Bound Friends Pt. 03

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Some people just can’t help but over think, Andrea was not one of those. She was by no means dumb, but she was very good at being able to take things exactly as they appear.

This meant that while others might begin to deeply question their decision to start engaging in regular BDSM play sessions with her long time friend Lea, she didn’t. She didn’t see it changing her friendship, she didn’t see it as a change to her sense of self, she saw it for what she felt the face value was. She felt she had a new need (or more accurately a better understanding of an already existing one), this arrangement seemed to satisfy it. She enjoyed it, and it seemed Lea enjoyed it too. That’s as complicated as she felt it needed to be. As she saw it nothing else had to change.

Eventually she was joined in her activities again by the two other longtime friends that were at her birthday when they each first discovered they all had this side of them. They were hesitant to join in to something they saw as very sexual. They were having a harder time than Andrea at being able to build a wall to compartmentalize the very different aspects of their relationship with Lea and with each other. But they found a way, eventually.

They however were all being the role of a sub. Submitting is an easy way to block off some aspects of your life you have “no control” over from those that are more immediately your prerogative. It wasn’t quite as easy for Lea. She had fallen into the role of dom, (though if she were honest she would probably call herself more of a switch that had just been leaning dom) and the much more active role it required didn’t allow her the luxury of keeping it all separate.

Maybe it was because she kept all the equipment in such easy reach. Maybe it was because she had to plan things out and they didn’t. Maybe it was because they almost always were in her converted basement when they had their “sessions.” But undoubtedly a part of it was that she had always felt more of an attraction to girls, it was something her friends that knew were fine with, but she never really shared that very widely or acted on much at all. If she wanted she could probably blame her own social meekness, or her parents, or living in such a small town, or her private school’s very outdated code of conduct but really it was just easier. A convenient lie of omission. And if Lea was being fully honest with herself, which she wasn’t at the time, she would admit that all these games were starting to affect her. She had never never thought of her friends in that kind of way, but it’s hard to play out all your mind’s sexual fantasies with someone and not have it start to change the way you see them.

None of this was on Andrea’s mind of course, how could it be. Here mind was clear as she walked up to Lea’s front door on a warm Saturday afternoon. The final grades universities would see finished a week ago and it had been a few weeks since Lea had called her over. She was really starting to feel a pent up need. Lea had said she had been busy and that she’d explain what she meant today. Lea welcomed her in and asked to borrow Andrea’s phone before the two of them eventually went downstairs.

“So I’ve been doing a little tinkering,” Lea said after a bit of time at the computer opposite her bed. “Well you know those remotes we each got to control our little nerve chips? They work by sending… well, technical stuff aside I figured out how to get your phone to do the same thing,” she said as she hit a red button on her phone.

Instantly the little chip inside Andrea sprang to life at a low but noticeable setting. Lea tossed back Andrea’s phone which landed just beside her on the couch. Andrea looked her phone over and it seemed that nothing was running.

“Yeah, so it’s running off your phone but here’s the tricky part: it’s being controlled from mine. I got a tab here for you, one for Sophia, one for Megan once I install this on her phone, and one for my own. Now whenever you’re near your phone I can control this, and since it’s a background program it stays on when you turn your phone to standby. What do you think?” Lea asked as she hit a now green button shutting the device off.

“But, why would you need that?” Andrea asked as she sat back up from a slouch.

“Well I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to try something, I mean if you’re up for it, something more than just, you know, an hour or two here in my dank basement? I mean you can always say no,” Lea stammered out before noticing and calmly taking a pause to try again. “My point is, with this wouldn’t need to have those cheap plastic remotes and we wouldn’t need to be in range. It opens up a lot of possibilities.”

“I, wait, you want to do this stuff another place?” Andrea asked still not sure she was seeing the advantage.

“Not so much just another place, though also that I guess, but more like for a longer time. I wouldn’t have to be near you to set it off. But not just that…” Lea stammered out before reaching over and retrieving a bag. “I was thinking we bring this back.”

Andrea grabbed the bag and yalova escort saw inside the waistband and chastity plate that she hadn’t seen since she took them off at the end of her long weekend away. It was just as smooth as she remembered but very cold to the touch.

