Cindy’s Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 02

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I awoke early Saturday morning with the thrills of sex with Clair dancing in my head. It was a lazy day and we usually slept late. However, I lay wide-awake, mulling over my life altering decision and the delicious prospect of making love to my mother.

I showered, shampooed, brushed my teeth, donned a robe and walked down the hall toward the living room. I heard the unmistakable sounds of passionate sex coming from my mother and Clair’s bedroom. I started to set down and listen as usual, thought better and opened the door.

I gazed upon the lovely scene of Mom and Clair in a classic 69. Clair, on her back held mom’s ass as she lapped her pussy.

I spread my mom’s ass and dived in tongue first. I guess she expected my visit. She did not miss a beat and continued eating Clair.

The dual tongue action pushed her over the edged. She came with a flourish drenching Clair’s face and filling her mouth with her sweet nectar. I kissed Clair and we shared mom’s juice. I loved it.

Mom turned, startled Clair, took me in her arms and kissed me like a long lost lover.

“I have longed for this moment since you were a little girl and could not wait until you turned 18,” she moaned. “I am so sorry it took difficult circumstances to bring us together. But, I am so very happy to fully express my deep love for you.”

Overcome with my mother’s words I started to cry. All the pent up frustrations of the past weeks; all of the emotional baggage; and all of the joy of finding real love in two older, wiser women poured from deep in my soul. I sobbed relentlessly hugging my mother. She hugged me tightly and shed tears of joy.

It was a moment for my mother and me to share alone. Clair kindly moved from under me and left the room.

Mom and I settled beside each other and talked heart to heart.

I told her I had always loved her. “After Dad left, I remember those cold winter nights, sharing the warmth of your bed. I remember our long talks about life. I recall how you wished me a better life with Mark than you had with Dad.

“It was very hard to leave you alone. I felt overwhelming joy when you met and partnered with Clair.”

“I really liked Mark and thought you were the perfect couple.” Mom recalled. “The rat pulled a fast one on both of us.”

“Yes he did and right now I wish I could thank him,” I told her

“If not for his betrayal, I would not have found my true destiny.” I ventured. “Mom, I am and will always be a lesbian.”

Mom looked me over carefully as if looking for any signs of doubt.

Finding not even a shred, she drew me close and kissed me fervently. I dreamily returned her kiss with a passion. Her full lips are wondrously soft and warm.

Spellbound, I pressed her sweet lips firmly. She gloriously parted her lips slightly and pushed her tongue out tasting my lips. I followed her lead and tasted her lips.

Our kissing slowly turned into a frenzy of thrusting, probing and swirling tongues. Our sexual desire shifted to full throttle. We pawed at each other’s breasts. The nipples on my mother’s 36-inch boobs hardened. They are freakily big and long. I held her right breast and sucked her big nipple. I tweaked her left nipple. A satisfying moan escaped her lips.

I moved to a trick I used on Mark when sucking his dick. I licked down the valley between her Bycasino tits and found her navel. In extending circles, I licked from her cute belly button to just below her breasts and above her clean-shaven pussy. Mom moaned and groaned. She twitched and rocked back in forth in enraged ecstasy. Her pussy creamed, filling the room with its sweet essence.

I inhaled the aroma and swore I could taste her sweet juice. I felt an overpowering love for my mother and vowed tender treatment as I explored her pussy and ass.

Her outer lips folded back to my fingers lightly touching her pussy. The inner pink flesh sparkled from a light coating of her juice. Her soaked inner flesh drowned in a pool of molten nectar.

I pursed my lips kissing her vaginal opening, sucked and swallowed a delicious mouthful. Mom firmly grasped my head rocking it back in forth covering my face with her gushing broth.

I managed to push a forefinger in her vaginal opening and the thumb from the same hand in her asshole. She pulled my head hard against her cunt. My tongue followed my finger into her vagina.

“More!” she hollered. “Fill me with your fingers!”

Removing my thumb from her ass, I folded my fingers and slowly pushed into her vaginal opening.

