoulder.

“How ya doin Britt,” he said giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Good,” said Brittney “Thanks for helping me yesterday.”

“Hey don’t sweat it,” said Chris who then turned to Jeff, “Well are you just gonna stand there drooling or are we gonna workout.”

Brittney giggled as Jeff snapped out of his daze and they headed over to the cardio area.

Jeff and Chris were burning calories on the bikes while Brittney jogged next to Jeff on a treadmill, his eyes following the bouncing of her large boobs.

“I don’t get it,” whispered Chris to Jeff, “How does she do it.”

“Do what,” said Jeff.

“Keep from popping out of her top,” said Chris.

“Special bras,” said Jeff, watching Brittney’s huge tits jiggle and bounce as she jogged.

“I order sports bras designed for girls with big tits,” said Brittney, who giggled when Chris found out that she heard them, “Don’t be shocked Chris, I love talking about my big boobs.”

“Don’t I Jeff,” said Brittney stepping off the treadmill, grabbing her towel, and padding sweat from her forehead and cleavage.

“Yep,” said Jeff as both he and Chris finished their run on the bikes.

“What do you say man,” said Chris, “Wanna scrimmage on the mats.”

“You know it,” said Jeff, “And I’m sure that Brittney would love to roll around on the mat.”

Brittney giggled as Jeff pulled her against him and gave her a kiss.

“Ok, Ok,” said Chris, “Save it for the bedroom you two.”

“Come on babe,” said Brittney as she watched Jeff and Chris wrestle, “You can do it.”

“So,” said Chris as he and Jeff tied up, “Have you taken a hike in the mountains.”

“What are you talking about,” said Jeff as he shot in on Chris’s leg.

“What do you mean what am I talking about,” said Chris as he sprawled backwards, “Have you banged her boobs or not.”

“Ask her yourself,” said Jeff as he finished his shot for the takedown.

“Hey Britt,” said Chris as he worked up to his knees, “Has Jeff given your tits some lovin’.”

“Mhmm,” said Brittney, giggling and cradling her huge rack in her arms, “And he’s very good at it.”

She then cupped her huge jugs, “He’s also tasted them.”

“Damn dude,” said Chris as he tried to get up to his feet, “You sucked on them too.”

Jeff then turned Chris on his back and pinned him with his headlock.

“Time,” said Brittney, holding the stopwatch that nestled in her cleavage, “40 seconds.”

Jeff got up from the mat and went over to Brittney who showed him the stopwatch resting on her massive mounds, “Getting better babe.”

Jeff just stared at the stop watch.

She smiled and giggled as she jiggled her huge breasts side to side.

“You wanna wrestle me babe,” said Brittney, pushing her large boobs out.

“Mhmm,” gulped Jeff as he stared at her huge rack.

“Are you ready babe,” smiled Brittney as she and Jeff stood on the mat.

“Mhmm,” smiled Jeff.

“Go,” said Chris.

Brittney squealed as Jeff picked her up and draped her over his shoulder.

He gently laid her on the mat, “Looks like I’m gonna win babe.”

“I don’t think so,” giggled Brittney as she grabbed and rubbed his dick, “My big tits might pop out of my bra though.”

Jeff struggled not to moan and Brittney used the chance to roll onto her stomach.

“Come on dude,” said Chris, “20 seconds left.”

Brittney struggled to not be turned over and started to moan softly as her boobs started to slip in her sports bra.

She moaned as her huge right boob popped out as Jeff turned her over onto her back.

“My boob is showing,” whispered Brittney, “pin me babe.”

Jeff quickly covered her, squishing her huge right tit, causing her to moan and kiss him.

“Time,” said Chris.

Jeff got up from the mat and Chris caught a glimpse of Brittney putting her boob back into her sports bra, “Nice work Romeo.” kaçak iddaa

“Everything ok babe,” said Jeff.

“Yep,” said Brittney, adjusting her sports bra, “What do you think boys.”

She giggled as Jeff and Chris stared.

“Well I gotta get going,” said Chris, slapping hands with Jeff and giving Brittney a kiss on the cheek, “See ya and Britt, make sure he’s nice and loose.”

“Oh I will,” giggled Brittney as she snuggled her huge jugs into Jeff.

As soon as Chris left, Brittney moaned as she shoved her massive mounds into Jeff’s chest.

“I just know that you’re gonna win babe,” said Brittney, running her hands up and down his muscular arms, “Mmm, you’re so strong.”