“I mean I never got it out because using it for like 2 hours is kind of pointless, but if we weren’t just limited to here than it wouldn’t have to be 2 hours. And it’s got a remote app too, that’s actually what I based mine on. Oh and look!” Lea exclaimed the last bit as if what she brought out was indeed a surprise to her too. “Look, it’s a bag and a hook up so you can clean yourself out without a permanent wall attachment. Just fill the bag fully and the rest is the same as if it was hooked into the pipes. This way you can wear it for a while and by the time we meet up,”

“Wait, isn’t that what we’re doing now? It’s been a few weeks and I was kind of looking forward well, to, um, you know…” Andrea interrupted before trailing off in heavy innuendo.

“That’s kind of my point, if you’re this desperate now just imagine what you’ll be after wearing this around 24/7 for the next week or two.”

Andrea couldn’t help but smile a guilty smile, and it did not go unnoticed by Lea. Lea continued when she saw she had her friend on board. “Ok, in that bag at the bottom is the hex key you use to attach the waist belt, and a spray can of hair remover. It’d probably be easier if you removed your, um, lower patch of hair before covering it up.”

Andrea took the bag into the cheap makeshift bathroom that was part of the basement suit. She stripped down to just her bra to get unobstructed access for the spray can. It came out as a reddish pink gel that was cool against the skin. As it sat there she felt a cool tingling sensation, the kind you might get from having too many strong of a mints all at once. She wiped herself clean with some toilet paper and with each stroke her hair kind of just came off with the gel. When it was done Andrea ran her finger along and couldn’t believe how smooth it was, not a trace of stubble or forgotten hairs anywhere. Once she felt she had sufficiently cleaned up. she screwed on waist belt using the hex screw that has a sticky note labeling the hex screw with her name. She looked over the chastity plate and tried to think about what she was doing, but decided it was probably best not to. The butt plug slid in smooth even without any lube because of its low-friction material. With an audible click once in the front and once in the back she was once again locked into this thing. She left her cloths where they were and returned back to Lea.

Lea seemed to lose focus as she was surprised seeing Andrea emerge from the bathroom in just her bra. “I assume it still fits?” she asked after returning back to the moment.

Andrea gave her a little spin as she walked back to the chair and sat down “sure does, and that gel sure is something else, maybe I could borrow it for my legs too?”

“Well, yeah, um.. let’s just test this other part now,” Lea said as she retrieved her phone and tapped the screen. Suddenly a low searing jolt of pain ran through Andrea’s ass causing her to move her arms back as if they could do protect against another shock.

“Yeah, both programs are running alright. I think I’m going to let you stew for a few days before doing anything more. Oh where’s the hex screw?” Lea asked, pausing until Andrea reached over and handed it back to her. “So something interesting about this,” she said as held up the alan key. “It was printed special for your set, it’s the only one anywhere that can unscrew your items. So don’t get any ideas about being able to remove it with your standard hardware stuff.” As she finished she put the key in what looked like a small realtor’s lockbox. “And if you ever want it to stop, just say or text ‘halt’ and I’ll stop. That’s all for now, I’ll be in touch obviously. Don’t forget your pump bag.”

Andrea was disappointed, she didn’t expect to just be sent back home. But she also knew Lea was right, this certainly would make things more interesting when they do happen. She went back for her cloths, tried her best to stretch her panties over her chastity belt, and bid her friend goodbye.


Andrea was surprised just how quickly she got used to having her belt back on. It certainly changed her bathroom habits, and it bulged through if she wore tight pants, but under a skirt it couldn’t be seen at all. There were the rare occasions early in the morning or right before bed when her hand reached down only to be stopped, but while this was disappointing in the moment it was not like she was dieing of need after only a few days. So for the most part she went about her life like nothing else was different. That Wednesday during a free period, she was in the library’s central reading room working away when phone buzzed with a text.