“Oh yes darling. Fuck me hard and fast! Ohhh yes! Yes! Soooo gooood! You are increible! Now,

fist me!”

I formed a fist and thrust it wrist deep. I gently twisted back and forth. My mother grabbed the sheets, arched her back and took deep breaths of air. “Deeper!” she cried.

I pushed until I bumped her cervix, finding her outer lips half way up my forearm. I felt the tiny nub of her G-spot. She developed an incredible volume of para-urethra fluids.

“That’s it baby girl. Now fuck your mother! Harder! Faster! I am cumming!”

I quickly removed my fist followed by incredible waves of clear female ejaculate. She grunted and pawed her pussy and clit igniting additional powerful spurts. The sweet liquid quickly covered our bodies. As her spurts dwindled, I drank greedily from her pussy. I loved the tart sweet taste.

We licked mouthfuls from each other’s body. Our perspiration added a pleasant salty taste. Contentedly full, we rested in each other’s arms. It was nearly noon and we were starving. We showered, taking much longer than necessary cleaning and shampooing each other.

It gave me a chance to really examine and feel my mother’s incredible body. Her 36-inch breasts are firm and hang perfectly from her chest. Her lovely 35-inch ass and 23-inch waist set atop perfectly toned legs. She is perfect in every way from her lovely auburn hair, deep brown eyes and a smile that melts your heart. She looks more into her 20s than her actual 39.

I ran soapy hands all over my mother and pressed my 38-inch tits to her at every opportunity. She loved and returned the attention.

The water turned cold. We quickly rinsed and dried each other. We wrapped ourselves in Terrycloth robes and walked arm and arm to the dining room.

Clair heard us showering and prepared a feast spread out on the table. We all set down to enjoy hot coffee, eggs Benedict, fresh strawberries with bananas, whole grain muffins with fresh butter, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

We spoke little, testimony to our hunger and enjoyment of the meal. From time to Bycasino giriş time, we glanced lovingly at each other. We spent the rest of the weekend feasting on each other.


We spent the morning talking about the change in my lifestyle and their life together.

Mom told me how she and Clair met. Mom’s elderly neighbor, Barbara, lost her husband to cancer shortly after their 60th wedding anniversary. Unable to drive on her own, she depended on mom to take her shopping and to doctor’s appointments. Eventually, she could no longer care for herself. She required personal care and moved to the elderly care faciity where Clair taught yoga. Clair and Mom talked when she visited Barbara. Her visits become more frequent, as much to see Clair as Barbara. They became friends and talked about life, their divorce and the advantages and disadvantages of loving alone.

They began to see each other every day and soon were spending weekends together at mom’s house. It is more spacious than Chair’s one bedroom apartment and had the spare bedroom. They were falling in love but afraid to make advances for fear of losing their friendship.

They loved movies and by chance saw one of the most romantic lesbian movies of all time “Desert Hearts.” a mainstream release about an older professor drawn to her best friend’s adopted daughter, revealing buried lesbian emotions.

Their emotional reaction to this tale moved them to tears. They hugged to comfort each other and calmed down in each other’s arms. They finally revealed their buried feeling for each other.

All their fears and doubts washed away their first night sharing the same bed, tenderly making love.

“That is so romantic.” I gushed. “I would be thrilled if something like that happens to me.” The image of my best friend Patty came to mind. I knew I could so easily fall in love with the attorney and single mom.

“Oh it will darling,” Mom predicted. “Your beauty will attract a lot of women. Goodness knows you turn on two older lesbians.”

“You certainly do not look or act your age.” I honestly remarked.

The conversation aroused us and we soon found ourselves in bed in my first threesome.

Mom and Clair started by exploring my body. They took turns gently holding my head, raking my long hair and tenderly kissing me. They held me between their bodies, caressed, and fondled my 38-inch breasts. Clair massaged my back and cupped my 36-inch ass pressing her incredible 40-inch boobs against my back.