She then giggled as Jeff pushed her gently against the wall and started mauling her huge breasts while kissing her neck, “Mmm, baby my big boobs are perfect for your strong hands.”

Brittney gave a soft moan as Jeff squeezed and rubbed her large boobs, “Mmm that’s it babe. Massage my big babies.”

“Mmm I’m kinda hungry babe,” said Jeff.

“For these,” said Brittney, smiling seductively and cupping her huge tits.”

“Later babe,” said Jeff, “How about we order something and pick it up on the way home.”

“Mhmm,” said Brittney, letting go of her huge jugs, causing them to bounce and jiggle.

“Is your phone in the pocket,” said Jeff, staring at her enormous cleavage.

“Mhmm,” said Brittney who then gasped, moaned, and giggled as Jeff shoved his hand in between her boobs and pulled her cell phone out of the pocket stitched inside her sports bra.

While Jeff was on the phone, Brittney gave him a lustful look.

She started rubbing her massive mounds against his chest and began to stroke his cock inside his shorts.

She then started to kiss his neck which caused Jeff to moan while placing the order.

Brittney moaned once again as Jeff put her phone back in her cleavage, “Mmm.”

When Jeff pulled his hand out of her top Brittney giggled as she grabbed his hand and pressed it into her huge right boob, “Mmm, don’t stop baby.”

She then moaned as she shoved his hand in between her boobs again, “Mmm, I love it when you put your hand down my top.”

“Mmm,” moaned Jeff as Brittney guided his hand in and out of her cleavage.

Brittney started to breathe heavy as Jeff rubbed his hand in between her bulging breasts, “Mmm, oh god. My bra feels tight. My tits might pop out.”

They were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

“I hope I’m not intruding,” said the gym manager.

Brittney blushed as Jeff quickly pulled his hand out of her bra, “Umm, why no. We…We were just leaving.”

They both then headed to the locker room to change.

Jeff moaned as the cold water of the shower jets hit his back and arms. His pleasing sensation was interrupted when he heard a giggle. He quickly turned around to see Brittney standing outside of the shower, her towel wrapped around her.

“Now that’s what I like to hear,” said Brittney, unfolding her towel to reveal her naked body.

Smiling, she turned off the lights and walked into the shower towards him.

Jeff moaned as Brittney pressed her huge naked breasts into him, “Oh baby.”

“Babe, you shouldn’t be in here,” said Jeff, “If we get caught we could…”

“Shh,” said Brittney, kissing him and resting her head against his chest, “The guy is teaching a class right now. So I was able to sneak in here.”

Jeff smiled as he grabbed his bottle of soap and squirted it all over Brittney’s large boobs causing her to gasp and moan, “Mmm.”

“Wash them babe,” whispered Brittney, grabbing his hands and cupping her huge tits.

Jeff started to rub and squeeze her huge jugs causing Brittney to breathe heavy, “Oh god, that’s it baby. Squeeze my big melons.”

“Oh god,” whispered Brittney as she started to climax, “Oh baby.”

Jeff started to rub and squeeze a little harder and Brittney gave out a weak moan as she laid her head against his chest.

Brittney then smiled as she looked down at Jeff’s throbbing cock.

“Mmm,” said Brittney as she started to stroke his dick, “Looks like something needs to be washed.”

She got down on her knees and continued to rub his cock.

“Ooh,” giggled Brittney, “My big boobs are perfect for the job.”

Brittney grabbed the bottle of soap and covered her massive mounds again. She then grabbed her huge breasts and squished them around his dick.

Jeff moaned and Brittney giggled, “Mmm my big soft tits must feel so good around your big hard dick.”

Jeff started to breathe heavy as Brittney continued to lather his dick with her large boobs.

“Mmm, that’s it babe,” said Brittney as she moved her huge tits up and down his cock, “Enjoy my big perfect tits.”

She then stood up, rubbing her huge jugs up his chest and started kissing him.

Jeff pulled away from the kiss when he heard the locker room door open. He ran over, grabbed their towels, and tossed Brittney’s to her, who quickly kaçak bahis wrapped it around her.

“I’ll distract whoever came in,” whispered Jeff, “You better get back into the girl’s locker room.”

Jeff rushed off and Brittney snuck out of the men’s locker room and back into the women’s locker room.

As Brittney got dressed she remembered the first night that she and Jeff spent together.