Lea: Be quiet, this is a library ;P

Andrea was confused at first but only had to wait seconds to understand what it meant. Moments edirne escort after reading it her NESIC turned itself on, if not to full power than very nearly full. She bit down on one of her fingers in order to suppress a scream and began to look around in a panic. No one else was looking up but she wasn’t sure how long she could keep quiet such overwhelmingly loud feeling of pleasure. She tried to preoccupy her mind by concentrating on her breathing, deep long breaths, in… out… but it was a losing battle. In a panic she began to throw everything into her bag to get the hell out of there before everyone wonders what in her chemistry book could be making her scream out in passion.

Lea: Oh, did I do that? Let me try to fix that…

Andrea worried what else might be in store and was relieved to feel the chip settling down to a calm low setting. She’d have rather the damn thing be turned off but it gave her reason to sit back down. She looked around and no one had noticed, they were each doing exactly what they were doing a minute ago. “That was close,” she thought almost strong enough to audibly mumble it. Her mind wondered, what if it wasn’t so close, what if someone noticed?

The thought got all tangled up with the warm feelings that continued to radiate from below and let her drift ever more wildly into fantasy. Maybe just one of the girls noticed, one of the really mean, bitchy ones. Mmm, what would she do with that kind of information, would she tell everyone or hold it over her head? A shudder ran through her spine and her hand reflectively went between her legs only to be reminded that there was a metal barrier keeping her hand from getting any ideas. Damn this wasn’t fair of Lea!

Andrea: Ok, you had your fun, could you turn it off now?

A sharp jolt of pain emanated from her ass, Andrea nearly bit her tongue as she suppressed a scream. Again she looked around but again saw that nobody paid her any attention.

Lea: Could you turn it off now… what?

Andrea: Mistress! Could you turn it off now Mistress?

And suddenly silence. Andrea sat back for a moment or two to regain the ground below her feet and for her heart to stop racing. She thought about telling Lea that this was over the line, but her resolve weakened as she looked around and realized with a thrill what she had just gotten away with.

Lea sat back in her class quite pleased with herself as she put her phone back in her pocket.


To Andrea’s both excitement and anguish, Lea continued to tease her for small bursts like that every once in a while. It always took her by surprise, Lea seemed to know just when to catch her off guard. Not that there was any guarding to be done. And still every time it was a rush, either alone where she could really let herself feel it or in public when she had to suppress her response to hide it. Once it went off in the middle of a test as she sat surrounded by silence, she had to work harder than she ever did on any test to not disturb the room. She could try to step away from her phone so it couldn’t set anything off, but her anal plug would then automatically zap her when she got back into range, with a strength and length proportionate to the time she kept away, a nasty little automatic feature to ensure compliance from the suit’s software. Andrea had never felt so helpless, and yet she still hadn’t exactly asked Lea to “halt” either.

Despite the constant teasing, Lea had not yet let her cum, and the lack of relief was beginning to affect her mind. Her dreams were becoming incredibly sexual, they rarely ever used to get above about a PG-13. She woke up every morning with her hands already down around her crotch, only moving them once she became conscious enough to remember there was no way of reaching underneath the metal. Her nipples were seemingly compensating by becoming much more sensitive, frequently adding sexual frustration from normal everyday rubbing even when her NESIC wasn’t on and tormenting her.

It was Saturday again, now two weeks since Andrea had put on this infernal belt and still, no idea how long Lea planned to continue. As her phone buzzed it was almost instantly up to her face, a week and a half had made her instinctively fast to the draw.

Lea: Hope you didn’t make weekend plans without letting me know

Andrea: No mistress

Lea: Good, tell your parents you’ll be staying with me tonight, you have 10 minutes to be standing by the road so I can pick you up. Pack junk cloths you don’t mind getting dirty or ripped.

Without giving it a second thought, Andrea began gathering up the essentials and rushed downstairs. She hesitated about how to phase it to her parents considering how little she knew, but they thought they knew Lea enough that didn’t have any problems. She soon saw Lea’s hatchback pull up filled with boxes but no other people.

Lea didn’t say where they were going, and Andrea didn’t ask, but she was seemingly taking every turn she could towards wilderness and away from civilization. The roads erzurum escort were still paved but barely, eventually forest became about the only sight out the windows. She finally turned onto a gravel driveway almost completely hidden under a thick layer of last fall’s leaves with a barely visible wooden address sign as the only indication that there was a driveway there at all. It was barely a car wide and twisted, turned and continued through the forest for much longer than Andrea thought a driveway should. It eventually climbed up and turned over a hill, descending down quite a ways to a cabin that seemed to be the driveway’s dead end.