Mom’s kisses grew passionately. We opened and held hard to our lips. Our tongues probed and swirled. The lovely aroma from three juicy pussies ignited the flame of our lust

Mom lay back, pulling me to her and devouring my hot tits. Clair spread my ass and tongue kissed my brown ring using my juices as a tasty lube driving far into by asshole.

I fondled and licked my mom’s perfect 36-inch breasts. The feeling of her large nipples in my mouth and mine in hers ignited a circle of ecstasy and grew hotter as we devoured each other’s breasts.

Clair’s tongue filling my ass added to my passion. I felt an orgaasm building. My dam broke when Clair pushed two fingers into my vaginal opening. I closed my eyes and burst again when she flicked my clit. I thrashed about and fell on my mother. She hugged Bycasino güncel giriş me tightly. Our breasts tingled as we they smashed into each other. Juices poured from my pussy and flowed into Clair’s waiting mouth.

I calmed and opened my eyes to the sight of my mother’s beautiful shaved pussy. Her bent legs splayed open. I held on to her thighs and kissed her pussy. I licked up and down her slit gradually opening her outer lips.

I felt two tongues lapping near my pussy and looked to see mom and Clair taking turns eating my cunt. The sensation of eating each other is indescribable.

I tenderly licked the inner flesh of my mother’s lips. Her pussy formed the shape of a butterfly, the wings its lips and her clit the head. I quickly realized that in the light of day, mom’s pussy is a beautiful work of art. Every part is in perfect shape and position, a monument to oral sex.

To this day, I have never enjoyed anything more than eating pussy. It is an art form and I wanted to become a master.

Master’s mom and Clair know the art well and I tried to do to mom’s pussy exactly what they were doing to mine.

I felt a tongue lap my pussy from my navel to asshole and did the same to mom repeatedly. Her pussy became incredible wet. I drank copious amounts of her delicious nectar.

I felt a tongue burrowing into my vagina. I licked the flesh of my mom’s vaginal opening and forced my tongue into the unbelievably tight passage.

Following my teachers’ lead, I pushed one finger into her vagina and fucked her slowly. Another finger followed. My pussy throbbed in unworldly pleasure. I could only hope my mother felt the same ecstasy.

Clair appeared near by head as mom and I continued to feast on each other. Clair knelt on the floor, bent over my head and licked up and down the crack of my mother’s ass. As I lavished my mom’s pussy, I had an eagle’s eye view of Clair’s assault on mom’s ass.

With each lick, she spread her ass wider. Her tight brown ring came into view.

I added two more fingers fucking her pussy. She did the same to me. The view of Clair making love to my mother’s ass excited me to no end. I fucked her vigorously and tried to find the tiny nub of her G-spot. Clair pushed two fingers easily into my mom’s asshole. As mom’s asshole opened, Clair responded, jamming her fist deep in her bowels.

I gently rubbed her G-spot. By the sounds of her moaning, I knew that Clair and I combined wouold launch her into a spurting frenzy. I flicked her clit. Clair twisted the fist in her ass.

Mom shrieked. She started shaking out of control. Her urethra opened and long streams of clear pare-urethral fluids gushed far and high. She grunted and spurt again.

Clair and I drank as much as we cold catch. Clair’s body glistened, covered from head to toe in Mom’s tangy clear sauce.

As her spurts dwindled, I drank and swallowed the last of her ejaculate. Mom and I licked Clair clean and fell beside each other silently resting, aglow in the wondrous feeling of mutually satisfying love.

In less than 24 hours, I changed from an unhappy divorcee to a gloriously contended lesbian for life. I felt good about myself and had Mom and Clair to thank. I looked at their contended faces, professed my love for them both, kissing them long and passionately.

For the rest of the weekend we hardly left the bed, pausing briefly to snack, shower or sleep.

As much as I loved sex with mom and Clair, I realized it would be selfish to depend on them for sex, I needed a lover of my own and set my eyes on Patty.

To be continued,