After arriving at Jeff’s apartment after his meet, Brittney made herself comfortable while Jeff got her a drink.

When Jeff was in the kitchen he couldn’t help but watch as Brittney adjusted her large breasts so that they would bulge more in her top.

While they sat and drank on the couch, Brittney smiled as she saw Jeff’s eyes wander towards her enormous cleavage.

“They’re real you know,” said Brittney giggling as Jeff turned red, realizing that she caught him, “It’s ok, I love talking about my boobs.”

“Um ok,” said Jeff, trying to keep his composure as his dick started to get hard, “How big are they.”

“These babies,” said Brittney, cupping her large boobs, “Are 36 Double-Ds.”

“Oh god,” said Jeff, placing a hand over his crotch.

Brittney giggled, “Looks like something of yours enjoys hearing about my big tits.”

She moved towards him, her huge tits thrust forward, reached into his pants, and started rubbing his dick.

Jeff moaned as he stared at Brittney’s huge jugs that were inches from his chest.

Smiling seductively, Brittney moaned as she pressed her massive mounds into his chest.

“So tell me,” said Brittney in a lustful tone as she continued to stroke his cock, “Have you ever kissed a girl with boobs as big as mine.”

“No,” said Jeff, breathing heavy,

“And have you ever felt a pair of tits as big as mine,” said Brittney, who started rubbing her huge breasts against his chest.

“Nnno,” said Jeff. “Well,” said Brittney, her lips inches from his,

“You’re in luck.” She then started kissing him and guided his hands to her large boobs.

After a few minutes Jeff moaned as his bulging dick started to throb.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, “I wonder if that big dick wants to be in between my big babies.”

Brittney then pulled her top off. She took his dick, nestled it in her cleavage, and squished her jugs around it.

“Fuck them,” whispered Brittney who gave a soft moan as Jeff immediately started thrusting his dick in between her massive mounds.

Jeff’s cock erupted instantly and soaked her huge breasts with cum.

After cleaning up, Brittney and Jeff slept together in his bed.

As Brittney stood in front of the mirror in the locker room while adjusting her top, she smiled proudly at her huge bust as it bulged in her sports bra and top. She placed her phone in her cleavage, grabbed her bag, and headed out of the locker room to the front of the gym where Jeff was waiting.

Wrapping her arm around his, Brittney and Jeff walked out towards their car and drove off.

Brittney dancing in her seat to the music again as they drove home, her huge tits bouncing and jiggling in her top.

“Mmm babe,” said Brittney as she placed her hand on his crotch to get his attention, “We should go out and celebrate after your next match. Latoya told me about this new club in town. And we’ve never gone dancing before.”

“Dancing,” said Jeff, “You haven’t danced in five years.”

“That was when I was on the dance squad in high school. Until I had to quit,” said Brittney, cupping her huge jugs, “My boobs were getting too big.”

“You don’t think they’re too big, do you babe,” said Brittney, thrusting her massive mounds towards Jeff.

“Umm no,” said Jeff, who took his eyes off the road for a second to see his girlfriend’s enormous cleavage.

“God,” moaned Jeff, as he concentrated on driving.

Brittney giggled as she leaned across both seats and placed her huge breasts in his lap, “The other girls on my team, they were so jealous of my big boobs.”

She then squished them against his dick, “They didn’t like how I got all the attention and how all the guys wanted to get a feel of my huge tits.”

“Everyone wanted to touch my big boobs,” whispered Brittney in her lustful tone, “But when my friends told me about you. I knew that you would be the one to touch my boobs, my ‘big’ boobs.”

Jeff moaned as he pulled into the deli parking lot.

After picking up their order, they headed towards the apartment. Five minutes later they pulled into the complex and headed upstairs.

“Which meat to you want for dinner babe,” said Jeff, placing the deli bag on the counter, “We’ve got the meat loaf, or the steak.”

Pushing her large boobs into his back, Brittney reached around and slipped her hand into his pants, “Mmm, I’ve got a taste for a different kind of meat.”

Jeff moaned softly as he turned around and started kissing his busty girlfriend.

Brittney giggled as Jeff started to kiss her neck, “Mmmh oh baby.”

She gasped and moaned as Jeff shoved his hand into her enormous cleavage and started squeezing her huge tits, “Oh god, squeezed em babe. Squeeze my big tits.”

Jeff began to moan and breathe heavy as Brittney continued to stroke his hardening cock in his pants, “Oh baby, you sure do know how to handle me.”

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