“That’s it, I got to know, where are we?” Andrea finally said, breaking the nearly hour and a half without mention of a destination. “Who’s cabin is this?”

Lea didn’t answer, she only smiled as she parked and the cut the ignition. “Leave your stuff for now, I’ll explain inside.”

From the outside it looked like it was a few cobwebs and a rusty ax away from being the set of a slasher movie, the rickety steps leading up to main door looked like they might give way at any moment. There was a poorly maintained covered car port on the right side, filled with rusting junk and stacked, rotting and probably spider infested firewood. It had a high and steep roof for what seemed to be just a one story building. From the front door it went in and bent around in a long L shape to the right with the covered car port in the corner it creates. Inside was much cleaner, the entrance led to a wide open living room with polished wooden floors and visible wooden supports for the high a-frame roof. The living room had two couches flanking a metal and brick fireplace, accompanied by a metal coffee table between them; but other than a few mirrors hanging up on the walls there seemed to be no other furniture, not even blinds on the windows. Down to the right was a hallway leading to more rooms, and against the far end was the kitchen, tall glass windows and a sliding door leading out to the deck at the back of the house.

“Sit down, I got some big news.” Lea said as she took a seat on the ledge in front of the fireplace.

“So who’s place is this and why are we here?” Andrea repeated seeming somewhat uneasy at the surprise of this place.

“Well, I do,” Lea said with a bit of a blush.

“You do what?”

“I own it.” Lea replied meekly

“The cabin? You own it? How?” Andrea asked in disbelief.

“You know that program I made to control your chips from your, well um, my phone that is? Well it wasn’t just for our own fun. When you were.. um.. lets say otherwise engaged at the FetFair, I got to mingle with a lot of the people there. After I heard about the phone app those suits come with I started to think if the same thing could be done for the chips. So I pitched the idea to Dr. Verma and after he kicked himself a bit for not thinking of it sooner, he said if I could get it to work he’d buy it. He’s about to get approval to start selling his chips publicly and he said if I could get it working before launch he’d not only pay me but give me a 5% share in his company. One of the other people I met at the FetFair was wanting to sell this place and after I heard about it I made sure to get his contact info. Once I sent off a working program and got paid I made him an upfront, cash offer. I thought it was a crazy lowball offer myself that we’d negotiate higher from, but he took it anyway! Something about selling it quickly to avoid some taxes, I don’t know. I’ve wanted to tell you for a while but then I thought ‘how cool would it be if it was a surprise.'” Lea said as she tried but failed badly to keep a wide stupid grin from taking over her whole face.

“So it’s not really furnished much, and hasn’t had a good cleaning on the outside since before winter, but I just took possession two days ago and I couldn’t wait any longer to show someone. I don’t know how I’m going to explain to my parents all the things that led up to how I got this kind of money, so for now you’re the only one I’ve told!” By the time she had finished speaking she was positively giddy and bouncing her legs.

Andrea didn’t know how to respond at first. It was a lot to take in. Lea showed her around and it became even harder to believe. It had a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and a bigger bathroom off the hallway that included a huge walk-in shower with heads on multiple sides, the kind clearly meant for couples. There were two other bedrooms and a den or media room or something, whatever it was it had a projector and a built in bar at opposite ends of the room. There was a small sauna and a deck out back complete with (empty) freaking hot tub! There was a big paved area with a paved path leading to it from the stairs down the deck, it looked like someone had started to build half a basketball court or volleyball court because there were holes where metal poles could go, but they never bothered to paint lines or actually attach anything. Beyond the paved area was a bit of unkempt grass and weeds before everything looked to go back to untouched forest. The only other thing in site was what looked like a large but only half built tool shed off to the right of the paved square. The whole thing had total isolation, the hill hid the cabin from the road, which was quite a ways in the distance to begin with, and there was nothing else in sight in any direction.

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